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Mafia Take Two - Game Thread [Night 0] (Dead)

Started by Phantom May 31st, 2014 7:47 PM
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Uh, I didn't do it

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Right, all pregame actions are in.


The citizens of the Forum Games section went about their usual routines. Families said good night to their loved ones and curled up warm and safe in their beds. They had no idea the things that were to come, the challenges they would face.

Death was coming to the Forum Games section, and there was no way to avoid it. Fate had already started to pull its strings as the mafia arrived in town late that night. Their past misdeeds a warning to all that would oppose them.

Phantom, the mayor and a representative of the people also went to sleep that night, but she had trouble falling asleep. A gut feeling just wouldn't leave her alone.

Someone, somewhere, was in grave danger...

Begin Night 0.

The game has now officially begun. For those of you who have night actions, PM them to me now. State the action clearly and in bold text. Don, send the kill.

Basic Rules:
1. No communication out of this thread. You may ask me questions via PM if need be, but do not contact other players.
2. No limit on abstains. Abstaining is important, just as important as lynching. If you do not have a good lead on who to lynch, consider this option.
3. No deadposting.
4. No posting during the night phase. I will change the title when it is day phase.
5. Each Phase will last about 48 hours, give or take.
6. Phase time extensions will be given at my discretion. If there is good conversation going I will extend the phase by 24 hours.
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