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Hi all, I'm trying to make a new pokemon game, but in some battle with others trainer or with some wild pokemon it's happening to crush due some move onece it's happen with pursuit used from an opponent Tauros and the second time with natural power from my Lombre. how can I fix this?

Exception `NoMethodError' at 166:Move_Effects_080-0FF:493 - undefined method `id' for nil:NilClass

anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance.


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I've solved partially the problem, I've find out is NATURE GIFT the move crash the game. so i've set from the script this move fail all the time.
This is a weird error, can you post the code of the move?
Have you modified the code somewhere? If not, it's probably a bug in Essentials v19.1.

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Natural Gift is improperly coded in v19.1. It crashes if the user has no berry (and npcs love to click it MORE often when they dont have one for some reason). Its fixed in Gen 8 project, so you can download that and look at what they did (I don't feel comfortable posting someone elses code.)

If you don't want to use Gen 8 project in your game, you can create a seperate game and just copy over the code for the move.