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Old June 20th, 2012 (12:15 PM). Edited June 20th, 2012 by Chibi Buizel.
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I accidentally posted this in In-Game Team Help, and I couldn't figure out how to delete it...

Anyway, I'm entering a tournament on another forum soon, and I was wondering of some of you guys here could look at my team and let me know what's good and/or bad about it, and how I could improve it (as long as it doesn't involve changing out team members).

I really have no idea how EVs work, and I don't really do any EV training...

Floatzel (Chibi) ~ Lv88 ~ Mystic Water
Swift Swim
Brave ~ Mischievous
~Ice Fang
~Aqua Tail

I like to think of Chibi of the mascot of my team. Aqua Tail so he can take advantage of his 254 ATK, Crunch so that I have Psychic coverage in case Zoroark goes down, and Ice Fang for Dragon and Ground coverage.

Togekiss (Ross) ~Lv86 ~ Rocky Helmet
Serene Grace
Serious ~ Somewhat vain
~Air Slash
~Aura Sphere

Togekiss probably has the most coverage on my team, with no two moves sharing a type. Because he has better defenses than my Emboar, I find it safer to go to Ross hen I need to do Fighting damage, with Aura Sphere, or Fire damage, with Flamethrower.

Jolteon (Naomi) ~ Lv82 ~ Zap Plate
Volt Absorb
Adamant ~Highly curious
~Thunder Wave
~Shadow Ball

My go-to girl for status conditions, being able to inflict Paralysis and Bad Poison. Other than that, not sure what else to say, pretty good Sp. Attacker, with Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball at its disposal.

Emboar (Wilbur) ~ Lv87 ~ Charcoal
Jolly ~ Likes to fight
~Flare Blitz
~Hammer Arm
~Stone Edge

Wilbur is my tank, and has the most HP of all my team members. Flare Blitz and Hammer Arm so I can not only get STAB, but also so I can take advantage of his 281 ATK. Stone Edge for Flying coverage. Flamethrower for when I’m in a situation where I need to do Special Fire damage.

Zoroark (Black Star) ~ Lv84 ~ BlackGlasses
Rash ~ Highly curious
~Shadow Ball
~Night Daze
~Nasty Plot

Oh, Black Star. I love to use him to mess with my opponents. I like to start with a Nasty Plot, and then follow with a Night Daze. It can do a ton of damage if it works. I have Flamethrower and Shadow Ball on him so I have some other options and more coverage.

Garchomp (Aria) ~ Lv82 ~ Leftovers
Sand Veil
Careful ~ Highly persistent
~Dragon Claw
~Stone Edge

Oh, Aria. My MVP. My star player. Whatever you want to call it, Aria has saved me from many a loss. Very highly-damaging moves, and add a 261 ATK stat, and two very powerful STABs, and you have a killing machine.

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