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Started by Dawn January 1st, 2020 4:14 AM
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wasn't around for half of the challenge myself but I did enjoy it very much, definetly would try and be there for a full year xD

twas fun playing games again after a long time of not playing them, really enjoyed it


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Took me all month to decide what to play bc I didn't want to play something new on hard mode and at the end I decided to just be true to myself and end this horrible year with my favourite game, so I replayed Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Final Mix (sigh @ kh titles) on proud mode. :) I just finished it up today (all three routes and the postgame plot) and it was nice to go back to it, especially after some of the reveals about its characters in the couple years since I last played. It also felt good to finish this challenge on time! I did every single month!

Thanks so much for running this all year! I could really tell how much thought went into coming up with the themes and I really loved reading your posts every month explaining the themes. It was honestly a highlight of my year, being excited to wake up on the 1st of each month to find out what the theme was and pick my game. I think my favourites were the swords and guns themes that sort of ran opposite each other. It was fun deciding how to adapt games to match the spirit of the theme. The RNG one was genius too, hahaha. I would absolutely love to see this return next year, if you're up to it!! I wish I'd stayed as enthusiastic about giving updates and making lil css posts about my games all throughout the year like I was at the start, but something something pandemic and sometimes I couldn't decide on what to play until the last minute anyway, so my spare time went to actually playing instead of writing updates about my play, ahaha.

Thanks for a really fun event! :>

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Honestly, this was such a good event. It got me to really start exploring gaming a lot more and I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope we can continue in the new year.
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Aaaand we're in to 2021 (at least where I am, and since this is my thread, we go by my timezone xD) so the 2020 Game Along has now official come to a close!

Thank you to everyone who participated, even if it was only for a month or two, and special thanks and congratulations to Cherrim, Janp, and gimmepie for sticking with it for the entire year! I am extremely grateful for your support and for your feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed participating in the event as much as I did running it!

The new thread is here - we'll be going through 2021 with this as well! Hope to see you there :3

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