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Old June 18th, 2018 (12:05 AM).
YugiSatan YugiSatan is offline
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    Hello, first time posting here in many years, had worked on some silly projects during my middle school days, but have forgotten the majority of what I knew due to wasting time on mobas and mmos for many years

    Anyways, I have a friend that suffers from epilepsy due to playing Yoshi's Island about 5 feet from the tv when he was very young sadly. He enjoys yugioh extensively with out group that travels to events and such, he can enjoy simple phone games and such, but can't stand many others. He's competitive, and had mentioned that he'd play pokemon if he was able to. So, I am here to ask for any help I can get.

    What I'm wanting to do is either find or edit roms of r/b/y to be safe for epileptics to enjoy more easily.

    So, does this exist already? I've searched some, but came back with mainly talk of the Porygon episode of course.

    If this doesn't exist, what tool would y'all recommend for editing animations so that I can either completely remove flashes or at least bring them to almost nothing. I'd like to end up doing this for gen 2 and gen 3 after completing gen 1, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    (posting at 4am, so excuse any errors haha)
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    Old June 18th, 2018 (10:19 AM).
    Crystal_ Crystal_ is offline
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      Consider using pokered. Follow the instructions at to set it up. Then you can start by commenting out the flashing effects of battle animations, such as the lines starting with db and containing the word FLASH from the data/animations.asm file. You might as well just play with animations off though.

      If overworld animations are a problem, you can for example slow down fading transitions by changing, from home/fade.asm, line 37 (ld c, 8), to higher delay, like ld c, 32. Or remove the transitions altogether by editing FadePal1 to FadePal4 to all 1's and FadePal5 to FadePal8 to all 0's.

      There would probably be more stuff to take care off though, but as soon as you find anything else that needs adjusting, you can always try searching it in the disassembly.
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