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Started by Volcanix769 December 10th, 2011 8:29 PM
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Putting this out there, Crystal Kaizo or the latest update of Blue Kaizo. You can't use revives during battle, and its difficulty is the closest to the Round 2 Pokemon Stadium games. Dark Rising has high level, atrocious level curves, horrible grinding, and uber legendary pokemon and fakemons, but the regular trainers and villain team grunts are still pathetic even with their high levels. Crystal Kaizo versions has Kaizo Whitney. It has high levels, but a good level curve, but that also means the wild pokemon can kill you as effectively as Dark Rising NPC trainers if you are careless. And the regular trainers and bosses are much stronger in terms of movesets, item usage, and rosters, and in Crystal Kaizo's case, much smarter. You will be pushed to the limit at some point, though no fakemons, or high level jumps unless there is a joke fight.
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Not that far into it as of now, but I'll go ahead and say that Snakewood is the hardest I've played. I realized that Baltoy was a terrible choice for a starter within 10 minutes into the game; some training had to be done to even beat the first battle with Alicia. After a plague of type disadvantages in almost every encounter, I decided to catch a Pikachu at Petalburg Woods and level it up enough to defeat the notorious "Legless floating corpse." I'm training my 'mons until they're leveled enough to take on the zombies at Rustboro.

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Look everybody it is safe to say that the dark rising series is the hardest rom hacks ever since all of them have a troll factor in them.
DR1,2 and worlds collide have high leveling and the fact that dark chaos is in the game whick will kill all your pokemon unless there dark types.And you cant even use it.
And in DR order destroyed, there are no pokecenters or marts and you have to scavenge for items.Also, you cant ctach pokemon as you only find them before the apocalypse occured.
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For me it's Touhoumon Another world. It's due to the reason you'll fight Touhou trainers with Z-Boneka(which could be classed as in between Primal reversion and Mega evolved stat Pokémon) and you are handicapped with not obtaining these fabled Z bonekas until postgame.

Not only that, the Zboneka moveset are pretty much well combined.
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Definitely Vega. I get making your game a challenge, but Vega is downright sadistic. The puzzles are absurdly cryptic, the Gym Leaders are overleveled and the other trainers and wild encounters are massively underleveled, and the inability to purchase healing items better than Super Potions and the complete lack of Revives is ridiculous. I've heard that Vega Minus is better, but I honestly have no interest in playing through the story again. It's a shame, too; the Fakemon are fantastic. Hopefully the sequels (Deneb and Procyon) are more fair, because from the 10-15 minutes I stumbled through (I don't know Japanese...) I've played, the game seems like it has a lot of potential. I'm hoping for a translation soon, since I really like games with Fakemon.

Radical Red is a close second, but at least in that game you're given the resources to EV train and optimize your team for the boss battles. It's not my cup of tea, but it's at least fair.

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My story is
From the Proffesor you take your starter pokemon he has 3 children (2 boys and a girl), he has no connection with them. He sends you to connect with them and also collect badges. Meanwhile you know of a bad group whose aim is to creeate a world where they are supreme and everyone are their slaves (name you decide). You connect with 1 boy and 1 girl who has become scientist in different cities. You also come to know that the 3rd one is also a scientist but u didnt find him. people inform he has been not seen there for over 3 months. The bad group has also arrived since 3 months. Is there a connection.
In the last after winning the league you came to know that the last scientist was the head of the bad group but he already fled to another world with the help of arceus. peace again florished in the region.

Anyone who needs this story can take it but dont forget to give the story credit to me .
And who wants to take my story please inform me .



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Haven't played too much recently, but lemme just say that the Champion battle in Pokemon Sienna was such a sudden jump in difficulty compared to literally every other battle prior.

My mans was sporting three legendaries like it was nothing.
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