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Hello! I don't really know where I should start with this, but if should anyone be interested in creating a story together and pitching ideas back and forth that would be lovely. I have a draft ready which is prone to all sort of changes. I haven't really figured things and most ideas are still cliché and or underbaked.

Don't hesitate to ask any and every question: I'm sure a lot of points are still unclear and confusing and I'm sure I forgot things to make this coherent and actually readable, but since I'm insane and this is 3000+ words I'll just... fix it tomorrow. All spoiler tagged, for your convinience. Hope it makes for an interesting read. All future edits are due to grammar errors and minor fixes.

The story takes place in an alternate timeline of the pokemon games.

First Red wins the League, goes training to Mt. Silver and we're led to the events of G/S/C/HG/SS. In the meantime, Team Rocket goes to Sevi Island and Ruby/Saph/Emerald takes place. 3 years Later, Team Rocket unites again to cause havoc on Johto, only to be defeated by Ethan or Lyra. This is where the story is set as of now, while Giovanni is getting whooped by a child again. In the meantime, Team Gallatic's plans are still brewing and the events of D/P/Pt take place. 5 years later, Team Plasma is formed, and the events of B/W take place, and then B/W2 happens 2 years later.

A couple years ago, a new set of isles resurfaced after the whole Primal Kyogre and Groudon fiasco, somewhere in-between south of Johto and Unova. Those Isles are veeery loosely based on the Graham Island in British Columbia.

Of course, the moment someone noticed the medium-sized Island had popped up amidst the chaos, people were instantly smitten by the mysterious discovery. Except, nobody found anything truly ground-breaking of fascinating on this new territory. No settlements, it’s overrun by fauna and flora. (OPTIONAL: Certainly, there were new regional pokemon forms and every brand-new species, new berries, new fossils, but nothing else for months on end.) Soon it fell into the peaceful obscurity it deserved. Some people swore that the Island gave them a solemn, sacred vibe. Some even undertake pilgrimages, advocating for its nostalgic mysticism. Some only visit for the beautiful view.

But they really were missing a piece of the puzzle. It’s soon discovered that human settlers have been there decades, centuries ago even. A reckless trainer ventured deeper in the mainland and found a deserted village. Yet now it is only home to wildlife. How did they live? What exactly caused those tidal waves and what made them leave?

Deep within the forest, lies a lone shrine of rock and rotted wood echoing the silent lullaby of a song meant for no one’s ears.


1. The Taskforce
An independant(?) non-profit organization whose goal is to preserve order and safety. They spawned from the recent catastrophic events and natural disasters caused by malevolent teams gangs with the desire to protect Man and pokemon alike. They are an ally- under some circumstances- but in essence morally gray and lawful neutral. They will do many things in the name of public safety. Mostly comprised of ace trainers, rangers, scientists and gym/league members (or a similar equivalent). A database of their members as well as information on their hierarchy, missions, protocols and rules still needs to be established. Some citizens believe the TSKF should be held in check, as they are given a lot of freedom to operate and its member often act rashly. As threats grow more dire they employ more radical mesures.

2. The Scientific Corps.
A semi-autonomous scientific corporation researching bio-engeneering. Their primary goal is to improve quality of life and general health, along with a strong drive for innovation and discovery. Their subjects of studies have often grazed (but never publicly overstepped) the border of controversy. They have greatly improved the health of both people and pokemon alike. They use solar energy and tide power as secondary sources of energy, which has given them a boost in reputation. Among different intel groups spread the belief that there are some fanatic influences among their ranks. There is also rumours that the enterprise is currently lead by a rich, zealot youth instead of it's late founder. They have many affiliated branches, but their HQ is located on [??? Islands], nearby a local town and orphanage, which is situated by a cliff nearby the beach, with the distant view of a lighthouse.

Quick rundown, Hubert is Rose's grand-father. Isaac is her biological son, Tess & Maya are "adopted". Emerson is Isaac's biological father and Hubert's step-grandson. Mitchie is Isaac's pseudo-guardian of sort in that she's the only one actually there to care for him and the closest thing to a parental figure. She's a friend of Rose and her husband. It's complicated, but I'll gladly explain any detail if this is confusing (which I'm sure it is). Vidale and Sonya are also mentioned in Isaac's bio but I'll make a seperate comment for protagonists.

The mother of three loving children. Isaac Clark, Tess and Maya. Or in order, test subjects B-00, B-01 and A-02. All super-solder experiments. Yikes. B-00 is a failed but operating subject, working as a team grunt, while the two sisters are apt and trusted admins. Isaac has many problems. So yes, lovely family. I'm really going with the crazy evil mother with this one, but she feels more like a plot device than a real person... That might be a problem.

This woman is a emotional manipulator (I'd say it works well on children and guillible people). She's used to thinking she's always ahead - and higher than people. She's used to a luxurious life, given to her by her parent and their family legacy, an aristocracy built on squandering the weak. When she assassinates her grand-father to be head of the Science Corps, she makes a terrible mistake as he was the cornerstone of the operations. Though she was once close to him she never stopped blaming the lost of her father on him. Her husband, Emerson, actively worked against her until he went into hiding or dissapeared. His whereabouts are unknown, but it's speculated he worked with Mitchie Rivers, a close friend of the couple and Isaac's guardian.

Her grand-father was an odd man. The founder of the Science Corps was firm in his beliefs, opiniated, absolutely radical, stubborn as a mule yet raised by grit and experience. The epidome of gerontocracy, if not for his much less conservative ideas of science, progress and survival. He knows that beings such as Deoxys and Ultra Beasts are coming to our world, but legendaries are too fickle and beastly to trust.
He was there during a catastrophe surrounding the Hoenn trio, and during his time has a navy almost lost his life to their clashing aggression. I think that's also when he lost his son to the cold ocean waves. Hubert believes they cannot rely on "gods" or legendaries to help them, and while he (somewhat solemnly, fearfuly) respects their might, he would not hesitate to trick, bait, abduct or hurt them as he believes they are savage catalysts for destruction, or nature's advocates against Man.)

Technically, Tess was born first, but they were created within a year as the first completely successful human chimeras: Maya of a legendary while Tess is of a common pokemon. They were raised as sisters. The first born in March, the other in November. Tess has a genuinely childish mentality which she refuses to grow out of. She likes to act overly cutesy, andactually idolizes Maya, who's 'better in every way'. She follows her like a lap dog, but I would (not) say that she loves her sister. Tess' main drive is to get praise and love, for herself and her accomplishments. She deals horribly with any kind of scorn. She's peppy and has a warped sense of right and wrong, helping and hindering in an arbitrary fashion if she feels like it. Yet she always follows the Organization: Tess does not imagine her life outside of Mother's guidance, and never will. She's chaotically lawful evil, but not for conventional reasons. Objectively, she does more "kind" actions at first, but makes the wrong moral decisions when it matters. That's the difference.

"...Sis, you won't betray mom, won't you?"
"Don't say useless stuff. No. Of course not."

The most questioning or introspective of the two. She's smart, cunning and efficient: her drive is self-betterment and perfection. A time will come when she'll face Isaac and the ethics of her mother's group and she'll question her decisions. There are no true defining traits to Maya, as she realizes her life is essentially void. All that she has is her purpose, but that purpose alone doesn't satisfy her. No friends, no warmth, no conflict, no quarrels. Just series of tasks and trials and occasional pain and rest.

Dull. How dull. She gets along very well with Derrick due to his gentle behavior and understanding of her woes. She regards Isaac in an indifferent light, her behavior borderline serious and unsympathetic. She calls him out much as he does to her. They could try to get along, but they'll never be more than acquaintances on a truce. There's this sort of unspoken sibling rivalry between them knowingly grasping crumbs of affection from Mother and staff appraisal.

No matter how hard she tries, Maya is profoundly unhinged and uncomfortable around her double. She was created as a clone: imagine discovering a lost twin who's... well, kind, but whose life you perceive as every bit better (or at least different) than yours. You cannot help but feel vertigo and a strange sense of unease. So you try to stay away like plague, no matter if you end up liking them or not. There also the fact that its a guy. She started to wonder about her gender, her likes: a question she never bothered with in her old life. It (ie identity) preceded any goal or duty. Now she's left confused, thinking of how Mother used to braid her past long hair, unfold her wrinkled or messy clothes (dresses) with mixed emotions.

"You're wearing it all wrong, sweetie. The ribbon goes in the front..."

She likes simple, calming classical (not symphonic) and acoustic music. She doesn't like overly complicated compositions or those that make her feel too many things. She'll take less time to deflect the crime organization than her brother Isaac, who knew the protagonists long before her. Because she looks forward and he looks back. Those realizations she came to by herself (and not by some motivation speech made by anyone) slowly becoming paranoid after spying her "original" and putting her life into perspective and comparing hers to his. She's a true neutral.


Age: 16-21 (always the same as Vidale)
Gender: Cis Male
Voice: Johnny Yong Bosch or David Vincent.
Birthday: July 16th (Scorpio) Better compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Tends to have frictions with Leo and Aquarius.
Family: Rose Randall (mother), Emerson Clark (father), Mitchie Rivers (step-mother), Tess (Adoptive Little Sister) , Maya (Adoptive Little Sister)

Personality: Bear with me, but if you decide to play Isaac, you have to understand four personalities. That's right, I'm talking DID, more commonly known as "multiple personality disorder". I did my research, but I feel it’s not enough and this remains highly fictionalized. If there are any way to improve on or make the character's condition more accurate, do warn me: I don't want this to be a gross misinterpretation.
1. Isaac
The first personality. Though he is very friendly at glance, with a welcoming aura and a mellow attitude, Isaac's friendships and personal associations are very restricted, being limited to those of a similar nature who can understand and accept his very straightforward yet reserved and outlandish manners. It's not that he doesn't crave bonds, but he has a sometimes "irrational" distrust of others. He's steadfast, loyal, and does not tolerate gossip or belittling words said against those he accepts in return.

Very individualistic, reserved, serious in nature. He almost never changes ideas or decisions in spite of any appeal or advice. Prefers to be alone with his own thoughts rather than in the company of others. Finds satisfaction in being outdoors and away from the throes of civilization, though for him that is, in itself, of form of escapism.

Though he may hide it well (or not be perceived so by his interlocutors) and seems confident at all times, Isaac feels out of place and embarrassed to express himself on personal matters that require finesse, diplomacy or tactfulness.
In that case, he tends to be bluntly honest and hope for the best. He often has very strong opinions and is prone to well-intentioned harsh criticism, which some may find a blessing or a curse.

When it comes to leadership, he is adaptable and capable, but communication may prove difficult without a strong bond. Although he knows perfectly well what's expected of him and acts efficiently, again he often finds himself unable to find the right words and may end up saying things which damper teamwork. Expresses his deeper thoughts and feelings best through writing. Which is also convenient in case of blackouts.

2. Callie
Neutral good. Callie was the first one, born with the face and identity of a girl he didn't know well at the orphanage and whom he saw during her final moments in the nursery. She stems from the guilt of the living and the envy of the unfortunate. *She* never aged, never grew up, no matter how many years passed for him. She was always there, always stayed the same. She's his first time wishing to go away, to vanish and survive at the same time, the guilt and wish for someone else to take his suffering. "If only I wasn't there," in a sense.

They'd play together when he was lonely, and she'd take in the hurt and anger for him silently. Callie reminded him of his kind but girly friend.
But she was different. That person had left.

She quietly judges him, he thinks. How could she not?
She knew everything. He told her everything. And even when he didn't, she knew. And he knew. She rarely gets out.
He doesn't want her too.
Now he's stuck with her.

But sometimes her will overpowers him, such is the nature of childish stubbornness.
She might come out only to play with Isaac's pokemon, or simply pluck and feel a flower in her hands. She's usually gone as quickly as she came. She helped the protagonists at least twice by taking over. Once to rely important information the others couldn't get out, the second to control Will's rampage, as she was scared too.

3. Derrick
Lawful good. Derrick was, at the time, the only male adult. He first came out when Callie started to shut herself in and refused to resurface after heavy turmoil. He became both a part of their system and a mediator. Calm, resourceful, kind and knowledgeable: he is everything the two children crave. Isaac does not associate nurturing with motherhood, and thus Derrick represent the paragon father he never knew, and by extension, his ideal self.

He can easily pass as Isaac if he needs to and is very much his guardian or big brother. He constantly sacrifices himself for others, even outside the network when he asks for the rare permission to come out, deeming his existence irrelevant if it cannot be defined by others. His sole desire seems to be the protection of his loved ones. He has no wish or ambition of his own that he does not snuffle out. He lives on impossible ideals of ultimate selfless good that can only leave him breaking. Derrick is someone tortured by what he can do, what he can't and what could be doing. But he is honestly a good person.

"You're not alive," Will once told to him, "No better than the dead."
And he said nothing.

4. Will
Chaotic neutral. Derrick had always been enough to protect them all, but when they all started to falter and snap again, he surfaced. I'll be using male pronouns- because they have the mentality and behavior typical of an aggressive male, but they are nonbinary, their identity and origins are still muddy. They're in the middle age range of the 2 oldest (17-30), but even they don't know their exact age. Muddy. Everything is muddy. Covered in sludge.

He feels it describes him well. Violent, distrusting, pessimistic and sadistic, Will takes gratification in battles and aggression, as a way of unwinding, with little regard to stakes or pain or pleasure. It takes very little to tick him off, but he usually won't harm innocent bystanders unless provoked. Not by concern but by "principle". Still, he's like a ticking bomb. It takes others from the system to stop him.

He'll quickly ditch a "friend" if it's convenient, but never to "cater up to the strongest side", due to his general distrust and strong ego. He knows traitors can only rely on themselves. He dislikes the company of others but is indifferent to animals. He truly isn't a good person. He knows this and is actually the most introspective (and yet it only leads him to thoughts of rumination and scorn) of the 'guys', but that's another reason he gets along with Callie.

It’s not like he's satisfied with the way he is either, but he (perhaps even distasfully) accept his nature as his way of enduring, of surviving, of being. No matter how unhealthy it is, it is not "wrong". It's the core of what they are: they consider it took late to change. He cares little for morality, or loyalty or righteousness: he considers it an absent and unnecessary luxury. The others can revel in it for all he cares.

The only one he gets along is Callie. The girl never asks him to suffer for him, never comes pleading or demanding. She comes and gives him toys and books and helped them become much more than the hoodlum they originally were. He thinks she's a quiet, unassuming kid who suffered the same treatment that he did, that they all did. He'll help her. Maybe that Derrick twat too.
But not Isaac.

He has it mostly scot-free, switching with them and taking back control the moment it's convenient. Yes, Derrick Will can tolerate. But Isaac?
Derrick might blindly defend the guy, but them? They want the boy to suffer: they understands his nature. Coward.
He's the reason they were forced to exist like this in the first place.

Appearance: Isaac has dark gray eyes. I'd say they're gorgous, but most people would say they're unsettling. His dirt blonde hair is medium short,, curly and messy, always tied in a short ponytail. His body type is mostly endomorph, and he stands tall at 5’5’’. An old scar on the right side of his tanned face. You can usually see him in a typical bug catcher outfit. His style is very casual, but he rarely wears bright colors.

Isaac does not know where he was born, or what nationality he is. He lived most of his childhood on a quiet island with the adults and children. Pokemon were allowed in the orphanage, but no one had the permission to own one, so he didn't have a lot of friends. But he remembers one summer. A kid who started to visit often with his big brother. He doesn't remember their faces too well, just silhouettes. While the oldest stayed the play with younger kids, the two of them would have fun on the beach, telling stories and having mock battles. It continued like this for months and he was happy.

One day he woke up and the boy was gone. As he sat in bed, cheek covered with stitches, and alarmed he asked what had happened. The nurse scolded him for trying to run away into the woods, dragging another child into it. The boy had gone back to Johto. their mother's business trip had ended sooner than intended because of the accident. Now the boy would never come again, and he had to think about what he had done.

She told him that
Ms. Summer had requested that he go to pass the checkup exam
the moment he was awake and he
sought Callie.

Quirks: Isaac could hold his own in a brawl or petty street fight. He would be evenly matched by Sonya, if not for his better intuition or "reflex". He has to be careful of the brawls he gets in, as his wounds tend to heal more slowly. He has to watch for his heart and lungs. Prone to suffer from migraines.
Likes: Bug catching, apricorn crafting and writing.
Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, the smell of analgesics and blackouts.
Fears/Phobias: Children and grave wounds.
Sexuality: Isaac is gay as hell, Callie is a c h i l d, Derrick's straight and Will doesn't give a flip.


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(those are the possible protagonists I talked about. Everyone including roleplayers would have their own story act and plot-points: more than one conflict can be going on at the same time.)
Age: 15-21 (flexible, but I prefer not to play a minor)
Gender: Cis Male

Birthday: July 16th (Cancer). Better "compatible" with Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. Tends to have friction with Aries and Libra.
Family: Mark Durand (Serious Father), Eleonore Delorme (Missing Mother), Stephane (Soft Big brother), Lea (Rowdy little sister)

A kind but unusual boy with a nurturing nature. He's quite expressive and mostly open about his thoughts. Likes to complain a bit too much and dislikes to be wrong. Suffers from crippling mother hen syndrome, especially around Sonya and his little sister Lea. He has an irrational fear of woods. His father taught him that all pokemon are good and innocent, and should be respected and cared for. You know, beings like Cohagigrus, Malamar, Darkrai, Gangar, or Banette, you can't say they're 'good', but Vid has never seen an evil ghost or dark type before and as such that belief has never been tested.

Vidale is also mildly opiniated: he has a tendancy to assume and judge. It's hard for him to see crime gangs in a morally-grey light, strong opinions and all. If he met a roleplayer's team member, he'd be rough on the edges for a good amount of time. He's also prone to thinking he knows what's best for people even if he's just as unexperienced as them, but he respects people enough that he'll know is place when it's time to step down. He doesn't pretend out of sheer pride, but more out of fear of being inadequate or ignorant. He has an habit of chuckling and humming more when he's happy, but when depressed, he'll withdraws on himself, talking less and playing or singing music more. It's the best way he found to externalize his blues. Which is just as well, because it's very easy to mildly anger him: the boy is touchy and susceptible and abhors to be made fun due to childhoodinsecurities,making him at times more petty and defensive. He gets better. A bit.

Voice: Luci Christian or Miyuki Sawashiro.

Appearance: Medium long, jet black hair with brown hues, styled in a low bun with front swept bangs. Pale skin that's prone to easy freckling and harmless tanning. Warm light brown eyes. His right eye has sectoral heterochromia, like it was drained of melanin, but it wasn't always like that, but he doesn't remember when it got like that. His family just noticed one day. Body type is a mix of ectomorph & mesomorph. A rather short guy standing around 5'2''. You'll often see Vidale in baggy, comfty clothes. He prefers white, black, and beige tones with blue/brown accents. Likes to wear harem & cargo pants, and thinks that people wearing notch collars and cowl neck shirts have good taste. Because his clothes are often too big for him, he tucks them or wears tighter things, again, whatever is more comfortable.

Though of Kalos descend (hence the french names) the young boy was originally born in Lavender Town (Johto) for the first 5 years of his life, until his mother's business trip made them temporarily move to the [redacted] Isles at the age of 6. An accident led to his family to moving again to Vermillon City (Kanto). His parents, a biologist father and scientist mother respectively at the time, divored very soon after. He never saw his mother after that. His father dislikes to talk about it. Though big bro Steph seems to have an idea, he always diverts Vid's inquiries away from the subject.

He and his family settled for good a year later in Floaroma Town in Sinnoh, his father's hometown. It's was place he loved and stayed in until he was of age, and where he first met his friends. His brother, Stephane (13 around that time) had never even started a pokemon journey. Due to his strong sense of filial duty, with his father having to raise Vidale (8) and Lea (4) alone in vague circumstances, he settled in town and worked with his father at the Vallet Windworks Powerplant, after he quit the flower shop.

Vidale's first Pokemon is technically a young stray Growlithe which he found in-between moving out, unlike his official starter. His goal is to become a breeder/nurse/ranger to help whoever he finds, but even then he doesn't have a clear idea of what he wants to do. For now he is simply exploring the world as his brother encouraged him to. He's first headed to the peaceful(?) X region to meet relatives and start his journey.

Quirks:Being raised in Floaroma Town and around Grass pokemon for so long, he's stuck with a constant subtle scent of flowers and pine, which makes him easy to track down.

Likes: Salty treats, nature, a d v e n t u r e
Dislikes: Violence. Has seen enough honey for a lifetime (Floaroma is also an apiarist town).
Fears/Phobias: (From mildest to worst) Deep woods, beedrills, fire (later during RP) and aphotic darkness.
Sexuality: He never really thought about it.

Old team setups that can be mixed and used. Level is at which they were encountered:

F!Growlithe Vahni LV.3,
M!Turtwig Deidre LV.5
M!Buizel Float LV.8
N!Bonzor Gon LV.15
F!Gligar Aria LV.18
M!Croagunk Morne LV.25

M!Tepig Vahni LV.5,
M!Frillish Zephyr LV.9
N!Solosis Astra LV.19,
F!Deerling Clover LV.22
F!Archeops Ruffle LV.20
M!Pawniard Sol LV.31

F!Growlithe Vahni LV.3,
M!Froakie Hama LV.5,
M!Tyrunt Stomp LV.20,
M!Dedenne Dan Lv.22
M!Skrelp Fion LV.25
F!Noibat Echo LV.44

Age: 17-23 (always 2 years older than Vidale)
Gender: Cis Female

Birthday: August 22th (Leo) Better compatible Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Tends to have frictions with Taurus and Scorpion.
Family: Lina (Elegant Big sister), Lewis & Matt (Whiny little Brothers), Martha (Spunky Grand-mother)

Sonya knows what she wants and where she goes. She likes to be depended on and has a hard time with indecisive people. With a loud mouth (and laugh) she has little patience, lots of pride and hardly any tolerance for actions out of her moral compass. She gets too easily agressive if she feels justified or angry, but also always faces adversity head on. Yet, she values individuality, respect, self-realisation and honesty in a way that makes her more open-minded than Vidale on most aspects. Her philosophy, taught to her by Grandma, is that "only by working hard and fair can one get by with a clean conscience."

She doesn't actually mind getting her hands dirty, having a certain fondness of tinkering and sports, especially in group. Prone to having competitive strikes and forcing people to do things themselves when asked for help- if children are the ones to address her, she'll guide them through the steps until they get what they want. She likes to tease and muk-talk people, but to her credit it's rarely maliciously. She has a tendancy to curse, refusing to accomodate others much to their annoyance. She can easily insert herself as a figure of leadership or motherly authority. She looks out for kids and pokemon, and is truly just a big mama bear inside, if you forget her awkward strikes of emotional constipation when faced with affectionnate or cheesy situations.

Voice: Laura Bailey or Tara Platt.

Appearance: Sonya is Hoennian; her skin is olive. She has deep cyan eyes and curly pastel green hair. She always finds it too long and wishes to cut it, but it'd make her sister sad. As a compromise, she ties in in a tight side ponytail or braid. Mesomorph body type, broad chest, round shoulders. Stands proud at 5'4'' tall. Often wears the blue hairband her sister gave her. Prefers sportsy and urban clothes.

Sonya lived in Floaroma Town for as long as she could remember. There, she lived a peaceful life with her siblings and grand-mother, rarely (or never) mentionning or seeing her parents. She doesn't truly arbor hate for them for their absence, but deems them unimportant and unreliable or rather, Sonya seems indifferent and would rather focus on more important things. She craves for adventure and has a vagabond's spirit, but she waited for Vidale 2 years so he would be old enough for them to set off together. It wasn't the only reason, however. Her grand-mother is becoming older and she did not wish to burden her big sister with their very young siblings, who refused to let her go. She felt she would be ditching them in a very similar way to their parents, and besides, she'll miss them to.

Still, after reassurance from her sister and grandma, she left to explore the world and find herself, companions in tow.

Quirks: She would never admit it, as it damages her "tough gal" aesthetic, but she likes the occasionnal overly elegant or cute clothes. It doesn't mean she's afraid to be stylish, however. Has a tendency to puff out her chest or cross her arms. Often covered in small bruises or band-aids. Handles herself well in the kitchen, but dislikes cooking.

Likes: Sports, contests, battles and social activities
Dislikes: Theatrics, strong smells, liars.
Fears/Phobias: None! Or so she says. She's lying.
Sexuality: Straight, but should any player *really* want to date her, it wouldn't be OOC for her to be panromantic.

Old team setups that can be mixed and used. Level is at which they were encountered:

M!Starly Grey LV.3
M!Chimchar Chummy LV.5
F!Goldeen Marella LV.10
F!Meditite Kara LV.16
M!Shieldon Axis LV.20
M!Piloswine North LV.33

F!Oshawott Lynn LV.5
F!Munna Luna LV.8
M!Roggenrola Drom LV.10
M!Cottonee Vallee LV.19
F!Mienfoo Ming LV.32
N!Golett Dorgal LV.28 (shiny)
(N!Sigilyph, Rune LV.20,)

M!Chespin Galaad LV.5
F!Fletchling Nino LV. 3
F!Pancham Fran LV.10
M!Dedenne Herc LV.21
M!Clauncher Cyan LV.25
F!Goomy Beryl LV.30


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Somewhere among moose, igloos, maple leaves and hockey fanatics
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I guess I should clearly establish some information first. Then I'll explain possible methods of roleplaying, mostly depending on how many players there are.

WHERE: The RP can take place in many regions at the same time, but the focus will be the newly found Archipelago in-between Hoenn, Unova and Kanto. For now, its place-holder name is Sorella. The inspiration behind it is Haida Gwaii and the fictional Island of Turii in The Epic of Zektbach. It isn't a replica of either place, but rather a brand-new fictional one which I strongly encourage the players to enrich with their own vision. Ideas for common and pokemon found there could be: whales, dolphins, porpoise, bears, crabs and salmon.

"The islands are home to the Ta'an Forest, with a wide variety of large endemic trees, including the Sitka spruce, western red cedar, yellow cedar (Nootka cypress), shore pine, western hemlock, mountain hemlock, and red alder. The Flora of the Queen Charlotte Islands[41] describes plants from the islands.

From the spring of 1996 until November 30, 1997, a popular attraction for tourists to the islands was a male albino white raven."

Turii Island:

Haida Gwaii

There IS something strange to the Islands. Their biome changes. Rarely yet sporadically. At intervals of roughly 2-5 months, you could raise your head to find yourself in a totally different biome or Island in the blink of an eye. That would have to do with it's legendary beast(s).

WHEN: The story takes place after ORAS and the Primal disaster, meaning Primal Reversion and Mega Evolution exist. So alternative Ruby/Saph./Emerald takes place. 3 years later, Ethan/Lyra defeats Team Rocket and it's everywhere on the news. In the meantime, Team Galatic's plans to nuke the entire universe is ready to unfold and a new region just got discovered.

WHY: You may not be surprised but the main themes are power, nature, boundaries and discovery. I'd argue the time is more important than the place due to plot and character backstories. The regional Professor's fields of research are legendaries and Primal forms. One of the main legendaries is
a tremendously powerful pokemon with the ability to manipulate boundaries. Ironically enough, it's confined (but not sealed) to the island it lives on. In character, appearance and role it could be seen as a mishmash of Hoopa, Jirachi and Serebii. It's no taller than 4ft. It's counterpart would be a Giant pokemon.

The antagonists wish to subjugate pokemon out of fear, especially strong ones. After the rediscovery of Primal Kyogre and Groudon, many lives were lost, and Team activity is only the rise. To that end, a handful of Human Chimeras were created and raised by their organisation. Though it seems cruel and unnecessary and the project was later aborted, it's primary focus was to create beings strong and cunning enough to defeat rampaging Legendaries and the upcoming Ultra Beasts threat, whose's signals have already been detected 6-7 years sooner their inital arrival in Sun&Moon, which is commonly believed to take place 10 years after Red & Blue.

WHO: Already established characters are:
- Professor [Epicéa/Maple] & Assistants [???] & [???]
- Side protagonists Vidale & Sonya
- Likely rivals Maya & Isaac
- Antagonists Hubert, Rose, Tess
- Minor characters Emerson, Mitchie, Eleonore, Mark, Lea, Stephane, Lina, Lewis & Matt, Martha

WHAT: There are some assossiations you could join starting in. The Professor has assembled a team of researcher and field assistants to explore the new region and discover its secrets. An unknown person apparently created a vigiliante Taskforce divided in two factions: rangers geared toward the protection of nature and trainers hunting gang activity like some sort of police force . And lastly Team [I have no clue] the science radicalist group.

So this is the base outline, ready to be torn apart and modified. I'm not satisfyied with the world-building, I find it almost non-existent, and the evil science team is pretty basic. I like some characters, and others I don't. (Too) many conflicts are going on at the same time. Team Galactic is on the rise in Sinnoh, left-over Team Magma/Aqua members are roaming Hoenn while the region is picking itself together, Ultra Beasts are threatening to crash course with this dimension, yadda yadda. I know I'll need suggestions if this story is to be any creative, whether it changes altogether or not. I mainly want to focus on the Archipelago, creating new lore and a familiar yet oddly outlandish environment.

Should there be more than 5 players including myself, we could use Roll20 or Pokerole in conjunction with the forum.
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