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What are some of the things you can do to improve this game, for your own benefit?
Seen March 27th, 2019
Posted March 27th, 2019
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I would want to add some out of region Pokemon to fix issues with types. For example, I love Ghost Pokemon, but the original choices are very limited in the first 151 Pokemon. Yes the Aloha options are nice but a pure ghost would be as well.

The same is true for a pure grass type. Oh to be able to push oddish to a Bellossom would be fun.

Also, i miss some of the trade options from the DS games. I recall one had an option where you could setup a trade by selecting what you need and showing what you offered. I was able to complete a lot of that Dex using this world trade option. It was also nice getting a pokemon from say South Africa or Australia.


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Add abilities, held items, and non-original 151 Pokemon - or, if that last one is really too much, just add in the cross-gen evolutions/pre-evolutions for gen 1 Mons. Those are the main sticking points for me.

Also, smaller one - improve the following Pokemon graphics. They're not terrible, but it sort of takes me out of the game when my Pokemon are constantly getting stuck behind things and phasing in and out of their Pokeball.

Ooh, one more! Give more NPC Pokemon 4 moves. I used a Ditto, and it's honestly shocking how many have 3 or fewer, even late in the game.



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Posted June 9th, 2019
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I’d add the Johto region as Post-Game content in a reverse Gold/Silver. Koga would replace Agatha in the Elite Four while Karen would replace Lorelei. The champion would be Gold as opposed to Lance and I’d give Green(aka Blue for us) his old theme while creating a new theme for Trace(new rival), give Red his old Gen 2 theme while giving Blue(aka Green for us) her own unique theme. Janine would replace Koga as the Fuchsia City Gym Leader should you go to rechallenge it.

I’d also add in the Johto Pokédex and additional Evolutions introduced in Generations 3 and 4(like Electivire and Magmortar for example). You do that, and you’d have one heck of a game.


This is fine.

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- Allow evolutions beyond the first 151! Tangrowth, Crobat, etc. No reason not too. They added in Mega Evolution and Meltan support but not these? I mean, even GO players are dealing with a bunch of these Pokemon, so why not LGPE?

- Items and Abilities. Simplicity is not the spice of life.

- HMs (or their weird versions) not quite the best answer to HM slaves. It's something, but having the partner Pokemon only learn it, and a big deal made out of it by NPCs, was odd and inconsistent with any other game.
---Also time taken to select them was a bit much. No quick-button for it like in SM/USUM?

- Animations. Move animations shouldn't be nigh the same to XY... and the NPC hop-on-spot animations (e.g. captain teaching not!Cut to your partner) was atrociously lazy.

- Postgame content like minigames! Looking at you, Game Corner. And crappy GO Park minigame

- FIx the maps of existing areas. E.g. Fuchsia City and its ledges still force you to walk around to the left side to reach the Centre. Why? It's bad map design. It should not be still the case.



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i actually really love the simplicity of this game and the only major gripe i have with it that i can think of off the top of my head is that we're restricted to the original 151 + alolan forms + meltan line. in a world where there are what, 900 pokemon? it's just hard to come back to those sort of limitations. i was hoping that at the very least, they would slowly trickle in the ability to send later gen pokemon from the go app, but i don't think that's going to be happening, they seem like they're done w this game and it was just released for fan service or to test the whole having pokemon on the switch thing. and i mean i really love this game more than i thought i would don't get me wrong but pleeeease let me send in an

oh also -- we need a mew event that doesn't cost me $50 for a controller i don't wanna use. okay!! thanks!!
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