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Old 5 Days Ago (2:16 AM).
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    Deen proportions have nothing on the original vn ones, that is a fact.
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    Old 5 Days Ago (9:19 AM). Edited 5 Days Ago by GanguEevee.
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      First off, I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT REPLYING SOONER OR LATER. I've been watching other anime (Mostly Pop Team Epic and Fate/Stay Night) and been doing other things like school or sleeping. Plus I bought my Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago, so there's that. Anyways, yesterday I decided that I would finally give Girlish Number the watching it deserved, by watching at least 5 episodes of it. Today...I barely did just that. I watched 4.

      Because holy psyducking muk, I don't think I'm ready to handle the main character's bullmuk for the 5th time. You know those YouTubers? Those YouTubers who don't have that many subs who always seem to be egotistical and believe that they'll be popular in a few months or so? Yeah, that's basically Chitose Karasuma in a nutshell to me. I'm goddamn hoping that the next few episodes actually make her a bit better or, at the very least...a bit more tolerable. Cause I swear, even when the episode makes me believe that she's actually developing as a character, they'll immediately just prove me wrong by making her think/say/do something that makes me want to kill her in some way, shape or form.

      As for the other characters...well, I think I hate Chitose's brother(Gojo) almost about as much as her, cause he shares a bunch of the same things I hate her for, but at least he's actually manageable. Yae and Koto are okay, I guess, while Momoka has some moments where I'm like 'Ugh,' but she's fine. And of course, almost as always, my favorite character out of main cast is the token quiet and mature girl, Kazuha Shibasaki. I always seem to like the quiet ones, cause they're pretty cute and seem to have the most development by the end of it all. So, I sorta have high hopes for her.

      As for the anime in general...well, the animation is pretty good. The concept of an anime focusing on voice acting and the inner workings of how an anime is made is pretty cool, too. I actually chuckled at the fact that the anime they're voice acting together is based on a fantasy harem light novel and they're only making said anime because light novels are popular, which is just so true.

      ...And that's all I can think of in terms of actual opinions. I'm probably gonna keep watching more of this, but only in the hopes that Chitose actually develops as a character.
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      Originally Posted by GanguEevee View Post
      but only in the hopes that Chitose actually develops as a character.
      She does, the brat angle's intentional, really, and if you found her insufferable then the show's doing it's job.

      It doesn't go out of its way to make her wholly unlikable, of course, but at least at this point in the series she's meant to essentially not be the type of character you'd want to cheer for.
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      The anime I received was “Onegai Teacher”. I was given a short list to choose from Alvey, and I chose this one. I’m pretty glad I did. It was a short anime, consisting of 12 episodes and an OVA. I went into it thinking I’d only get through a couple of episodes at a time… Boy, was I wrong. I finished the entire anime in about 5 hours. So, for a lack of words it was probably better than what I was anticipating. The only thing I shall be talking about is the actual show, as I wasn’t actually required to watch the OVA (but I did it anyway).

      Sorry for posting this now I... overslept. I originally wrote this after I’d finished watching it, so some things might not make sense due to a lack of sleep lmao.

      It was… pretty hard to get into at first. It seemed a little bit slow and I couldn’t actually see myself relating to any of the characters, and I couldn’t actually get a feel for them. I was going to stop at Episode 2 and take a rest, however there wasn’t much information given and I just wanted to find out a little bit more. After Episode 3, I started to get attached to the characters. It was a small attachment for Mizuho, really. The only character I had an interest in from the start (more or less) was Ichigo. Her character was kind of developed for me from the start, and I just grew to love her more and more with each episode. Her Japanese VA also voices Rika Furude and Bernkastel so I love her even more

      Before I go overboard talking about how fond I am of certain characters, I should probably talk about character development and plot (as well as other things). I’ll just say that this anime starts off quite slowly, so the plot is spread out quite well. If you give it a chance, I’m sure you’ll be as into it as I was. The characters actually talk… normally for a school setting. I feel the way it was focused (on the important characters) was suitable in the sense that it is probably how actual school kids would behave, socialise, and react. The main characters seem to build a relationship slowly but not too slow. The anime tries to express a lot of emotions at the viewer (eg. Empathy, sympathy, happiness, sadness…) and mixes them well together. Nothing is inappropriate at the time. If characters have fallen out, they actually solve their issues instead of having them drag on, which I like as dragging issues on is quite boring imo.

      I like that they stick to one subject per episode (ie. An episode’s title is related to what will happen in that particular episode) and kind of link the episodes to their previous one. They don’t make each episode plot heavy and not too many things happen, which is a good thing as I find it hard to concentrate if there’s too many things going on. I honestly feel as though the things that happen just flow. There have been shows in the past that have left me confused or unable to comprehend what has just happened, but I don’t feel that with Onegai Teacher whatsoever. Probably being repetitive, but it honestly just flowed with a story. There were a few times where things repeated, but they weren’t boring and were still watchable. One last thing to add is that this anime certainly was not rushed in terms of its plot and goal.

      One thing I want to mention is the fact I watched it in English for the sake of it (I like to watch subbed and dubbed whenever possible to compare the two). I haven’t yet watched it in Japanese but I will be so I can hear Ichigo’s VA, so I’ll just talk about the dub. In my opinion, the dub was great but it could have done better. There were some… awkward?... sounds, I guess, which the characters made sometimes whilst running which I think could have been better. The characters’ voices themselves were fine in my opinion, but there were times where I’d be annoyed with characters because of their voices. The only character, not really surprising, I didn’t find myself annoyed by was Ichigo. She is fairly monotone, but (without spoiling) she does sometimes have tones to her voice. The actress did a great job keeping that up. However, the quality for Ichigo (and other characters actually) sometimes lacked, in the sense that they sounded like they were talking from the other side of the room. It wasn’t enough to put me off, as it wasn’t that bad, but sometimes it was kind of obvious. I hope it’s better in the Japanese version although I probably won’t complain about Ichigo’s voice but it won’t really put me off if it isn’t (unless it sounds really bad). But honestly, voice acting doesn’t put me off, so that wouldn’t knock my rating down.

      I have rated this anime a 9/10 for its character development, plot and how well it maintained fitting the story into the 12 episodes (and OVA). I was only slightly disappointed in how slow it started off, as I wasn’t able to get into it until the end of Episode 3, which is why it’s not a solid 10. I’d actually recommend this anime for people who wanted something new to watch.
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      I'm still at the same point where I was in the check-in. I haven't really had the time or energy to watch any more episodes at this point since the only easily accessible format is through the torrent on my pc and I've only gotten on my computer for a few minutes a day this past week or so. I've also been watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans just about every day (about an episode or two each time) since I can get it on hulu with pretty much any of my devices.

      However, there is a little bit that I'd like to say about what I did watch of His and Her Circumstances.

      First off, the music is great. The animation is pretty good for the time it was made and like I said in a post earlier on, I have a few faint memories of having seen the anime before but it was years and years ago. But there have been certain points in the show where I can go 'oh yeah!' and start to get really excited thinking about what's about to happen.

      The premise of the show so far seems pretty simple, but I feel like the romance was rushed a little bit too much in the beginning. It's already 26 episodes, so I feel like they could have put one or two more in to build up better but this is likely how the manga began as well so I'll just put it aside. That being said, I have been enjoying the episodes that I've watched and I actually started watching an episode tonight to get a refresher. I'll probably post here again in a couple of weeks to summarize my thoughts when it's all over.
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      Just so everyone knows. The next ACC round will be started on the 1st of March.

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