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What's the game you play the most? /most challenging

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Old January 8th, 2018 (8:41 AM).
VanStyle VanStyle is offline
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    Well for me it was pokemon gold and crystal when I was a little kid, it took for me unbelievable amount of time to finish all of it, also it was mind blowing for me as a kid to discover it has another map.

    I remember I leveled my starter to lvl20 before I figured out how to pass this two blocking trainers lol.
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    Old January 8th, 2018 (8:58 AM).
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    Right now, I tend to play the latest game that's been released so far, which in this case, would be Ultra Moon. However, this trend hasn't always been the case. Back in around 2009/2010, Platinum was still my go-to despite the fact that HG/SS had just released, and for a while in early 2014, Black 2, which I played along with X, partly because I was getting bored with Kalos and wanted a change of regions.
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    Old January 8th, 2018 (7:47 PM).
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    I still play Gold more often than anything else. My original Gold version had reached the maximum number of hours on the save file because I made it a goal to raise all of my pokemon to 100 and have an entry for each of them as a solo victory in the hall of fame.
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    Old January 11th, 2018 (7:03 AM).
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    Aisu Aisu is offline
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      Man... Black 2 probably. I put some frigging hours in that game no question.
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      Old January 11th, 2018 (6:42 PM).
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        My copy of Leaf Green had over 400 hours, but I also had the save file for 10 years.
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        Old January 26th, 2018 (2:06 PM).
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          Played Most: Emerald. I loved the Battle Frontier.

          Most Challenging: Super Mystery Dungeon. I had a lot of trouble getting past the Poliwrath boss.
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          Old March 17th, 2018 (12:54 AM).
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          The most time that I sunk into any of the games was Sapphire, with a couple hundred hours on each of my saves. Fire Red wasn't far behind that though, as my 2 most recent saves on those both topped 100 hours.

          The only time I've even come close to either of those was with HeartGold. I'm pretty sure I've put in at least 80 hours into my most recent save, but not quite at 100.
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