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Posted December 21st, 2018
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Will we be able to meet the goal this time?


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Oh jeez, they haven't done their homework from before, have they? Even though the goal has been reduced to 10 million, it's still pretty unrealistic, and from the guesses from the sales figures compared to SM, I can safely assume that this is going to fail. Unless somehow there's some miracle and everyone starts catching the hell out of everything to the point where it succeeds. But oh well, I can reap the benefits regardless of whether it fails or not...

Just watch as the second mission is "Find Pokemon using Island Scan!" and they tell us to find 1 million again...oh boy...

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I'm pretty sure HeroLinik is spot-on. It's still a very ridiculous number that will be unlikely to be reached within a week since everyone will be pre-occupied with the main story first.
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The mission is currently already active.
how can a mission be active already for a game that's not even released yet tho?

but we'll see how it goes, 10 million is a way less absurd number than the 100 million of last time
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To be honest, I forget that something like Global Missions exists in the SUMO and when I finally remember, they were over... So I forget about them again :D
But I think they need better rewards, so more people are willing to do them. FC don't make it for me and I feel like I'm not the only one.
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