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Posted December 19th, 2018
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Heyo all! I'm here with a quick question-
In a game I'm currently creating, I'd like to make it so that if you chose the male protagonist, the female protagonist would become your rival, and vice versa. I've seen a few other fangames do this and I was wondering if there is a certain script I'd need to create in order for this to happen? I'm quite new to scripting and events, so any and all help/pointers are appreciated (Visual tutorials are super appreciated too!) ^^


explorers of sky wasn't that good

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Posted November 3rd, 2018
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It doesn't need to be a script! What you're looking for are conditional branches.

First off, a Switch at the character selection at the very beginning will need to be set up. This Switch can refer to either the girl or boy choice. You'll only need one for this kind of thing.

Two separate trainer battles, types, and names will need to be set up in the PBS files for this too, for each rival.

For the battle/rival themselves, you need to make at least two pages on their event like so:
You only need that one switch to be active here. If you aren't a girl, the game will go to the second page.

That's basically it ^^
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