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Showcase Shemii draws! (mostly Pokemon)

Started by Shemii 3 Weeks Ago 5:08 AM
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I'm a little nervous posting my art, but I figured I should just go for it. :) I enjoy drawing landscape and Pokemon, so I usually combine the two!
Here's my most recent work. (that you can see in my avatar as well, hah. Also, all these images are much larger originally and more detailed, but I scaled them down for this thread in order for them to be easy to view. If you're interested in viewing them full-scale please check out my links in the signature. :)

(in spoilers so I don't spam you with images)

Illex Forest drawing

Dusk Lycanroc in the Sunset

Dragoinair in a Lake

Shiny Espeon and Umbreon in Unown Jungle

Cutesy style Let's Go fanart:

Here's some recent simple gen 8 hype fanart:



And for those of you who want to see something other than Pokemon:


Red Panda (my favorite animal)


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Well you just got another follower on all your sites! XD

These are all so good. I think the Shiny Umbreon and Espeon one is my favorite but it's so hard to choose because that Red Panda is so cute and your gen 8 ones are just so good!

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They're all good, I can't decide a favourite, heh! But if I'd have to chose, Ilex Forest, Red Panda, Dragonair and the one with Chara and Flowey are my favourites. Can't ignore the Espeon and Lycanroc ones, though, they're great as well. Why don't you submit the Gen 8 hype works here? I think you still can. But I think you'd have to let Bobandbill know first.

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These are so incredibly atmospheric and moody in the best kind of way. All these pictures really tell a story and that’s not an easy thing to do! You’ve got a great eye for color and placement. The Espeon/Umbreon drawing really pulls me in. It’s hard for me to critique art that’s just so full in its tone and mood.

I’m extremely impressed and you should be very period of yourself! :D


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The Let's Go fanart is so warm!!
But the Dragonair in a Lake one is genuinely breathtaking, I'm stunned by the beauty of it... the mysterious air, it's like early in the Pokemon anime when someone encounters a Legendary (like the first time Suicune is seen in the series, or even a little like Bonnie meeting Xerneas) and they're slightly obscured or hidden in mist or something, it has this majestic, wondrous feeling to it... the water and the leaves!!

The glow in the Ilex Forest piece too!! Absolutely beautiful...
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These are amazing and you're incredibly talented. I can only imagine how good you'll be with a few more years of practice. Please keep at it, I love them all!!


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Wow the landscapes are impressive, such incredible detail!! For instance, the wave on the Alolan Raichu one. So realistic-looking... It's amazing! I don't know how you pulled that off haha. And the Pokemon fit so well in the environments you made for them!
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