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Favourite Card of all time?

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Old March 7th, 2018 (7:39 PM). Edited March 7th, 2018 by Collector Tyrant.
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    So whats everyones favourite card of all time?

    Mines the base set Nidorino,its not my favourite pokemon by all means but the art is perfect,I love this card so much,Ive got a beckett 1st editon Shadowless of this card I love it that much lol

    post yours guys Id like to hear others.

    Cheers Tyrant.
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    Old March 8th, 2018 (10:37 AM).
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    Long ago, superstitions were spread about it,
    saying it brought disaster. This fed a hatred of it,
    and it was driven deep into the mountains.
    It protects fields and warns people of disaster,
    so one ought to be grateful for it.

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    Old March 10th, 2018 (12:32 AM).
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    In the early days of the ex cards, I built a deck around Gardevoir ex, and basically loaded up my bench with energy cards whenever possible, and just started sweeping Pokemon after Pokemon as soon as they came in. Probably the most fun I've ever had playing the TCG.
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    Old March 10th, 2018 (3:23 PM). Edited March 10th, 2018 by Ash.
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    Many, many years ago I was redrawing Pokemon artwork on sheets of paper of cards that I have. I was sooo impressed with this Espeon that I redrew that I wanted to get more into art. Even though I'm forever going to be back and forth and focusing on art I will never forget that this card was my very first motivation to do so. I never used it in the TCG but it'll forever have a special place in my heart. ♥
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    Old March 10th, 2018 (4:55 PM). Edited March 10th, 2018 by icycatelf.
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      I'm torn between Eevee (Vending Series) and Mew (Southern Islands).

      I'm not even an Eevee fanatic, but I think this art is absolutely adorable and has a particular vibe that I've never seen on any other card, but what makes the card even more special is that it was a parting gift from one of my childhood Pokémon friends before he moved. It was also my first "glossy" Pokémon card.

      Unlike most, I didn't get my Southern Islands Mew from the binder (I didn't even know it existed). Instead, I got mine from a blister pack that contained a booster and so many pre-opened cards hidden behind it. The only Mew card I had gotten before was the Ancient Mew promo, which I didn't really consider a "real Mew" card at the time (due to using a different template and illegible script). Mew was mysterious and rumored to be the rarest Pokémon of all, so of course finding one in this manner, especially a rev-holo one (my first rev-holo), tickled younger me to bits.

      The original Here Comes Team Rocket! holo is also really high up there. I remember opening the pack in the mall and being upset that I didn't get a holo, but was looking through the cards again outside when I noticed that Here Comes Team Rocket! was holo. It was also my first holo Trainer card, making it feel all the more special. 1st Edition, too. :)

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      Old March 11th, 2018 (1:47 PM).
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      For collection purposes, it's a tie between the English Espeon (Star) and the Meloetta EX full art in either Japanese or English:

      The above two are two of my favorite Pokemon and two of the rarest cards for each, that I just so happen to have in my collection.

      For playing, it's a trio of Raichu cards: Raichu (prime) from HS Undaunted, Raichu from HGSS, and Raichu Lv. X from DP Stormfront.

      These 3 made for a nice Tier 2/Tier 3 deck that was actually fun in their day.
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      Old March 11th, 2018 (7:24 PM). Edited March 11th, 2018 by Fairy.
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      These for sure. And I own them all!


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      Old March 17th, 2018 (5:43 PM).
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        1st base set Charizard is the best card
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