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Hello, nice to meet you guys!

Started by WizardOfOdd June 23rd, 2019 3:29 AM
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Well, hi guys! I'm actually a long time lurker that decides to join the forums. This is probably my first forum that i joined, so i hope my post aren't too awkward

I'm a long time pokemon fan since my childhood, but primarily plays the game. My first game would be pokemon diamond and my favourite would be ORAS
My favourite pokemon is Toxicroak and Froslass, and that's about it about my introduction

Nice too meet you all 😄
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Posted June 26th, 2019
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Nice to meet you 😄
I also just joined today, I actually love playing almost every pokémon game.
My first game was Pokémon Yellow. I love all the games equally so it is hard to say which of these games would be my absolute favourite.


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ORAS are some of my favorites too! Welcome WizardOfOdd, I hope you'll like it here. PC is an awesome place for all Pokéfans. :>


Laverre City
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Hey there Wizard! Glad you decided to come out of the lurking cave and into the community! :) You've got great taste in Pokemon too. Toxicroak is S-tier Poison type imo!


Cubie the Cube

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Hi, Wizard welcome to PC and the not-any-more-a-lurker gang!
I still don't know what to put here :rowlyikes:


on limited activity until December !

Castle of the Crystal
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Posted 2 Days Ago
A pleasure to have you join us, Wizard! Shikorra, Thommaz, ElenaRhodes—a warm welcome to you guys, as well. :)

Haha, boy was I awkward in my newbie days, but you seem to be settling in just fine! Toxicroak is a good choice. A unique and underrated Pokémon. My first game was Pearl; at least, that's what started it all, so we have something in common!

I hope you'll continue to grace our forums!
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