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Started by Spherical Ice August 12th, 2011 1:23 PM
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@Menthii Ok, Red Fire seems to have what you're looking for

Using cheats in ROM Hacls is not advised. It can lead to unexpected results due to restructured (save)data. It's especially not advised for hacks that expand the amount of Pokemon/items.
Well, tested and working cheats for several rom hacks exist. May cause issues when misused, kept enabled when they're no longer needed, have multiple activated at the same time, etc. but not if used wisely. Add the candies, turn off/delete the code, save the game, reload, and continue playing normally. Rare candy levelling in Nuzlockes isn't anything new, and it's not like hacking Pokémon, walking through walls or anything potentially game-breaking.
Favorite rom hacks/fan games: Prism, Gaia, Rising Earth, Bushido, Radical Red.
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Posted July 30th, 2021
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I would like some recommendations of rom hacks or fan games with good fakemon or regional variants/evolutions, not the ones like Pekin's or Demon Island, I would like some excellent sprite work and ideas like Pokemon Vega, Xenoverse, Sage and Uranium, my favorite thing in thoses fan games are the variety of fakemons ideas, art and their typing and moves, I doesn't need to be enhanced, hard or something like that, having p/s split is already good enough as I didn't find any other striking fakemon games searching online (as it seens it is pretty niche in thoses forums as most of the players don't like fakemon (and I don't judge them)).
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Posted July 31st, 2021
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I'm new to fan games / rom hacks, although I don't know their difference either, the only thing I know is that I'm enjoying it a lot.

I have finished the xenoverse and a pretty good Spanish creation called Pokemon Opal, which I highly recommend, I am currently playing INSURGENCE and I already have REJUVENATION and REBORN downloaded.

I would like to know games as good as those to add to my list :)
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Posted August 1st, 2021
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8.1.21_Recommendation for ROM hacks?

🌳General visuals

preferably based on the gba type of pixelated graphics (sapphire or later)

But willing to drop that I’m totally fine with anything up to 3DS if it fits the 1st most important points below
🌳1st Most important

all Pokémon unlocked

Mega evolutions specifically mewtwo X and Y

I would like to have it on my treat down the line (not easily of course)

Multiple regions

Complete game

Meaning a completely legit feeling experience finished story, very little bugs and glitches, finished post game, etc

Maybe some extra story but doesn’t look too ghetto/out there like Pokémon Reborn map

Much more difficult than orig Pokémon

But not just pure difficult, difficulty that is fair if you are smart, rather than just having the enemy have tons of levels over you

More interesting post game content

Cool with Fakemon: original Pokémon

if, it isn’t JUST fakemon and no original Pokémon And once again doesn’t look ridiculous, some I’ve seen are quite amazing like in Pokémon GS Chronicles 3 starter Fakemon mega evolutions
🌳Secondary important

Maybe have a nuzlocke mode?

Larger teams?
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Does anyone know if there's any Gen 2 rom hack (or Gen 1, but I guess that would be impossible) featuring Abilities, besides Pokémon Prism?

Anyone got a ROMhack with a new story (that wasn't so dark or anything), all Pokemon including generation 6-8, and a little bit vanilla difficulty for beginners?
There isn't one yet. There are rom hacks with new region/story but no gen 8, and vice versa. Only a few fan games have new story and Gen 8 (not necessarily all Pokémon though)
Favorite rom hacks/fan games: Prism, Gaia, Rising Earth, Bushido, Radical Red.
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Posted August 14th, 2021
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Hi. im trying to find some hacks to play and i always hear the typical ones that have a new story or whatever but those dont really interest me.. i think i like hacks that have a kind of theme to them.. for example i like: fire red rocket edition, adventure red chapter, ash gray, orange islands, sweet 1 and 2, snakewood, etc. if anyone knows any more themed hacks like that lemme know
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Posted September 11th, 2021
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I've played a while ago a Pokemon ROMhack or a fan game (I don't recall which one was it). I don't remember a whole lot of that game besides it having intentional glitches. One particular intentional glitch I remember was when the player was walking in a route ands uddenly the road glitches and the road became black/white textured. One thing I remember too was a certain room which was... creepy? It had a bunch of kids toys in it and also Lego blocks or something like that. There could also have been a doll there. Does anyone know the name of it? Thanks in advance.

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Is there a Pokemon Crystal rom hack or fan game, that has crystal's graphics but with modern pokemon mechanics,types, moves etc?
Polished Crystal?


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Hey Guys,I'm searching for some romhacks that has The Following qualities:
  • Good Graphics
  • New Region
  • Completed

I Already Played:
[Ruby] Pokémon Light Platinum by Wesley FG
[Emerald] Pokémon Glazed by redriders180 (Lucbui)
[FireRed] Pokémon Saiph by Vytron
[FireRed] Pokémon Adventure Red Chapter by Aethestode
[FireRed] Pokémon Sors by Vytron
[FireRed] Pokémon Unbound by Skeli
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Im looking for a rom hack that centers around latias/latios

1500 years ago a cataclysmic event occurred in the Lati Region. Two Pokemon saved the region from being destroyed.

You move to the small woodland town of Oranburg. One day you decide to leave on an adventure to beat the E4, but while journeying you discover that Team Skies is doing something suspicious. Its up to you to save the region.

Includes: Region of Lati, with 17 towns, 25 routes, and a wild area
8 gyms
A postgame
All gen 1-3 pokemon catchable plus some Gen 4-8 pokemon as well
Lore scattered across region.
Demo coming soon