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Crystal Pokemon Pyrite

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Old February 26th, 2018 (5:48 PM). Edited February 26th, 2018 by Twizman.
Twizman Twizman is offline
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    For players who want a rebalanced version of the original with greater challenge, this is the best game out there. Best Pokemon game I've played :smile:
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    Old June 8th, 2018 (4:53 AM).
    lastdragon's Avatar
    lastdragon lastdragon is offline
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      Originally Posted by Twizman View Post
      For players who want a rebalanced version of the original with greater challenge, this is the best game out there. Best Pokemon game I've played :smile:

      On that note, are there going to be any more updates?
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      Old July 1st, 2018 (10:33 AM). Edited July 1st, 2018 by Crystal_.
      Crystal_ Crystal_ is offline
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        Originally Posted by lastdragon View Post

        On that note, are there going to be any more updates?
        There haven't been updates in the last couple of years and there won't be in the future, sorry. This hack has been complete for a while, as I'm not willing to dedicate more time and effort to it. As far as I'm aware, there are no known gamebreaking bugs that would need fixing either.

        This took years to make back in the day, so I hope a lot of people that have played it had fun doing so and enjoyed the challenge. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I've received in this thread and in other places.
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        Old July 21st, 2018 (8:04 AM).
        AustNerevar's Avatar
        AustNerevar AustNerevar is offline
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          Is there a working link?
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          Old July 26th, 2018 (10:08 PM).
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          Inner Rhymes Inner Rhymes is online now
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            After having clocked in roughly 80+ hours into this ROM Hack, I must say that this really exceeded my expectations. I've been a major sucker for Crystal version based ROM Hacks, and Pyrite definitely takes the cake (and the cream, lmao)
            The amount of thought that went into the selection of wild Pokemon in each route, Grass patch, water body really had me rooted because if there was anything in a ROM Hack that dissuaded me from even progressing, it would have to be the limited selection of Pokemon available throughout the dang game.
            The game honestly felt like the revamp or the "Third" version that original crystal; should have been. If anything, the game reminded me of the Key system that Black and White 2 had for the player to select difficulties., except it was taken to a whole new level in this hacks. While far more advanced crystal hacks using the Crystal disassembly are out, this hack holds a special place because of how it uses the charm of the original crystal without overdoing much. Thank you so much for contributing to the ROM hacking community.
            If there is anyone out here suffering or struggling to get through life, then please listen to my song. I hope it gives you the energy to continue fighting so you can see a brighter day.

            Mixtape: Venting Session Vol.1 is on the way!
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            Old July 28th, 2018 (8:46 PM).
            DrOwen0703 DrOwen0703 is offline
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              Looks really good!
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              Old September 14th, 2018 (8:11 AM).
              EspurrBox EspurrBox is offline
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                Definitely my favorite Crystal hack so far. Btw, I noticed there's a "Fast version" of the romhack but is outdated, why? I already did some progress on that version, and I downloaded the last version from this post, but is really frustrating to lack from running, instant text and that :(
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