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Old September 16th, 2017 (9:56 PM).
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    Hey there guys, me and my girlfriend are thinking of buying a 2ds XL between the two of use so that we can finally play all the games past the GBA games. However, having never followed how the ds and up games worked, I have a lot of uncertainties before committing to buying the console. We're planning on buying one of either X or Y, one of either omega ruby or alpha sapphire, one of the gen 1 games and waiting for ultra sun and ultra moon to get both. The idea is that one of us can play X, while the other plays alpha sapphire and then later we swap around, whilst storing our 'mons in the pokebank. Is this a feasible idea?
    I know it's too early to know what ultra sun & moon will contain, but will we miss out by not having played the base sun & moon games?
    Can any form of trading be done between us if we only have one console?
    Are there any other titles that are highly recommended (like B&W)?
    Thank you for any help, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Old September 16th, 2017 (10:41 PM). Edited September 16th, 2017 by tokyodrift.
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    There isn't much information about Ultra Sun/Moon, but if you can, I would play Sun/Moon when you get the opportunity. Ultra Sun/Moon are supposed to be alternate universes of Sun/Moon,, so I would assume there wouldn't be that much of a difference aside from maybe the Pokemon in the regional Pokedexs. Trading requires 2 systems, unless you borrow one from someone. Though it might be worth looking into getting Pokemon Bank. It's an online cloud server by Nintendo where you can store Pokemon to move between games, and you'll still get the PokeDex entry, if that's what you're looking for. As for titles, I recommend playing Platinum, as this game really fixed many of the underlying issues that came with Diamond/Pearl. I'd also throw in HeartGold/SoulSilver, the Gold/Silver remakes.
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