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Pokémon FULL Counting Stars .:* (OOC)

Started by Astronaut July 10th, 2019 10:42 AM
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space adventure

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you always thought that you could be so much more, didn't you?

you always felt like your full potential was yet to be unlocked?

you always knew,

that you were not complete.

Counting S t a r s


< click here to go to the IC thread >

b a c k g r ound

The pokémon world has been enjoying some very peaceful and prosperous years. In all regions, pokémon journeys are started and ended, tournaments are won and lost, champions rise and fall. You are one of the latest regional champions to climb to the top. The current champion is not employed or officially required to do anything, but they are sometimes called upon for help.

Recently, trouble seemed to be stirring, for the first time in a long while. A strange pokémon was said to have been spotted in rural areas of the Kanto region, hostile towards anyone who approached it, human or pokémon. It disappeared before the closest gym leader could identify it, however. Shortly after, similar reports came in from the Hoenn region.

The interregional Pokémon Foundation is now asking for the world's most powerful trainers, the champions of every region, to investigate and try to capture the unknown pokémon (or whatever it is) before it can do more harm. They don't yet know what has been set in motion...

c h a r a cters

You're allowed to have any team you want, but teams should mostly comprise pokémon from your own region, meaning pokémon introduced in your region's corresponding games and generation. Evolutions / babies introduced in later generations but evolving to or from pokémon from your own region, are fine to have. That means, a champion from Sinnoh might have an Electivire, and a champion from Kanto may also, and a champion from Johto may also! You're allowed 1 pokémon that was introduced in a region other than your own, if you really want to.

To clarify: this is a heavily plot-driven RP, not a "journey". You play as a mature pokémon master, perhaps young, but quite experienced and adept, with a full entourage of pokémon behind them.

r u les

1. I prefer that you post at least once a week here in the OOC to show me that you're still alive and kickin'. Doesn't have to be anything special, just say hi if you don't have any current plans to discuss! :)

2. It's also preferable that you avoid styling the bulk RP text in your IC posts with colors or fonts and backgrounds. Readability is prio, and it's much better to just keep it standard, or at the very least don't mess with the font and size if you super necessarily need to edit the colors of your text and background. However, go wild with headers and borders and fluff around the main RP text! SUs are also perfectly fine to stylize in any way you want with css.

3. Rating is T. No need to go overboard with gore or romance or violent descriptions, but depicting some criminal themes and somewhat more gritty pokémon battling than games/anime/manga is totally fine. Pokémon will never really make sense, and we don't need it to.

4. Basically, the events of the games have not occurred. Any legendaries are still slumbering, no Hoenn apocalypse, Galactic or Flare explosions or Plasma coups have happened, and Team Rocket has never risen up notably. However, let's just go with established gym leaders from the games (Janine or Koga, Wallace or Juan, that's up to us collectively to decide tbh. But Giovanni leads the Viridian gym ;) ).

s i g n u p sheet


Appearance: (written or picture, or both!)

Personality: (general character traits and examples)

History and family: (how they reached their current position and what family they have and cherish)

There won't be any levels or strict rules in this RP, and it isn't about journeying and collecting monsters, so just list as many details as you wish about all your pokémon. You're allowed 9 well trained pokémon in total, out of which a minimum of 3 need to be on stand-by in your digital storage or elsewhere in the physical world.

p l a y e r list

Kanto - Kagura by Dragon
Johto - Kakujiby PastelPhoenix
Hoenn - Cecilia / Ia by Songbird
Sinnoh - Vladik by gimmepie
Unova - Alys by Astronaut
Kalos - Zachery by Sapphire Rose
Alola - Juliet by Magnificent Magilou


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Dibs on Sinnoh


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Kagura Kasuga
♀ | Kanto Champion | Channeler Trainer Class | 28 Years of Age


Pure has become impure,
Impure has now become pure.
Good has now become bad,
Bad has become evil.
For one to live is to die,
for one to die is to live.

As I walk through our town, I see them. The faces of pokemon. Grief... sorrow... hate... The thesis pokemon should of been simple. But, it's not. Of course... how could I think that it was? I feed them, clean them, and interact with them everyday. Is that why Pokemon are so in tuned with humans? Could it be that they have the power to view and judge our souls as good? So why... why couldn't I sense these feelings?

What is a soul? How do I understand it? What... are feelings? Bonds?


\ \ APPEARANCE 外観 / /

Kagura is a alabaster-white skinned woman with waist-length rich black hair which was often tied into a loose ponytail with a white ribbon and big brown eyes, but sometimes she lets down her hair for more casual and laid back moments. She wears the traditional dress of a miko, with a white jacket with sode-kukuri (cords) through the sleeves and open shoulders. Strings called muna-himo were attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed. She also wears a bright red nagabakama (a very long hakama), which included the small board on the lower back. There are slits on the side of her hakama and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe (jacket) shows a white kosode she sports. For foot wear, she wears common tabi (socks) and rice straw sandals. She finally wears a red Obi, or belt, over all her other garments.

\ \ Personality 人 / /

A joyfully busy woman, when she isn't working or lending a hand to those who are troubled, she's watching over her pokemon with due care. She enjoys those little moments when she gets a chance to relax, such as battling, which she thinks is actually pretty fun. She is friendly and well-liked due to her calming nature, and she is very motherly towards others. Her hard-working personality makes her very reliable in times of need. She rarely ever loses her temper, but while she is relaxed in how she treats people. She is very strict when it comes to upholding tradition. She is prideful of them and will always bravely defend her beliefs.

Kasuga Family History

According to legend, the Kasuga family was originally a family known for its service to the gods. The Kasuga tradition first started with a channeler, Aya Kasuga, who migrated from Johto to Kanto. A Yoma, a ghoulish monster that peered from the darkness of the departed hearts, surrounded Kanto with its vile aura. The chaos, confusion, and fear poured upon the citizen's hearts for quite some time, until Aya Kasuga, who had divine spiritual power, exorcised the evil from the spirit. The spirit did not disappear, as it gained another form, after its evil aura had been lost. It had transformed to the first Ghost-type Pokemon. Together with this Ghost-type Pokemon, Aya became the first Master of the Kasuga clan, who were all channelers and protectors of spirits, and Ghost-type pokemon awaiting for peace.

For generations since then, the women of the Kasuga clan became priestesses in service of the Lavender Town's Ghost Tower shrine and grave site. They performed dances, prayers, and rituals to bless the spirits of pokemon who had departed from the land of the living, and for the ghost-type pokemon who was said to be reformed animations of more malevolent spirits, to help bring them all peace. Every Generations, a new master of the Kasuga clan would be appointed. It was a big honor for the family members, because they would serve as a pillar of strength for them all, and the master would help lead the clan, upholding their own tradition. For generations, the strongest member of the Kasuga clan would become the new master. At first this was done by measure of spiritual power, but as these modern times came about, there became a new venture of gauging a priestess's strength: Pokemon Battling.

A Channeler named Kagura

Kagura, like her other family members, was born in Lavender Town in a humble household. She had a mother, father, and was the eldest of three other sisters. Kagura was only 10 years old when she first found out about her clan's primary purpose: to help bring peace to spirits, and ghosts. She took up her training right away, with dancing, rituals, and even learning mythology the Kasuga clan held on. If it wasn't all that, she was helping to take care of her sisters while her mother and father were away. Her father was a scientist for the Silph Company, and her mother was a fellow channeler of the Kasuga clan. The master of the clan during this time was Elder Natsumi, who practiced spiritualism for decades. However, in these days, the Elder was in her retirement years. The new master of the clan needed to be picked soon.

Still in her childhood years, even going to her early teen years(13-14), Kagura developed a deep fondness for Pokemon. She read all sorts of Pokemon related stories to her younger sisters, and loved to play with the Ghost-type pokemon that stayed with the family. She also had a cousin, Misako Kasuga, who also was often by Kagura's side while they had play-time with pokemon, and even started training together for their channeling. Thus, Misako and Kagura were both quite close, both practically best friends... and sisters themselves.

One day, while they both were playing together a little bit out of town, the two found a pair of wild, injured Gastly, gasping for breath near the ouskirt wilderness of Lavender Town. One seemed to be in a different colour than normal Gastly, but they both seem to be related... sort of like, sisters in another way. Following their teaching of helping out Ghost-type pokemon, Kagura and Misako decided to look after them. They worked together to nurse them both back to health, as well as providing them with enough food and water. Eventually the two Gastly were healed, and warmed up kindly to the two girls. The odd-coloured Gastly took a rather shine to Misako. It was another thing from the Kasuga teachings; Ghost-type pokemon can sense a sort of 'soul' from humans, and thus, they're able to bond more effectively with chosen partners. The other Gastly liked Kagura in turn too, perhaps for other reasons. With the Gastly warming up to them, the two girls then decided. They would become their partner-pokemon. It wasn't anything official, but the rest of the clan could surely understand about a bond.

When Kagura turned into an adult(18), her training was finally complete. She started taking on jobs like to help put spirits of deceased pokemon to a peaceful rest by reciting prayers, as well as warding off any evil spirits by performing rituals such as dances. Her training gave her the ability to perform these as best as she could, but she was still not as adept in these techniques as well as the other family members. She, with her Haunter that evolved from the young Gastly she befriended, even took up Pokemon battling, but did not perform as well. In fact, some had considered her to be the she had performed quite badly over the time that she was considered by some to be the weakest of the clan. Misako on the other hand, was rather talented in pokemon battling. So much so that the Elder recognized her as the strongest channeler in the clan. Everyone in the clan idolized Misako. With her, the clan's future was golden, and set in stone.

Kagura knew of Misako's potential all the long. She was a better channeler, a better spiritualist, and a better battler overall. While Kagura was happy for her cousin... she felt a deep loneliness. Deep in her heart, she wanted her and Misako to be equals. She loved her, but, she was also jealous of her ability and talent. One day, Kagura challenged Misako to a battle. However, Kagura was quickly overwhelmed by Misako's power, and lost very promptly. Soon, the eyes of the clan weighed down upon her. While everyone idolized Misako, they also mocked Kagura's lack of strength.

One day, Kagura was called upon by the Elder. She looked upon her, and she stared a troubled calmness look upon her. She then said one thing, something that had disturbed Kagura. Something that hallowed within her mind for months to come.

"I must... I must leave our clan?"
"Kagura, you must leave, and discover yourself in the world. You must find... your own strength."

Kagura did not understand the meaning of the Elder's suggestion at first. Perhaps... perhaps the Elder saw something inside of Kagura, that Kagura had not yet realized. Perhaps her answer to strength comes from outside the clan's boundaries, and upon the world. But to what end? What would be the first place to start? She, alongside her Haunter, traveled together, seeking those answers. That was until one day, she saw something that was dropped on the ground. She picked it up, and saw that it was a brochure.

THE POKEMON LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. Earn eight badges from eight different gyms to qualifiy! Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master?

The Pokemon Leauge Championship... Kagura looked upon her Haunter. Traveling, battling against all sorts of trainers, and learning all sorts of things about Kanto... Haunter gave a glancing nod in return.

I will become stronger with Haunter. I swear it.

The Championship Journey

Kagura and her pokemon had traveled for days, which turned into months, then into years. She and Haunter battled trainer after trainer, some she won, but most she lost. Still, her losses taught her more and new things. Ever slowly, she gained something more. It also taught her many things about herself, and her pokemon. It wasn't as though she was inept of battling, but... she didn't understood her pokemon. She liked Haunter, but the two of them... were not connected.

The lack of connection, however, was soon to be fixed as she heard about a ship in Vermillion.. seemingly haunted. Deciding to investigate, the source of the heavy aura in the air was from a lone Ghost Pokemon -- a Dhelmise. The Dhelmise was very hostile; it attacked on sight, causing chaos and mayhem. Dhelmise weren't naturally from the Kanto region, so perhaps it came astray on accident, and became more cautious and territorial to its surroundings. Even so, Kagura and Haunter had to defend themselves. Haunter fought valiantly, but Dhelmise was strong. It repelled Haunter's ghost attacks, counter-attacking even more harshly. Kagura was distraught. Everything she learned from battle was slipping. Was it... all for this? Was she going to continue to let down to let her partner Haunter down? This dis-connection...

Haunter... why... why couldn't I sense your feelings? What is a soul? How do I understand it? What... are feelings? Bonds? ...Us?"

However, she also then realized something. Even though Pokemon and humans can not directly communicate, it's the feelings that trainer exerts for their pokemon is how they deeply understand each other. Subconsciously, while she believed in Haunter, she did not believe in herself. The power of one, was no match for the power of us, she then thought. She finally made a decision. She and Haunter, are going to be a real team from now on. She stood her hand out and messaged her injured Haunter, telling her that she will always be here for her. In response to Kagura's feelings, Haunter glowed. The light grew brighter, and brighter, until it stopped, dispersing into small sparkles. Kagura saw in shock as what stood in place of Haunter was a larger, Ghost-type pokemon. Gengar. Gengar floated upwards, releasing a new powerful move: Shadow Ball, straight towards the wild Dhelmise. The Dhelmise tried retaliating, but the new power of Gengar overhwelmed the Dhelmise, sending it flying, and defeated. As Gengar and Kagura triumphed and celebrated their new power, Kagura couldn't help but feel sorry for the wild Dhelmise. After all, it was a pokemon that was far from home... it couldn't help but be scared. The others mistook its fear as malice, but Kagura knew better. She then decided to tend to the Dhelmise's wounds, and ask it to be another friend -- a partner pokemon. The Dhelmise was skeptical at first, but... it could sense the kindness that radiated from Kagura. It never had that before. Eventually, Dhelmise agreed, and traveled alongside Kagura and Gengar.

Many more months, that became years came. Kagura had caught more pokemon, and even participated and defeated many pokemon Gyms. Her team, as well as herself, had grown stronger, and she was much more accustomed to pokemon battles, and connecting with her pokemon. She was becoming the seasoned pokemon trainer she sought out to be. Finally, after years of battling and travelling, her eighth badge was obtained. She's now qualified for this year's upcoming Pokemon League. But before that, there was one place she wanted to go. It was time to go back to visit her family.

It had been about three years since she started her travels, on request of the Elder. At first, things could become a bit awkward, but... she felt a different person than she was those years ago. Finally, she eventually found her way back to Lavender Town. She found her house, as she was greeted with friendly and happy faces by her younger sisters, and her mother. Her father was busy with work, but her mother reassured that Kagura's father was looking out for her too. The friendly vibes were broken by one thing. Kagura's mother mentioned, the Elder was sick and bedridden.

Kagura made her way upon the Elder's and Master's home. While the other priestess of the family looked upon Kagura with surprise, there was also a bit of contempt. But, the silent, tense air was broken by the Master's greeting. She was laying in bed, with a small coughing fit, but she still gave Kagura a warm smile.

"You have returned... Kagura."
"Elder, I am sorry. If only I had known about your condition..."
"Worry not, dear child. No... you have become a strong woman. I can tell by your look. You have experienced many things, and found your source of strength."
"This was why you suggested that I leave, was it not?"
"Yes. Your potential is different from Misako's. Misako upholds tradition the most effectively, but you also cherish life."
"You have become so strong, Kagura. I can now... leave the rest... to you both..."
"E-Elder, no! There is... there is so much more i could learn from you! Please... don't go..."
"Kagura. I am... so proud..."
"...Farewell, Elder. Thank you for all you've done."

The passing of the Master left a deep wound in the family's heart. She was a woman who was as kind, as she was wise. A heavy loss for the clan. But, it was still time to select the new Master of the clan. The general populous wanted Misako, the strongest member of the clan, to be the next Master. However, Misako had a misgiving. There was one thing she wanted to confirm first -- through Kagura. She challenged her to a battle. Misako and Kagura both had their partnered Gengar on the ready, until the battle was ready to begin. Misako and her Gengar approached with a barrage of firece and heavy attacks, attempting to overwhelm Kagura before she had a chance to start. However, Kagura this time stayed collected, and believed her Pokemon's power to push through. Her Gengar retaliated with her powerful Dark Pulse, colliding the two attacks, that created a puff of smoke. Misako could now tell how strong Kagura has become ever since their first battle. It would not be like the last time. Misako's and Kagura's attacked came in contact one after another, both trying to gain an advantage of each other. Soon, they both could feel it. The final attack looms. Both Gengars released a powerful Shadow Ball attack, which collided.

"Misako... I was always jealous of your talents, and ability. I took the wrong path many times, because I was always comapring myself with you. This time, I'm believing in the power that I, and my team have inherited!"
"Kagura... I..."

Kagura's Gengar's Shadow Ball grew in power, as it eventually overpowered Misako's. Misako's Gengar ws hit with the full force of the attack, until the dust settled down, and Kagura and her Gengar were both declared the winner. The clan members looked upon each other in disbelief. Kagura... defeated Misako? But ironically, Misako was the one who was not surprised by the outcome.

"The truth is, Kagura, I was the one who was also jealous of you. You were always so kind, reliable, so hard-working, and ever complained about anything.
"Do you understand now? The Elder and I both knew that someday, you would surpass me. You're the one who deserves the title. The title of Master!"

The clan members were quiet... until one of them started clapping. And then another. And then a few more. Then, they all clapped and cheered for Kagura. The clan members were all supporting her now. They had finally respected Kagura's strength. Misako then got out a small box.

"These were the Elder's most sacred treasures. The Mega Magatama keystone, and the Gengarite. Use them well in your final challenge, Master."
"My final challenge?"
"Of course! You're going to the pokemon league to become the Champion, right?"
"Me... a Champion...

The clan members all cheered her on. With the amount of support and love Kagura gotten from her family. Her renewed passion unfolded. It's finally time to challenge the Pokemon League.

The Pokemon League was filled with powerful trainers in the tournament. Kagura, in a set of many close battles, made past them, and finally made her way upon the final battle. She was fighting against a trainer who was the favourite to win the league. The 6 on 6 battle was fierce; the fiercest battle Kagura had ever gotten herself into. It had finally came down to their final pokemon: Gengar vs. Dragonite. Dragonite had staved off every attack Gengar could through at it, retaliating with very powerful moves. It was looking quite hopeless, and Gengar was toppled, struggling to get up after it took the latest blow.

"Don't give up! We've been through quite an ordeal to reach this point. We're not going to let it end here, right?"

She then remembered - the Magatama she had received from the Elder, and from Misako. She held it tightly.

"Please...! Let my feelings reach her! Lend me your strength one more time, my partner... my friend!

Her mega-magatama started to glow a rainbow, soothing, light. The light enveloped Gengar, and before Kagura's eyes, Gengar had started to transform. The light dissipated, as Gengar stood, as a completely different, and new form. Mega evolution.

"Let's go! Shadow ball!"

Gengar threw many shadow ball attacks towards the Dragoite, in which Dragonite was no longer able to block them, as the power of the attack has gone up greatly from last time. Dragonite was not finished yet, as it then charged up, and released a powerful Fire Blast. Gengar charged the same, releasing a Dark Pulse to counter it. The two attacks collided, enveloping the field with a black smoke. Dragonite looked around, unable to detect the Gengar's presence... until Gengar appeared, from the shadow's of the field that was developed in.

"Sludge Bomb, go!!"

Gengar threw multiple Sludge bomb barrages to the unsuspecting Dragonite, causing it to stagger. It's time for the battle to come to an end.

"Now! One last Shadow Ball!"

The Shadow Ball was larger than ever, as Gengar hurled it to it's opponent. The attack collided with it, and once the smoke was cleared, Dragonite slumped down. Defeated. Kagura could not believe her eyes. She had now become Kanto's Champion. Gengar's transformation wore off, celebrating her victory with Kagura. Becoming Champion of the region... it was an odd feeling, but something Kagura could be proud of. Throughout her travels, she now knows another thing. People all over have their own 'soul', as it were. As long as that soul exists within everyone, bonds will continue to be developed. Thus, she then vowed to help those in need where ever she could, in order to protect those bonds, as Champion, and as Master of the Kasuga clan,

Kagura's Pokemon


space adventure

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Dibs on Sinnoh
Reserve me for Kanto? c:

If not then I’ll just make an SU for it hehe
You are both reserved :D

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I'll go with Alola, please.

"Do 'ou honestly believe 'ou can challenge moi? How foolish of 'ou..."

Juliet Armstrong / Female / 22 Years Old / Alola


Juliet is tall, standing at an even height of 6'0". She is a well-developed young woman, easy on the eyes for sure, with her fair skin complexion despite the bright Alolan sun only adding to her beauty. Her hair is worn loose, reaching down to her shoulders. It is naturally black in color, however Juliet likes to keep a section of it dyed a bright blonde. She dresses in ways that show off her attention to fashion, usually in clothing that doesn't exactly go out of her way to hide her figure. Despite the tropical Alolan climate, she is rarely seen without her trademark red coat.

History And Family

Juliet was born and for the most part raised in the Kalos region. She is the heiress of a rather wealthy family, with her father owning and running a five star hotel within Lumiose City and her mother being a famous actress often compared to the former champion of the region, Diantha. While growing up Juliet never really made any friends her own age. She was given private tutors to oversee her education and more often than not was left in the care of the hired help with her parents checking into essentially give her gifts on holidays and birthdays. This led to her having a somewhat pampered upbringing, which left her having quite the holier-than-thou attitude in regards to most things. Her only constant companion was an Espurr that was given to her on her tenth birthday, one that was bred from only the top percentage of the species.

Around her sixteenth birthday, Juliet's parents decided that they were ready to truly enjoy the finer things in life. They essentially retired (albeit her father still had an active hand in running his renown hotel) and decided to relocate to the luxurious region of Alola. Life in general was a bit more relaxed in the tropical paradise, so much so that Juliet was forced to be enrolled in a public school of all things. The teenager felt so dirty essentially having to interact with the common folk and begged her parents to allow her to return to Kalos where she felt more at home. However, her parents were adamant that the girl needed to have more diversity in her life. Needless to say, Juliet was not pleased.

It was around this time that the Kalos native caught wind of the Alolan tradition of an island challenge. Rather than gathering gym badges, trainers traveled the four main islands of Alola, taking trials against exceptionally powerful Totem Pokémon, and subsequently the four islands' Kahunas—their analogue to gym leaders. In addition, the tournament called the Manalo Conference was open entry, likely due to the island chain's low population and the challenge of the trials.

She'd heard of, and on more than one occasion seen, a Pokémon League championship, but never considered going for it herself. Her worth in Kalos was self-evident, after all. Here in Alola, however, the system sounded rather novel to her, and presented the perfect opportunity to show off her superiority to the trainers who called this backwater island home. She used her connections to procure a surplus Rowlet from the local Pokémon Professor, and along with her loyal Espurr began her journey across Alola.

Although, the going was much rougher than she first thought it to be, turning her casual adventure into an arduous task. Along the way, she had to rechallenge Totem Pokémon that defied her expectations, and even got into some trouble with a colorful gang of thugs. But loath to admit defeat, she powered through at astonishing speed, and—toting a completed Z-Ring in under a year—proudly stood at the Manalo Conference.

That is, until she was given a sound thrashing in the Battle Royal that opened the tournament. And to a boy who laughed his way off stage when he was defeated right after, no less!

Juliet did not take her defeat well, vowing that she would train and reattempt to take on the Alola League tournament next year. It was at this point that the girl was approached by one of the Kahuna that she had taken on during the Island Challenge... Olivia of Akala Island.

The Kahuna told her that she saw a lot of potential within Juliet, but at the same time she noticed a lot of flaws in her thinking and personality. Needless to say, the Kalosian did not take the criticism well. Still, Olivia insisted that with some training that she could most likely succeed in her goals the following year and even offered to help the girl with her goal. Juliet didn't seem so sold on the idea, but after a bit of thought she agreed. So, Juliet spent the next year in a mixture of sweat and determination, training herself and her Pokémon to become stronger for the challenge ahead. As time progressed, Juliet did begin to mellow out a bit. A bit of her overconfidence did stay intact, but the girl did slowly open up to the Kahuna and did begin to develop a genuine bond with her. Before she knew it, a year had passed and it was time to enter the tournament once more. Just as Olivia predicted, Juliet performed much better that year and after a clutch battle she finally managed to obtain her goal and became the champion of the region.


Headstrong and arrogant, Juliet is one who sees herself as above and beyond most of those she comes into contact with. Her upbringing has definitely left her more than just a little bit spoiled, something that can become obvious quickly when in regard to how she tends to think of how events and decisions will have an affect on herself rather than those around her. Her air of superiority can arise in regards to other trainers and wild Pokémon alike, at times resulting in Juliet refusing to battle as she does not feel her opponent would be worth her time.

Juliet has a tendency to be very quick tempered. It doesn't seem to take too long for her to get annoyed with something she finds to be meaningless, and she's not afraid to let those around her know just that. She is prone to verbally assault those who bother her with a barrage of insults.

Pokémon Team

Artemis (Male, Bashful, Highly Persistent) - Juliet's official starter she received from Professor Kukui at the start of her journey. He has difficulty interacting with other Pokémon and people, including his fellow team members. Still, he attempts to do his best in every challenge that comes his way. He acts as the leader of the team, often worrying a bit too much about the safety of those around him despite his backwards nature. He doesn't seem to get along well with Sebastian.

Bianca (Female, Quiet, Likes To Relax) - Essentially Juliet's first Pokémon. She brought her along with her on her journey. She tends to keep to herself, often acting as the unofficial big sister of the team. Very little seems to get her worried or upset. She prefers to sit on the sidelines and spectate, but still helps out when needed.

Fenrir (Female, Adamant, Proud Of Her Power) - Juliet's first catch that she encountered in the outskirts of Hau'oli. Determined and confident, she is always willing to show her strength to those who challenge her. In some regards, she seems to have a bit of her trainer's ego. Whether or not that was natural or passed on remains a mystery.

Sebastian (Male, Jolly, Mischevious) - Caught as a Meowth shortly before her first trial, Sebastian is known as the trouble maker of Juliet's team. He always seems to have something crafty planned and is known for harrassing Artemis whenever he has the opportunity. He serves as the clown of the team, often uplifting moods when things are tough.

Nera (Female, Bold, Thoroughly Cunning) - One of the more unique members of Juliet's team and her first catch on Akala Island. Nera seems to be a bit more attracted to female Pokémon as opposed to males, often using her wily ways to try and essentially seduce them. Not one to ever backdown from a challenge, she is one of Juliet's constant companions and proved to be one of the deciding factors when she finally became champion.

Yuki (Female, Timid, Very Finicky) - A coward through and through. She was found as an egg in the wild on Ula'ula Island. She is not very keen on battles, often getting scared at the silliest of things and constantly underestimating her own ability. Juliet has taken to simply having Yuki around as a companion more than a battling member of the team, seeing the Alolan Ninetales as a very visually appealing member of the team. The Ninetales seems to have a thing for Sebastian, but can't manage to work up the nerve to actually assert her feelings towards him.

Yang (Male, Serious, Strongly Defiant) - An arrogant jerk of a Pokémon. Yang was the final Pokémon Juliet caught before her initial league tournament. He tends to do things his own way, and even now is known to ignore Juliet's orders in favor of calling his own shots. He seems to be not-so-secretly jealous of Artemis, often wishing for himself to be seen as the leader of the team instead of the Decidueye. While he has slowly begun to mellow out over the years, his less than stellar obedience still rears its ugly head from time to time. Juliet tends to let him just do his own thing in battles.

Narissa (Female, Lonely, Highly Curious) - The final member of Juliet's team. She was encountered as a Popplio after the trainer's initial defeat at the Pokémon League. It was soon discovered that she had been abandoned by her original trainer, left to fend for herself in the wild of the Akala Outskirts. For reasons that remain unknown even to Juliet herself, she took pity and added her to her Pokémon team. Narissa suffers from abandonment issues, and as a result is very clingy to her trainer. She refuses to placed in the PC, forcing her into a permanent slot on the active team.


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And I'll take the last one.

"The field will be ready soon. Please take care of any final checks now, then head to the staging area."

"Right. Thanks."

The door closed behind the tournament staff, and Ia was left again with her team in the prep room. Ia wasn't her real name—it was short for Cecilia—but it's what she used and was registered under, so it's what they knew her by.

Her ever-optimistic Plusle and Minun did well during the qualifying and preliminaries, but now they were playing the part of moral support. In truth, they hit their limit around the time Ia completed the gym challenge, and that limit turned out to be rather low. She proceeded to go through her battle party, on the receiving end of the electric types' cheerleading.

Once a Snorunt she left Fortree City with at the age of twelve, a taciturn Froslass stood at the head of their lineup. She actually started out as a coordinator, but the battling portion came far more naturally; turned out she and Snorunt had a real flair for kicking ass. So, after a few months of contests she returned home to challenge her local gym.

Second was Milotic, her first catch. Ia fondly reminisced about the time (or three) she decided to use the poor thing as a bludgeon against her brother back when it was still a Feebas, but didn't dwell on the memory for more than a moment as her eyes moved to the next Pokémon.

Her brother's partner, a Flygon he raised from an egg, and the only one remaining of his party. Ia didn't want to believe that was the last time she'd ever see him, and she didn't want to forgive Flygon for leaving him behind. Still, she couldn't bring herself to resent it; already knowing it as well as she did, Flygon ultimately became a core member of her team.

Floating next to her, watching the announcers and color commentators hype up the crowd, was a Latios. She never could remember how she ended up on an island so far south of the mainland, but it was Latios she woke up to. He refused to leave the then-fourteen year old's side, and entertained her on the island for months. When she finally worked up the will to return to her journey he made himself a member of her team unprompted. What came with him was now in a secure pouch on her belt—a shining blue orb that glittered as if stars were trapped inside, a perfect fit in the palm of Ia's hand.

The next combatant she brought today was a Gallade—partner to a Gardevoir she'd left in storage after the semifinals. Her team spent three rough years in the Kalos region to obtain and master the power of mega evolution, and the stones she and her Pokémon wore were the fruit of their labor.

During her time there, she captured the last member present for the showdown: an Aegislash that, for some reason, was very insistent that it was a female when they first met. She mellowed out soon enough, and built up a strange rapport of sorts with Latios.

"Everybody ready? Let's give 'em a fight they'll never forget." Her party psyched up for the fight ahead, they returned to the capsules on her belt, and Ia headed for the arena with Plusle and Minun coming along for front row seats.

The reigning champion was introduced first, of course. Following a highlight video of his climb to greatness (as well as a stunning five years on the throne) and an interview of his expectations for the fight ahead, he walked out into view, the cheers of the crowd pushing deafening levels. Eventually the man behind the microphone quieted them, and spoke up again.

When Ia returned to Hoenn at nearly eighteen, she visited her parents back in Fortree and started her gym challenge anew. For the next two years she toured across all of Hoenn. From gym leaders to tournaments to a relaxing vacation cruise on the S.S. Tidal, she and her team took on every challenge with aplomb and to increasing applause.

The video showed a girl who fought every battle with unshakeable confidence in her Pokémon, a fearless smile and an infectious enthusiasm. (Exaggerated for hype, of course.) Her pre-battle interview showed her to be much more composed than the highlights let on, yet no less confident in the efforts she'd made to get to this point.

Ia felt like it made her out to be more of a battle junkie than she was in reality. But she knew it didn't make for exciting television right before the title match to show things like her taking a nap on Latios' back, tending to her team's injuries, or the few times she was just a normal girl who liked fashion and sweets.

The emcee called her name, she took a deep breath, and she stepped onto the field.

"Let the final battle of the Ever Grande Conference... BEGIN!"

Now she'd just passed 22, two years after she'd taken the championship. Walking past the living room, out the corner of her eye she spied her mom watching a replay of this year's title defense. Ia could forgive her since she missed it, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing.

She dropped her elbows on the back of the couch, and Mom turned to see the pack slung over her shoulder.

"Leaving already, Cecilia?"

"Would've stayed a couple more days, but a friend's making me go to Unova with her." Ia gave her mother a kiss on the cheek and moved for the door. "Thanks for having me, Mom."

"Have a good trip, hon. And maybe call before you visit next time?"

"Sure thing."

She never did.



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All spots reserved! Am hype!

birbsong had a good question, for when you write your histories: I'm thinking this world does it almost anime style, with a champion that the new winner of a region's tournament has to beat in order to become the new champion. Thus, a trainer might become the winner of the year's Kanto tournament anime-style, and then they're given the option to fight the current Kanto champion in an extra match. If they refuse or lose, the champion remains the champion until defeated in an official match by the winner of the grand tournament. Other losses don't count; only the most recent winner can challenge the champion for their position :3

Will that work?


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Done! Let's get this SU phase over with within the next few days, shall we? :)

Name: Alys Tabeba
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Region: Unova

Appearance: art borrowed from the so very talented Loish (webpage)
Black hair with pink tints, light brown skin. Looks young but is taller than you'd think, when you come face to face with her. Hazel eyes. Likes to paint her nails white. In her champion role, goes for the simplistic yet mysterious look - usually wearing a puzzling smile below intense hazel eyes, and oversized sweaters in striking colors that have gone into fashion thanks to her.

Personality: Her stage persona is mysterious and beautiful, but in private, Alys acts different. She's more relaxed and cheerful, often joking around or over-emphasizing her own impatience and boredom. However, it's clear that she values hard work and diligence, as it took her many years to reach the title she now has defended for 4 years past, and as such some believe that she's just trying to get people's guard down in private so she more easily can crush them with her mysterious battle mind later. Alys is fiercely loyal to her values and goals, as well as to her pokémon and family. She will not give up on anything, which sometimes results in her pushing her pokémon a bit too hard in battles (even though they usually win in the end, but it's debated whether or not that should justify it). She does enjoy the glory and respect the Champion title awards her, but in the past year she has been soaking less in it. Could it be that she is growing tired of the title at long last?

History and family: Alys' mother was a hard working scientist, which made young Alys find science and school quite boring. She wished to be a battler above all else and started training as soon as she was gifted a Solosis on her tenth birthday. A few years later, with support from her father, her mother finally allowed Alys to go on a journey around Unova. It was difficult, and Alys with her temper nearly quit several times. She was defeated in the first rounds of elimination games in the regional Pokémon League Tournament.

Luckily, instead of giving up, Alys went on another journey, gathering as many pokémon as she could find before she took on the gym challenge again. She actually made it all the way to the semi-finals in the tournament of that year, where she once again faced defeat. Where most others give up their pokémon trainer careers at that point and go on to focus on another job in life, keeping battling perhaps as a casual hobby, Alys just couldn't bring herself to do it. Her mother was still buried in research, and her father's simple life as a store owner in Asperia City held little appeal for her.

She started yet another journey, visiting a couple of other regions and challenging herself to investigate myths and seek adventure, as well as train her favorite pokémon in new ways and to new heights. After several years of making her way around the world, mostly around Unova, living on the money she got from winning battles and small competitions or by smalltime jobs, she finally took on the gym challenge again. This time, the gyms were almost a breeze - they would have been fun, even, if Alys wasn't so intensely set on winning and saw it as business. The final stepping stones to reaching her goal.

When she reached the Pokémon League Tournament again, she was at her absolute peak performance, with a team of impressively strong pokémon under her. She crushed resistance in the elimination rounds, and was never really in much danger of losing up until the semi-finals. After the last exhilarating battles, she just barely won the final and was crowned the winner of that year's Unova League. But the close call made her stop to think about herself and her pokémon, and consider how far they had come. Everything they had experienced together and the good times they had had and those that were still to come. She figured that she was happy there and then - she had reached her goal, and it didn't really matter what happened next, as long as they were happy together.

So she challenged Unova's regional champion just for the heck of it. The previous champion had held the title for three whole years, and seemed to enjoy the attention. The match was live-broadcasted across every region, and Alys planned not to strain her pokémon too much. This was just for fun, after all. But when the battle went on, she just couldn't make herself give up, even though the Champion was enormously powerful. In the end, Alys won, but her loyal pokémon took big risks and experienced heavy strain because of it. Regardless of how it happened, Alys was celebrated as the new champion of Unova.

She has now held the title for four whole years. This year's batch of gym challengers has seemed quite feisty though, with many talented trainers joining in. She might really be challenged by difficult opponents this time. Unfortunately, Alys hadn't really kept track of them; she had other things to ponder... Almost one year ago, her mother was lost in a scientific experiment gone wrong. Alys had not been the same since.


Starmie: way too curious and joyful for being a creature without a face. Can mega-evolve!
Chandelure: a very nervous lady, apparently afraid of the dark. Trusts Alys enough to go all out in battles though.
Reuniclus: a smart boi who stays by Alys' side most of the time. Surprisngly strong physically.
Mienshao: a really strong, cool female who only ever shows annoyance over Beheeyem's and Zoroark's tendencies.
Beheeyem: a total showoff. According to him, Zoroark is his rival and Mienshao his destined love. Sometimes rewrites Zoroark's memories for fun.
Zoroark: takes few things seriously, especially not Beheeyem. Frequently uses his illusions to fool the alien looking dude.

Not on hand at the start:

Hydreigon: a big guy who just wants to sleep or eat or RAAAGE, and Alys happens to let him do all of these things in decent amounts.
Leavanny: the mom of the group. As she was Alys' first ever own capture, she is the strongest in terms of pure experience.

Non-official pokémon:

During her journeys, Alys helped and befriended the mighty Landorus. He chose to accompany her on her journeys occasionally, and even if he defends her without hesitation in times of need, he refuses to battle for her in official pokémon fights. Thanks to her Reveal Glass relic, his massive body is conveniently able to switch between his Therian and Incarnate forms depending on whether Alys needs a ride or a flight.

Never yet used in an officially recorded battle, there have been rumors about Alys possessing a Starmie with a form yet to be analyzed by authorities. Most believe this is a Mega, and they would be correct. Alys has gotten her hands on a Starmieite and bonded well enough with her water pokémon to be able to make it transform into a formidable Psychic / Ghost type when necessary.


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Vladik Arsov

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Region: Sinnoh

Appearance: Vladik is Caucasian and quite tall at 6’2”. He has a thin, but deceptively athletic build with broad shoulders. His head is shaved bald with only a thin, dark stubble giving any indication as to the colour of the foliage that would usually grow there. A similar, slightly scruffy stubble appears on his chin and sideburns. Vladik's eyes are a deep green colour and combined with his barely existent eyelashes and thin eyebrows give him a permanently severe expression.

Vladik’s sense of style is… non-existent. He’s a scientist and he dresses exactly like what you imagine a stereotypical scientist dresses like. Old dress shirt (complete with pens permanently sitting in his pocket), worn dark trousers and the cliche, permanently present, white lab coat. He’s even got the wirey glasses. The one slightly different thing is a set of six pokeballs affixed to his suitably generic belt.

Personality: Vladik’s personality is, putting it simply, unusual. He is painfully blunt, with very little interest in most people or Pokemon, but also burns with an eternal curiosity. So when something does manage to spike his interest, he will pursue it with a single-minded intensity.

Most living things aren’t very logical by nature, their unpredictability makes Vladik uncomfortable and their thoroughly uninteresting lives bore him. As such, while he’s perfectly fine having cordial and professional relationships, he generally prefers to avoid getting too close to anyone. He doesn’t even name his Pokemon.

Almost paradoxically though, he himself is prone to surprising “outbursts” when his curiosity picks up. It’s not unexpected for Vladik to try something completely new and out of left field for the soul purpose of seeing if he can.

History: Vladik’s childhood was pretty unremarkable overall. He grew up in Snowpoint City, born to a labourer and a librarian. He struggled to relate to other children growing up but was never bothered by this and was more interested in studying and devising experiments. He never any interest in obtaining a Pokemon or going on a journey either, much to the bafflement of his parents who nonetheless tried their best to support their son.

Growing up through his teens and into adulthood, nothing really changed for Vladik. He intended university, majoring in physics and eventually found work in the Coronet Institute researching parallel universes and interdimensionally. He was quick to rise through the ranks at the institute, fast in finding himself highly respected by his peers.

It was while working late that his career trajectory took a rather dramatic turn. A discussion with a colleague brought an interesting question to him; “How can you dismiss the lifestyle of a trainer if you’ve never experienced anything like it?”

Unable to find an answer that both of them could deem satisfactory, Vladik decided to take a long leave from the institute to undertake his first Pokemon journey, despite being far older than most beginner trainers. He was curious to find out if he really had missed out on something, although quite skeptical.

It was much to his surprise that he found himself not only defeating eight gyms but also winning the Sinnoh League and shortly thereafter claiming the champion position. As it is, Vladik has now found himself in the bizarre position of being champion of the Sinnoh region… despite not really getting what the big deal is and not being that interested in the job. He probably spends more time at the Coronet Institute than the League HQ, but for some reason he can’t convince himself to give up a title he worked hard to attain.

Family: Vladik is an only child and has a healthy, but somewhat distant relationship with his parents who he has little in common with. Much to the surprise of anyone who has ever met him though, he also has a family of his own now being married with a set of twins - a son and a daughter.

His family relationship is not exactly conventional but is equally as unconventional in the acceptance of this. He is rarely home and is by his own admission a terrible parent and husband and is only slightly more attached to his wife and children than to anyone else. His motivation for even getting into a relationship in the first place was much the same as with his sudden decision to undergo a journey. Weirdly, his family is oddly comfortable with all this and his eccentricities, although only time will tell if that will last.


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Name: Sho Kakuji

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Region: Johto


Dark sunglasses hide sharp, angry looking eyes. It'd be fair to say most of Kakuji's appearance is aggressive, from his tall figure to his scowling thinking face. Slicked back hair and a wide variety of (sometimes gaudy) casual suits round out his television appearance. His family's fashion sense never quite left his wardrobe as far as the public can see.

The few candid images of the champion show he does live more casually when not on League business, even if it only means he ditches the suit jacket and swaps his pants for jeans. He's also been occasionally seen without his usual sunglasses (usually through a chance glance of him at his home), opting for a more normal pair of glasses instead.

Inside the League, Kakuji plays his role of Champion well. Known for both his joking and taunting nature during battles as well as a certain... dramatic flair. Although he takes all of his league matches seriously, Kakuji is partial towards risky gambles that, while impressive, have backfired on him. On the business side, Kakuji has garnered a reputation for his blunt opinions and stubbornness. While his taunts in friendly competetions are just lighthearted trash talk, he's far more insulting and unwilling to compromise with those he deems not worth his time.

Although not as much in the public eye as his work as Champion, Kakuji is publically involved with several charities based in Johto. He's shown a vested intrest in the preservation of Johto Culture, notably his interest in preserving the Burnt Tower Ruins (Brass Tower, he usually corrects) and being the star guest of the 550th Anniversary of the Cianwood City Pharmacy opening. His preference for Johto made Apricorn Pokeballs is similarly well noted, with all of his Pokemon residing in Apricorn balls.

Beyond his public appearance, however, Kakuji remains incredibly private about his life. He appears to have few relationships deeper than aquaintance or basic friendship. Those close to him tend to be as quiet about his life as he is. He's long been criticized as difficult to get in contact with and overly secret about his non-public work. Despite this, he remains popular with Johto League fans and shows a great love and respect for the competetion, especially when it comes to introducing more to Pokemon battling.

History and family

The Sho family first gained public notoriety after their sudden purchase of the New Johto Broadcast Corp. The Sho appear to have made their fortune through smart investment in Silph Co., like many other major Kanto families. The NJBC was struggling to turn a profit, yet just three years later the company had managed to greatly expand and gain relevance. Foul play had long been suspected in the company's rise to power; rumors of strong-arming competition and fraud combined with long persisting rumors of the family's investment in less than legal operations back in Kanto. Now the NJBC stands as one of the three largest companies and despite several investigations, the company appears to remain legitimate despite the ever persistent suspicion of criminal activity.

The company found itself the center of attention when family scion and son of the C.E.O, Kakuji, secretly made his debut in the Johto League 6 years ago. Many accused the then 21 year old of being a plant by the Sho company to attempt a negotiation for League broadcast rights. Accusations turned to curiosity and even excitement when the media heir started winning more and more matches, many that he was considered a clear underdog in. Even then, some feared that the Sho family would soon infest the League.

It was after his 5th gym victory that the Sho family announced publicly that they had cut all ties with Kakuji. The public became aware of the secretly rising tension between the new star and his family for the first time. Kakuji finished the next 3 gyms and managed to win the Championship despite the new scandal surrounding him, conquering the entire league in just two years.

To this day Kakuji and his father have never been seen in public together, but the new Champion never seems to escape his family's reputation. In his 4 years of Championship, Kakuji has remained incredibly closed about his private life. His public appearances tend to be short and direct, and not many are entirely sure what he has been doing as Champion outside of defending his title, although his schedule is usually noted as being pretty packed.


Boss/Aniki: Crobat (M): Main Partner. Quite clever and acts like the boss of the Pokemon.

Mieko: Furret (F): 2nd Oldest. Playful but also shows a lot of jealousy (except Crobat. Crobat is the boss).

Isao: Steelix (A boy rock): 3rd Oldest. Steady and reliable. Slow, but observant and gets the job done.

Manzo: Ursaring (M): 4th Oldest. Big friendly bear, but also can be angry papa bear.

Bunko: Octillary (F): 5th Oldest. Look, we don't know what she's thinking either. Sort of simple, but also weirdly intellegent when it needs to be.

Akihiko: Magby (M): A new pokemon given by a friend as an egg. Timid and afraid, but Kakuji is working on raising his confidence.


Ami: Tyranitar (F): 7th Oldest. Grumpy and Tempermental kaiju monster. Previously caused an issue in an active mine before being caught.

Toshiko: Porygon 2 (USB): 6th Oldest. Quite odd and a little hard to follow what it's thinking.

Non Official Pokemon:
Kakuji has been spotted several times off camera alongside the Legendary Pokemon Entei. The Champion has declined to comment when asked on the nature of his relationship with the Pokemon. It is also worth noting that Entei has not appeared alongside Kakuji in any recorded battles, League or otherwise.


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Ninja-ing just to say max-width is a godsend in regards to rule#1 :eyes:

Also stalking this bye


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And I'll take the last one.

緑林 響花
Ryokurin Kyouka

"The field will be ready soon. Please take care of any final checks now, then head to the staging area."

"Right. Thanks."

The door closed behind the tournament staff, and Ia was left again with her team in the prep room. Ia wasn't her real name—it was Kyouka—but it's what she used and was registered under, so it's what they knew her by.

Her ever-optimistic Plusle and Minun did well during the qualifying and preliminaries, but now they were playing the part of moral support. In truth, they hit their limit around the time Ia completed the gym challenge, and that limit turned out to be rather low. She proceeded to go through her battle party, on the receiving end of the electric types' cheerleading.

Once a Snorunt she left Fortree City with at the age of twelve, a Froslass stood at the head of their lineup. The taciturn Pokémon was her best friend growing up, in its own way, and the last eight years together hasn't lessened their bond any.

Second was Milotic, her first catch. Ia fondly reminisced about the time (or three) she decided to use the poor thing as a bludgeon against her brother back when it was still a Feebas, but didn't dwell on the memory for more than a moment as her eyes moved to the next Pokémon.

Her brother's partner, a Flygon he raised from an egg, and the only one remaining of his party. Ia didn't want to believe that was the last time she'd ever see him, and she didn't want to forgive Flygon for leaving him behind. Still, she couldn't bring herself to resent it; so already knowing it as well as she did, Flygon ultimately became a core member of her team.

Floating next to her, watching the announcers and color commentators hype up the crowd, was a Latios. She never could remember how she ended up on an island so far south of the mainland, but it was Latios she woke up to. He refused to leave the then-fourteen year old's side, and entertained her on the island for months. When she finally worked up the will to return to her journey he made himself a member of her team unprompted. What came with him was now in a secure pouch on her belt—a shining blue orb that glittered as if stars were trapped inside, a perfect fit in the palm of Ia's hand.

The next Pokémon she brought to battle today was a Gallade. They spent three rough years in the Kalos region to obtain and master the power of mega evolution, and the stones she and Gallade wore were the fruit of their labor.

During her time there, she captured the last member present for the showdown: an Aegislash that, for some reason, was very insistent that it was a female when they first met. She mellowed out soon enough, and built up a strange rapport of sorts with Latios.

"Everybody ready? Let's give 'em a fight they'll never forget." Her party psyched up for the fight ahead, they returned to the capsules on her belt, and Ia headed for the arena with Plusle and Minun coming along for front row seats.

The announcer introduced the reigning champion, Steven Stone, and he walked onto the field, the cheers of the crowd rising to deafening levels.

When Ia returned to Hoenn at nearly eighteen, she visited her parents back in Fortree and started her gym challenge anew. For the next two years she toured across all of Hoenn. Carried by the dream she and her brother shared to stand at the top and walking alongside the Pokémon that saved her life, from gym leaders to tournaments to a relaxing cruise on the S.S. Tidal, she and her team took on every challenge with aplomb and eventually to increasing applause. It all led up to this moment.

The man behind the microphone quieted the crowd and spoke up again. It was her turn to step forward.

"Let the final battle of the Ever Grande Conference... BEGIN!"

It had been two years now since she'd taken the championship. Walking past the living room, out the corner of her eye she spied her mom watching a replay of this year's title defense. Ia could forgive her since she missed it, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing.

"Kyouka? Going out?"

"Yeah. Couple friends are making me go to Unova with 'em. Shouldn't be too long."

"Oh please, take your time and have fun. Just let me know when you're back in reception range, okay?"

"Will do."

She never did.

While creativity is fun and I'm gonna allow this even though I hope not everybody does it this way ahah, I feel like her age and personality is missing from this. Could you add that? Preferably just add an OOC bit where you list some traits that are helpful when trying to get a grasp of her as a character.


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I'm going to be away from a computer for the weekend, but will try to finish my own SU and look at the others properly on Sunday night! (European)


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Aaand back! Let's try to finish our SUs today or tomorrow, yeah? I will take a look at those that seem finished so far ^^


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Alright! Dragon, Magnificent Magilou, gimmepie, Songbird and PastelPhoenix are accepted!

Edit: also me
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Sorry for the delay, I'll work on making the sign-up pretty later, but here it is:

Mila Meyer
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Region: Kalos

Mila stands at 5’6” with both a fairly average height and build for a Kalosian woman. She has pale skin accompanied by a rosy complexion which exhibits a cheerful, but somewhat shy vibe. Above these two rosy cheeks lie two piercing blue eyes, which in turn are surrounded by Mila’s wavy ash blonde hair, which flows long and messily down to the mid of her back.
Being Kalosian champion comes with the expectation of being stylish, so Mila has a variety of various outfits to match, ranging from dresses to blouses and skirts, depending on the occasion. That said, Mila barely wears closed-toe shoes, often freeing her feet in a pair of sandals or heels.
To Kanto, Mila brings her iconic appearance, a simple black dress, some stockings and a blue bag with Kalos’ national flower pinned to it, as well as a black ribbon to tie up her hair. On her right arm, there are two bracelets, one representing her friendship with her best friend and another containing a Mega Stone.

Mila is a fairly quiet, yet focused individual. That said, she’s never afraid to act upon her instincts or follow her gut whenever encountering a dilemma. Otherwise, she’s a fairly cautious and kind individual, making sure her Pokémon are well-taken care of and all receive proper love and attention. However, sometimes people get the impression that Mila enjoys the company of her team more than other people, and well, they wouldn’t be wrong.
Mila enjoys outdoor hobbies, such as fishing or biking and often likes flying around on her Noivern, enjoying the breeze and the feeling of being up high above the world. Mila also likes cooking, though most of her dishes are catered towards Pokémon, such as macarons or poffins.
Overall, Mila’s a fairly introverted person, contrary to her role as champion. Often, she feels like she has to put on a façade for the public, but in reality, she just wants to let her down and be herself around the people she’s close to.

A happy upbringing:
Born in the quiet and peaceful Couriway Town, Mila enjoyed a fairly ordinary upbringing. An only child, Mila spent a lot of time in the outdoors, exploration nature and relying on her imagination to have fun. When she was six, she was out playing in a cave near the town, when she encountered an injured Noibat. She returned home with it, taking care of it and officially had her first friend. Together they played together and were almost inseparable that Mila even slept next to her Noibat.
Then, it was time to move to the city. Her parents had bought a flat in Anistar City, which meant Mila’s surroundings were about to change. In the city, it would be harder to roam around with Noibat, and of course, there were now more people to interact with, especially now that Mila was being enrolled in a trainer school in the city. There, she met another girl called Nora and her Swablu. The two became peas in a pod, and perhaps city life wasn’t so bad after all. Even their Pokémon became buddies, with Noibat and Swablu constantly playing together. The two girls were basically like sisters, doing almost everything together, though sometimes Mila craved the quietness of her old home in Couriway Town.

The road to champion:
Mila was never meant to become Kalos’ champion. It all started back in Anistar City, when Nora egged her into travelling together to collect the gym badges together. Eight of them later, Mila soon found herself competing in the Kalos League for a chance at defeating the reigning champion Diantha. However, the odds were stacked against Mila: not only did she enter with unevolved Pokémon in her team, she also lacked a Pokémon which could Mega-Evolve, unlike many of the other contestants.
Thus, by some miracle, it came to Mila’s great surprise when she was squaring off in the final to get a chance to battle against Diantha. All of her matches had come down to the line before, it came down to the final two Pokémon, Mila’s partner Pokémon Noivern and Nora’s Altaria – a battle between two dragons and an accumulation of two people’s friendship.
Of course, Mila wouldn’t be here if she didn’t win, but then the battle with Diantha came. The truth is, it never happened. Diantha was mysteriously missing during the Kalos League championships, so when Mila won she in fact became de-facto champion. Of course, this unexpected and coveted title came with its own challenges: unlike the champions of other regions, Mila was constantly in the scrutiny of the media, required to aid in projects across Kalos and much more – it was a tiring feat with little reward, an almost thankless job Mila had never expected to have, nor even desired to have. Moreover, Mila was one of the youngest champions in Kalos, and often people criticised her over the legitimacy over her title, after all, she had technically not beaten the champion officially.
To Mila, it was all a fluke that she had even won the Kalos League, and was sure she’d lose against Diantha, especially after entering a losing streak in unofficial matches after her league victory. Of course, the media caught wind of this and started a campaign to unseat Mila as the de-facto champion, but fortune seemed to favour Mila’s winds, offering an escape route: a call for help in the Kanto region – a chance away from Kalos, and way to re-gain purpose.

Noivern (M): Her first and favourite Pokémon. They’ve been partners for more than a decade. He can be stand-offish sometimes, only letting his guard down around Mila.
Avalugg (M): The “tough guy” of the group, at least on first impression. Mila finds that he can be quite cuddly sometimes though.
Slurpuff (F): Originally Nora’s but was traded to Mila. Slurpuff is quite energetic and has a ferocious appetite.
Doublade: Unevolved, but not to be underestimated. Carries an Eviolite, and is a bit of a loner, not really interacting with the rest of the team.
Meowstic (M): Not really a battler, but rather helps out taking care of the rest. He likes to maintain his appearance and make sure his fur is orderly.
Lopunny (F): The latest addition to the team, Mila hatched her from an egg. They haven’t fully mastered Mega Evolution together yet though.
Trevenant (F): Caught after becoming Champion after hearing it was causing a ruckus around Santalune Forest. Mila hasn’t really used her much though but knows Trevenant is quite strong.
Dedenne (M): One of Mila’s favourites – she babies him a lot, but he is often quite resourceful, gathering berries for when Mila decides to cook something.
Non-official Pokémon:
Zygarde (50%): The day Mila met Noibat as a child, Mila also encountered the mysterious Zygarde in Terminus Cave. Although they haven’t met since, Mila frequently dreams about the snake-like Pokémon, as if it’s telling her to protect the region and the Pokémon world, and if she ever truly needs help, to call Zygarde.


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Sorry for the delay, I'll work on making the sign-up pretty later, but here it is:

Mila Meyer
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Region: Kalos

Zygarde (50%): The day Mila met Noibat as a child, Mila also encountered the mysterious Zygarde in Terminus Cave. Although they haven’t met since, Mila frequently dreams about the snake-like Pokémon, as if it’s telling her to protect the region and the Pokémon world, and if she ever truly needs help, to call Zygarde.
Cute character! I'm debating with myself whether or not to allow Zygarde. It's kind of up there with Xerneas and Yveltal, which I wouldn't have allowed. There's also a tiny potential clash lore-wise in that normal pokémon can't speak in words with humans since they don't think thoughts in the same way humans do. However, if it's mostly imagery and feelings, then that should be fine! And truth be told, there's not many other legendaries in the Kalos pokédex that would have been better to have, unless you fancy yourself a Volcanion :3

I'd like to hear more about where the previous champion was. I actually doubt they'd just call the winner of the tournament Champion without a proper battle against the existing one, unless they were officially declared missing or dead.

I must say, I hadn't anticipated so many of the champions to win the title on their first try. So so many trainers fail, so these gotta be exceptionally talented individuals.


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The past champions were just too lazy to research on smogon


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I'll try to get the IC up shortly :) like today or tomorrow



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I think im too late ehh it was still fun making this though the image was made by Elaynii

Personality:When not doing anything Flame is a very kind and easy going person but when hes battling he doesnt talk at all his pokemon do things without him even moving a muscle he sometimes uses hand signs or commands pokemon with his voice whens he's training a new pokemon.

History and family:Flame wanted to beat the pokemon league with his blaziken but his grandfather wanted him to takeover the Lavaridge town gym when he retired but Flame didn't want to sit want to sit there in the gym all day waiting for people to challenge him it would have been so boring so that night he ran away from home to take on the gyms he had a advantage when battling Roxanne,Brawly,and Wattson since all of his pokemon were higher level than theirs but then he made it back to Lavaridge town to challenge his grandfather,he trained for a bit because he knew his grandfather had strong pokemon after 2 hours of training he entered the gym solved the puzzle and when he got where he was supposed to see his grandfather Flame saw her older sister Flannery,Flannery then told Flame that she was the new gym leader,then Flame challenged her and of course Flame beat her,right after Flame was about to leave the Gym she gave Flame a rock star pikachu that he won in a pokemon contest but his grandfather took it away.Then Flame left Lavaridge town and onward he went to challenge Norman,when Flame arrived in Petalburg city he went to the poke center than challenged the gym it was pretty easy for flame since his blaziken knew high jump kick, Winona,Tata,and Liza were a piece of cake for Flame, Wallace was the only one who proved to be a challenge but his pikachu swept through his pokemon and now it was the time he faced the elite four,Flame stocked up on full restores and revives and he went to challenge Sidney who was no match for my blaziken,Phoebe who got taken down by Hariyama easily,Glacia who was also no match for blaziken and then there came steven he was the strongest out of all of them we both were down to 1 pokemon My blaziken vs his metagross we both mega evolved them and Flames blaziken went first it used blaze kick but Stevens metagross only lost a qaurter of its Hp
Steven's metagross used zen headbutt which did half of blazikens health Flame knew this was it he knew he couldn't win this battle but then his blaziken used blaze kick again which landed in a critical hit steven's metagross used zen headbutt again but this time blaziken avoided it he then used blaze kick again and that was it he did it he beat the pokemon league he registered his team into the hall of fame then went home to see his sister when he returned everyone in lavaridge town was cheering but his sister was nowhere to be found then Flame went into the gym to look for his sister he solved the puzzle and then realized his grandfather was there Flame asked his grandfather were Flannery is He said "I don't know I came here to congratulate you for be coming the champion but a trainer walked out of the gym asking people around if they have seen the gym leader,he then left the gym and looked everywhere around the region but she was nowhere to be found he's still searching for her but when there's a challenger he needs to defend his title of champion. -time skip- its been 4 years and flannery is nowhere to be found he then wondered if she could have been captured by that mysterious pokemon that the reporter talked about on the news he then knew what he must to do he must find that pokemon.

Pokémon:Inflame (Male,Brave,Strong Willed) Can mega evolve
Lightning Rod (Male,Bashful,Somewhat Of a Clown
Makit (Male,Playful,Hates to Lose)
Mana(Female,Timid,Alert to Sounds) Can Mega Evolve
Aero(Female,Relaxed,Highly Curious) Shiny and can Mega evolve
I'm an adult who has the mind of a child


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The intro posts that are up already have so much attitude! They've been fun to read so far o/ can't wait to follow along.


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Since MorganaTri didn't fix their SU yet, I've asked other interested people to make SUs. (yes there is a queue apparently)

Sapphire Rose

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Zachery Harrison

Male | 23 | Kalos Champion

"Call me Zach, will you?"



Zach, what he prefers to call himself, is a young men with accomplishments that he fought hard and well for. He used to be a very oblivious person that thought he knew the answer on every question to the point it was just plain annoying. He was arrogant, cocky and even though he was decent towards his Pokémon he was not so towards trainers he thought of less than himself. He won one battle after the other and gained the "bad guy" popularity that came with his behavior but was mukty towards people on a daily basis. The popularity probably went to his head as not even his parents really knew how he could have become like this. Certain events prior to losing against Korrina from the Shalour City gym caused his popularity to drop immensely and instead of being praised, he started being shunned. During that time he kept blaming Korrina for every bit of misfortune he was facing.

Certain events throughout his journey caused him to change his personality for the better and he would now look carefree for most people upon meeting him. He can also be serious guy when situation calls for it but he is bad at thinking situations through and would rather like to act than to think. He can be much of a troll now and then but is pretty fun to be around with for most. As the prankster he is, he may often make terrible puns to lighten up the mood but also just cause it to become terribly awkward sometimes as well. He treats everyone with utmost care and tries to do whatever he can to help someone in trouble, even when its sometimes not wished for. He believes that's part of a champion's job.

He lost his chance of becoming a champion the first time because he was called and told that his father had died in an accident right before his last battle against Diantha. He was so close to becoming a champion and chose to continue the battle as he thought his father would not have wanted for him to give up now. It was a terrible idea, he did not have his mind in the battle at all and his Pokemon fainted fairly quickly, resulting in a crushing defeat. He fell into depression soon after but was helped through this thanks to Korrina, who was no longer the cause of his misfortune but rather the cause of his fortune. He fell in love with her but this love is unrequited as Korrina just thinks of him as a good friend. Nowadays he still has a habit of becoming terribly upset or think ill of himself whenever he ends up in a bad situation but having his Pokémon by his side, that now think greatly of him, helps him a lot.

His journey towards his eventual champion title was a road with many bumps but he eventually got there and did not let it define him, but shape him became a better man because of it.

History and family

The start of an eventful journey
Zach, or Zachery for his mother, was born from a newly wed couple that had just started out as small daycare in the small town of Vaniville. He was loved and raised well by both his mother and father and was always playing with the Pokémon that were brought to the daycare. He had a good childhood and absolutely nothing to complain about except that his father started to be more frequently away from home as he started growing older. His father had great interest in different kinds of Pokémon and was because of that often visiting different daycare's all over the world. He once made up for that with Zach by giving him a newborn Growlithe that he had brought back with him from the Kanto region he had recently visited.

Zach knew from a young age that he wanted to become a Pokémon trainer and thus chose to travel around the region of Kalos when he turned 15. By that time he still had Growlithe and had just obtained an Eevee that was born from the Espeon and Umbreon of his mother and father. He chose Froakie as his starter Pokémon from professor Sycamore to balance out his current team and started with training first before challenging his first gym. After his first win at the gym in Santalune City against the gymleader Viola, he became more cocky and often displayed a flair of arrogance. At that time it was only slightly but it became worse when he caught a Pokémon for the first time, Helioptile, and went to challenge the second gym in Cyllage City and won his gym battle against Grant. As a gymleader that was mostly specialized in stone Pokémon, Helioptile the electric type Pokémon he had just caught was not a good choice to use in battle so he wasn't used at all. Zach could only use Growlithe, Froakie and Eevee for this battle. Even though it was a close win, Zach started changing for the worse as he believed he could win against anyone without even using his full team. He was not stupid in the least. He knew very well that if he would challenge the third gym now immediately, he would most definitely lose and thus he would go for a new training regime. He would battle trainers that just started out like him. People took quick notice of this.

By that time, his popularity started to rise as people were impressed by the two gym badges he received within such a short time spawn. Media started calling him "a rising star" and would have an article on him almost every week. It would often contain interviews, small bits about his training and plans for the future. They would also film the battles he was having against other trainers and people would go up to him to challenge him. He would win one battle after the other as his only condition was "You can only have the first three gym badges". All in all, he was pretending to be bigger than he actually was.

The road to defeat.
It had been at least half a year since Zach went on his Journey when he decided it was time to move to the next gym in Shalour City. He hadn't caught any more Pokémon but as Frogadier was the only evolved Pokémon in his team and he wanted a grass type Pokémon for balancing purposes, he felt it was time to evolve Eeevee into Leafeon. He had heard of a mossy rock at the route towards Shalour City from the Pokémon Center and thought it would be perfect. It didn't take him too long to actually find it but by the time he did, Eevee seemed to feel uneasy. She didn't want to evolve into a Leafeon at all and was only too keen to let Zach take notice of that. Eevee would constantly run away from the Mossy rock. Even when Zach took her back in the Pokéball and released her almost on top of the mossy rock, she would disappear almost instantly behind his legs. Zach was starting to get pissed and took Eevee in his arms to literally throw her at the rock. Frogadier and Growlithe appeared from out of their balls by themselves and stopped Zach before he would do something he might regret. They disapproved greatly of his behavior and would show that by glaring at him and keeping Eevee away from his as far as possible. Zach did not see the ill he did, but there was someone who did see. A journalist who had followed him had seen the situation unfold.

Just a few days later, without Zach knowing, an article had been placed online about his attitude towards his Pokémon and in particular Eevee. Without really knowing about the scandal that had been released to public, he appeared at the Shalour City gym. Korrina was the current gym leader and she too had read the article. She had followed his journey for a while and thought of him as a jerk. She was doubting whether she should accept the challenge or not but decided to go through with it in the end with a second agenda in mind. It was time to teach this boy, who was about the same age as her, a lesson.

There were enough people to watch him fail as his Pokémon refused to fight for him. It was a short battle, one that Korrina won. The audience all cheered for Korrina, something that Zach did not understand at all. He felt humiliated by his Pokémon and the loss was adding up to that. He yelled at Korrina, he wanted a rematch right away. Korrina refused instead and lectured him. She told him what had transpired with the media and reminded him that being a trainer meant that he needs to take good care of his Pokémon, all the while the audience was still listening. He had hurt Eevee emotionally and it was something Korrina just couldn't accept. While the audience started to leave, Korrina did as well but not before telling him that he wasn't going to fulfill his dreams with his current behavior. She wouldn't want to see a champion like him.

Zach's eyes were opened. All Zach could do was fall down to his knees and give the ground a good punch. "Dammit..." He whispered when he finally realized what he had done. Still on his knees, he apologized to his Pokémon many times. He promised to all four of them right there that he would do better. He picked up Eevee, who forgave him despite what he had done, and told her that she could be whatever she wanted to be. It was a touching moment that was soon disturbed by the sound of a phonecall. His father was calling him. The conversation the two had over the phone was not a very nice one, both his parents were terribly disappointed in him. Zach understood and simply apologized.

The road to change
A few weeks after the loss against Korrina, Zach's popularity had dropped immensely. He was glared at on the streets often and he would occasionally hear someone name calling him. Pokémon center personal would take care of his Pokémon but wouldn't talk to him. Pokémon market personal would sometimes refuse him entry to the stores. Zach started blaming Korrina for all of that although he didn't say that out loud. He might have known deep inside that all of this was his own fault. He had just started to try to become a better person but that change wouldn't come naturally, he would have to work for it. He had at least changed his behavior towards his Pokémon completely. He would brush their fur often, praise them after a training or make them homemade Poké food. He wasn't very good at it yet but he at least wanted to try.

Zach went up to Korrina again after a while to finally get his third gym badge. His Pokémon were much more forthcoming and finally looked like they were okay with their trainer's decisions. Korrina was not entirely convinced by his sudden change of heart but decided to give it a try, seeing how Eevee wasn't afraid of her trainer anymore and even sitting on Zach's shoulder. There wasn't a very big audience during their battle. It was much smaller than the first time but the few people that were there were booing Zach the entire battle. Zach won after a hard battle, Korrina wouldn't give her badge just casually. After he received his badge, he left the gym without saying a word to Korrina. He just simply didn't know what to say. What did catch the eye of both Korrina and her Lucario was that his Pokémon looked quite content with him. It was as if they were smiling to their trainer as they left.

His journey after this became a little more eventful. Pokémon trainers would not seek him out anymore to just defeat him but to prove that they are better than him. Getting his fourth and fifth badge was a tough challenge as both gym leaders didn't think too kindly of him, however, even they could see that he was trying to make a change. He was already completely different than from the articles and interviews that were made of him before. He tried to be more kind, even though slipping up sometimes but never again had he said something foul to his Pokémon or purposely tried to hurt them. Zach still blamed Korrina for humiliating him in front of so many people but he was starting to get at terms with it by the time he was about to get his seventh gym badge about a year later.

At the age of 18 now, most people had forgotten about Zach or still felt a bit of disgust towards him and avoid him. Zach hadn't spoken to his parents since that night of his first defeat and was starting to feel awful about that but he also didn't dare to get in contact with them. He had recent new additions to his team, a small Espurr that somehow grew attached to him and a Noibat that would sleep on the back of Arcanine for most of the day. Zach was more kind now, surprising people in the Pokémon center sometimes as well as other trainers. He was slowly regaining the respect he had lost one year ago. He had come to terms with what happened one year ago but Korrina was still a topic he wanted to avoid at any cost.

The road to being a champion
Zach had build a powerful friendship with all of his Pokémon so the battle against Olympia for his seventh gym badge wasn't too hard. Upon receiving his gym badge, Espurr suddenly started to glow. Zach knew it meant she was evolving but was surprised nonetheless because of how soon it was. Espurr only joined his team just recently and is already evolving. Zach was thrilled from excitement, something that surprised Olympia in return. Olympia had heard of Zach and his more arrogant days but he looked much different now. Espurr evolved into a majestic Meowstic and while she did, Eevee saw the look on Zach's face. Eevee wanted to make her beloved trainer happy just like Meowstic just did. After all that he had gone through to get here and for everything that he has done for his Pokémon, Eevee wanted to evolve as well.

Eevee didn't evolve though until after Zach won his eight and last gym badge. As a good luck totem for the championship tournament, Zach wanted to start nicknaming his Pokémon from now on. He wanted to start with his precious team. Meowstic was now named Luna, Greninja was now named Kaden, Arcanine was named Ignis, Heliolisk was named Lio and Noibat, who had evolved into Noivern in the meantime was named Ryuji. Zach wanted to give them a name that suited them and was about to give Eevee a nice name that he really liked. He named Eevee "Fey". Eevee was so excited about her new name and loved her trainer so much for it that she suddenly started to glow unexpectedly. She definitely took Zach by surprise by that and his expression was priceless. Fey evolved into a beautiful Sylveon, the only evolution of Eevee that required a lot of love. Zach was so happy that he cried for the first time in a long while. He felt redeemed.

Zach and his team blew through the tournament like a rapid storm. There were some difficult fights near the end but the 17 year old Zach still made it through. He was in ecstatic. He was overjoyed to get so far and people started to cheer for him again. His excitement was soon utterly destroyed when he was up against the current champion Diantha, his final battle to realize his dream. Zach received a phonecall prior to the battle, it was a cop asking him if he was indeed the son of the kantonian man named William Harrison. Zach replied with a yes but had a terrible gut feeling. Apparently his father had gotten into a car accident and had passed away. Zach froze in place as he heard the news. His mother was already called according to the cop. Details would be given later upon returning home. Zach hang up and his Pokémon team knew something terrible had happened by the look on Zach's face. Diantha asked him if he wanted to delay the battle until a later date. Zach refused the proposal right away and kept silent afterwards. It wasn't entirely getting through him yet but he wanted to continue, his father wouldn't have wanted him to stop now even though their last conversation wasn't a pleasant one.

Zach lost. It was a crushing defeat. Throughout the fight he started realizing what the cop had said and his mind wasn't in the battle at all. Diantha felt sympathy for him and offered to bring him back to his parental home as soon as possible. Zach accepted and thanked her but also apologized to Diantha as well as his Pokémon team.

The road to reality
Zach received the details of his father's death at home. His father had returned from a trip to Unova and was driving home when his car crashed. The reason for the car crash had yet to be investigated but there was a Pokémon that survived the crash, or better said, an egg did. Both Zach and his mother, whom he also hadn't spoken to in a year, received an egg with an unknown blueish pattern. This egg and Luxio, his father's partner Pokémon that he left home during this trip, were the only things left of him. There was a note with the egg. "For my dear son." Zach fell into depression after this. He lost his chance at the champion title and most importantly, he lost his father. He was planning on returning home after the tournament anyway to apologize to both his parents but never going to be able to apologize to his father was a cruel development for him.

Zach didn't leave his home for a full year. He was mostly in his room and sometimes outside in the garden with his Pokémon. The egg he had received from his father gave birth to a small female Oshawott that he named Mira. He tried to help out his mother but he was in bed for most of the day or trying to take care of Mira the best he could. Fey and Luna were often found on Zach's bed while Ryuji and Lio were usually outside trying to help Zach's mother with feeding all of the daycare Pokémon. Ignis was usually laying next to Zach's bed and sometimes tried to act like a pillow. Kaden tried to keep his training regime going and always tried to motivate the other to stay active as well. After a year, everyone was starting to feel less motivated but tried to stay happy for Zach's case. His expression was always gloomy and he seemed upset whenever he was reading another article about himself. The newer ones always described his loss against Diantha and how he disappeared from the radar. He would sometimes also read an article on his father and articles about the accident.

It kept on like that until Korrina decided to pay him a visit. Diantha had given her his address and it was about time someone went to check on him. Zach's mother opened the door and asked her to wait while she went go get her son. His mother seemed much more cheerful and really seemed to be moving on, although there was this faint pain hiding in her smile. The wound of losing a loved on was still fresh.

Zach was completely silent as he went downstairs and saw Korinna standing there on her roller skates. There was a long silence, even after two years, Zach still did not know what to say. Korrina spoke instead. She apologized for doubting his intention to change, she saw his Eevee had evolved into a Sylveon and that can't happen if you don't truly love your Pokémon. Zach apologized as well and admitted that the fame had gone to his head and thanked her for opening his eyes. Korinna didn't stay too long but it was long enough to get Zach to at least be out of his room for the moment.

The road the Hall of Fame
Korinna started visiting more often after that time. Sometimes it was just for chitchat and sometimes they would have a Pokémon battle with Mira being a small and cute cheerleader. In the end Korrina visited household Harrison pretty frequently and even helped out with the Pokémon in the daycare sometimes. Korrina and Zach ended up becoming pretty good friends. Zach was starting to heal from his depression thanks to her regular visits and was even slowly making preparations to give the champion title another try. After another full year, he became aware of the feelings that he had developed for Korrina.

The 20 years old Zach stood in front of Diantha with his full team of 6 Pokémon plus Mira who wanted to come along no matter what. He was confident and even Korrina and his mother had come to watch the battle. There was a journalist present, the same one that had written about Zach's disappearance after his first loss two years ago. Zach was feeling incredibly nervous because this would be the first real battle since two years. Of course he had tested his strength against Korrina but Diantha was something else. After an incredible battle, Zach was crowned winner. He was finally the new champion of Kalos.

With his mother crying from happiness instead of from sadness and Korrina cheering for him instead of lecturing him, Zach felt like nothing could go wrong now. "I'm sorry dad... and thank you." He whispered as he looked up at the sky.

The road to a new beginning
Zach is now 23 years old and has been defending his champion title for three whole years. The once shunned young trainer was now widely known as a helpful young man and was depended on. It wasn't surprising when a letter came in asking for his assistance in catching a new Pokémon that could possibly bring harm to others. Korrina promised him she would take care of Mira together with his mother while he was away. He never got to confess his feelings for her but he already sort of knew Korinna only viewed him as a friend, maybe her best friend but nothing more than that and Zach... was fine with that.


On hand:

Ability: Torrent
  • Water Shuriken
  • Night Slash
  • Hydro Pump
  • Feint attack

Ability: Flash Fire
  • Flamethrower
  • Flare Blitz
  • Iron Tail
  • Body Slam

Ability: Keen eye
  • Psychic
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Dark Pulse
  • Thunderbolt

Ability: Cute Charm
  • Moonblast
  • Draining Kiss
  • Last Resort
  • Dazzling gleam

Ability: Infiltrator
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Air Slash
  • Air cutter
  • Dragon Meteor

Ability: Dry Skin
  • Thunder
  • Razor Wind
  • Parabolic Charge
  • Low Kick

Not on hand:

Ability: Torrent
  • Tackle
  • Tail Whip

Luxio|Luca|Male [Originally the partner of Zachery's father]
Ability: ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

We can see through others only when we can see through ourselves
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