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This is an acrostic poem I wrote for my Khaenr'iah Genshin oc, Naofa. I just wanted to test the waters with it before I post the fanfiction of my main oc onto the forum by the end of march, anyway, without further ado, here's the poem. I posted it on archive of our own, too. I will warn now that not all of this rhymes. I've bolded the words I'm spelling out through acrostic so you can find them easily. Rather than just being words, I'm spelling out entire sentences. So, yeah.

I'm finally starting as a knight today,
Now, I can get all the information I need
For the revenge that I'm ready to seek
It is a miracle that step one was so easy
Leeching my way in was a breeze
Today, I shall be known as "Knight Naofa"
Really, though, all of this was a ruse, you see?
All I wish is to get information on that stupid leech,
The god that destroyed my homeland, my family.
Inching my way into the knights is merely the first step after all,
Networking is the easiest toy in my reach
Gaming the system, working up the ranks. Are you happy to have me?

Knight's are all about strict etiquette, so I'll play that game.
Needling the thread, I talk like them, enact similar mannerisms,
Insinuate specific patterns to appear friendly, charismatic, and easy.
Getting on their good side to worm out the information I need.

Heartily pretending to be polite, and charismatic, in a quick beat.
These little leeches, they won't even suspect a thing.
So here on, I, Knight Naofa am ready. To plant my seeds.

Oddly, it seems, most duties for knight involve
Fighting monsters in the open fields, or paper work. No in between.

Flittering around with a sword is as simple as the abhorrent god's windy breeze
All I need to do is impress with my prowess, speed; efficiency.
Vigilance of my surroundings, I now see a monster within reach.
One, two, three, red orb glowing upon my belt
Numerous monsters are destroyed quickly,
It seems only a chosen few have those orbs
Upon their belts, quite the luxury.
Surely, such display of strength will satisfy each and every leech.

Happily, I keep playing pretend, be the charismatic knight
Everyone needs, the knight everyone will call for
At the count of three. The Nation of Freedom is quite easy to please.
Doing the duties the citizens ask of me, as a
Quasi citizen within this moon city.
Upon these grounds, I take the commissions of many
Apply myself, as it should be
Really it is all a ruse, I am merely here on intel for
That retched god who destroyed everything around me in that
Event five hundred years ago, that event
Retold in stories, that tragedy. You know it, no?
Shall I remind you of the tragic destruction of Khaenri'ah, you little flea?


Know of it, oh, you don't? Quite the tragedy.
How rude of me to presume
Anyone would remember a dead and gone nation
Even for a moment, a second, a tick, or beat
Nixed by those stupid gods,
Removed from existence by those awful freaks above me
It is better you do not know the full story,
All you need to know is it's gone.
History. Don't dig any deeper,

However, I suppose I shall say but one thing
An important piece of knowledge, you see.
Should I come across the prince, I will not award mercy.

Do not expect me to reunite with such person nonchalantly.
It's the fault of the royalty, that they
Erroneously let those scientist do with me as they pleased.
Derailing the dna makeup inside my and my entire bloodline's bodies.

Yes, it is the royalty's fault for not failing to cease
Operations of the Chimera Project,
Unless they apologize to me, I will never award mercy.

Workings of my body constantly transforming into a lynx,
Alleviating stress works differently inside me.
Transforming randomly is retched, disgusting, a disgrace.
Every moment, I am reminded,
Royalty did nothing for me. Nothing for my family. How quaint.

Flower eyepatch upon me, I will search for the lost prince, I've heard
Locks of blue hair are quite easy to spot
Eyes on me, leech. You will pay for
All the time your royal blood ignored all that happened to me.

Ah, too much information to take in? Just
Listen, you dumb little flea.
Let me explain what that scientist did to my flesh and blood, if you'd please.

While inside my mother's body, that accursed alchemy,
Imbued with advancements of Khaenri'an society
Needled its seeds of equivalent exchange, within my mother, father, and unborn me
Grating at the seams, using its powers to place lynx and
Snake dnas inside us three, and even more within my family.

Snake brain partially inside me, and lynx characteristics split between, my
Human outside is only a partial reality
All of these experiments never ceased in my unborn state the,
Lynx parts within me solidified permanently,
Look out scientist of Khaenri'an alchemy, I won't go easy.

But, it would seem, almost everyone from my nation is gone, dead.
Engraved with some curse, they are now monsters, running around aimlessly.

Perhaps it is quite fortunate, I was thrown into a half millennial sleep,
Lofted deep in the pits of the underground
Untouched by that wretched, defiled
Curse, but even so, the gods, what they did, is an unforgivable sin of misgiving.
Knowing my convictions, I will continue worming my way
Ever so slowly into the society hierarchy
Don't breathe.


Rounds of information have been relayed to me,
Inching my way for through the ranks, I have found him, one the gods that destroyed my entire society.
Petit little body, green two toned braids,
Playing the role of the little bard, what a little flea.
It is time for that little bard to get his comeuppance,
No longer will I play Knight of Favonius
Get ready, Barbatos, you little leech.

One singular eye focused upon the wretched boy of green,
Undeniable rage boils inside the crevices of my partially human body.
Transforming myself beside the huge tree, the seeds of my revenge are ready.

Tree of Windrise being poisoned by that man, I
Heave my lynx claws in his direction, happily.
Obstacles are disgustingly hindering my progress,
Stringed instrument in my way, I rework my strategy.
Evidentially, that little instrument should go. Right away.

Gashing the harp strings, my claws
Rip them apart with incredible ease.
Every slash breaks it further, so much for that abhorrent wind god's breeze.
Even music has an ending,
Now that god can stop playing bard, revenge is sweet.

Hat slashed to smithereens, rage continues to flow through
All these years, the little leech played bard,
Relatively loved by everybody, well, no more of that.
Play a game with me, you flea.

Snake tongue within me, words of wicked were relayed
To the god that destroyed my nation,
Rambling onward, I will not let him breathe,
I'm not going to accept a single round of apologies
Nailing my claws towards the neck, my revenge would have been been sweet, but
Grossly, someone had saw me, my commotion by the tree. It is time for me to disappear, take my leave.

Speeding away, I know where my next plot will take me.

Morax, I recall what he did to my people,
Even now, it still seethes inside me, the anger,
Rage, the indignation. My next sights, my next seed,
Contract, God get ready,
I'm coming for you next, with every bone in my little body.
Liyue, the nation of order,
Easing my way into their military,
Soon, I will get the information I need
Sharply, with my act of charisma,
Leeching my way into the stone city
You should get ready, you flea. Don't breathe.


Since this isn't my main campaign I'm working, this is just a side thing if anything, really. I normally do not spell out entire sentences with acrostic. It's usually just one word I'm spelling out, but this time I wanted to do entire sentences.

I don't really write in first person anymore, but with acrostic poetry, I usually do first person point of view, which is why this one is.

Anyway, that's it for now, I will be posting the other thing I'm writing either between February or March, and as of writing this, have a section I'm writing tomorrow, but I hope this'll do for now.
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