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Soy chamber...

Seen July 14th, 2015
Posted May 21st, 2015
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Hack of: Pokemon GOLD

Features and screenshots (BETA 0.1.4)
  • Selection of protagonist by gender, like as in Pokemon Crystal only with the protagonists of Pokemon XY.
  • Redesign Pokedex. 138 "new" (replacement) species of pokemon from all regions . Replacements are based on design and/or qualities/features of each Pokemon. Example, Rattata is replacement for Zigzagoon.
  • Progressive levels increase on wild Pokemon and Trainers.
  • Different species of wild Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, while maintaining a logic.
  • Different amount of Pokemon used by coaches.
  • Learnset updated to Pokemon BW2 o XY as the case . Some event-moves are included in Learnsets.*
  • Some Trainer Class have new items for use in battle.
  • Differences on evolution levels, adequated to the strength of the evolution chain and to the level at which the Pokemon appears for the first time. For a few Pokemon, different methods in which they evolve.
  • Some Pokemon can evolve by using a different method. New evolution stones are included.*
  • Base Stats , Types, Growth Rate and Catch Rates updated Pokemon XY . New type FAIRY is included.*
  • Different wild held item data and increased probability of appearing the second item..
  • Battle System like as in the 4th generation. The moves are classifies in Special or Physical according to their contact nature.
  • Some different fleeing Pokemon.

  • Type Boost Items (Charcoal, etc.) increase %33 of ATTACK to compensate the lack of items like Choice Band, Life Orb, etc.
  • 24 New items (not all obtainable in game) that improve the player experience. Include GS Ball, Sail Fossil, Fossil Jaw and 3 evolution stones (Dusk, Shiny and Down) plus a new stone that replaces the trade evolutions: TRADE STONE.*
  • 60 New moves that complement the functions of each pokemon battle. Signature moves are presents: Lucario with Aura Sphere or Blaziken with Blaze Kick are possible.*
  • New battle effects according to each attack, with this is possible have moves that did not exist, as Calm Mind or Draco Meteor. The new effects come with new animations.**
  • Update priorities moves. Extreme Speed now has priority over Quick Attack.
  • 25 New TM. Replaced the most low-profile attacks by a higher-profile attacks, example ; Mud Slap for Bulldoze. Some moves of the TM replaced were added to Learnset to avoid losses.
  • Additional trainers, usually in places that lacked them, like caves and gyms. - (Additional trainer count: 18)
  • Properities of healing items (potions, berries...) edited so that said items can't be used in the middle of a battle. However, no changes in the functions of the items when held by a Pokemon (berries still heal, etc.).

  • Different items found in the floor and some different berry trees.
  • Different trainer DVs (usually higher), mostly adequated to how early a trainer of that class can be found. DVs of many classes are maximized in an attempt to make up for the acumulative boosts provided by EVs.
  • Stat and type boosts provided by badges removed in order to give the game a more "professional" feel and increase the difficulty by removing an unfair advantage.
  • Removed the 25% extra chance of missing with a status or stat reduction move by the opponent (another unfair disadvantage for the computer that makes little sense).
  • Different requeriments and increased probability (1/256) for a Pokemon to be shiny. The properities of the shiny Gyarados have been adequated accordingly.
  • The Battle Style is SET by default (little Buggy).
  • New graphics (Tileset) for routes and cities taken mainly from the 3rd generation games.
  • New graphics in battle (HP bar) and the Town Map, HGSS style.
  • New Sprites for some Trainers and Gym Leaders, and therefore new Trainer Class.
  • Modifications to existing maps like caves, routes, Gyms, or towers. Cities restored to its beta phase.
  • Changes in certain events as well as existing small additional events.
  • The player is unable to leave a Gym until he or she beats the Gym Leader or all his/her Pokemon faint in battle (blackout). Thus, Gym trainers and the Leader have to be beaten is succession.
  • Partial translation of rom to spanish ( I'm a Mexican Hacker).
  • Halved the steps for an egg hatches of all Pokemon. This is intended to encourage the breeding.

* See attached document in the download.
** The effect of U-turn is a mix with Batton Pass, so it is considered incomplete....

NOTE:As you may have noticed, my native language is not English,
so if someone helps me improve the reaction will be very grateful.

  • Move Tutors with generic moves have been distributed throughout johto to compensate the replacement of some TM. By this method you can learn Hidden Power, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Toxic and Headbutt (the latter retains its status TM).
  • Zigzagoon and Linoone possess her ability "PickUp" like in Pokémon RZE; you have a 10% chance that after a fight are equipped with an object, such as a Potion, Great Ball, Rare Candy, etc...(Thanks to Miksy91 and Mateo)
  • Tileset Extension patch is applied.
  • Some Traden Pokemon are shinys.
  • In Goldenrod City, you can get via trade the Chamber's Ditto with the quality of being shiny (If a Parent of an egg is shiny, there's a probability of 1/64 of that breeding is also shiny).

For more Updates, visit Whack a Hack

Download Link

This game is a test hack for my main project: Pokemon Revolution.
Since this is a test, many bugs are not required to report, such as defects on maps or tiles.
After finish the Beta 1, I don't plan publish beta 2 faster, but when the game is free of most of the bugs, I will release all the information that has been modified in case someone else wants to continue my job or use my rom as a base for your own project.


1.-Where I can find the evolutionary items?
Fire Stone: Goldenrod Dep. Store
Water Stone: Goldenrod Dep. Store
Thunder Stone: Goldenrod Dep. Store
Leaf Stone: Goldenrod Dep. Store
Moon Stone: Mt Moon
Sun Stone: Bug Catching Contest
Trade Stone: Violet City, Mt Mortar, Ice Path
Dusk Stone: Union Cave, Burned Tower
Shiny Stone: Union Cave, National Park, Lighthouse
Down Stone: Sprout Tower
Dragon Scale: Mt Mortar
Up-Grade : Rocket Hideway
Metal Coat: Slowpoke Well
Spell Tag: Santos in Blackthorn City (Saturday)
Scope Lens: Wild Gligar
King’s Rock: Slowpoke Well
Hard Stone: Arthur in Route 36 (Thursday)

2.-Where I find and which are the Move Tutors?
Ecruteak City - Hidden Power
Lake of Rage - Sleep Talk
Cianwood City - Substitute
Blackthorn City - Toxic

Ilex Forest - Sludge Bomb
Cherrygrove City - Dragon Breath and Twister
Blackthorn City - Draco Meteor
Ecruteak City - Dynamic Punch

Game Corner - Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam

Known Bugs
  • (Minor) If you choose to be "girl" in start of game and enter your name manually, after doing it, appear the sprite of "boy". - Fixed for next release
  • (Minor) Error in the Overwolrd fo the "girl" on the map of FLY. - Fixed for next release
  • (Minor) Errors with the font. Some translations come from the Spanish Version, so some characters may be shown to you the American version (does not apply to English-speaking players). - Fixed for next release
  • (Minor) In battle only, the moves appear with other type. This is because the game reads the ID of the animations and not the type of the move. - Fixed for next release
  • (Minor) Singpost throughout the region without text. This is because the beta versions of the cities have more singpost that the final version. - Fixed for next release
  • (Medium) Counter and Mirror Coat are not upgraded to the new rating system physical/special attacks. - MAYBE Fixed for next release

  • Gold Finger
  • OneGSCTrainer
  • GSC Wild Pokemon Editor
  • JohtoMap
  • MegaMap
  • PokeText
  • Tile Layer Pro11
  • Tileset Editor
  • APoint
  • Flight Lander
  • GbAsmEdit
  • GSC TM-HM Editor
  • Item Editor GSC
  • MartEd GSC
  • PACv1.10
  • PaletteEd GB
  • Pokemon Editor Ultimate
  • T-E-D English 2.0
  • TradeEd GSC
  • Trainer Script Editor
  • VisualBoyAdvance

  • The community of Skeetendo for opening me up to the world of Pokemon hacking.
  • The community of Whack a Hack for give me more than just a forum, for give me a house with a lot of friends.
  • Crystal_: For always helping me with all my doubts and be a big contributor to all my hacks.
  • Javcdark: A great veteran in the GBC world who has supported me in ASM.
  • GOLD_Z:By boosting Haking GBC (in WaH) and motivate me to do my best work for my hack.
  • Soloo993: Lately it has become the advisor of all my decisions Haking, plus prove to be a great friend.
  • Wizard: For always supporting me and being an all encouragement to go on, besides being a type to "a toda madre".
  • Miksy91: For being my messiah in the english speaking forums despite our communication problems jaja
  • Pia Carrot: by the titlescreen and the sprite of Rival
  • Everyone that helped me when I was stuck or needed advice.
  • To all the guys who contributed tutorials and resolving all doubts in web, names of important people in the RH as Mateo, Tauwasser, IIMarckus, comet and maybe some more I forgot to mention.
  • Everybody that contributed to the Disassembly of Pokemon Crystal.
  • And you that play this game!! (and report bugs XD)


Hall of Fame

First Place: jimbon (Skeetendo)
Team: Milotic Lv:67//Garchomp Lv:68//Togekiss Lv:68//Tyranitar Lv:67//Dragonite Lv:68//Ho-Oh Lv:67

Second Place: angellos (pokecommunity)
Team: Pangoro Lv:86//Aggron Lv:85//Sylveon Lv:86//Heliolisk Lv:86//Greninja Lv:87//Dragalge Lv:85

Third Place: Lass (whack a hack)
Team: Sylveon Lv:100

-ericu01 (pokecommunity)
Team: Sylveon Lv:81//Pangoro Lv:71//Houndoom Lv:77//Floatzel Lv:83//Roserade Lv:72//Honchkrow Lv:72

-godlesplay (pokecommunity)
Team: Heliolisk Lv:68//Gallade Lv:65//Salamence Lv:58//Arcanine Lv:58//Rhyperior Lv:68//Greninja Lv:68

ShadowGeralt (pokecommunity)
Team: Lucario Lv:87//Roserade Lv:85//Froslass Lv:86//Noivern Lv:87//Milotic Lv:85//Delphox Lv:90

Master Bryss (pokecommunity)
Team: Crobat Lv:81//Alakazam Lv:85//Florges Lv:81//Pangoro Lv:82//Volcarona Lv:81//Rhyperior Lv:81

Polloron (whack a hack)
Team: Crobat Lv:67//Pangoro Lv:65//Greninja Lv:69//Garchomp Lv:61//Gallade Lv:64

Terra (pokecommunity)
Team: Gallade Lv:70//Honchkrow Lv:69//Greninja Lv:69//Glaceon Lv:69//Rhyperior Lv:69//Lucario Lv:69

Player's Shiny Collection



8 badges in Kanto? I got 10.

Age 28
Seen July 14th, 2016
Posted July 14th, 2015
85 posts
6.1 Years
Well, already raged a few times when I couldn't use a potion in battle, haha. Potions are still being used by opposing trainers, though. Is this intended?

Also, first pokemon caught is a shiny Joltik, yay! Made me feel better about burning 5 Pokeballs trying to catch the first one I saw and then whiting out, haha!


The Forgotten

Age 34
Sky Island (uk)
Seen April 14th, 2018
Posted March 30th, 2016
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6 Years
The game looks absolutely amazing i like how when you enter a gym you cant escape so if ur not prepared then u basically die, as most times in gyms ill fight trainers then keep leaving to heal pokemon, so technically ill have to start buying items which i try to avoid.

I understand from what iv read that the game is english and spanish but i did try and look a few times through your introduction on anything explaining how much of the game was in english but i couldn't find much.Could you please try to explain alittle how much of game is in english please and how much is in spanish or are there two different patches?

You must of tested this extensively as their seems to be very little bugs to game so far which is a massive bonus to me. Thank you very much for making such a brilliant game so far and i wish you all the best in your life and your work on this game. Good luck :)

El Diabeetus

Amateur Voice Actor / ROM Editor ('Hacker')

Age 26
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted August 14th, 2019
1,069 posts
13.3 Years
Looks promising! Although the unnecessary capitalization has always bothered me, even in the official games.
Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

Check my Japanese inspired Logo edits for Gens 1-7!:


Soy chamber...

Seen July 14th, 2015
Posted May 21st, 2015
108 posts
6.8 Years
Thank you very much everyone for your comments.

I had no thought of publishing the hack in this community, but as I see people here is very participatory glad I did.

I do not know all their rules, for this reason i published the hack in this subforum. I will continue to update correcting minor bugs that will be reporting, so if this is not the right place for my hack, I ask some moderator or administrator moving my topic to the right place please.

@badbullturret: Thanks for your good wishes. The main idea is that as the game development progress,, continue translating parts of it to Spanish. Since, but this hack is published in several forums English-speaking I'll delay the translation to maintain the English long as possible, but I do not lie, the final version will be 70-80% in Spanish.

All Gyms Have the "door close" featuring.

@Vereal: In the. rar is a pdf file called "Cambios en las Evoluciones y Orden Pokedex" which indicates the levels of evolution that were modified. All other pokemon not mentioned in the pdf have the same level/type of evolution.

@dhogan: I'm really need your zigzagoon!!!!

@Barbie Jean: Never will be 100% hack in English. Sorry =(

UPDATE 04-14-14

A new version is available, BETA 0.1.5
  • Fixed Psybeam dark Type
  • Fixed Horsea Sprite
  • Fixed the carpet in Golderod GYM that does not let you go even after winning the badge.
  • Wild pokemon in Route 36

  • Halved the steps for an egg hatches of all Pokemon. This is intended to encourage the breeding.
  • In Goldenrod City, you can get via trade the Chamber's Ditto with the quality of being shiny (If a Parent of an egg is shiny, there's a probability of 1/64 of that breeding is also shiny).

Added the .jar version download for phones with java.

*Download in the main post.
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