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Please note: Do not participate if you cannot handle heated debates and people ganging up and suspecting others. If you cannot meet these requirements, you are not recommended to participate. I want this to be more active with people who can really play and give it their all.

PC Mafia


Welcome to the PC Mafia. Mafia is a game of the informed minority against the uniformed majority. To elaborate, the game is divided into two teams: the Town and the Mafia. The Mafia knows who their teammates are and can coordinate and discuss plans and actions privately. The Town, however, knows nothing except their own roles. To balance this out, there are many more Town people than Mafia.

At the beginning of the game, you are PM'd your role. The game is divided into repeating phases of Day and Night. Day will generally last 48 hours and revolve around voting for a player to be lynched. Each player (including Mafia) get one vote, and players must figure out who the Mafia are, and convince others that they are correct. At the end of the day, the person with the most votes is lynched, and their alignment and role are revealed.

Night is 24 hours long and is typically used for Mafia night kills and players with special abilities. Usually, players discuss the results of the lynch at night, and make plans for the next day as best they can. When Night ends, everyone will be informed of any Night kills. The new Day will begin, and discussions for the lynch begin.

Mafia is a game where you must think and use logic, emotion, will and your reading ability. To simplify, it is a hard thinking game. While not occurring every game, sometimes people can get into very heated arguments with one another. People can get very emotional playing Mafia, as it is a high-intensity game. In short, playing Mafia is a great way to develop thicker skin, patience and make you a stronger person mentally.

Be warned - Mafia requires a time commitment. This generally depends on the player, but at minimum 30 minutes a day of solid effort is required. As part of the time commitment, Mafia requires a great deal of reading. Most people are actually quite poor at reading comprehension and playing Mafia is a great way to improve your reading ability, as well as your writing and ability to think and argue logically.


Signups are not limited, but will likely stop when we get around thirty people.

Players remaining: /

Town players remaining: /
Bodyguards remaining: /

Mafia players remaining: /
Mafia KP = (#of Mafia/2 rounded up)


These are all the possible roles in the game. I will not disclose how many of each role there are. There is no guarantee that all roles will be used. A player's exact role will be revealed upon their death.
Players will be randomly assigned roles when signups close and just before the game starts.

Town Roles

You are a regular member of the town, with no special abilities. Your goal is to use your vote and your voice to convince others to lynch the person you think is with the Mafia.

You are a town detective. Once per Night phase, you may find out the role of a player from the host.

You are a disgruntled townie who's taking the law into your own hands. Once per game during the Night, you may shoot a player. If your hit overlaps with a Mafia hit, your's will be cancelled. In the case of overlapping Vigilante hits, the person who sent their hit in first will go through. You will not know why your hit was cancelled, but will have that hit refunded. If you are roleblocked, your hit will also be refunded.

You've been around the block a few times and know how to take care of yourself. You have two night lives. Given your two lives, your job is to network well, get vital information out to town, and make the Mafia their waste hits.

You are a town Paramedic. Every night you can protect the player of your choice (including yourself) from one hit. Multiple Medics can protect one player. As each Medic can only stop one hit, if the number of hits on the player exceeds the number of Medics, that player will still die. You cannot protect the same player two nights in a row. Both you and the person you protect will be informed if a hit was successfully prevented. The town will know nothing of the event. If you protect a Veteran and they are hit, your save is used up before their extra life.

Mad Hatter
You are a Mad Hatter. Being completely mad, you like to leave bombs at people's houses. You have two bombs for the duration of the game. Every night, you may place or move one bomb onto a player of your choice. If a target dies during the night, you get your bomb back. If your target is lynched, you lose that bomb. When you die for whatever reason, you throw the switch and detonate both bombs, killing those players. The detonations cannot be prevented.

The first of the elected Town roles. Elections will be held on the first day. The winner of the election will be proclaimed Mayor. As Mayor, you will then decide the Day One lynch. As the Mayor, your votes carry twice as much weight. Also, once per game, you may declare a Double Lynch for the following day, by typing ##DOUBLE LYNCH. If you die before using the Double Lynch, the power passes to the Sheriff. If the Sheriff dies too, then the power is lost.

The second of the elected Town roles, the Sheriff will be the runner up in the election. Twice per game, you may pardon the victim of the lynch. You cannot pardon the Day One Mayor-decided lynch, and you cannot pardon yourself. In addition, three times per game, you may PM the host with a name. That player will be Incarcerated for the next full cycle (ie. Sheriff PMs me to incarcerate X on Day 2, X will be incarcerated for the duration of Night 2 and Day 3). They cannot vote, cannot use their ability, and cannot be targeted by anything. If a Mafioso is incarcerated, it will affect Mafia KP for that night (but not publicly). Once a player has been freed, they cannot be incarcerated again. You cannot incarcerate the Mayor or yourself.

Following the election of the Mayor and Sheriff, two bodyguards will randomly be chosen from the remaining Townies. You are the protector of the elected roles. As long as a Bodyguard remains alive, the Mayor and Sheriff are immune to all killing powers. You will be told if you are chosen to be a Bodyguard, but you will not know the identity of the other. The elected roles will not know who their Bodyguards are. If you are rolechecked, you will return Townie.

You are an unfortunate Miller. You are always in the wrong place at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing. Despite this, you are 100% innocent, and aligned to the town. If you are rolechecked, you will return Mafia Goon. You will not be told you are a Miller, but it will be revealed upon your death.

Mafia Roles

Mafia Goon
You are just a minion. You have nothing except your voice and your vote to corrupt the town. You can deliver KP on behalf of the Mafia every night. Your ability as a group is to kill off players during the Night, including fellow Mafiosi.

You are the Godfather, and have the ability to decide what role you will return as when checked by a Detective. This must be chosen on Day One, otherwise you will revert to the default Townie role. Once chosen, your role is fixed for the rest of the game.

You are a Mafia Roleblocker. Every night you can PM the host with the name of a player. That player will be unable to perform any actions during the night. You cannot roleblock the same player two nights in a row.

You are a devious Mafia Framer. Every night you may choose a player. That player will return Mafia Goon to any rolechecks for that night. You cannot frame the same person two nights in a row.


Double Lynch
Usable once per game, the town will vote to lynch two people on that day. Each player will get two votes, that must be cast on different people. The Double Lynch may only be used from Day 2 onwards.

All abilities are night abilities, and are to be carried out by PMing the host. You are free to publicly announce your intention, but you must PM the host for it to be actioned. All abilities will be resolved at the end of the night, so Detectives will not be told the result of their check until daybreak.

Mafia and Vigilantes will not be directly told if their actions were successful. They will have to read the Day Post and work out what happened from that.

The Mafia will designate a single member of its faction to deliver each kill.

Mafia Killing Power (KP) is # of mafia/2 rounded up (including suicide bombers and roleblockers). KP is calculated at the start of the Night phase.

Town win condition: Eradicate all Mafia.
Mafia win condition: Equal or outnumber Town



Cheating includes (but is not limited to):
1. Posting after death. You may have one polite goodbye post, but it may not contain any potentially game-changing information.
2. Ruining the game by doing something like handing out your mafia's member list to the town.
3. Logging on to someone else's account to get their role or looking over someone's shoulder to get their role.
4. Posting screenshots of your inbox.
5. Posting or sharing any PM you receive from a host.
6. Getting yourself modkilled to help your team. Your non-majority-decided death may not be used as a bargaining chip.
7. Signing up more than once using smurf accounts.
8. Offering favours/items/bells outside of the game for a ingame information.
9. Sharing accounts with other players.
10. Posting a false role PM phrased as if you received it from the host. You can still fake roleclaim, but you cannot make it look like you are posting a PM you received from the host.
Cheating is not tolerated here as it ruins the game for everyone. If you do cheat, I WILL kick you from this game and ban you from future ones.


This game uses replacements. Replacements will be made in the game until the end of Night 2. If a player is modkilled during the designated time, then they will be replaced by a player on the replacement list.

Time Cycle

This game will follow a 48 hour day and 24 hour night cycle. In case I am not able to post around deadline, any votes after the 48 hour mark will not count and the game will be put on halt until the night post is up. Currently the deadline is Midnight (0:00) EST, but that is subject to change. Actions/votes will be accepted up to and including the posted time, but not after.


Mod Font:
This is the mod colour. It is reserved for the host. Please do not use it.

Question Font:
This is the question colour. Use it to ask the host questions about the rules in public. You can also PM me.

You must post in this thread once per day/night cycle and vote every day while you are alive. If you fail to do so, you will be modkilled.

Spam is not tolerated, nor is any off-topic material. This also means you should condense your posts when possible. 15 one-liners in 30 minutes is unacceptable.

Editing is not allowed for any reason. Editing will result in a warning. After that, you will be modkilled. While I ask for everybody to post as concisely as possible, post again if you have to edit anything. But I do ask you to include everything you want in the post.

Inappropriate posts:
Mafia games can get heated and emotional. Please keep it civil and remember that what happens in Mafia stays in Mafia. Don't let things wash over to the rest of the forum, it's just a game.

Play to win.
That said, you should try your best to help your team win while you are alive and in the game. However, this does not mean that you should try to win by being a jerk to the other players so they all want to quit playing.

This also means that you cannot leave the game without a good reason. These situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis. PM your host if you need to leave the game.

You have been warned.


There will be an officially enforced banlist. Being modkilled will result in a ban, but it may be different depending on why you were modkilled. If you were killed because of a real-life situation, you will not be punished. If you were too lazy to post, your ban will be long. Very long.

Voting rules:

1. Voting is done in a separate thread. You may announce and discuss your votes in this main thread, but only votes in the Voting thread will be counted. Do not PM me your vote.
2. Please vote in the following format: @@Vote Username. Votes not done in the correct fashion will not be counted. I will update vote counts whenever I get the chance.
3. If you want to change your vote, first type @@Unvote followed by your new vote @@Vote Username. You can change your vote at any time and as much as you like (within reason) up until the deadline.
4. No conditional voting.
5. You may vote for yourself. You may not vote for anyone dead or outside the game.
6. In the event of a tie the person with the most votes first wins (or loses).
7. Voting is mandatory. You may NOT abstain.

Thanks to KarlaKGB from another site to let me use her post as a base even though I simply used some of it. >:D

If you have not read all the rules, go back and do so. I will not compensate for ignorance!
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