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The Starter Pokémon

Started by kingdenas August 23rd, 2019 4:47 PM
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Everyone knows them. Everybody loves them. At the start of your jorney, on every main Pokémon game, you, a young Pokémon Trainer who is just starting your own adventure, have 3 starter Pokémon to choose from. They are always there: A Water type, a Grass type and a Fire type waiting to be picked up, but only one of them becomes your team member and is usually your strongest 'mon.
Now imagine GF actually changes the formula. What if there aren't 3 Pokémon to choose, but only one? Or what if you can choose a starter from a group of 5 Pokémon? And what if the typings aren't Fire, Grass and Water but something else, like Psychic, Dark and Ghost? Wouldn't it be cool to choose a nice Poison-type starter with a 3 stage evolution line to be your partner throughout your whole adventure? Wouldn't it be almost ... refreshing??
What changes would you like to see regarding the Starter Pokémon? Or are you against this idea and prefer the formula to stay the same? I'm looking forward for your opinions :)
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/hates a lot of the starter Pokemon

I'd be fine with them changing up the formula - god knows they need to change SOMETHING about Pokemon, although I wouldn't have them start here - for the starters. Colosseum and XD gave you preset starters after all, and that was fine. The nice thing is that if you don't like it then you don't have to use it, so whilst being restricted to one Pokemon as a starter could have its drawbacks if you don't like that Pokemon (I think one of the reasons I don't like Gen V is because all of the starters are rubbish) if it's something like Eevee that has multiple evolutions, or if its evolution is narrative-based, it could be a more interesting and engaging concept than just picking one of three.

Although I think the best I'd hope for would be them going the SMD route and letting us choose one from all the starters across all generartions, plus some one-offs like Pikachu, Psyduck, etc. Maybe they could even ditch the concept of a starter Pokemon entirely and let you choose one Pokemon - with restrictions - from the regional Pokedex.


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Can I be honest? I'm fine with the typing trio always being Fire/Water/Grass, these types are very elemental, and good for the beginning of the game. Besides, Game Freak isn't going to change up the main story starter structure any time soon. Pokemon Yellow, and Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee were just exceptions, obviously. Spinoffs are different, since they're their own canon.

But I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I'm fine w/game freak experimenting with non fire/water/grass in games like Let's Go, and giving us different starter choices like they do in spin-off games, but eh, the main series games are going to stay the way they are when it comes to the starter types...
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I'd like new types. I remember rumors floating around that the DPPt starters wouldn't be the typical grass/fire/water selection, then it was revealed to just be fanart by purplekecleon haha.

Maybe we can have a series of choices at the beginning of the game that influence what beginner Pokémon we get (not necessarily one of three starters) -- kinda like PMD?


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I wouldn't mind a more PMD-esque style selection, honestly =o it's one of the things I like about those games! The starter selection isn't that typical, and you can pick outside of the typical grass/fire/water starters to kind of experiment a bit. I don't think it would do any harm for the main series to go this route.


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I don't mind the Fire/Water/Grass combo, but I certainly wouldn't complain if we got something a little less traditional! The Ghost/Dark/Psychic you mentioned sounds really cool. Oh! Or Flying/Fighting/Rock!

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