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Other OPEN Punk Faction [M][OOC]

Started by gimmepie June 14th, 2019 11:04 PM
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Punk Faction
Welcome to the London of the future. Not quite what you were hoping for, is it?

As urbanisation and advancement has continued, London has grown ever larger and ever more wild: a cyberpunk nightmare metropolis that has absorbed many of the smaller cities and towns nearby. Towering, monolithic buildings pierce the smoggy sky and automated vehicles fly between them as the streets are bathed in a neon glow. The city stands as a monument of human progress and what that progress has cost us.

With limited space and resources but an ever growing population, humanity has reverted more and more to our most basic nature even as our technology and capabilities have evolved. Corruption and greed run rampant here now, many are poverty stricken and struggle to survive and crime rates are astronomically high. Nevermind the rumours of people developing psychic powers…

Abnormals are those who have developed special psychic abilities. Their existence is generally concealed from the public, but over the years rumours of their existence have inevitably gotten out and every conspiracy nut with a website has a page on them.

For an abnormal, life is pretty much guaranteed to be difficult. The government is always on the lookout for you, planning to either make use of you as a tool for their gain or to make you disappear if you won’t cooperate. The average person doesn’t know it, but Big Brother is always on the lookout for those with abnormal gifts and that means if you want to remain “free” and alive, your best bet is going underground. Abnormals are almost always government operatives or otherwise under the thumb of some criminal organisation.

Abnormals exhibit a wide range of abilities, but they are always psychic or metaphysical in nature, not physical. Common abnormal abilities include forms of kinesis, empathic abilities or minor forms of clairvoyance. Abnormals also produce a faint form of non-damaging radiation called a psionic field that can be detected by scanners.

In this age, it’s not difficult to integrate technology into the human body. Most of these changes however, are pretty minor. For example, at birth, people are implanted with microchips that are used for keeping track of funds, bodily health, as passports and for interfacing with the internet. Why carry bills or a credit card when you can simply wave your hand over a scanner? Nevermind that these are also used to detect psionic radiation and track people.

Some take enhancement to whole new levels though, violating the sanctity of their humanity and dramatically altering their bodies with cybernetic implants and limbs designed to suit their purposes. The world is currently in a state of change as far as enhancement is concerned with the debate about how much one should alter their bodies being ongoing.

There are numerous factions and sub-factions within London all with their own interests: gangs, lobbyist groups, businesses, government agencies and so on. Many of these groups actively hold territory, sanctioned or otherwise, within the London metropolis. However, the most powerful factions within London are listed below.

The British Union (White, Union Jack)
Formerly known as the United Kingdom, the British Union is the governing body of what was once Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the once independent Ireland. Although the capital was moved to Dublin after London became too unsafe, London remains an extremely important location with a large government presence.

The Union’s presence is mainly felt here through the London Police Department and the NCA (basically the English FBI). There is, however, also a secret agency called the Classified Operations Agency (COA) that is tasked specifically with policing abnormals, recruiting them and eliminating them. This is the agency where most government abnormals are employed.

Jiti (Red, Globe)
Jiti is an international corporate group that originated in China and has since expanded to operate across most of Asia, Europe and North America. They are active in numerous industries including transport, bio-enhancement, military technology and IT. Although it is officially denied, it is a public secret that they also have many connections to organised crime and corrupt regimes.

The BU branch of Jiti has a license permit that allows them to actively hold territory in London and police it to the standards of BU law with their own privately contracted forces. This is a privilege that they are happy to abuse.

The Freedom Alliance (Yellow, Raven)
Lobbyists turned into underground rebels, the Freedom Alliance want to reduce invasive policing, free the abnormals, and establish a new corruption-free regime. Originally a very small group of activists, hackers and anarchists the group has since grown into a much more organised and powerful entity. However, they are still far weaker than the likes of Jiti and are plagued by in-fighting between subsets with differing final objectives.

The Shadow Congress (Purple, Eye)
A large and powerful criminal organisation with numerous smaller organisations such as street gangs answering directly to them. They control much of London’s criminal underground either directly or through dominion over smaller factions and maintain an iron grip over the black market that few groups, such as Jiti, are really able to challenge.

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality plays a big part in life in the London metropolis and most people wear Smart Lenses in the form of glasses, goggles, contacts or eve ocular implants that allow the user to view the AR Scape - an overlay of important information. The basic form of these that the average person has generally display things such as the value/cost of items, times places are open, business contact details and directions. Arguably the most important function though, is identifying who controls an area.

Factions who control an area will leave tags, small transmitters, throughout the territory. To the naked eye, these have no effect. However, on the AR Scape, tags cause an area to become doused in semi-transparent colours corresponding to certain groups while the locations of tags themselves with also display a logo or label. It’s important to have Smart Lenses as these areas frequently change colour as tags are hacked, destroyed or replaced in territory disputes. The tag information for the major factions is listed with their names in the section above. Areas recognised as safe zones by the BU (areas with a lower crime rate and high police presence not held by Jiti) appear as territory held by the BU.

The Lenses worn by law enforcement and many of those in other noteworthy factions display other information also. Names, blood type, criminal record and threat assessment rating (a number from 1-10). In the case of the COA and many of those who operate in the depths of the underground, the lenses also visualise psionic fields.

Punk Faction and You
This is a very story and character focused, sandbox RP. As such, I’ll only be accepting a very small number of participants and those who join will be expected to maintain a fairly consistent stream of communication both with me and with each other.

This is because the narrative in Punk Faction is actually extremely flexible, depending very much on how your characters grow and influence the world around them. You have a lot of freedom to influence the story as a result of this, but that means you also need to be discussing your plans with me and that you are committing to not ghosting the RP.

So, how do your characters fit into things? Well, like I said, that is largely up to you. Maybe they’re a COA operative hunting down abnormals, maybe you’re a goon working for Jiti or a street thug in a gang under the thumb of the Shadow Congress. Hell, you could even just be an average Joe in over their head or a political figure. How you want to shape the story of Punk Faction is entirely up to you. Just remember that I’ll only be selecting a small number of you to begin with.

1. All RPT and PC rules apply.
2. This RP is rated M.
3. GM word is law.
4. Follow the expectations laid out in Punk Faction and You.
5. Have fun. Fun is mandatory.

Age: I’m not setting a min or maximum here, but be realistic to the context of your character.
Faction: If applicable. Minor factions I did not list or that are attached to more major powers count too. Any new factions you introduce need a corresponding colour for the AR Scape.



Abnormality: If your character is not an abnormal, skip this. You don’t have to play as an abnormal.

Equipment: Any weapons or tools your character carries with them. Include mention of any enhancements here.

Background Information: Any background information or history that is relevant to where your character is at the beginning of the story.

I will have a maximum of five places open for this RP, however it is entirely possible I’ll run the RP with just four filled. I most likely will not be participating myself and will focus more on GMing and managing any major NPCs I need to.



Age 24
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Well, I'm interested. Out of curiosity, what limitations would we have on abnormalities or enhancements? Obviously one or the other, but is there a limit to how many augmentations one can have?
It actually isn't one or the other. I'm not really setting any hard guidelines at all other than common sense, the more OP you make your character the less likely you'll get in is really the only rule of thumb. If anything seems off I'll let you know and you're welcome to message me to talk through your ideas at any time.
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