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FireRed Moémon! Page 2

Started by Name April 14th, 2011 3:58 PM
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The Usa
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Posted June 9th, 2018
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Oh, It's re-opened. I like the sprites, they're pretty cute.
but they remind me of touhou hack. Also, I thought it's a
firered hack? this looks emerald. You need to work on your
mapping.. but overall, I think this is a great one! ^^
You're probably looking at the old screenshots.
I'll get new ones up soon.


Moémon Master

The Usa
Seen December 26th, 2018
Posted June 9th, 2018
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Old stuff, A totally revamped Moemon! is being worked on!

Screenshots!(images are not necessarily indicative of finished game)
  • Your House

    :) Home sweet home :)

  • Pick a Moémon!

    Torchic, Bulbasaur, Totodile....anyone is fine, just pleeeaaaase save me a Moémon!

  • Typical Battles

    Oh no! I don't wanna lose out here in the middle of nowhere!

  • Typical Areas

    I just keep walking and walking and walking. . .

A brief history of the world. . .
(Only read this if you want to spoil plot elements for yourself!)

Seven years before present day:
  • On the currently unnamed continent there was a catastrophic event which lead to the rise of Moémon.
    Moémon did not exist naturally, as with all other region of PokéEarth the continent was inhabited by Pokémon.
    People and Pokémon lived by-in-large harmoniously.
    Pokémon were very popular in this region and many cartoons were made about them.
    One day however, as an animation team was developing a new show featuring moe versions of Pokémon.
    Little is known about this show, except that it is where all the troubles began.
    Shortly after the idea was developed a meteor crashed into earth which was carrying a strange virus.
    Causing little physical damage, the studio was able to continue work on the show a few days after the crash.
    Soon though many of the animator's Pokémon began to show signs of enhanced growth. This growth was quickly linked to the virus which came from space.
    After discovering what awesome potential this virus had for training, many trainers intentionally exposed their Pokémon to it.
    The virus spread over the region within months.

Four years before present day:
  • Pokémon began to get very sick. All Pokémon who were carrying this virus began to die. Quickly every single Pokémon with the strange space virus died. The only Pokémon left were wilds, greatly weakened by the rough treatment they got at the hand of the trainers who were in search of making their Pokémon team the strongest.
    The wild Pokémon were scarce though, as most had been caught to use in training.

Three years before present day:
  • Strange creatures are spotted all around the region.
    The early reports said that Pokémon were making a resurgence in the region! Not only that but the variety of life had greatly expanded!
    It was quickly discovered though that these early reports were misleading.
    There were creatures spotted who did look like Pokémon at first glance. But upon any extended inspection it was readily apparent that these creatures were not Pokémon. No one was quite sure what to call them.
    The animation studio who had suffered the impact made an announcement shortly after the discovery of these creatures...
    "We feel it is our duty to inform the public.... Our animation studio was working on.... And so it would seem that these creatures which are running around are nothing less than the moe versions of Pokémon!"
    The name Moémon was quickly coined after this announcement.
    Around this time it was also discovered that Moémon were not only diverse in life, but they were terribly strong.

Two years before present day:
  • As the Moémon quickly spread, the Pokémon that were left faced a new threat. Fighting for the same resources and the same space the Pokémon didn't stand a chance.
    Pokémon quickly became extinct on the island continent.
    There was major grief felt all over the world as the news spread.
    Grief... and fear. Many other regions refused to take imports from the continent anymore, due to fear of Moémon spreading to more regions of the world. The island continent grew more wild and self sufficient due to this change in world economy.
    Perhaps though, grief was felt the strongest on this continent.
    Many services were held to mourn the loss of the dear friends many generations had grown to love.
    There was a mass grave that was used to dump the bodies of the Pokémon who were infected with the strange space virus. This was turned into a massive grave yard, and many headstones were created to record the history of these great creatures.

One year before present day:
  • Life is returning to normal on the island. Moémon seem to be filling the same roles Pokémon used to fill.
    Moémon show signs of higher intelligence than their Pokémon counterparts showed.
    This has lead to many advancements on the island.
    Much of the heritage of Pokémon training is being kept alive on the island: children are still given the choice to become a trainer, there are still gyms and badges to earn, there is even a league where the strongest trainers in the region train.

Yesterday:[*]There have been rumors of a new Moémon being spotted. Nothing more has been divulged except that it is a species which has no Pokémon counterpart.

Other Information
The name comes from:

Moemon Battle Sprites - Eh Bisoba, The Chi, Suterura, Deer, Materia, S, Raki, RR
Moemon Team/Box Sprites - mucus
Maps - mucus, Twiggy
Music - mucus, lainlives, Twiggy
Scripts - mucus, antoligy, Bloo
Moédex Entries - mucus, Mattxy8
Promotional Artwork - mucus, Signomi, Bloo
Other Consultants - Luke, J, Bela

Thanks for reading all that, please leave any comments you have!

Old info- April 27, 2011

The upcoming rom hack featuring the Moémon!
Watch the blog for fun tidbits

Back Story and Exposition
Welcome to the world of Moémon!
It's a brave and exciting new world for all of us!
Recently a meteor struck the planet causing the release of a virus.
Little was known about the virus at the time . . .
It caused rampant growth in Pokémon, causing many trainers to believe
if they exposed their Pokémon to the virus they would become stronger.
However things changed suddenly and without warning!
The Pokémon which were exposed to the virus now known as "Pokérus"
strated to change and grow into new forms that had never been seen before!
These new creatures were very adorable, leading many people to call them
"Moémon." (Moe is a japanese term referring to a particular kind of antropomorphism)
. . . (oh and it's pronounced Moe-a)
The Moémon were far stronger than the Pokémon that were left, and quickly
defeated them all. Very soon the world of Pokémon had been replaced
by the world of Moémon!
Trainers continue to catch Moémon and train them for competition and to become
the strongest trainer in the world!
Some people prefer to keep Moémon as pets, and the Moémon seem to be excited
about receiving new roles in society.
As for myself, I continue to study the growth of Moémon. I am a scientist who believes
that Moémon are just the beginning of the amazing changes going on in our world!
My name is Doctor Syzslak, and this continent is known as Nafula.
Let me be the first to welcome you to this amazing world of ours!

Choose your starter!

What is Moémon anyway?
Moémon Battle Sprites- Originally created by Basazu (?)
New Maps- Created by mucus and Twiggy
New Battle Cries- Created by mucus
New Music- Created by mucus

Moémon battle sprites- I have pulled the battle sprites from several different hacks to create a complete set of what I think are the best looking Moémon battle sprites.
I have modified a few of the sprites myself, but cannot take credit for the work that has gone in to them.

New maps- are being created to convey a new story. If it's a new story, it better take place in a new land afterall.

New battle cries- It really bugs me that the 'mon don't say their names, and instead say some funky sounds. I am in the process of recording new voices for every single 'mon.

New music- This is proving to be a challenge, as I have to compose new songs in midi format. I am making decent progress in this regard and hope to have some new tunes in the next demo.

Further info-
Moémon is a culmination of three different Moémon hacks.
There exists Moémon based on a Japanese Fire Red ROM.
There is the English Leaf Green ROM which has a complete set of sprites.
Then there is the Emerald ROM, another English version.
This hack is using elements from each of the entries and is based on
Pokémon Emerald English Version.

What tools are being used?
Advance Map 1.92 and 1.95
Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor
Advance Starter

First demo released, this is highly buggy and unstable. Access to three routes, and three towns. Please do not judge the game based on this early demo, it's just to demonstrate the diverse life and level of difficulty for Moémon.
  • to make some amount of progress player must leave Alluvial Village following Route 1 Doc. Syzslak's bag. Click on the bag to get your first Moémon.
Added credits to OP regarding creation of Moémon battle sprites, as well as various game information.

Coming Soon



Standing Outside of Doc. Syszlak's Lab at night.

Just at the border of Alluvial Village and Route 1.

A wild Poochyena approaches!

Hanging out on Route 1.

I made it to Bay City!

A common situation with Moémon. . .

Down at the moment, sorry >_<

Current Team Lineup
(In no particular order)
mucus (aka Fennel): Project Lead
Signomi: Promotional Materials
Bloo: Scripter
Twiggy: Mapper
Mattxy8: Dex Editor
Luke: Plot Development

Just gonna leave this stuff here...

OP updated!
Alpha 1 released!


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Why are you using the battle graphics from Liquid Crystal? (For that matter do you have permission as well?)


Moémon Master

The Usa
Seen December 26th, 2018
Posted June 9th, 2018
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11.1 Years
Why are you using the battle graphics from Liquid Crystal? (For that matter do you have permission as well?)
Very good of you to notice!
I've gone over to using Liquid Crystal as the base for Moemon because in my opinion Liquid Crystal is the best fanhack there is.
As for permission I am speaking with Linkandzelda as well as the team of Liquid Crystal about it.

Please note: the demos are NOT based on Liquid Crystal and is only to be viewed as a proof of concept. Very much will change from the latest demo.
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