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Players you admire

Started by Jauntier April 20th, 2016 2:43 PM
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Posted December 23rd, 2017
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Are there fellow role-players on here whose creativity, story-telling, development, or leadership skills you appreciate or admire? Are you willing to say who, and list an example or two of when you were particularly for what they had to bring to the table for a role-play? Why did you gain a little respect for this person in that instance?

This is all about sharing the merits of someone's writing, activity, progress, or handling. If you'd be a little embarrassed to express someone in particular, you're free to leave out names and be a little more general of sightings here and there, but this is meant to be an encouragement nonetheless.
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Posted September 6th, 2018
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Well, I suppose we'll start out by saying how much I admire you, Jaunt!

love me dad

You're incredibly invested in Cornered and the OOC is full of polls, fanart, mukposting, and active discussion. I feel like more RPs should take its lead and make the experience more than IC posts. The more little things we can do to make the RP feel like an alive project thriving on team effort, the better. It makes me want to post. I love how members of the RP help out other by providing CSS as well!

Also, it's really fun to play off you and making JP's with you is incredibly easy; which is appreciated.

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Posted November 29th, 2018
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Well, there are plenty of people I appreciate here, but one that comes to mind is Foxrally. The guy constantly amazes me with the level of creativity he injects into his characters and posts. Once he gets into an RP, you know he's all in, terrible jokes and all, and everyone benefits from that.

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There's lots of RPers I admire, probably too many to list them all. So I'll just say that I think Geras, Ice and Lord Sephear are some of the best writers I have ever met when it comes to characterisation and character creation.

Also mad props to Rika's and Jay's ability to churn out RP ideas constantly.

Other than that, all the Gunpowder guys for their constant creativity and dedication to their stories.


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Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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hnnggg why'd you make this thread you know i love everyone i write with

I feel like there's not enough love in here for Godzil around here. The guy is honestly one of the most chill, reliable and amicable people in the RPT I've seen. Not only do I admire his ability to create amazing characters and churn out SUs really fast, but also his ability to keep his post quality consistently high even if he is in a lot of RPs. Though the most admirable aspect of him is that he constantly puts his faith into new RPs. I can't even count the number of times where I saw a RP and told myself "the GM is a new member, he doesn't seem very experienced..." only to scroll down and find Godzil signing up. We need more people like him in the RPT <3

Jauntier is also a player as admire, not as much for his writing or his despicable attitude as for his leadership and GM capabilities. And I mean it when I say this, so far I haven't seen a single GM as dedicated, organized and talented as Jaunt. Not only does he draw all of his references, he also managed to create a world that felt legitimately alive, and his RP has probably been one of the most enjoyable I've seen in a while. The RP is extremely well structured as well including the css and you never feel like you have nothing to do, because the RP has a clear goal and ending.

Some others which I absolutely admire but would take too long to write about include Deceptio, Geras, Fennekin210, Disclosed and gimmepie because he created gunpowder

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Posted June 7th, 2019
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Hmmm so many people I like...I suppose there are a few that stand out just a bit more to me. First, there is ST4RDUST. He was the first person to give me a chance in an RP and I really appreciate that. Though it was definitely not my greatest work, it really opened my to eyes to the amazing world of RPing and I owe it all to ST4R for giving me that first chance.

Second and third are Adventure and gimmepie for being amazing people and so welcoming when I was new, always encouraging me in my RP life and, especially Adventure, for giving me the chance to run a region.

Fourth is Deceptio, for straight up telling how one's writing is but at the same time always willing to help out to make someone a better writer which is beneficial to everyone.

Honorable mentions go out to LinearAxel, Fennekin210, Godzil (mad props to them for being able to keep up with as many RPs as they do) and Foxrally (a.k.a. dankest region leader ever)


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Aeturnum is one I have some real respect for, for turning out quality posts on a very constant basis, without them ever feeling rushed or badly written.
m8 I think u mean baeternum
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Posted 2 Days Ago
I still admired every post Skymin made <3 She da bes writer when it comes to making believable characters and I still strive to be like her in that regard.


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Posted February 17th, 2019
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like ms. adventure stated above, skymin is/was one of the best when it came to writing her chars and i've always looked up to her in that regard

since my first day in the rpc, gimmepie has been there for me as a mentor and a guide so i'll always be incredibly thankful to him for that <3
extra shoutouts to mac and elitebeats who helped me immensely when i started out

reading the writings of swolligator, sv, quest, retro bug, adventure and quite a few other veterans (active or not) were some of the first experiences i had with the rpc, and they had a major impact on how i went about writing. striving to be like them is what made me improve greatly as a writer though i still have a long ways to go

as for gms, the first that come to mind other than gp are colony and songbird for being rather strict on their acceptances, but willingly working with the player to fix whatever they needed to. also while i don't think i've personally spoken to him, jauniter seems to be running a rather tightly run and smooth sailing ship in CoTM which i greatly admire.

i could go on and on about people here, but i actively tried to avoid including those that are active so everyone doesn't get too big of an ego (;

i suppose that's enough circle jerking for me today
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Posted June 26th, 2019
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As a writer, I think Legend/Raikiri was and is the best writer I've ever seen step foot into the RPT/Corner/whatever it calls itself these days.

There's a few others whose writing style, GMing, or characters I have enjoyed tremendously, like Skymin, Ozymandias, Retro Bug, Kikpanther, Final Watchman, Swoligator, Turnip, Adventure, etc. but for me Legend always stood out.

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Posted January 21st, 2018
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There are quite a few role players that I've really enjoyed reading over the years. Some of my favorites are Turnip, SV, Greiger, Geras, Skymin, Adventure, Gimmiepie, and Lord Sephear. The player that I think I'd say I actually admire the most, however, is Machomuu. Machomuu helped me a lot with my first SU, and he was around pretty much the entirety of my sporadic stay here. He was a very good writer, and a pretty awesome guy.


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Posted May 17th, 2019
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Foxxy, Doofy, Sephy, Jay, GP, Rika... All my RPB buddies really.

Not only to they work their butts off to post good posts and rps. Not only that, but they have been super awesome, inspiring me to post and just keep on keeping on during hard times.

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