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(rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence)

Episode 1: An Indigo Invitation

After a successful performance of "The Legend of Celestial Crown Mountain", the Kagayou's popularity started to grow. While each troupe was talented, fans and casual theater goers alike agreed that the Niji Troupe, and the six best friends in it, were the star attraction. No matter which troupe was performing in the majestic theater in Pallet Town, the show was guaranteed to sell out, or come close to selling out. With each play they performed, the seven troupes grew more and more confident about larger and larger audiences.

Then one day, an ornate envelope postmarked at Indigo Plateau proved the starting point for the young company's biggest stage yet!

"Let's see here...fan mail and personal mail goes in each person's mailbox, and the office crew will handle the bills and logistical things." Ash mused as he arrived in the theater's foyer to deliver the massive haul of mail the theater had received.

He first made his way down the hall to the office common area, aware of the whirs and whines of PCs and machines running, and the th-thunk, th-thunk, th-thunk of the main copier creating copies of promotional posters of the Aoi Troupe's newest play. After sorting out the mail that the office workers handled, he rang a small bell by the entryway as he departed to let those in the office know the mail had come.

Next, he made his way to the training complex's common area, where his friends were relaxing. "Mail call!" he announced before setting down the collection of letters, magazines, comics, and coupons on the table.

"Nice, new 'Acoustic Life'!" Brock smiled as he eased out a magazine depicting a group of acoustic guitars on the cover. "Don't worry, I'll still clip out any tunes you guys want to learn."

"'Aquatica Monthly' scuba diving issue..." Misty smiled before settling to read the magazine with a beautiful Alolan reef on the cover.

After setting aside some comics for himself, Ash noticed an ornately designed red, blue and gold envelope addressed to him. The return address made his heart race. No way--Lance personally wrote me a letter?

Excited, he carefully opened the envelope and read the beautiful letter inside:

Dear Ash,

I have heard many wonderful things about your Tawame troupe, and how it has revitalized Pallet Town's downtown area. You all have done well bringing this wild and adventurous form of theater to new audiences, and now we of the Kanto League wish to see your skills.

I am formally inviting you to bring one of the troupes (or the whole company, if you wish) to perform in the Grand Indigo Theater as part of the festivities for this year's League...

Ash couldn't believe his eyes--Lance, the League Champion, was personally inviting the Kagayou to Indigo Plateau?

Serena noticed Ash's shocked look. "What's the matter, Ash? You look like you've seen a Gastly!"

Ash took a few deep breaths to calm himself, then told the group "You guys are not gonna believe this, but Lance has personally invited us to perform for the Kanto League this year!"

Brock carefully took the envelope from Ash's shaking hand and looked over the letter. "This is definitely Lance's writing, all right! We need to get the troupe together and Rona!"

"Why stop at just Indigo Plateau?" May smiled. "We could put on our first tour, and perform across Kanto on the way to the League!"

"What's this about a tour?" a familiar voice asked.

Ash noticed Rona approaching. "Champion Lance invited us to come perform at the League this year..." he explained as he gave Rona the letter and its envelope. So May figured that now was the time we take one--or more-- of the troupes on the road."

Rona nodded as she took the letter. "You are in luck, everyone. One of the theater's top supporters took up a huge collection across Kanto, and bought seven sets of genuine Tawame touring wagons, one for each of the troupes. This way, any of the troupes can tour. So you may just get your wish to perform for Lance, the Elite Four, and the other League officials.

As the others hurried off to pack, Ash asked. "Can I at least write Lance a reply, so he knows we are coming?"

"Sure!" Rona replied as she gave Ash a piece of paper, an envelope with theater designs, and a Pikachu stamp.

Excited, Ash started writing his letter. "Dear Champion Lance, we are both honored and humbled by your offer to perform at the League...


A few weeks later, the mood inside the theater was electric as the Niji Troupe's members prepared for their first real tour. "This is it, everyone...we're hitting the road on our grand tour today!" Dawn smiled as she met the group in the theater's grand foyer.

Ash smiled as he organized his bags and a gig bag holding a Pokeflute and several whistles. "Got my packing done last night, and my bansi's safe with the other instruments in the orchestra's wagon."

"Well, go get your stuff so we can start loading up the wagons." Misty replied as the group hurried off to retrieve their bags and supplies for the long journey. "Once we're all loaded up, Rona will give us final instructions before we set out."

"Unlike Tawame troupes of old, we're not camping out in the open every night." Brock explained as he brought over his bags and a well loved guitar case. "While we will have to do that at some points on the route, Rona's found lodging that can accommodate the caravan in most every place we plan to stop."

May smiled when she saw the guitar case. "Have acoustic guitar on a trip, will travel."

"That, and my vina's packed away in the orchestra's wagon." Brock explained. "So if we need a break from all the trad Wakunese tunes, we can play trad Galarian, Kalosian, and Unovan tunes at night."

Serena arrived with a well loved instrument case of her own among her bags. "I'm bringing my own fiddle and my mandolin."

"I can at least play percussion around the campfire, if Rona deems dancing too dangerous in the open..." May smiled as she brought over her bags, with Dawn not far behind.

"Okay...are we SURE we have everything we're gonna bring on the trip?" Brock asked. "If you need to go back for something or double check that everything's in order, do it now."

Something occurred to Misty. "Come to think of it, I DID forget a few important things!" With that, she hurried down the hall to the actor's residential complex.

She returned a few moments later with her own fiddle case and a large canvas shopping bag depicting a trio of Squirtles playing in soap bars. "There...now I'm ready to go. I'm sure everyone in the Aoi troupe will take care of the theater while the rest of us are on the road."

"Rona gave the Aoi's impresaria a wireless GPS monitor-so if she does have to send mail to us, she knows exactly where any of the touring troupes are." Brock explained. "Let's go load the wagons."


Rona smiled as the group arrived with their gear. "Good morning, all--once you've loaded your wagon, I'll explain how each stop on our tour is going to work, okay?"

"Right!" the group chorused before hurrying towards the line of colorful wagons in the theater's parking lot.

"I assume this one is mine..." Ash smiled before climbing in a gold wagon with chrysanthemum designs interwoven with red phoenixes.

He noticed Misty carrying the shopping bag. "What's that for?"

"Soap bars!" Misty smiled. "In many places, even in Waku, it is acceptable to give a bar of soap along with or in place of money. So if you wanna see the show, just donate what you can, or give a bar of soap. What's not kept for souvenirs or our personal use will go in here."

"That's a clever idea..." Rona smiled as she looked in on Ash organizing his gear in his wagon. "You do have Wi Fi in your wagon--each wagon has its own personal network, so you have online access even in the middle of nowhere."

Ash smiled as he unpacked his gear, turning the wagon into what more or less resembled a bedroom, complete with a sturdy countertop with drawers. This made plenty of room to eat or set something down. A laptop and a charging station for a red 3DS and his PokeNav sat on the table, and a sleeping bag was rolled up in the right corner. A plug station for the laptop and any portable appliances was tucked away in a corner, so it wouldn't be jostled. His instruments were in a shady corner by the sleeping bag, and his personal items and everyday clothes were in the back, so they wouldn't fly out of the wagon or damaged by the elements.

Once sure he was happy with his setup, Ash took his PokeNav, climbed from the wagon, and hurried to meet the others out in the center of the empty parking lot...


"Now, here's how every stop on our tour will work..." Rona explained. "We will rehearse shows while we travel, and stay for a week at each stop, performing two performances of a show at each stop. On days we don't perform, you guys are free to relax and see the sights. If you have family in the area, you can visit them, as well."

"If you're from an area, you can show the troupe around, right?" Misty asked.

"Of course." Rona smiled.

A buzz from his PokeNav got Ash's attention, snapping him from Rona speaking. Hi, Ash--good luck on your grand tour! Delia's text read, complete with a Pikachu emoji and a Moltres emoji.

Thanks. Ash typed back, looking up to be sure he didn't miss anything important. You can call or text anytime--our wagons have wi-fi.

Another buzz got his attention. hey it's gary, best of luck on the grand tour, superstar!

Thanks. Ash typed back, aware of the Pokemon wranglers hitching Ponytas to the wagons. All our shows will be broadcast on our official site and on MyTube, if you wanna watch.

can't wait. Gary typed back. Safe travels, and hope to see you in the audience!

I'll do my best. Ash typed back. The briefing appeared to be over, so he returned to the wagon.

He watched as one of the crew members closed up the wagon. "We'll be departing shortly." he smiled.

Ash nodded. "Just had to say my goodbyes to family and friends first."

After a few tense moments, he felt the wagon begin to move as the team of Ponytas gracefully made their way out of the theater's parking lot and into the wagon lane on the road, to cheers from a throng of onlookers. Our grand tour of Kanto, here we go! he smiled as he invited his faithful Pikachu Tintri on his lap and settled in to read a comic...
The Saga of the Kagayou Theater

The First Sparkling Stage/The Shimmering Stage/The Stage of Dreams (Waku)
Upcoming Gen 9 Stage (Gen 9 region)/The Stage of Light (Kalos)/The Royal Stage (Galar)/The Stage of Victory (Talie)


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Episode 2: A Stage of the Ancient Past

For a while, the caravan's journey was uneventful. In between rehearsals for the troupe's performance of the play "Climbing a Mountain to See Arceus", Ash had spent the time reading what comics and novels he packed, responding to messages, and enjoying the view of the plains and hills rolling by, as well as the Pokemon wranglers walking alongside the wagons.

A beep from a small wireless radio lying on the table got his attention. "Emerald Raikou calling Ruby Phoenix, come in..." Brock's voice crackled over the tiny radio's speaker.

Ash scrambled to the table and snatched up the radio. "This is Ruby Phoenix..."

"Great Rainbow says we should be arriving at our first stop soon." Brock explained. "Once we get there, we'll set things up, and take the stage at 6 tonight in the Graceful River Station's theater, rain or shine. We can also get supplies, explore the post station, and rest in between shows."

Ash smiled. "Roger--see you in a few minutes. Ruby Phoenix out."

He smiled as he put the radio back. Those wireless radios Rona got us are an Arceus-send! We can talk to each other even though we may be in very different wagons or locations!

Just then, he spotted a clump of ancient rooftops coming into view, with a river flowing by the former post station's front gate. That has to be the Graceful River Station--so named because the station sat by a river.

He nudged his Pikachu awake as the wagons came to a stop near a fork in the road. "Hey...we're here."

[mmm...are you gonna perform yet?] Tintri yawned.

"Not yet--we're getting close to the Graceful River Station--the first stop on the old Indigo Road after Pallet Town. Like a lot of roads in ancient Waku, there were post stations--essentially checkpoints on the route--where travelers could rest, replenish supplies, send and get mail, and catch the latest plays, just to name a few things. Many of the post stations and many old theaters on the route are restored and preserved--to give you some idea of what visiting a post station would've been like in ancient times."

He was about to say more when a boom got his attention. "Oh no..."

He felt the wagons start to move again as the Ponytas made their way into the post station. Despite the pouring rain, many of the historic station's residents cheered as the caravan passed through the town square and headed for a majestic building with a sloped roof by the north gate. Looks no different than our theater... Ash thought as the wagons arrived in the caravan unloading area. The Pokemon wranglers recalled the Ponytas to their Poke Balls to rest, then opened up the wagons to allow the actors and other crew to stretch and assist in unloading.

Misty arrived some moments later. "I was looking forward to performing in the station's outdoor theater tonight, but I'm no Castform--I don't control the weather."

"Good thing Rona had the foresight to have a plan B in case our outdoor venue got rained out." Ash assured Misty. "Fingers crossed that we'll get to perform our second show in the stage pavilion like we planned..."

"We will--the rain will move out by tomorrow night, so we can perform in the station's outdoor pavilion later this week." Rona replied as she studied a radar on WeatherNav. "For tonight, we'll have to perform in the theater--KNTO says that the rain will last through tonight, making it too dangerous to perform outside."

She addressed the crowd of concerned actors. "Actors, go on inside the theater and get ready for tonight--we're not letting a little rain ruin our first tour stop!"

"Yeah--the show must go on!" Ash agreed before leading the charge into the stage door...


Inside the theater, the audience watched as Brock--now in a majestic deep green costume with pale green, white, and gold trim--helped Midori to her feet. "Are you okay, milady?"

"I think so..." Midori replied as she brushed off her own green and gold costume. "Thank you for rescuing me from those rogues...I need to find bodyguards to lead me to Celestial Crown Mountain."

"Bodyguards?" Brock was interested.

Midori nodded. "The Enduring Dark Sect was after me because I can sing ki in my song...I will never use my gift to bring disaster on this land!"

Brock nodded to show he understood. "Let me take you to Verdant Dawn Valley. You'll be safe there."

The lights went down over a hopeful interlude, hiding Brock and Midori making their exit. "And so, Emerald Raikou led Green Fletchling to Verdant Dawn Valley, where he and the other five Noble Spirits trained and rested when they were not adventuring. Once there, he told the other Noble Spirits of Green Fletchling's gift--and how he believed she was key to the prophecy..."

"Wow"s and awed chatter filled the theater as the lights came up on a beautiful ancient Wakunese enclave in a flower filled forest. "Everyone! I have someone you all need to meet!" Brock called to no one in particular as he and Midori arrived on the set's central square.

"Welcome back, Raikou-san...who is your guest?" Misty asked as she met Brock and Midori.

"This is Green Fletching." Brock explained, prompting Midori to wave hello. "I have a reason to believe she is the singing Fletching that Seer Summer Grace foretold."

"You've found the singing Fletching?" May asked as she emerged from a foliage filled pathway, intrigued in Midori.

"When the Fletchling sings to awaken Arceus, evil will be judged, and a new era of peace will come." Ash quoted the play's hopeful prophecy as he climbed over a rock to join the others. "This explains why the evil sects are ambushing any that sing well or play music well. I have had to hide my flute when I am traveling."

"If I know Summer Grace, her prophecies are rarely wrong." Dawn assured Ash as she entered from stage left. "So how do you know that this lady is the one?"

"She claims to be able to sing ki in her song." Brock explained to the group, acknowledging Serena with a nod as she made her entrance from stage right. "The only way to see if she speaks the truth would be to have her sing a spell."

"Well...I can conjure a rain shower..." Midori offered. "Is that an acceptable spell?"

"That will do just perfectly!" Ash smiled as the group made a circle for Midori to dance in.

"Okay...one spring rain, just for you." Midori smiled.

The orchestra started a dream-like melody as Midori sang a mystical melody, making "rain" and "sapphires" fall on the stage as she spun and weaved through the circle...
The Saga of the Kagayou Theater

The First Sparkling Stage/The Shimmering Stage/The Stage of Dreams (Waku)
Upcoming Gen 9 Stage (Gen 9 region)/The Stage of Light (Kalos)/The Royal Stage (Galar)/The Stage of Victory (Talie)


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Episode 3: Golden Raikou at the Bright Rock

"Midori stole the show at Graceful River Station..." Misty smiled as the group departed the station a few days later. "Now it's Brock's turn with a familiar character..."

"That explains why I heard Brock cheering last night, after Rona delivered us our scripts..." Ash smiled as he watched the plains of Kanto roll by from a window in the common wagon. "Another Golden Raikou play?"

Brock nodded. "A Golden Raikou play I've longed for us to perform for a while--'Golden Raikou Subdues the Demon'.

"I tried out for Princess Jade Kirin, but that's okay--I think I can work with Violet Deerling." Dawn smiled. "Since we can't exactly have a full readthrough with the whole troupe in our caravan, Rona said to look over and discuss the script and your role yourself--although she is available in the lead wagon for questions and concerns."

"We can have a readthrough here--just the six of us!" Ash suggested. "At least until Rona manages to make a wagon big enough for a whole troupe readthough."

"Besides, it'll help pass the time until we get to Bright Rock Theater." Dawn agreed.

"Since you've played the lead role before, Brock, will you serve as the leader for our group readthrough?" May asked.

"Sure." Brock smiled as he opened his copy of the script to the cast list, where he saw his role highlighted in green. "The show is part of the Golden Raikou series of plays, and features his main nemesis of all his rogue's gallery--the notorious warrior Argent Murkrow. It is explained in this play that Argent Murkrow has an impressive rap sheet, but kidnapping the princess was the final straw. Alongside a few companions, Golden Raikou seeks to finally bring his cunning foe to justice, rescuing Princess Jade Kirin along the way."

'They say that a good actress with charisma and good comic timing is important to pull off Argent Murkrow...so I wonder who got that part?" May wondered.

"If they weren't trying out for the princess, a lot of girls were trying out for Argent Murkrow." Ash remembered. Even Serena tried out for her--and this is the first time I know of that Serena wanted to try out for a bad guy."

"Argent Murkrow is mainly a funny type of villain--so I thought that playing a bad guy would be a challenge for me." Serena explained. "But Scarlet Delphox will scratch my itch for a comical character perfectly."

"A girl named Autumn got the part of Argent Murkrow, if I recall correctly." Misty told May. "Serena was actually Rona's third choice, though I don't remember who Autumn beat out."

"Moving on...the audience doesn't have to have seen any of the other Golden Raikou plays to understand this one." Brock assured the others. "The narrator gets the audience up to speed, then I have a slightly comical monologue that elaborates on some of what the narrator said to start Act 1. As I'm talking to the audience while walking down the Spring Trail, Ash meets me there and lets me know about Princess Jade Kirin's capture."

"Then we all sing the rap sheet song..." Misty mused. "With Princess Jade Kirin being kidnapped as the Cheri Berry on top.

"Let Rona know we need a session with the piano later." Serena reminded Brock. "So we can practice the rap sheet song.

"The song's harder than it looks to play..." Misty admitted. "I could just barely play it on my own piano!"

"I think it needs to be played on a proper 88 key piano, not a 61 key or 76 key keyboard." Serena interjected. "Your piano's fine for band practice, but not so much Tawame songs."

"I gathered as much last night..." Misty sighed. "That said, some Tawame songs do work on 61 keys."

"If and when you do upgrade to a full size 88 key digital keyboard, Mountainwings are your best bet." Brock assured Misty. "Really nice silver ones too."

"Point noted." Misty smiled before turning her attention back to the script. "Anyway, after the rap sheet song, we discuss our plan of attack based on what we know about the kidnapping--Argent Murkrow took Princess Jade Kirin in broad daylight--right out from under the guards' noses. She then took her to her hideout in the Twilight Moon Cliffs--but the billion credit question is--what route did Argent Murkrow take?"

"So we agree to travel to the capital, and learn what we can from the imperial court and the guard." Brock went on. "Personally, I'm glad the journey to the capital was cut--that could've been a whole other play.

"Traveling to the Aiiro City or some other capital or important location makes up an entire genre of plays--appropriately called 'traveling plays'. May explained. "But this is a full on chase play, since we are chasing Argent Murkrow the whole play. Her allies do try to stop us, but our goal is to catch Argent Murkrow and rescue Princess Jade Kirin."

"I'm looking forward to seeing what the crew Rotoms will design for the imperial palace scene, when Golden Raikou and his companions are formally charged with rescuing Princess Jade Kirin." Ash smiled.

"Does Princess Jade Kirin just sit there in a cell the whole time, or does she have an active role?" Serena wondered.

"She does help us out with what she can as the play progresses--similar to what Peach does in 'Paper Mario 64'. Brock explained as he looked ahead to the play's ending. "She also pitches in for the final fight after I let her out--but in all the confusion, Argent Murkrow escapes with a promise that she'll have her revenge next time."

"But knowing Golden Raikou, he'll catch her once again." Dawn smiled, making the others laugh in agreement...
The Saga of the Kagayou Theater

The First Sparkling Stage/The Shimmering Stage/The Stage of Dreams (Waku)
Upcoming Gen 9 Stage (Gen 9 region)/The Stage of Light (Kalos)/The Royal Stage (Galar)/The Stage of Victory (Talie)