How did you come to know Pokemon?

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What was your first generation?


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I came to know Pokemon when I was 9, from my cousin's hand-me-down 3Ds. I had a DSi since I was 5, and when I got this shiny, purple 3Ds I was super excited. It came with 4 games: Mario Kart 7, and 3 games I had never heard of before; Pokemon HeartGold, Pearl, and Platinum. And even though it was about 8 years after those games came out, I played them and thought they were really fun. But as I said, they were 8 years old, so I never beat them because I was too distracted with all these new 3Ds games. The next year though, I saw an ad for a brand new game I knew I had to have: Pokemon Sun and Moon. After my 10th birthday, I used my birthday money and bought myself a copy of Pokemon Moon. And I loved it.
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I know Pokemon almost my whole life. I played it on the gameboy color with my older cousin. Since that time my heart was sold to pokemon.
Pokemon is known to bring out 2 different types of the same generation ( like Gold and Silver, Diamond and Pearl and so on) , so we used to buy a game each.
Lots of memories. Like we driving for vacation from the Netherlands to France and we playing pokemon in the car.


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Crystal version. it was my brother's copy at the time and i was only allowed to play for brief periods (he was kinda weird about me playing it, idk). i was already somewhat familiar with pokemon due to the anime but i wanted to experience the games side of things, so i started with Crystal version to "get to know" the series more, until i got my own copy in Ruby version.


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Technically played one of my brother's friend's Emerald games while waiting for my sibling to be done with dance class since ours were right after eachother's. I had recently learned about Pokemon around then, it was during 2007, I was 10. I knew about Pokemon before 2007. First heard of it in either 2003 or 4? But it fell from my brain quickly after that until 2007.

The first game I owned as my own though was Diamond on May 22nd, 2008. Yes, I remember the exact date.
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I never was able to watch pokemon during my childhood, there isn't any shows featuring that and only get my interest is trying to get a hands on approach.

First game was Silver/Gold that time when it was available to buy in my country, I think that was at a very young age
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My cousin's DS. I borrowed that thing 12 hours a day to play Diamond. Luckily for me they didn't care much for it lol.
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Started with the wonderful (and glitch-filled) RBY in the late 1990s! I'd just moved to the US at the time and couldn't speak English. Everyone in my class was into Pokémon and they motivated me to play (and watch) it too. The games helped me learn English and I've been a big fan since. :D Since gen 3 I've never not gotten a main series game more than a week after its release date. <3


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for me, it started with the TCG and then anime. Not a lot of kids where I lived had the fancy Game Boys, so we didn't really play those games until we were 13 or so.


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I was 7/8 and my cousin introduced me to pokemon diamond. he's 3 years older than me. since then i started loving pokemon. he left after heart gold. i m still playing lol. the only games i skipped were oras and sun/moon. I did play also gen 3. gen 4 is still my fav lol. he kinda did all the game for me lol and i had no clue on how to play lol



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When I was in 7th grade Pokemon was all the rage. Several students would bring their trading cards to school and break them out at lunchtime.
I thought the idea of it was stupid until I turned an episode of the anime on one afternoon deciding to become an informed hater and went in the complete opposite direction.

My best friend had Pokemon Yellow and would constantly tell me when she'd catch a new Pokemon and what nicknames she gave them etc. One day when I was over at her house she actually showed me and that was the last straw. I had to have it. When my mom picked me up I asked her for it and she agreed.


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The TCG had just come out here in the US and I was in 5th grade so everyone was playing. I also started with Red when we got the games.
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