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a tale of christmas

'Twas early December, far from Christmas it seems,
In a place so scary, it gives you dark dreams
This tale of ours that's about to unfold,
Tells the tale of two holiday worlds of old

Of Hallows, it's Jack - the Pumpkin King
The other has echoes of bells that ring
A world full of wonder, and magical things
Now ours to see what terror brings

As the THE ELVES worked hard, SANTA CLAUS sat by the fire checking his list. He had been through Christmas hundreds of times before, but he always got giddy at the thought of what Christmas Eve would be like.

His eyes got heavy and the quill slipped from his hand with a clatter on the floor. It startled him back awake, but the clattering continued. SANTA stood and listened closely.

"Who's there?" asked SANTA, as the clattering continued from behind the door.

He stepped closer and put his ear to the wood when he heard a voice whisper, "I still say that we take a cannon, aim it at his door and then knock three times and when he answers, Sandy Claws will be no more!"

SANTA stepped back, shocked. He locked the door quietly as two more voices joined the first. He turned and grabbed his coat off the barrel by the door. He had to flee. Whoever was after him...sounded naughty.

He scribbled a quick note for MRS. CLAUS:

To my wife,

I've had to leave. Someone means to ruin Christmas and I've decided to go into hiding until Christmas Eve. Keep the Elves working and find out who's behind this!

SANTA grabbed a bag of supplies he'd need to hide and survive and left through the chimney.

Nobody would ruin this Christmas.

"What a nightmare," said SANTA as he hopped off the roof and trudged through the knee-high snow. He'd make sure nobody found him. He just had to make it to Christmas.

The story continues...

Night Zero
Day One


SANTA CLAUS Each night, visits a player and bestows a gift upon them - unless he is visited by someone else, in which case he will be roleblocked. Santa will also learn if the player is nice or naughty.

Santa is deep in hiding and, therefore, must not be found by naughty players! If Santa is found by a naughty player, he will die instantly and there will be further consequences for the rest of the players.

MRS. CLAUS Cannot be killed at night and will kill anyone who visits her during the night. Can only be lynched.


INQUISITIVE ELF Visits one player each night, learning whether they are from Christmas Town or Halloween Town.

PROTECTIVE ELF Visits one player each night, protecting them from death or ailment.

SNEAKY ELF Appears as naughty/Halloween Town on reports.

TINKERING ELF Each night, gives a candy cane harpoon to a player, which may be used during the day to automatically kill another player.

TANKERING ELF Each night, gives a vest to a player, guaranteeing them protection from death once. If their vest is hit, then they are vulnerable again.

LOUD ELF If visited by anyone, will scream their names out loud.

PENGUINS Each night, will waddle over to another player of their choice and reveal a secret about another player at random. If the Penguin is blocked, they will be told so. Two Penguins in the game and, as such, if the Penguins visit each other, they will mate and all night actions for that night will be negated. This may only occur once.

CAROLER Each night, can sing a carol consisting of three names - one of which is from Halloween Town. If the player they sing to is performing their own action, they will not hear the carol. Cannot sing to the same person consecutively.

RUDOLPH Every other night, can light the night sky and publicly reveal a player's role to the rest of the players - will only reveal true identities.

KRAMPUS Each night, Krampus punishes the naughty and eats their soul and body. He may also guess the player's role before he consumes them and, if he's right, he receives whatever powers they possessed and may continue his onslaught. He may also void his kill for a night to learn a player's role instead. If he accidentally kills Santa, will kill himself as well. Wins alongside Santa if Christmas Eve is reached.


JACK SKELLINGTON The head of Halloween Town, Jack experiments with his own toy making, giving out one candy cane harpoon that backfires on its users to one player and a vest that offers no protection out to another each night.

SALLY Appears as nice/Christmas Town on reports. If Dr. Finklestein is alive and Sally dies, will be repaired and brought back twice, except if Jack dies, in which case Sally will die with him.

DR. FINKLESTEIN Every other night, starting Night One, brings Halloween Town's night kill back to life as a member of Halloween Town. This will not reveal the player's death, as a result.

THE MAYOR May override a lynch twice during the game. May not override a Halloween Town-lynch.

ZERO Every other night (opposite Rudolph), can light the night sky and publicly reveal a player's role to the rest of the players - Zero can choose what the person will be revealed as.

HALLOWEEN TOWN RESIDENTS - Basic members of Halloween Town.


OOGIE-BOOGIE May send nightly PMs out to his three little henchmen. They will not know who Oogie is, however.

The Three Henchmen must attempt to kidnap Sandy Claws for Oogie and must each submit a nightly PM on who they wish to kidnap. That night, the person will be kidnapped - roleblocking them. If they manage to kidnap Sandy Claws, then something will happen...

LOCK Possesses three items to be used at any time: a bottle of rat poison, a magical candy cane harpoon, and a ticking time bomb.

SHOCK Sets a trap each night around a player of her choice. If that player is visited, the visitor is captured and unable to speak the following day.

BARREL Chooses a number between 1 and 3 each night and a player. That player must also choose a number between 1 and 3. If Barrel's number is chosen by the other player, he learns their role. If either other number is chosen, nothing happens.


Do not share your role with anyone else in the game unless otherwise allowed!

When voting, use [KILL] Username.

If you're killed, you may submit a single Death Post which reveals NO game information!

There will be no posting during the night, unless otherwise stated.

If you miss two votes, you will be killed off!


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I've been looking forward to this yesssss

Bidoof FTW

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Hello from the otherside


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Hello yes
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Yas, I'm in. I freakin' love Nightmare Before Christmas.
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pay day

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