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Guess who's back?

This time, I'm bringing to this wonderful community a Sandbox-ish RP I've had in the works for quite some time. I'm wondering if any of you are interested in it.

For now, here's the Setting and the introduction of game mechanics. The rest, I'll keep a secret until it's ready. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Crossover Collection:
An Avatar Roleplay

OOC Thread || IC Thread

The Multiverse

The Multiverse is large and vast, with a lot of individual universes each unique to the next. Every time a person makes a decision, a new world is born, and from there proceeds to differentiate itself from its parent. Sometimes, the changes are miniscule, like a boy getting a toy plane instead of a firetruck, and he grows up to be an ace pilot instead of a firefighter, or a set of twins having a two girls instead of boys.

Others are much grander, where in one technology flourishes as science develops and magic is considered fictitious, while in the next magic is abundant, stagnating the growth of technology. One world has tools of war, guns, boats, and missiles that can devastate the world, but is ineffective against the onslaught of aliens that decimate countries to procure materials for their overlords; in another, creatures with miraculous powers live side-by-side with humans, changing forms through experience, battles and bonds.

Moving from one universe to another is difficult to the point of almost impossible, and a universe developing a way to access another is highly improbable, and even then their methods are quite limited. Those with the powers to traverse different worlds keep their knowledge of other worlds to themselves, as they know the risks involved in tampering with their powers.

Improbable doesn’t mean impossible though, and in one particular universe, a certain someone managed to develop a machine that can allow interaction with another universe freely. But like any experimental machine, there are unforeseen complications.

Mortals are audacious. They never see the blunder they made until it blows up in their faces. So when the scientist pressed the button to start the machine, bridging the gap between the scientist’s universe and the one closest to it, the scientist and the scientist’s colleagues did not see the strain they are placing in the order of the Multiverse, and if they did, chose to ignore it.

The Keepers of Chaos and Order, however, could clearly see the stress being placed on the planes the two worlds being brought together are undergoing. They watched as the Multiverse shrunk and expanded, ripples and tears forming where there are none. As a result, a few of the other worlds destabilized, while others imploded on themselves.

To fix this blunder, the Keepers solicited the help of those with the powers to move through the Multiverse. With their powers combined, they saved the worlds in the risk of collapse by molding them together with other worlds. But still, there was the matter with the first two worlds bridged together by the machine, and the survivors of the ones that disappeared.

By chance, they discovered that the survivors had special properties that allow them to stabilize the dimension around them, it was the reason they survived. The Keepers and the ones with powers decided to bring the survivors to the two worlds, not only to act as the new cornerstones of stability in the universe, but as another chance to live the life they’ve been robbed.

One of the worlds is Pokemon.

And the other…

Roleplay Mechanics

Unlike other Roleplays, the characters you use here are already established characters; in other words, you’ll be playing as “Non-OC” characters. You are free to take artistic license and change their history, personality, and appearance however you wish. For example, you can take Luke Skywalker star as a Darth, or have Mario the Plumber as a female character.

That isn’t to say that you can force your way into the Role Play. Due to your character surviving the implosion of their universe, and being molded to fit the laws of the Pokemon Universe, your character’s powers and abilities are limited for balance. Superman is not so super, Harry Potter can only use the simplest of his spells, and Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen is only at the level of Team Rocket’s.

Rules and Guidelines

- As usual, follow Pokecommunity rules. If the need arises, I may permit you to double post.
- The roleplay is PG-13. No unnecessary gore. Romance and Death are welcome, but nothing explicit.
- Skills are dependent on the character you chose, and are optimized by the GM for balance before acceptance. Any additional skills that are added to a character will be screen by the GM before they are added to the skillset.
- The story is dependent on the players.
- Wild Pokemon encountered may only come from the first six generations. Once the seventh generation comes out, special exemptions may be made with permission from the GM.
- The starting setting is in Kanto, but after certain milestones, the character may visit other regions.
- Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. One person’s action (like for example, accidentally destroying a Gym) will most likely affect another. (The Gym will be unavailable for some time.)

Sign Up Form

(This is a template, you may edit it to better explain your character.
Origin:  (Canon the character comes from. i.e. Digimon, Disney, etc.)
Character Alignment: (Optional, may obtain unorthodox Starters)
Starting Town and Pokémon:
Appearance:  (You may post a picture, but please write up a description too.) 
Personality: (At least one Paragraph of 5 sentences, or two Paragraphs of 3-4 sentences.)

History: (Optional, place in spoiler tag if relevant to canon plot)

Retained Abilities: (Only those written here will be adapted to your character.)

Quirks: (Optional, for fun. i.e. Throwing a Pokeball with magic, trips over nothing, devil's luck, etc...)
Pet Peeve: 

So, in other words, I'm bring a roleplay where you can play as a character from any fandom, who'll take care of Pokemon to try and achieve whatever goal they set for themselves.

As for why it's called an "Avatar Roleplay", most of the people who join this RP, use their respective Avatars as their IC characters.
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