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The Story You Know...

Hello and welcome to the world of Pokémon!

My name is Sycamore and I'm a Pokémon professor! I could continue with this talk, of course, but the look in your eyes tells me that you've heard this before.
This isn't your first Pokémon journey and it certainly won't be your last. So perhaps I should cut right to the chase.

You've been studying up on how to become a Pokémon trainer for a few years now, situated in the quaint little town of Aquacorde. Though many of you populate the small village of Vaniville which is just a stone's throw south. Never understood why it was considered a village. There's only three or four houses there, it's more an estate than anything. Alas, I digress. Studying at the local trainers school for two years now, as is the minimum requirement, you're just itching to race out on your own Pokémon journey. Excited to leap the precipice and take your new partner Pokémon, courtesy of myself, on an epic journey of epic proportions!

Ahh, but hold on there, hot shot. Do you have any idea where we are? What's happened? This is the Kalos region alright, but not the one you're used to playing through on that little handheld. It's been 2 years since the events of Pokémon X and Y and the young duo, Calem and Serena, rid the world of Team Flare by rescuing the legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal. Team Flare aimed to destroy most life on the planet. Believing that by doing so and leaving a select few... they could cleanse the world of filth and create a better world. In other words, they were wackos. Serious wackos.

Their leader Lysander vanished into his exploding facility and hasn't been seen since. Team Flare disbanded and fell apart. Recently, however, the remnants of the shattered organization seem to be more organized... uniting under a new banner. Rumors of new leaders stepping forward are abounding and the name on the streets is different too. Rising from the failures of Flare, Team Cinder is looking to finish what Lysander started with some much more violent methods...

And before you ask: no, we haven't fixed Geosenge yet. A lot of wild steel, electric, rock and poison types have taken to the new massive crater and destroyed lab.

Regardless of evil teams and failed reclamation, Kalos is as active as it was before and a new chapter in this fantastic journey is about to come to light! With your starter in hand and a new world to explore, badges to earn and contests to win! A fresh graduation under your belt and a world of possibilities!

Can you catch 'em all? Can you discover and defeat the mysterious Team Cinder? Can you stand against a legend capable of bringing balance to creation and destruction itself?

A new chapter in the history of the Kalos Region is about to begin!

...and the story you've written.

It has been a few months since the incidents involving Team Cinder began and the new trainers of Kalos set out on their own journeys. While at first the young trainers were focused on their own goals and ambitions, many of them have since come into contact with the vile and evil organisation. They have witnessed Cinder's brutality first hand as the group utilizes pokémon and modern weaponry to terrorize the region and to murder innocents who get in their way.

With more than a few clashes under their belt, the operations and terrorist activities of Team Cinder growing and quickly escalating to a level of regional threat and many prominent figures and champions from across the world of pokémon converging on the Kalos region... It has become clear that the situation is escalating fast.

You, the trainers of the region, are caught in the calm before a world shaking storm. The region of Kalos is primed to serve as the stage for an incident that will shake the very foundations of the world to its core.

Who are you in all of this? Are you a veteran of this battle, standing alongside the pokémon and friends you've made along the way? Ready to face your personal challenges and perhaps even the threat of Cinder as it hangs over you and everyone you care for?

Or are you a new face? A player in the background until now, standing by your pokémon and experiences thus far... ready to step forth onto the grand stage and make a stand for what you believe in?

The story resumes as the trainers gifted pokémon, pokédex and a grand destiny by professor Sycamore step foot into Shalour town. The legendary city of awakening, where the mysterious power of mega evolution was first discovered.

Will you rise against the coming storm and usher Kalos towards the dawn? Or will you fall to the wind and tides, spiraling towards a darkness lit by cinders?

It's time to discover the truth.

RP Progression
So how is this RP going to work?

Stages and Arcs:
Every new area visited over the course of the RP will consist of one Stage of the RP. There will be up to six Stages in one Arc of the RP. Stages will be fairly short, not taking up more than one or two posts per character and roughly 1-2 weeks of real world time, though this can vary depending on the location. The final Stage in an Arc will always be longer and feature major story development. Each stage consists of one day of In Character time.

JP's are encouraged! But don't waste time!:
Many an RP has died a horrible and mournful death to the evils of unfinished JPs and people dropping off the face of the planet. We love to see in-depth dialogue and character interaction but remember it doesn't need to be a novella if you can't write that much in a timely fashion. Keep progress going and don't fall behind for the sake of your fellow players and yourself. This RP will wait for you, but it won't stop because you drag behind. There's nothing wrong with filling the IC with interaction posts between two or more characters, it adds pages, confidence and content to the RP and that goes a long way to making things feel like they're really progressing.

Catching and Leveling Pokémon:
You may catch one Pokémon per stage if wild Pokémon are present. With the introduction of every new stage, wild Pokémon will be provided in a list should they be available. Pokémon not native to Kalos will be appearing as well, so don't worry about limitations! You needn't ask for GM approval for catching a 'mon so long as you have a good post attached to it and it's the only Pokémon you've attempted to catch on said Stage. Their are no such thing as levels in this RP for your Pokémon, you choose when your Pokémon learn new moves as per the story. But do try to keep it semi-realistic, no stage three Pokémon with Hyper Beam by Act 2 or you will be asked to slow down a bit and potentially be forced to retcon your posts.

Time and Place:
All events that took place in X/Y are canon. The story takes places roughly two years after the fall of Team Flare... for the sake of the plot. Team Flare captured both Xerneas AND Yveltal, and both the male AND female protagonists of X and Y worked to set them free. If it wasn't obvious, this story will focus heavily on the legendary Pokémon, Zygarde.

This version of "Z: A Kalos Journey" is a continuation of the RP of the same name. As such many of the characters returning to this story will have prior experiences with one another and new players joining will have considerable off-screen progress in their journeys thus far. Players began their journey in Aquacorde town, after having studied in the Trainers' School there. Now, they have progressed considerably, and are about to reach Shalour city.

Starter Pokémon
Just a few examples of the Pokémon available to you, see below.

All Pokémon across all 7 generations will be available for use. You may choose any Pokémon you desire as your starter, so long as that Pokémon is a 3 stage Pokémon, and has not evolved more than once so far.

Additionally, as a new player, you may have up to 3 other Pokémon with you already, these additional pokémon must follow the rules as listed above if they are a 3 stage pokémon.

Returning players may shirk this limit based on pokémon they have caught and/or evolved in the previous incarnation of Z.

Each Pokémon will start off knowing moves of its natural learn set up to level 45, with a maximum of six learned at any one time. Starters only may come knowing a single egg move of your choice rather than a naturally learned move.
Pokémon learn moves in order, as defined by their natural learn set. They may also have an ability of your choosing from the list of abilities that they can have naturally, hidden abilities included.

TMs exist but are very expensive. If you feel like your character would receive one or desires one and you feel as if they can afford one, consult the GM's about your decision and the move you want before buying one.

1. Show respect to the other players. Do not use their characters or anything of the sort, without their consent.

2. This RP has an M rating. Meaning that romance, violence, swearing and even minimal gore and adult themes are allowed. These principles are encouraged but do not overuse them, or push too far in your writing. This RP has a more mature tone to certain aspects of the story, but don't abuse that creative freedom.

3. No duplicate starters will be allowed, so if you want a specific Pokémon to be your starter mention it in the OOC thread before making your SU to avoid people getting their hopes up. Do be aware that nothing is stopping someone from competing against you for that Pokémon regardless. A maximum of 10 players will be accepted, and returning characters from the previous Z will be prioritized in position and starter choice.

4. Pokémon evolution is one of the few things that must be checked for approval with the GM. PM the GM here on PC or message Jay on Discord first before making your Pokémon evolve. Mega evolution in the world of Z is very difficult and taxing, potentially harming the pokémon and trainer both, thus the process requires intense trust between the pokémon and the trainer in order to trigger. Even if you obtain the required items to do so IC, you may not Mega Evolve your pokémon for the first time without GM consent. These rules are in place to protect the flow of story and to prevent the mechanic from being easily obtained and taken for granted.

5. Pokémon moves can be learned freely, but not too frequently... and they must adhere to the Pokémon's natural moveset. i.e. Pokémon can only learn moves in the order they would naturally, though you may ask to skip a move on the learnset due to off screen training with GM permission.

6. Obey all the regular rules of the RP section, as well as all general rules of The Pokécommunity forums as a whole.

7. As always, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Sign-up Sheet


Player Status: Are you a new player? Or returning from the original Z?

Name: You know what to do here.

Age: 14-21 years of age. A little older than the average, but everybody playing ten-year-olds would be boring.

Gender: Self Explanatory.

Hometown: Where in the Pokémon world are you from? Your character doesn't need to be from Kalos specifically. Just remember you studied in Aquacorde for the past 2 years, before setting out.

Physical Appearance: Your character's looks and fashion sense. A picture is nice and will do fine for this section, but including a written appearance as well will get you brownie points.

Strengths: What is your character good at? What good qualities do they have? At least two with at least a sentence describing each, bare minimum.

Weaknesses: What is your character bad at? What are their flaws? Read Strengths for specifics on what is required here.

Aspirations: What's your characters end goal, biggest dream or in general their reason for starting their journey? A short paragraph is ideal here.

(Rival: Who's your character's rival? Do they have one at all? Co-ordinate with another player here... or make a brand new NPC! Leaving this space blank is also an applicable option.)

Badges or Ribbons: FOR NEW PLAYERS ONLY. Since you will be joining a story already in progress, you may start the story with one of the following already obtained:
- The Bug and Cliff Badges.
- One 3rd place contest ribbon. (A ribbon is awarded for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a contest. 3 ribbons of any type are required to compete in the Kalos grand festival.)


Starter Species and Nickname: What starter did your character receive from Professor Sycamore? What nickname did your character give their starter, if any?

Starters Gender: Self Explanatory.

Starters Moveset: What's your starters current move set? See the starter section above for specifics.

Starter Ability: What ability does your starter have?

Other Pokémon: List the other pokémon in your party here in the following format.
Species | Name | Gender

Roleplay Sample: An example of writing you've done in the past. Link a post from elsewhere, or write something new.

Cast of Characters



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Jackson Crane



Veilstone City, Sinnoh



Street Smart
"I grew up on the streets of Veilstone, right down the road from the gym. I've been in the dark alleys, been a part of the shady deals. I know how people work, how they think and operate, it isn't easy to lie to me. Yeah, yeah, maybe I'm not a genius.. but if there's one thing I know? It's people and the scams they try to pull. I've a knack for sussing out the truth for myself."

Innovative Tactics:
"If there's one thing I know how to do? It's to fight with whatever comes to hand. People these days are so hung up on percentages and advantages, they're not looking at the things a pokémon might use to fight if left to its own devices. Some people call it fighting dirty, I like to call it fighting smart. Who needs "sand attack" when throwing dust in a Pokemon's eyes does the same thing nine times outta ten? Who needs wood hammer when you can circle throw a log with just as much force? The environment is your best friend if you wanna fight smart. Using it and being a little bit creative with how you do so usin' the moves you have makes most two-bit wannabee's trip over their own feet because their precious rules are fallin' apart."

Ruthless and Loyal:
"I don't betray my friends. Don't get me wrong, I don't got many friends to begin with, but that just means that when you make a confidant outta me? I got your back and the skills to keep it safe. Need some wannabee put in their place? I'm your guy. Lookin' to have a personal rival dealt with? Ask an' you will receive. Need an obstacle removed quiet like? No poké's involved? I can get it done."

Self Aware:
"I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, sometimes I charge in without thinkin' but I try to play within my limits and only challenge something stronger if it's a means to get tougher myself. I know I'm not the best person, I know I got more flaws than most, but I want to work to be better than the sum of my parts."


"I didn't really get properly educated at the orphanage as a kid, two years of trainer school not included. I'd like to say it was mostly due to the teachers' incompetence, but I didn't really make an effort to show up either. I'm not the most literate guy in the world, I can speak alright most of the time I guess... but I can't really, well, read good, y'know? Basic phrases and the like are the best I can do generally, potion, pokéball, I get that much... more complicated stuff goes over my head though. If we're talkin' numbers? I wouldn't even bother."

"I get angry pretty easy to be honest. I can't really hold back my eh... aggression. I punch things, punch people, I'd punch me sometimes if I could without cloysterin' out. Mal taught me to respect women though, I'd never hit a lady, I've got some class, but yeah. I suppose I'm easily angered, pretty easily goaded on, can't help it. It gets bad when I meet people who are full of themselves, people who act better than you because they have a better life... or because they know more useless facts, really pushes my buttons if ya catch my drift."

Soft Spot:
"I know this'll sound strange since I'm willing to do it and come across as the delinquent type but... I don't really like hurting people too much sir. I've kind of grown up my whole life doing it, so I get tired y'know? Sometimes I end up wondering if it'll all be worth it in the end, or if I'm a fool for trying. Ahh, eh, don't worry about it though! I won't let it effect my journey, guaranteed!"

Smoking Addiction:
"I tend to get the shivers without a cigarette every few hours, I've been on them since my early teens, never shook them. They help me relax I guess, whenever I'm angry they're usually what calms me down. It's a social thing too, y'meet people through it, but eh... I tend to be bad at keeping friends anyway, so it doesn't matter much."

"3 years ago I finally got enough money to move my sister and myself away from the mess that is Veilstone to here in Aquacord town. As y'know professor, your generosity has seen us livin' with you for the times bein'. Mal, my little sis, she's been sick for the past 3 years, since she was 14. She wanted this trainer gig, not me... but if I can't pay for her meds then she'll never get better... and while you're payin' for 'em outta the goodness of your heart sir, I can't accept that while I sit 'ere doin' nothin' but tryin' to get a job at the local poké mart.

I promise, I did some bad stuff in the past, but it's different now. I'm goin' t'make back all the money I owe ya sir, whether you want it or not. I wanna let my lil sis see her eighteenth birthday from outside of a stretcher and I want it to be because her big brother did his best. If that means beatin' every other trainer out there, blastin' through all the gyms in my way and becoming champion of the whole damn Kalos region? I'll do it sir. This is my redemption, this is how I prove t'Mal that I'm a guy worth lookin' up to."

Starter Pokémon:
Gaspar the Gastly. Now a Haunter.


- Fire Punch
- Sucker Punch
- Shadow Ball
- Night Shade
- Will O' Wisp
- Dark Pulse


Other Pokémon:
Teddiursa | Teddy | Male
Houndoom | Fang | Male
Crobat | Wave | Female
Petilil | Petal | Female



1 x Pokédex
3 x Poké Ball
1 x Old Rod
1 x Metal Coat
1 x Black Holocaster
1 x Cinder Uniform
1 x Retractable Skates

250 x Poké

  • TM Bug Bite
  • TM Dig
  • TM Ice Beam
  • TM Nasty Plot
  • TM Ancient Power

Current Team - Jackson:


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I will join as a new player <3

Margarita Fas | 18 Year Old Female


Rita's ID claims she stands at 5' 4", albeit she adds to this by using low heel boots. Accompanying her slender figure is a heart-shaped facial structure. Her pale skin allows for her wine red, shoulder-length hair to be that much more conspicuous, with a strand or two always finding their way towards the center of her vision. Like her hair, midnight blue eyes pop out against the white canvas.

The woman's chosen attire can be described as comfortable. An oversized, v-neck sweater is always coupled with short overall shorts that often became obscured by the longer sweater. The only proof of their existence was seen in their shoulder straps that were never worn, thus always hanging down. Low heel ankle boots are the norm, yet slippers were a necessity during the nighttime hours.

A black fanny pack hugged her waist, more often than not hidden from view thanks to her sweaters.

Growing up, Margarita acquired a very lax nature. This predicament has prevented her from truly achieving her best potential, for she is not one to strive for the highest reward. In addition, she has placed herself in complicated situations that could have been avoided had she been more careful.

She concerns herself with only what is of interest to her and tends not to meddle in the affair of others. While this in itself can be seen as a virtue, unfortunately this also translates into her not lending a helping hand. This lack of desire to assist others has her coming off as rather frustrating and selfish. Were it not for her thick skin, the young adult would have a difficult time with such a trait. Furthermore, Margarita is not an expressive individual. While this further shields her from the harsh environment, this does not mean that she lacks any emotion. One can consider her as someone who "bottles her emotions," seeing them as a hindrance and burden unto others. To her misfortune, this easily comes off as cold and rather uncaring.

Margarita is an honest woman. She was raised as such, speaking her mind even if it may not be what one desires to hear. Complimenting this is her patience. Afterall, carrying such a straightforward mindset does not always guarantee pleasant results.

Despite her uncaring outer impression, Margarita carries a very strong sense of unwavering loyalty. Regardless of whether it is to her family, close friend, Pokémon, or belief, Margarita remains firm and never doubts. Her support can be limitless. Similarly, she is persistent and possesses good self-discipline.

The sacrifices her parents have taken for the sake of their children's future ingrained in her a need to repay them, never fully satisfied. As a result, her journey is not one she took for herself, but to act as a way to not only let their efforts come to fruition, but to become a third source of income. While there are definitely better ways to go about acquiring money, her parents have dreamed themselves of being trainers, and thus hoped for their children to take the opportunity they wish they had. Margarita did not disappoint.

She became a trainer in order to one day allow her family to leave their lifestyle riddled with hardships. To give them a better life, to her parents and younger siblings.

Badges or Ribbons:
- Bug and Cliff Badges

- Nunu the male Tynamo (Now Eelektrik)

Ability: Levitate

Thunder Wave | Charge Beam | Crunch | Acid | Discharge | Thunderbolt

Other Pokemon
- Larvesta | Nana | Flame Body | Female

- Pawniard | Nene | Defiant | Male

- Deino | Nono | Hustle | Male

Roleplay Sample
- From Sinnoh: Dimensions
Not a Pichu stirred within the Santiago household. Darkness and silence engulfed the insides of the one-floor brick house, background white noise emanating from the central air unit lulling the family to sleep.

That is, until an alarm clock broke the spell. It echoed throughout the house, waking up both the father and Beldum. Estelle shifted in her burgundy bed, murmuring her dream happenings.

Beldum hummed itself to life, scarlet eye adjusting to the sudden appearance of light leaking from under the bedroom door amidst the pitch black.

They nudged Estelle, having been asked to wake her when her father arose. Bel. Bel.

"Nnnnngh. Already?" Estelle's groggy voice was muffled by the pillow, barely audible.

Beldum gave her a minute before pulling off the covers, prompting her to grunt in response to the cold. "It's so-" her words were cut short upon her partner throwing a pair of warm clothes on her face. "Ah. Thanks."

The morning was calm and serene. Estelle was careful not to disturb the others still in slumber, who unlike her, had stayed awake past midnight. After all, her family wanted to celebrate her last day home before she departed on her journey the following morning.

The young adult set the toaster's timer at one minute, maple syrup on hand. "Did you sleep good?" Estelle curiously asked her Beldum, who hummed in glee. "Good! Me too!"

"Aaah, me too!" a third voice chimed in, mocking Estelle's high pitched tone. Her father emerged from around the corner, entering the kitchen already dressed for work.


"Ay, my big girl is leaving." He pulled his daughter into a tight embrace, hands messing up her still-wet marble hair. "Take care of yourself. Call your mom when you can. You know how she worries." Beldum grinned at the man upon its turn for affection, receiving a short rub underneath the head. "Take care of her for us, si?"

"I'll really miss you all," Estelle began, only to jump at the sound of her waffles suddenly pushed out the toaster. "Haha... ah, thank you dad. For everything."

"No no, that's why we're here. We'll always be here no matter what you do." He snatched up his hot coffee in a thermal cup before heading out, heavy backpack forcing him into a plod. Estelle sullenly watched him leave, blurting out a farewell.

With a smirk and wink he closed the door, car headlights flooding the porch in white light.

Then silence.

"I'm hungry."

- - - - -

An hour later and the young woman couldn't get herself to sleep. Excitement had long replaced the exhaustion she had awoken with.

"Bel you need a name. Dad never gave you one." She rolled over on her bed, now laying on her stomach to better face her new partner. "Is it okay if I give you a name?"


"Is that a yes? I think that's a yes."


"Oooo you smiled... I think." There was a hint of confusion in her voice, unable to decipher the emotions of the steel creature like her father could. "Okay! So... so... like... um. Hm."

Sunlight poured in through the curtains, brightening the interior of the once dark house. Estelle continued to ponder, quietly making her way back out to the kitchen for another unhealthy snack.

"I want a name that sticks even after you evolve. Like, into Metagross. Colors? Do I name you Blue? Azul?"


"Azul means blue. If you didn't know that," she immediately responded to the curious Beldum, hands opening the cupboards. But just as she was about to reach in for the chocolate granola bars a loud thump was heard. Beldum grew alert as Estelle approached the windows revealing the backyard.

There, by the small storage shed, a creature had knocked over one of the three trash cans.

She recognized that figure. And those long, annoyingly dull-colored appendages did nothing to calm her. Instead they ignited a vengeful anger accumulated over the years of seeing it get away with leaving litter all over the backyard. Who would clean it up? She did. She always did. Until now. Now she owns her very own Pokémon, one gifted to her by her father the prior day as a farewell present.

"Oooooh oh oh it's him." Beldum followed Estelle out the back screen door, "or is it a her? I never really bothered to check," and behind a tree, where together they observed the Trubbish tear open a garbage bag. Its contents spilled on top of the small thing, much to its delight.

"Ready? Since you float you can sneak up on that Trubbish." The new trainer let her pride get ahead of herself, confident she could win her very first Pokémon brawl.


"He's still under that pile of stuff so I need you to use Iron Head on it. Go!" Without hesitation the floating steel Pokemon dashed towards the living trash. "...or her. Maybe it's a her."

Beldum engulfed itself in a white glow, its body visible through a black outline. BeeeeEEEELDUM! they hollered, startling the Trubbish from within the pile of trash goodness. However the thief was too slow and received full impact, forced against the storage door that gave out the last second, sending both Pokémon inside.

"Ayee! Sh*t." Estelle awkwardly leaped into a sprint, hand swiping hair out from view. Inside she found the Trubbish cornered by Beldum, who was awaiting further instructions. "You're really strong, you know that?" she commented, wincing upon the sight of a damaged storage door. She held her tongue, afraid of damaging the shed further.

Trubbish saw the opportunity. It hopped and bounced off Beldum towards the exit Estelle blocked. In panic she grabbed the nearest bucket and trapped the unsuspecting critter.

She sat on it, trying not to fall off the moving prison. "I need you to use Iron Head again when I lift this bucket, okay? I'm uh... going to do it now. Uh." Once the movement faded Estelle jolted out from her position, hands lifting the bucket off the concrete below. Beldum followed suit, but instead of landing a hit on a soft body they impacted the hard pavement.

"Where- N-no!" As soon as reality hit her the trash bag Pokemon descended from the lifted container, having held on tight at the inner top. They pounded Beldum further into the concrete before dragging them out the shed to further continue the brawl.

"Beldum!" She watched as Trubbish slapped her partner silly before pausing at the sight of Estelle. "Stop! No! Go- Oof!" she began, only to trip over the fallen garbage can. This caught Beldum's attention, who let out a startled Bel!. With their back turned the enemy took advantage, spitting out a glob of purple acid on to the distracted steel-type.

They ran away.

Estelle shot up, wet grass blades sticking to her body and unruly hair. "Hey hey heyheyhey are you okay?" she worried, kneeling to Beldum's eye level. Despite wincing it nodded in response. The acid spray slid right off of them; they're immune to poison. But having hit the concrete as hard as they did really pained them. "You look like sh*t, uh. Okay. Pokémon Center is open all day. I think I remember where it is."


"You did good you did good." Nobody would wake up for another hour or so. A quick trip to and from wouldn't be noticeable.

Estelle placed Beldum on to a bike's basket and began her trek to her destination. "You're strong and you would have won, but I fell so it's my fault. Don't feel bad."


"Or maybe you don't feel bad... do you? Dad was so much better at reading you and stuff. You sound the same everytime."


"You know, now that I think about it, I could have returned you to your Pokéball in that fight. It just never crossed my mind. Wow."


"I'm so sorry. Our first wild Pokémon fight and we got an F for failure. We need to up our game here."


"I need to up my game. You did fine. Pretend you didn't hear that."

She pedaled past houses and fences, a soothing image against the morning sunrise to the steel type. As Estelle swallowed her guilt and began to fabricate a possible white lie to her mother in case her absence is noticed, Beldum replayed the events in their head.

At last they neared the Pokémon Center. They weren't the only early birds, obviously hunted by the many youth already up and about. Their joy flooded the vicinity, somewhat easing her stress.

She parked the bike by the Center's automatic doors and roughly swooped Beldum from the basket.

For it being her first day to an exciting journey... well, it didn't begin how she expected it to. It could have been worse though, right?


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In the words of a certain someone from a certain game: I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!
Yes, of course I'm back in, and while she's not at home right now, I know my sister will want to come back, too! X3
~Calamity Trigger~
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here to say I am signing up and consider this post edited soon when I get chance; new character btw so understand the priority for older ones :)


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Oh wow, blast from the relatively recent past! I won't be joining, as I'm already in 2 journey RPs, but I wish you the best of luck and that you have fun this time around :)


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Honestly, i'm kind of tempted to rejoin now that i'm not juggling school and work. Plus Chris was one of the best characters ever

EDIT: I might pretty it up later but everything should be golden.

-- SU --
Name: Chris [absurdly long named] Rodriguez

Age: 20 (July 7th birthday boy)

Sex: Male

Hometown: Originally from Lentimas Town in Unova, Chris was enrolled in a Kalosian boarding school when he was ten years old. Nine years later, he lives on his own in Aquacorde town.

Physical Appearance: Chris is scrawny young man. He stands at a respectable 5"8' and weighs around 140lbs. near Caramel skinned with dark hair and hazel eyes. He has a very peculiar birthmark on his right shoulder, shaped like a fancy letter of some ancient language.
Common clothing items include his brown hiking boots, A poncho that was given to him by his grandmother, and a hat he purchased in Lumiose several years prior, and a few things he picked up at the boutique in Cyllage.

- Intelligent: The Kalosian boarding school which Chris attended was a very premier institute, and while Chris wasn't the top in his class, he did achieve a B grade average.

- Lore Nerd: Everyone has their quirks. Chris was always fascinated by the many legends and myths. From the cocoon of destruction, the brother's dragons, or the island guardians. If there is a supernatural aspect about something, Chris has probably heard of several legends related to them.

- Heat ignorant: Living next to an active volcano lets one grow accustomed to elevated temperatures.

- Eternal Foreigner: Be it the accent, the clothes, or just his aura, Chris isn't from the Kalos region and people tend to notice the fact that he sticks out like a sore thumb.

- Hyper: Probably due to all the caffeine he likes to drink, but Chris is rarely ever sitting still. In fact, doing so for extended periods tends to make him exceedingly intolerable.

- Side Quest oriented: Managed to ignore the plot almost entirely for the first season, in favor of hoarding mega stones.

Chris studies of ancient legends and lore has driven him to look to the various places around the world. He seeks to travel there, and look at what the remains of the past might tell him. He seeks to become an archeologist!
Of course, travelling to some less than reputable areas would be dangerous. Which is why he decided to go on an adventure, and to train the Pokemon that he received from professor Sycamore.

"Whisper" the Doublade
Starters Gender: Sword
Ability: No Guard
- Shadow Sneak
- Swords Dance
- Aerial Ace
- Slash
- Night Slash
- Iron Head

"Rubbish" the Trubbish
Starters Gender: Male
Ability: Sticky Hold
- Double Slap
- Acid Spray
- Toxic Spikes
- Sludge Bomb
- Clear Smog
- Belch

Starters Gender: Male
Ability: Mummy
- Disable
- Protect
- Will-O-Wisp
- Hex
- Curse
- Ominous Wind

"Dios" the Omanyte
Starters Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
- Bite
- Watergun
- Rollout
- Mud Shot
- Brine
- Ancient Power

"Aero" the Aerodactyl
Starters Gender: Female
Ability: Rock Head
- Iron Head
- Thunder Fang
- Ice Fang
- Fire Fang
- Crunch
- Ancient Power


- 1 Pokédex
– 20,500 Poké
- 2 Potions
- 4 Poké Balls
- 1x Dusk Stone
- 3x Rawst Berry
– Mysterious Blue Crystal
- Relic Copper
- TM case [Ancient Power][Gyro Ball][Agility]
– Rare Candy
– Shiny Stone
– Rocky Helmet
2x Team Plasma Pin
Cloned Gyrados Embers
Green and Black dust
Pro Racers Black Jacket (E)
Red Rangers Jacket
Chris' Museum:

Roleplay Sample:
Here's the last post I have saved on my PC:

“There isn’t anything physically wrong with you.” The Doctor had written. “Sometimes after immense trauma, our bodies just do strange things.”

Chris sighed and stopped fidgeting with the device in his ear as he stepped over the fallen rocks that covered the path leading up to Reflection Cave. After Violet and he had been rescued from beneath Geosenge, she written for him to come here, and to find an old woman camped outside. Helga the spiritualist, or so Violet had explained.

It wasn’t much farther up the trail that he did catch sight of the woman. Sitting by a lit flame with a brass mug in her hand, pouring from an ancient looking kettle a steaming green liquid. Her eyes were closed and she did not seem to notice as Chris approached. He let out a small cough as he neared his destination.

The woman seemed to open her eyes and nod at his approach. She began to speak, but Chris blank stare quickly caused her to look at him with a mild curiosity. Digging through his pockets, he pulled out the crumpled piece of paper that Violet had given him. Taking a moment to read through it, the woman smiled at Chris and offered him the brass mug that she had been holding. He politely took it, and as it came closer he began to realize how strong the aroma that it was putting off really was.

The woman motioned for him to drink. He looked at her with an untrusting face, but the smile on her lips reminded him of that of his grandmother and he quickly took a swig of the noxious liquid.

His mouth felt numb the instant it hit his lips. His sight began to blur before he’d even removed the cup from his mouth.

“Wha-” Was all he’d managed to blurt out before the darkness overtook him.

Seconds passed.



Chris felt as if he were floating in a black void… He felt the air around him shift as through the darkness forms began to fade in. The black faded to a dark blue as the stone wall before him began to form against his body.

That wasn’t a wall.

He snapped his eyes open and shut a few times to try and shake off the delirium that was overcoming him. He crawled to his feet and fell down a few times before being able to stand on his own. There were a million questions running through Chris head at once. Where was he? How did he get there? Why was the floor so incredibly blue? What was with the big creepy mirror wall that just didn’t feel right? Where could he find some churros? Holy hell did he have a sudden craving for churros. Not just any churros, but Abuela’s churros. Homemade, with enough cinnamon to keep a spice shop in business for the next year.

“Mmm…” He giggled to himself as he shakily walked towards the floating churro that lay next to the mirror.

“God you’re pathetic.” Chris sighed.

Chris stopped as reality came crashing down on him. There were several things that were VERY wrong at the moment. First things first, there shouldn’t be any churros in a cave. That was a very dangerous sign. Secondly, He hadn’t said that. It was certainly his voice and all, but it made no sense. Third, he’d actually heard something! What the he-

“Me estás tomando el pelo… Dar la vuelta estúpido.” (“Are you kidding me… turn around stupid.”) The voice echoed acrost the cavern.

Chris slowly turned around with a bewildered face as he came to face a tawny skinned young man with a pair of aviators over the messy bedhead like raven hair. A black overcoat framed the boy, with orange highlights outcropping here and there. A smirk on his lips, this doppelganger of Christopher Rodriguez began to speak once more.

"Whats wrong Christopher. Didn’t expect to have to look at yourself after what you've done? Heh. I can’t blame you. If I was a pathetic coward like you that is. Honestly… nearly getting yourself killed in that fall must have brought up some bad memories ey? Caused enough psychological trauma to make you go deaf? Oh come on you big bebé, you think I beat myself up over what happened to Newt? No, the kid was an idiot who got in my, our way. Just like Dylan, Kayla, Coul, and all the other ones. At least with them a bullet was a lot swifter than a rockslide. Things have been so much easier since we joined Team Cinder."

Chris stared at this copy of himself as he spoke. What was he talking about? How could he be standing there… why was he saying he’d killed so many people? Why on earth was he saying he’d- no, they’d joined Team Cinder?

“Look at you. It’s a disgrace to know you’re my other.” The other Christopher spat. “I should just kill you here and now. It goes against orders, but I mean… you don’t even know abuela is in the hospital with the final stages of lung cancer do you. Whoops, spoilers. There goes the law of dimensional alteration. Guess I have to kill you now.”

The alternate Chris moved with lightning quick reflexes, from the interior of his jacket a black Pokéball with an orange flame logo was tossed in the original Chris’ direction. In a burst of light, a singular five 5’6” tall blade formed.

“Susurro! Sacred Sword!” Reverse Chris called as the giant blade began to swipe forward towards Chris who threw himself to the ground, scraping arm acrost a rock and tearing open the wounds that the doctors had patched up in Geosenge.

“H-hold on!” Chris cried out in pain as he crashed into the ground.

“Oh look Susurro. It speaks.” Reverse Chris mocked as he crossed his arms.

“H-how a-are you even h-here! T-this can’t be r-real!” Chris stuttered as he crawled back to his feet and reached into his coat. “Is this all in my head?!”

“Oh Christopher… Just because it’s all in your head doesn’t mean it’s not real.” Reverse Chris chuckled as he toyed with the string of sparkling stones around his neck. “I’m very real. I’m you Christopher.” He explained, waving his hand towards the mirror. “See? No reflection.”

Chris turned and much to his shock, there truly was no reflection of any of them in the mirror.

“How?” Reverse Chris mockingly asked. “It’s a bit complicated really, but this mirror is a window into an alternate reality. It resonates with your psyche and tunes into an alternate variant. Of course, you drank the tea. Never drink the tea Chris, never ever drink the tea.”

Chris didn’t understand what was going on. He grits his teeth and tossed forward Whisper’s Pokeball.

“Oh how cute! Sussaro look, this version of you hasn’t evolved yet.” Reverse Chris laughed hysterically. “Oh Chris, how long have you had that Dusk stone for?”

Ting! ting! ting! Sussaro the Aegislash seemed to laugh along with the Reverse Chris.

“Don’t. Insult. Whisper.” Chris hissed. “I won’t pretend for a moment that I know what’s going on, but if you’re really me you’ve lost your god damned mind. I would never join Team Cinder. I’ve at least got dignity… and yeah, maybe I do regret that Newt died. Kid was an idiot, but he was innocent. In the end Drew and Paige lived. That’s what matters.”

“…” Reverse Chris closed his eyes and began to smile as Chris spoke. “You know… I didn’t realize how much of a soft sap I was. I’ll have fun killing that part of me all over again.” He laughed as he reached into his coat and pulled out a small black handgun and pointing it at Chris. “I was going to let Sussaro do it, but let’s be real. It’s cliché to have our Pokémon fight. Not everything in this world should be about Pokémon battles after all.”

Chris stood speechless as he faced what would likely be the source of many nightmares for him in the future as an alternative version of himself pointed a gun directly at his head.

“Sussaro, return. I’ll let you decapitate some yungoos’ when we get back home.” Reverse Chris snapped.

The floating duplicate of Whisper rang with annoyance before returning to its Pokéball.

“Now Christopher of this dimension… Any last words?” Reverse Chris asked as he cocked the gun.

Chris closed his eyes. He was really going to die here wasn’t he? To an alternate version of himself no less?!

“I…” Chris started.

“Wait. No!” Reverse Chris shouted angrily as a black tendril like hand ripped the necklace from the boy’s neck. The small stones began to clatter across the ground. As the boy looked around to see what was going on, he was amazed to see the newly evolved Cohagigirus angrily grappling the gun out of Reverse Chris’ hands.

“What are you doing?!” Chris shouted as the gun was knocked loose and began to skid across the floor towards him.

“Cof!” The Pokémon responded as a screech echoed from above. Aero began to dive down as Reverse Chris smashed his hand over the Cinder logo covered Pokéballs in his coat, releasing his own Pokémon. It was quickly a battle of Aerodactly versus Aerodactly, Doublade versus Aegislash, Omanyte versus Omastar, Trubbish versus Garbador, and Cohagigrus versus Cohagigrus as the two Chris both leapt for the gun.

“Your Pokémon are inferior! They’ll get ripped apart in minutes.” Reverse-Chris hissed as Chris pulled the gun from his grasp and shakily pointed it at him.

“My Pokemon are stronger than you thought. They’re stronger than even I thought.” Chris responded as he pointed the gun at the duplicate of himself. “They could sense that I was in trouble and they prepared to help me of their own free will. So maybe I haven’t trained them to the best of my ability, but the bonds we’ve forged are stronger than you’ll ever understand. They’re my friends. And I don’t need an organization like Team Cinder to be strong. You know why? Because my friends are my power! Guess what that means Christopher?

Reverse Chris snarled as he wiped the spit from his face. “I’ll be back you disgustingly cliché pendaj-”

With the sound of shattering glass, the reverse Chris and all of his Pokémon faded into the same black abyss that Chris himself had come from. Almost as soon as they disappeared, Chris began to feel nauseous. The cave began to sway beneath him as any sign of light in the room had vanished before him. Suddenly he was falling through the endless blackness again.

Chris opened his eyes. The smiling face of the old woman hovered over him as he felt her check his pulse. He groaned before passing into unconsciousness once more.

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-Drew Tucker
14 | Male | Vermillion City, Kanto

Appearance: Just under five and a half feet and pudgy in frame, Drew Tucker is about as far from imposing a figure as one could imagine. Generous as his journey through the Kalos region has been on his body so far, his shapeless physique remains distinctly unimpressive. With the disposition of a mopey fourteen year old, Drew is prone to slouching, resulting in a permanent hunchback which he is convinced is the only reason he doesn't quite reach five foot five.
All this isn't to say Drew is strictly unattractive. More to his frustrations than flattery, the teen is often teased for his boyish appearance. His large bulging green eyes, button nose and small mouth are features that take about five years off of his instantly recognisable 'babyface'. Despite his frustrations, his face doesn't appear to be in any rush to mature. Though, many would say puberty has been kind to him thus far. His babyface is usually topped by a scraggily mop of auburn hair, but has more recently been kept in a much sleeker crew cut.
Thanks to the influence of Paige Manning, Drew is past his days of oversized hoodies and baggy tracksuit bottoms. He can now, more often be seen at least in a fitted hoodie and dri-fit tracksuit bottom. It's a small change, but the most significant consequence is that Drew's wardrobe carries much more variety than it has in the past. He even may throw in the odd jumper or shirt from time to time.

Personality: Drew is the embodiment of stoicism done wrong. He keeps his cool, he's calm, but his unreactive demeanour is more a result of uncertainty than it is self control. He almost always comes across as unenthused, unimpressed, unsatisfied. Much of this stems from his deep rooted pessimism. It comes as a double edged sword, but Drew has a preference for the uncomplicated as he has little faith in the sincerity of the intricate. He has no real fascination with things like machinery or law; his attention is drawn much more by things like fishing or farming.
Many would call him lazy, and they're probably right. He's perfectly content, just being. While he's no stranger to the phrase 'this is boring', the words 'I am bored' have rarely been uttered by Drew Tucker. If he's left to his own devices, he can be at peace with relatively little stimulation.



While he's hurt by his hesitance, he often finds his failure to react in an instant often gifts him time to consider his next move more carefully. As he's a bright kid, Drew benefits greatly from his ability to be a rational thinker in a stormy situation.


He's no artist, but Drew is crafty. The boy has a knack for thinking outside the box and it's come in handy on several occasions.


It doesn't take much to keep Drew occupied. By no means does this mean he's stupid, but instead, that he finds value in the strangest of places. He could stare out at the ocean for hours and feel completely vindicated in his decision.



Drew takes no shame in taking the easy way out. Digging for a shortcut is a key part of every task he partakes in. He's absolutely not above taking a nap on the spot if he's just undertaken any partially strenuous menial task.


Drew has never been one to fight for any kind of 'lost cause'. Coupled with his laziness, his pessimism is easily his greatest hindrance, as he has been known on occasion to give up if he feels he has to work too hard to think of a way out. If things seem even remotely bad, he'll almost always be reluctant to put in any effort.

Drew vs Authority

Drew's difficult home situation has meant he has little experience receiving orders. It's something he isn't a fan of. He often gets himself in trouble when his rebellious nature takes over.

Aspirations: Initially, Drew stepped on the beaten trail as he was forced into it by his parents, who were convinced he needed to go out and be productive. He always had an innate talent for battling, so being a trainer seemed like an easy gig. Through the hardships he's suffered on his journey so far, Drew has come to the realisation that the life of a Pokemon trainer is no walk in the park, and has considered giving up plenty of times. Being inspired by his classmates, who have left him firmly behind and have even had to save him on multiple occasions, Drew in determined to finish his journey. In short, he wants to prove that he can do it alone. He never wants to rely on anyone again.


Brycen the Quilladin
Vine Whip | Rollout | Bite | Leech Seed | Pin Missle | Seed Bomb

Pokemon:(As of Shalour City)
Scrafty | Caesar | Male
Eevee | Nebula | Female
Aron | Levi | Male
Gligar | Zephyr | Male
Horsea | Sniper | Male
Leafeon | Salad | Male

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Snip. ~
Your character, Chris Rodriguez, is Accepted!

How many Pokemon can u have in your party before and during the rp? Is it the same limit as the games or can it be however many?
As a new player the rules for the pokémon you start with are in the first post. The maximum amount of pokémon you can have in your team, as per official league rules in the Kalos region, is 6.

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"This is going to be so much fun! Let's go together!"

Avril Morris / Female / 17 Years Old / Nimbasa City, Unova


Avril stands at a height of 5'6" and sports a rather fair skin complexion. Her platinum blonde hair is kept short, reaching down to just past the base of her neck. It is offset quite nicely by her sapphire-blue eyes. Avril keeps a rather slim figure, one that she can attribute to being quite active, both in her youth and now. In terms of clothing, While Avril used to dress in a rather plain fashion, she has since taken to wearing slightly more trendy clothing. These include various form-fitting tops which are often offset by a comfortable, black leather jacket. She tends to wear denim shorts and jeans on her legs, with a pair of stylish, brown leather boots on her feet. Regardless of what style she decides to go with, Avril is never seen without her beloved black, wool stocking cap. She tends to wear a strange stone that she received from her older sister on her birthday as a necklace of sorts.


Initially when setting off on her journey, Avril had dreams of becoming a great author. She planned to take the world by storm, creating a page-turning story based on her journey across the the Kalos region. Avril was one who believed the best story would have been filled with her own personal experiences, one that would have chronicled her victories, defeats, friendships, hardships, and the likes would have been a tale to truly set her above and beyond other works of literature that were circling about at the time. That said, her dream was put on hold and possibly even shifted as her views about the world and just what she knew began to change. Avril realized in Lumiose City that she was not emotionally or worldly experienced enough to truly craft that story she had been wanting to. Rather than focus her time on a story that truly would not be able to capture the essence of that tale, Avril has shifted her travels to be one of self-discovery instead. The girl is now deeply invested in experiencing everything that this world has to offer, all while finding just what kind of girl she truly wishes to be.


  • Friendly - Avril is a very friendly sort of girl. She believes in putting her best foot forward and trying to make at the very least an acquaintance out of most people she meets. A people-person by far, Avril enjoys the company of both human and Pokémon alike. She is always willing to listen if they have a problem and will do anything in her power to help.

  • Physical Endurance - Because she often spends so much time on the go and outside, Avril has a very good physical constitution. She is able to run and climb for extended periods of time without feeling the slightest bit of fatigue and enjoys taking long walks as a result. Because of this, she should be capable of journeying long distances before feeling the need to rest for the evening.

  • Minor Pokémon Medical Knowledge - Avril's mother works at the Pokémon Center at Santalune City. While Avril does not have a vast knowledge of the finer details in treating Pokémon wounds, she does at the very least know how to treat minor injuries, at least making them somewhat stable enough should the next Pokémon Center be somewhat farther off down the road.


  • Naive - Avril is quite naive. Overly so in fact, to the point one would almost assume that she's innocent. Avril has a deep-seated thought that there is some good anyone, and believes that that good-hearted intent is just waiting to be brought out. Easily fooled, it doesn't take a lot to pull the wool over her eyes. Still, even when faced with the cruelest of intentions, Avril will merely shrug it off and often assume it merely had to be some sort of joke.

  • Daydreamer - Avril tends to let her mind wander on many occasions. It is not unusual to find the girl merely staring off into the distance, her mind filled with thoughts and imaginings that could make even the most avid fantasy author jealous.

  • Fear Of Dark - Avril, despite being at the age of 17, still has a deep and long-running fear of the dark. This can make exploring places such as caves a real problem. In fact, much to her embarrassment, Avril still sleeps with a nightlight, just in case something should try to go bump in the night.

Pokémon Team

Shino the Frogadier (Male / Bashful / Highly Curious / Torrent)
Smokescreen | Quick Attack | Water Pulse | Ice Beam | Surf | Camouflage

Marble the Flaaffy (Female / Bold / Likes To Relax / Static)
Take Down | Signal Beam | Iron Tail | Electro Ball | Thunder Shock | Thunder Wave

Lulu the Shuppet (Female / Naughty / Mischevious / Cursed Body)
Screech | Nightshade | Spite | Shadow Sneak | Will-O-Wisp | Feint Attack

Radar the Noibat (Male / Serious / Quick Tempered / Infiltrator)
Bite | Wing Attack | Air Cutter | Agility | Roost | Razor Wind

Cecil the Shieldon (Male / Careful / Alert To Sounds / Sturdy)
Tackle | Protect | Iron Defense | Take Down | Taunt | Metal Sound

Mint the Jigglypuff (Female / Adamant / Likes To Fight / Cute Charm)
Sing | Disarming Voice | Body Slam | Gyro Ball | Rest | Wake-Up Slap


  • Pokédex
  • Holocaster
  • TM Case (Flame Thrower, Ice Beam, Surf, Ancient Power, Payback)
  • x1 Poké Ball
  • x2 Great Balls
  • x3 Dive Balls
  • x1 Love Ball
  • x3 Potions
  • x1 Stardust
  • x3 Pecha Berries
  • x3 Heart Scales
  • Ampharosite
  • Odd Flower
  • 2,800 Poké Dollars

RP Sample

Daisuke Mitsuharu

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Bleep bloop. Here comes the new guy.


Caius Flynn, 21, ♂ ; Hearthome City, Sinnoh


Caius is, in his words, "effeminate" by way of looks. With glazed eyes giving off an innocuous vibe and a concoction of child-like facial features which rarely fail in drawing out warmth and friendliness from strangers, Caius is certain that his physical template was originally one belonging to a woman; it's just that God changed his mind halfway.

Decorating the uppermost parts of the delicate canvas that is Caius are long eyelashes, thin eyebrows, and a pair of eyes possessing a color that forms a harmonious marriage between blue and grey. At all times, Caius makes a conscious effort to keep up a clean image, but his hair -- which is soft in texture and blonde in color -- occasionally ruins his plans, becoming frenzied protrusions on the top of his head if left unmanaged. He has tried to go the "shorter hair" route to solve the problem, but his friends often butt heads with him on his decision, arguing that hairstyles below a certain length didn't suit him.

In an attempt to "enhance his masculinity" (and to avoid the embarrasment he feels being accidentally called a "girl"), Caius undertook a strict exercise regimen with a friend of a friend who happened to be a personal trainer. Although his ectomorphic genes prevented him from bulking up a great deal, his body composition is mostly muscle. Just pull up his shirt if you want to see the results. Good luck doing that, however. Caius isn't really the type to parade himself around like a piece of art at an art exhibit.

For Caius, it was definitely a confidence builder knowing his hard work paid off. The muscle he put on helped to fill him out a bit, giving his slim 5'9 physique an even look; his length-to-width ratio is certainly more balanced now than it was before.



If there's a goal needing to be accomplished, Caius will stop at nothing to accomplish it (come hell or high water). He's someone who is fueled not by motivation (which can peak and wane at random times), but by discipline -- a valuable trait that enables hard work irrespective of the circumstances; discouragement and setbacks don't have as profound an impact on Caius as they do on other people.

Open-Minded But Steadfast

Caius is someone who likes to hear out different perspectives. Believing yourself to be on the right all the time is delusion in Caius' eyes, which is why he's so willing to entertain new ideas. This is not to say that he is swayed by every idea he comes across, however. Like most people, Caius operates on a two-fold belief system composed of negotiables (debatable ideas he has about the world) and non-negotiables (his core values). It'll take a lot of convincing for Caius to reconsider non-negotiables, but the possibility is there.

Kind, But Not The Kind You Mess With

Caius is an amiable person through and through, but as the saying goes, even roses have thorns. You'll be treated with respect so long as you treat Caius with respect; otherwise, it'll be problematic for both of you. That tender countenance of his might lull people into thinking he's a pushover, but the truth is this: he doesn't take antagonism of any form lying down. As Caius would put it, "you better be able to take what you're dishing out."


Caius might not be the best at planning things out, but what he excels in is coming up with on-the-fly solutions to problems needing immediate attention. Intuition-based hunches are never a substitute for a comprehensive analysis of the issues, but sometimes you'll be put in situations where you're pressed for time; more often than not, those situations will force to rely on your inner wisdom -- wisdom that's instinctive to you, which you can draw upon without exerting a lot of brain power. It's due to having keen instincts that Caius is able to quickly think on his feet under any sort of duress.


A Hypercompetitive Perfectionist

Caius is a genuinely friendly person, but sometimes his quest to become “number 1” in anything he does turns him into a hollow being with a single objective in mind. As this “hollow being,” Caius' usual "hi there, buddy" demeanor is compromised. His lust for perfection and need to test his mettle -- if unchecked -- tend to make him oblivious of everything else.

Needs to Check Rearview Mirrors Before Turning

If there’s anything Caius wants to change about himself, it would be his bad habit of judging things based on their immediate value or relevance at one point in time, not caring about future ramifications. Caius isn't against having an elaborate plan map out his future for him, but he vastly prefers living in the present. Unfortunately, such a predilection leaves him short-sighted and can cause him to run into troubles he could've side-stepped if he'd just given things a second thought. It's like driving 80 mph through thick fog but hoping to not run into a guardrail; that's an unreasonable expectation. If you're not careful to anticipate any obstructions you might face in the future, one of these days you'll get wrapped up in an accident you could've prevented. Caius is still in the process of learning this lesson.


Caius is someone who doesn't like getting caught up in his emotions. Letting your emotions fly off the handle is never good, but Caius doesn't even give his emotions a chance to surface; he cuts them off before they start to affect him in any way. Emotions can end up overriding one's better judgment, which is why Caius likes to keep them in check at all times. This can make him seem cold and devoid of empathy to other people. That's not to say he can't be empathetic, however; it's just that, in his eyes, logic and reason are the things that should guide one's actions, not the emotional response.


To Become A Top Coordinator

Caius's main goal in life, which originated from his rivalry with top coordinator and close friend Maya Aldaine. In every contest battle he'd previously participated in, he was never quite stretched to his creative limits until Maya showed up to push him down his pedestal. Maya is -- simultaneously -- the object of Caius' envy and admiration. In the capacity of both mentor and friend, Maya gave him a lot of insight on Pokémon battling, and it helped him grow as a coordinator. If he was ever lukewarm about pursuing the title of "Top Coordinator" before, after meeting Maya, he's made it his life goal to follow in her footsteps and eventually surpass her.

Trainers and coordinators aren't so different in Caius' eyes, so he decided to move to Aquacorde Town for trainer school. He figured it'll aid him in honing his skills as a coordinator (Maya seemed to think so), and his experiences in trainer school all but affirmed him that he made the right decision.

Pokémon Starter

Ryu the Dragonair, Marvel Scale, ♂

Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Thunder Wave, Safeguard, Twister

Pokémon Party

Luca the Lucario, Inner Focus, ♂

Bone Rush, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Swords Dance, Force Palm, Metal Claw

Sylph the Sylveon, Pixilate, ♀

Fairy Wind, Misty Terrain, Moonblast, Disarming Voice, Swift, Light Screen

Phi the Ponyta, Flash Fire, ♀

Flame Wheel, Flame Charge, Fire Blast, Bounce, Inferno, Fire Spin

Roleplay Sample

A lone Togekiss flitted through the air graceful as a dove, having some rotation to her flight. Air Slash - it was going to be Air Slash. Caius could feel his heart pound as he anticipated the move; it was Maya's signature move with her Togekiss, after all.

He was right; strings of light, which began as separate threads but intertwined to take on a cohesive form, soon covered Togekiss from head to toe, wrapping around her like a scarf.

"Sylph, you need to dodge that!"

Caius' Sylveon was good at taking orders, and she side-stepped the attack without missing a beat, returning to an open stance to prep a counter. Maya didn't allow the poor Sylveon to get any further in her preparation, however. Upon swooping down, Togekiss extended her wings in a vigorous arc; what happened next spelled the beginning of Caius' demise.



The energy that engulfed Togekiss from before had now dealt a solid blow to Sylph, who tried desperately to regain her balance.

It was a clever maneuver on Maya's part, and it warranted a severe decrease in points for Caius, who looked up to see his score loop backward. Crap. He could hear his heartbeat now, producing a chaotic rhythm in his ears; he knew the next sequence of moves was going to decide the match. Maya was formidable. He needed to pull out all the stops.

"Sylph, fire a Moonblast before Togekiss gets away!"

The urgency in Caius' voice was enough to snap Sylph back into action, letting loose the strongest Moonblast she could muster (which sent Togekiss hurtling back a few paces). Once the dust settled from the attack, Togekiss wasted no time in bouncing back, her wide frame immediately taking on the same rotation it had before. This time was different, however. Double Team was used, and what seemed like an army of Togekiss began encroaching on Caius' Sylveon.

The chaotic rhythm that throbbed in Caius' ears turned into a cacophonous symphony. There was no escaping Togekiss' next strike.

Images of Togekiss rushed headfirst into the enemy Sylveon, who -- through an adrenaline-induced burst of energy and a bit of luck -- reacted in time to dodge the onslaught of attacks that followed. That surprised Maya.

Even Caius couldn't help but get a little hopeful; he'd already resigned himself to defeat, and yet Sylph was still hanging on for dear life.

To Caius, it looked as if she was going to make it out of there without a scratch...

Then, out of the blue, the battle was decided.

One cleverly-timed fake-out from the Togekiss illusions was enough to divert Sylph's focus, and from her blindspot, the real Togekiss emerged. Within milliseconds, Sylph was sent flying by the brunt of Togekiss' Steel Wing. Unable to right herself in the air, all Sylph could do at the time was flail until she landed on solid ground. That didn't happen, though -- Togekiss circled back to finish the job with another Steel Wing.

The metallic sheen radiating from Togekiss' feathers was the last memory Sylph took in before fainting. Caius had lost.


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However... Even I'm able see... That there's entirely too much hate in this world of ours. Even as I am, I've always wanted to do something about this hatred, but I'm not sure how to go about it yet. But I truly believe that eventually the day will come, when all people will understand one another and live in harmony.

His words echoed in the 20-year old Emma's mind as she gazed upon his cold, dead body, leaning up against the hardened wall. When she discovered the bodies for the first time, she gently felt her hand upon the two victim's. She felt them still warm, until it grew colder. Hard as it was, there was no longer any doubt in her mind.

Her mother and father are dead.

CASE FILE: One who Finds the Dark Truths

"It doesn't matter who they are, and what they do.
There is only one truth, and the truth will always prevail. To find the truth, is my eternal goal in life."

Name: Emma Kuzunoha ♉
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Place of Birth: Aquacorde Town, Unova
Nationality/Species: Unovian/Human
Occupation: Budding small-time detective

Childhood/Family Life: Born in raised in Aquacorde City, she lives as a lone child with her mother and father. Her mother is an actress, even before her tender years as a student at High School - she had a prospectively prosperous future in the film industry. Her father is a prosecutor, even at a young age he was already noted for his sharp intellect and deductive abilities. A few years after the two met and became married, they had Emma, who has a glow with her beautiful blue eyes, even as a baby.

As Emma grew, she often was left alone at home since her two parents were always quite busy with their work. To pass the time, she read many mystery novels, and watched different kinds of mystery television shows and movies. Overtime, the life of a detective became a passion for her. As for pokemon, while it was an interest second to mystery, she still developed a love for pokemon, just as all kids around her age.

Things were working out well for Emma, having a normal life alongside her parents... until one dark day. The hall was dark, and the lighting was dim. It didn't seem properly renovated yet. Still, Emma found her way back home. The front door seemed, so Emma started to knock before coming inside. "Father? Mother?" she called out, creeping her way inside. "I'm home!"

There was no answer. Calling for them louder, but again with no answer. Curious and concerned mind as she was, Emma slowly opened the door. Strangely, while the door was slightly open, the lights were off. She try to feel where the light switch was at with her left arm, turning on the lights. That's when she saw an unspeakable horror.

She saw her father and mother slumped on in the seemingly spacious room on the wall. She gasped and clasped her hands on her mouth, watching blood run down the wall to the floor, throughout their clothing. Their eyes were closed, his father's glasses were shattered, and her mother's apron soaked with blood. She got on her knees, with her eyes welling up.

By the time she grasped what happened with her parents, she unintentionally let out a blood-churning scream.

The police were stumped by what happened as they surveyed the area, searching for answers, but finding no clues. Emma was distraught, living as one naturally dead... barely eating or sleeping. But one day, it was then Emma finally made a decision. To find her parents' killer, no matter what. She got into trainers school when she was 17, learning more about pokemon and how to become a trainer for adventures. She also intensively studied a wide variety of subjects from History to other affairs, with one goal in mind: to become a detective. With the hatred of crime with abnormal passion, she vowed to track down her parents' killer, and stop any amount of crime as possible.

This was the start to her destiny.

Education: Set to graduate under the Pokemon Trainer's School, she also studied law, and various other subjects over the years.

Accomplishments: Her achievements are mostly based around school, getting all-around knowledgeable about the basics of Pokemon. Now, she attempts to solve case after case, gaining strength along the way. She also earned two badges during her journey.


+ Knowledgeable: She knows a lot about Pokemon, due to her excessive studying. It mostly comes to play whenever she encounters a new Pokemon; she could recall it's name, ability, and anatomy.

+ Idealistic: She is someone who envisions an ideal world rather than the real one. While one can call her naive, she is strong because she always strives to follow her goals of peace and justice for the region, and for the world.

+ Responsible: Mostly in terms of caring for Pokemon and loved ones, she's the most responsible there is. She would never put anyone in more importance than others; she treats everyone equally. Her parents have often bragged that her strength comes from her caring nature, and boldness when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

+ Left-Side Brain: She is more logical, analytical, and objective. She prefers to be more pragmatic about solving problems, then rely on unreliable eccentric and obscure methods.


- Rash: She can be a rather rash decision maker, not thinking about real consequences of heer actions to pursue justice. To her, justice is the most important subject to be concerned with first and forth most.

- Insensitive: She can be rather cold towards strangers, or even acquaintances. She's bluntly honest, even when it comes to discussing flaws of a person.

- Has a certain phobia: She has a fear of spider like Pokemon, even to the point where they can freeze her in fear in place. Perhaps this fear originated from her childhood, but no one knows the exact cause.


Species: Roselia (starter)

Emma's first Pokemon that evolved from a Budew. A pokemon who always seems cheerful and happy towards others. Perhaps Emma's polar opposite of her cold and logic-filled nature, the two seem to complement each other as a whole.

Nickname: "Vida" - Life in Spanish
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point
Move set: Leech Seed | Stun Spore | Water Sport | Leaf Storm | Magical Leaf | Toxic

Species: Lucario

Emma's Pokemon she befriended. She is brave, and compassionate and empathetic to Emma's feelings. It seems as though her power is connected to Emma's somehow...

Nickname: "Kagura"
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Move set: Aura Sphere | Force Palm | Bone Rush | Meta Claw | Quick Attack | Foresight

Species: Lapras

A Lapras Emma rescued on one of her recent cases. Her owner was previously killed, and thus, Emma volunteered to look after it.

Nickname: "Julia"
Gender: Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Move set: Water Gun | Mist | Confuse Ray | Body Slam | Ice Beam | Sing

Species: Bagon

A mischevious, battle hungry Pokemon Emma took along with her travels. It usually pops out from his Pokeball or from Emma's bag in a random, comic relief apperence.

Nickname: "Drago"
Gender: Male
Ability: Rock head
Move set: Dragonbreath | Headbutt | Bite | Ember | Focus Energy

Species: Milotic

A Pokemon Emma evolved in Cyllege, thanks to a dear friend. It's strengths are still unknown, but it's beauty is obvious.

Nickname: "Titania"
Gender: Female
Ability: Marvel Scale
Move set: Twister | Dragon Tail | Aqua Tail | Water Pulse | Recover


Species: Espeon

It evolved from a feral Eevee, Emma helped rescue from Lumiose. After evolving, she seemed to have her wild instincts diminished.

Nickname: "Linde"
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Move set: Helping Hand | Quick Attack | Confusion | Swift | Psychic | Psybeam

Species: Arcanine

A Pokemon Emma caught from the burning Santene Forest. A constant reminder about how powerful Fire-type Pokemon can be.

Nickname: "Kagen"
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Move set: Flamethrower | Extremespeed | Thunder Fang | Flame Wheel


Morgan // Goldenrod City - Part I

in pc:


Morgan had arrived in Goldenrod City not too long ago, from the depths of the Ilex forest. The forest itself was serene, but a little bit on the dirty side, which resulted on Morgan's old dress attire to become covered in grass stains and dirt from the rich soil. Fortunately for her, upon entering the Pok�mon center, the nurse recognized her from the photo and package that was from her mother.

The package contained new clothes for her, as Morgan requested from her mother, before leaving Azalea Town. It was a white short-sleeved designer hoodie with blue and red stripped patterns on it, with the designer 'S' logo on it. She also had a thinner longer sleeved black shirt over it, with the sleeved rolled up. She also had red-leggings, and brown boots with yellow lace. She was finally ready to go.

Goldenrod itself, according to a tourist guide, was indeed the largest city in Johto, filled with buildings, skyscrapers, and loads of people coming to and from the place. The local mall nearby contained the most amount of people in the area, no surprise, because most of the while, people come from all over the region to shop in Goldenrod specifically. Morgan also caught a glimpse of the large Radio Tower, another landmark of Goldenrod's, where people come to listen to recordings of the radio shows the staff put on there.

"Sorry!" someone apologized after they bumped against Morgan, seemingly in a hurry elsewhere. Of course with a city this big, there were bound to be a lot of people, and a lot of crowds.

Morgan grunted and wiped off any possible dust off her clothing. She never really liked crowds very much, because of the bumping, the suffocation, the pushing, and so on. It was really a pain to go through. Of course, not too long after, she would soon bump to someone again around the next corner, this time causing the two to drop to the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" Morgan blurted out, having enough of 'the Goldrenrod experience'. "The traffic here is BUSY!"

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" the person who bumped into her, apologized. She seemed to be a young woman in her teens. Her outfit is slightly odd to Morgan: she wore a white shirt with red stripes over the end of the sleeves and down the middle with gold buttons, denim shorts and long black and blue striped socks that nearly cover her entire shins. Her right arm has a red wristband and her shoes are the same red and white pattern as her shirt. It was like she was a baseball player, but a really lousy one at that. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you injured? Here, lemme help you and..." she suddenly stopped mid-sentence, and took a close look at Morgan. "Hmm..."

"Wh-What's wrong with you? What are you looking at?" Morgan asked in slight disgust, standing back up, while brushing her hair back straight with her right-hand. "Haven't you ever seen pink hair before?"

"You're... You're..." the girl started. "You're PERFECT!" she then went over to clasp Morgan's hands, to hold them together with her own. "Perfect, perfect, perfect!"

Morgan blinked awkwardly at her. "What are you talking about?" she asked, although, she sort of wished she didn't.

"I need you!" the girl started again. "I can't do this without you!" Morgan started to sweat a bit. She did not like where this is going. "Oh, oh, oh, I should of started at the beginning, sorry! My name is Whitney, and you're perfect to be my lil'assistant!"

Morgan brushed her away. "Why on earth would I want to do that?" she asked. "Can't you just ask someone else?"

"No, no, no!" Whitney replied with hasted enthusiasm. "It's a cosmo thing, y'know? No one whom I met fit the bond that I needed to an assistant! As soon as I saw you, I knew. I just KNEW, you were too cute and too perfect to pass up! That's why you must assist me today!"

"There are so many things wrong with that, that... I can't even know where to begin," Morgan started. "First of all, what do you need help on? I mean, not that I want to do it anyway, but just.. what asinine thing--"

"Wait, wait, wait! I'll tell you what!" Whitney said, cutting her off. "You and I will have a one on one Pok�mon battle! And if I win, you will be my lovely assistant for a while, hunny!"

"If that's what it takes for you to get off my back, then fine! I accept!" Morgan declared. "And by the way, I'm not your hunny. My name is Morgan."

"Okay, Annie!" Whitney understood cheerfully. "I have the perfect sport for our battle! Folloooooow me!" She marched off through the sidewalk, leaving Morgan bewildered.

"Annie...?" Morgan could only recap. "What did I just agreed to...?"

The two together arrived at a small spacious square in a remote part of the city. there was a small fountain where water spewed out, and where there aren't as many people coming and going, which was perfect for pok�mon to do battle and to run about the place. Morgan stood on one side of the battle square, while Whitney stood on the other. Morgan had her usual look of [B]deep concentration, while Whitney stood there with a confident smile.

"Alrighty, Annie!" Whitney started to say. "Remember that this is a one-on-one battle with no substitutions! And if I win, you get to work with me for a lil'while, kay?" Morgan nodded, as Whitney took out a lone pok�ball. "Let's go, Milktank!" she threw her pok�ball in the air, as it then opened, releasing energy to materialize into what it seemed like a slightly large pink cow - a Milktank.

Morgan shivered. "This Pok�mon is just as flighty as her..." she feared. But she mustered her courage and got out her own pok�ball. "Go get em', Audino!" Her pok�ball released energy to materialize into a medium-sized pink Pok�mon. An Audino, Morgan's new Pok�mon.

"Aww, cute, cute, cute!" Whitney adored. "She was from the Ilex Forest, right? Well, I have no problem battling against a fellow cutie!"

"Audino, use your Double Slap!" Morgan started to command. Her Audino obeyed swiftly, running up to the foe, delivering its first attack.

"Block it, Milktank!" Whitney commanded in retaliation, ordering her Milktank to sponge and cover every one of Audino's slaps with it's tough arms. Audino was left in amazement, as Milktank didn't seem to take much damage at all. "Now grab, and throw it!" Whitney then shouted, as her Milktank toppled over Audino with it's tough body, and with both of it's hooves, it grabbed Audino's right leg, and proceeded to swing it around and around, increasing speed and force before finally throwing it towards the ground nearby Morgan's corner.

"Come on, stand up!" Morgan encouraged her Audino, with her Audino slowly, but struggling to regain it's position. Milktank was strong. Too strong. Slowly, Morgan thought to herself, it seemed like a mismatch. Audino did not give up yet however, as it soon rose back to its feet. "Alright, give it a Pound attack!" Morgan then ordered, with her Audino charging in right back towards the enemy.

"Milktank - Rollout attack!" Whitney responded. Her Milktank then curled up into a ball, and seemingly started to roll towards Audino, with great force. The force was too strong for Audino when they both collided their attacks, leaving Audino to be pushed back, hitting the ground once more. "And now, Body Slam!" Whitney commanded. Milktank used the energy of the Rollout's force to spring up, leaving her Milktank to free fall straight towards Audino, delivering quite the force upon impact. After the dust cleared, Milktank was seen, standing back up from its belly, leaving a flattened Audino, seemingly fainted and unable to continue the battle.

"No! Audino..." Morgan called out, with Audino replying with a weak cry. Morgan swiftly returned Audino back into it's pok�ball with its red particle light, beaming it back. Morgan couldn't believe it; it was indeed a mismatch where her Pok�mon was just overpowered.

"Yes, yes, yes! That's my Millie!" Whitney cried in victory. Her Milktank cried in happiness, as Whitney recalled it back into its own pok�ball too. She then walked over to Morgan. "Aww, sorry Annie, I guess I got carried away," Whitney then apologized, as Morgan grumbled.

"Fine, I lost," Morgan declared. She then gulped and looked towards the ground in embarrassment. "Just... what do you want me to do anyway?"

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! We're gonna gather up some tough looking and cute trainers!" Whitney explained. "And, we're gonna have ourselves an interview in the Radio Tower! But no worries, i'll interview you too! It's going to be really cool, you'll see!"

She then waltzed away, holding Morgan's arm as they both walked through the city together, much to Morgan's dismay. 'Still, I can't believe how strong she is...' Morgan started to think. 'Whitney... Who exactly is she?'

Party Pok�mon:

Combusken ?
Scratch | Sand Attack | Focus Energy | Ember | Peck | Double Kick

Flaaffy ?
Tackle | Growl | Thunder Wave | Thunder Shock | Cotton Spore | Charge

Dratini ?
Wrap | Leer | Thunder Wave | Twister | Dragon Rage

Audino ?
Last Resort | Play Nice | Pound | Refresh | Double Slap | Attract


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Player Status: New

Name: Annika Jiraiya

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hometown: Vermilion City in Kanto

Physical Appearance: Click! She stands at 164.3 cm tall with a weight of 50.8 kg.

She grew up in Vermelion, with her father being an acclaimed writer and her mother being out on adventures. For the most part, her early childhood was pretty chill. She had dreams of becoming an actor, artist, and, most importantly, a Pokemon Trainer. Although, at school, nobody would talk to her because she was the child of one of the most important people there. She found this saddening, and she tried to make friends, but they always shut her out.

When she reached 6 years of age, her life had suddenly changed. Ever since then, her father had done his best to shape her into a well seasoned writer like him and remove any dreams that would inturupt that role. At first, she found this fine, but as she grew up, she realised that, although she was good at it, being a writer wasn't suited for her. She tried to explain to her father this, but he was having none of it. He wouldn't accept his daughter becoming anything other then what he invisioned her to be. He would've gotten away with it too if her mother didn't take her out on adventures every now and again, which kept one of her dreams alive - becoming a Pokemon Trainer. Her mom usually brought her along without approval from her dad, since whenever she asked him, he would always say no. Every time they got home from one of their adventures, her dad yelled at her mom, telling her to not do that again. Of course, despite this, she didn't stop. During this time of her life, she noticed that art would be her perfect get away when she wasnt out on one of these adventures, so she would draw whenever she was feeling stressed.

When Annika reached age 10, she started rebelling against her father. She wouldn't do any writing, despite how often her father badgered her, and she would sneak out at night to explore the surrounding areas. Her father tried to keep his cool, but the constant doing of this made him really furious with her. He would watch her to see if she was doing her homework, and would spank her if she went outside without his permission. Slowly, she became stubborn, and wouldn't do her homework even if he was watching. She started getting more punishments, and, eventually, she couldn't take it anymore. She heard of a Pokemon School in Aquacorde being opened and asked her dad about it, of course, he said no, but she wouldn't take it. She grabbed her spare money that her father had givin her and snuck out to the boat to Kalos, planning to join the school no matter what her father says.

Honesty - Her mother always asked her to be honest, and since she really idolizes her, she listened. Because of this, she would tell people how she's really feeling, or if the other person is just being dumb. She will always answer truthfully if asked a question.

Strong Mind - She was always either verbily bullied at school or told that she was an extreamly good student, and that made her confused as to how she should feel until she realised that she should just be proud as of who she is. She isn't put down too far with mean words, while also not raised too high by nice words. Because of this, she is able to keep a balanced mindset and tell when people are acting mukty or not.

Helpful - When she was young, she watched her mother help others who need it when she wasn't out on her adventures, sometimes without them even asking. After a while of watching her mother, Annika decided that she would do the same. She started helping others, and she feels happy whenever she does.

Creative - She's able to imagine many things, and, because of this, she has a gift of writing up many stories, even if she doesn't really like doing it. Her father was an acclaimed writer and the most important man in her town, and he wanted her to follow in his footsteps, so he decided to put the writing dream in her head and crush all the other dreams that would stop her from doing it. She's also more attuned to noticing patterns then most, since she finds doing art soothing and it was a getaway in her childhood.

Adventurous - She finds adventuring amazing, and wouldn't give it up for anything. Whenever she's out exploring places, she thinks of her mother, and how she would take her out on adventures too.

Rebellious - Her father was really controlling of her, and expected her to be exactly as he envisioned her to be. Because of this, she grew a disdain of being told what to do, and most of the time will do the opposite of what she's told to do. However, if its phrased as a question, she would usually do it, since its more of a "can you do this" then a "do this"

Rash - She usually rushes into situations without thinking it over, so she tends to get hurt a lot. She got this from her mother, who would take her out on adventures without thinking of what her husband would do.

Secrets - Because of her honesty, she is horrible at keeping secrets. She can't help but spill the beans if someone asks something about the secret she was keeping. She kinda got this by following her mom's advice too well.

Stubborn - If she really wants something, she won't take no for an answer. She'll keep fighting for it, and do any means to get it. This she got from her father, who was very stubborn as to how she grew up. He wouldn't let her have any freedom as to what life she wanted for herself.

Art - She drew a lot as she was a kid, and as she was growing up, she found art to be one of her ways to keep calm. Her main focus is drawing landscapes, since she was never very good at drawing people or pokemon.

Exploring - Whenever a new place is opened up for her to explore, she loves to go. She won't go no matter what, though, since sometimes she needs to go do something else that she wants to do more, however she will go when she has the chance.

Volunteering - She likes to volunteer to stuff that doesn't require her to be told exactly what to do. She'll help out whenever she can, and loves to see something she's doing actually help others on the way. If she sees that it's actually harming others, though, she'll leave it.

Aspirations: She mainly wants to distance herself from her father, who is an important person back where she lived. Every time someone looks at her back home, they don't see 'her', rather they see 'her father's daughter'. Because of this, she doesn't have any friends, and the only people she really knows is her mother and father. She really wants a friends to share her joys with.


Starter Species and Nickname: Shinx nicknamed Bagel, now a Luxio

Starters Gender: Male

Starters Moveset:
-Thunder Fang
-Scary Face
-Ice Fang

Starter Ability: Intimidate

Other Pokémon:

Roleplay Sample:
"What do you mean I can't go?" Annika said, startled. "The Pokemon school in Aquacorde has just opened and I really want to go!"
"Well, you're not going!" her dad angrily said. "This would not look good on our image if you just go out into some random school! You're staying in Kanto and going to the school here!"
Annika started getting annoyed. "Well, its all well and good with the school here, but the school there is in another region! That means new sites to explore, new things to experience! Not cramped up within this stupid house!"
"Don't talk back to me like that!" her dad yelled.
"I can talk as damn well as I want!" Annika snapped back
"GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Dad shouted. Annika looked angrily at him, then left in a huff. She went up some stairs, entered her room, and grabbed a rope that was on top of a drawer next to the door. She also opened the drawer and grabbed all her cash, as well as a couple of cloths. She put them all into her red and black backpack. When it got dark, she grabbed her backpacked, walked over to the window on the other side of the room, opened it, and threw the rope down. She slid down it and snuck to the boat, paying the sailor man for a ticket to Kalos. Boarding the boat, she went strait to her room and laid down on the bed on the back left corner, happy that she'll finally get away from her dad and all his rules. She slowly fell asleep as the boat set off.


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Gl with this one guys!


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Well, I go to sleep and when I wake up I see four new SU's ready and waiting to be read. I have to say, the immediate response that Z has gathered is incredibly uplifting.

I know some people have come to me and told me that they've read the previous incarnation... and with that in mind, are excited to join the story as it continues. These words have reached me, I won't lie. There are a lot of old veterans picking up their characters and moving forward again... with that in mind well...

The amount of new player slots is looking like it's going to be incredibly low.


But I don't like that. I think the effort I've seen with some of the SUs thus far, has reminded me of the effectiveness of how open the original Z was. How new players joined frequently, some stayed long term, some remained for a short time and left when they vanished yes, but others stayed and became long standing staples of the story.

With that in mind, I want to see what new blood can bring to the table more than ever before... and for that reason I'm expanding the player limit for Z officially to.

15 Slots.

I look forward to seeing the stories the new characters bring to the table!

Snip. ~
Concise, but to the point and very well presented. I know everything I need to know and I think that Margarita would be a great addition. Your character is Accepted!

Snip. ~
A lot of very intricate detail and a compelling narrative for a character focused on the contest aspect of Z, if the contests from the first incarnation of Z are anything to go off of then I think you're going to be pleased. Caius is Accepted!

Snip. ~
I doubt this is a surprise, but I'm liking Emma's new look and I'm of course excited to see her develop further in this new chapter. Accepted!

Snip. ~
I think there's definitely potential for a strong character here, but as of right now it'll some more work I'm afraid. It's just a little too short overall. I'm excited to have a Kantonian in the group but I want to know more about her as a character before I commit to accepting. Don't be afraid to look at some of the other SUs to see what I mean, or to reach out if you want some more info on what could be best expanded upon.

For now though, I have to leave you Pending.
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Player Status: Returner.

Physical Appearance:
Odette is very conscious of her style, and the impression she knows it'll make on people. For this reason, she always makes sure to look well put together. She usually sports a nice button-up shirt, with a sweater or cardigan for the cold if need be, and either black dress pants or a skirt with dark tights underneath. Her make-up is always flawless, but never over-the-top, carefully orchestrated to highlight her best features while masking any skin imperfections.

Another reason she is so meticulous about her appearance is her albinism. Odette's skin is extremely pale, to the point (she thinks) she looks sickly without make-up. Her eyes too, belie this trait, and while her hair is black, even that is only because she dyed it to be that way.

Odette has always had plenty of opportunity to develop her intellect. Though before her journey started, her base of knowledge mainly derived from books and theoreticals, she has a quick wit and is able to make logical deductions and find the optimal way to solve practical problems on the spot.

Although her childhood left her with little opportunity to make friends and socialize, Odette did manage to overhear many a business transaction made by her parents, and is able to put that experience to use in a wide range of situations. She knows how to manipulate others to get her way, most of the time at least - and if she doesn't, she'll find a way around.

The one boon her parents left for her is a rather impressive bank account, partially to compensate for the lack of accompaniment she could have with her on her journey. Though she has the funds to buy almost whatever she needs, she also knows not to spend it carelessly - after all, wealth is to be invested, not squandered.

Odette grew up in a world of pretense, where what is said is never what is meant, and there is a high necessity to read between the lines. As a result, she finds it incredibly difficult to be honest and upfront, especially with her feelings. To Odette, strength means to keep your cards close to your chest, and never assume to know everything about anyone else. There is a persistent readiness to her, never letting her guard down to be able to subvert any betrayal... but this also makes it nigh impossible for her to create any meaningful relationships with other people. This is why she is so focused on Grace, her starter, for emotional support.

Due to a sheltered upbringing, Odette has never had much experience with the 'real world'. Though the events of the journey so far have remedied that slightly - and thoroughly knocked her off her proverbial high horse - there is still a certain naiveté about her when it comes to gauging... particularly danger. This can be evident in both directions however; her faith in her wit and Pokémon tends to be overzealous, while she often underestimates the strength of human beings.

  Physical illness
Albinism is a condition that comes with many drawbacks. Though she can deal with most relatively well, with sunscreen and contact lenses, there is no denying that her physical condition is simply not up to par to many of her peers. Being painfully aware of that however, Odette tries her best to never find herself in a position of weakness or disadvantage.

Odette's primary goal in this journey is to make a name for herself. In Sinnoh, where she hails from, both of her parents are media magnates, with her father Marche owning one of the largest export companies settled in the busy harbor of Canalave, while her mother is the socialite and contest spectacular Ritz. Their daughter however, was hidden from the public, supposedly for her own protection. To subvert her fate, Odette seeks to claim renown of her own, preferably for her strength and grace... but hasn't really figured out how to do that.

Badges or Ribbons: Bug and Cliff.


MODEST nature / Synchronize
Calm Mind, Psychic, Teleport, Hypnosis, Disarming Voice, Pain Split

Rhyhorn   (Giant)
LONELY nature / Reckless
Drill Run, Megahorn, Rock Blast, Take Down, Stomp, Scary Face

the Triplets
IMPISH nature / Magnet Pull
Flash Cannon, Electro Ball, Screech, Discharge, Light Screen, Thunder Wave

BOLD nature / Hyper Cutter
Slash, X-Scissor, Screech, Acrobatics, Feint Attack, Poison Sting

Roleplay Sample: From the old Z

→ age 19, from Canalave City, SINNOH
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