Help trade evos violet

Started by midget90000 December 3rd, 2022 3:18 AM
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Hi, welcome to PC! Nice to hear that you got your trade sorted quickly. In the future, we have a whole forum section dedicated to trades:

Also, there is an edit button on your posts you can use to update a post with new information (such as when you wanted to add your trade link code or to state that you didn't need help anymore), just a nifty hint!

I hope your playthrough is going well :)

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i am in need of help with trades for evolution such as slowpoke to slowking and evolve my scyther

my link trade code is 62358139

don't need help anymore
Hello, Midget90000, and welcome to the forums!
I merged your three posts, but you can always edit your post if you want to add / modify something, so that you will not have to post several times in a row. ^^

I am happy to see you found what you were looking for!
Feel free to tell us more about yourself!
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Good to see you managed to get your trades done!

What's your team in Violet?

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