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Is there an artist out there who gets a lot of hate that you think is undeserved? Or perhaps an overlooked artist that you wish more people knew about.

Welcome to a positive thread where you can give those musicians, actors, comedians, director etc a cookie instead of more criticism. Come and mention the good points of anyone who comes to your mind, no matter how much they have been lambasted or how unknown they are, what matters here is that YOU enjoyed something about them, and nobody can take that away.

I'll get the ball rolling with Mila Kunis. I think her look is really beautiful and unusual, her heterochromia makes her an especially interesting face. I also thought it was very sweet of her to accept the invitation to the Marine Corps Ball from a lonely soldier who asked her out on YouTube.

I have seen harsh comments about her acting ability, but I personally thought she was pretty awesome as Nina's saucy rival Lily in Black Swan. I also like the vulnerability she brought to the witch Theodora in OZ, Great and Powerful. I think she was a good child actress too, and from what I have read about her I think she had an interesting life immigrating to the US a kid on top of that.

My opinion of Mila is that she is someone with potential who just needs to be in the right films and have the assistance of the right director.

Now, it is your turn to come up with a pick of your own :)

Name: Narcissus
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I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"