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Hi all!

I'm a returning user from 2007 or 6, maybe even 2004 if I remember correctly! (Haha, I'll stop saying this now after a few more Threads :P)

I find that when we first discovered this amazing rich Universe around the time of 1997 or so; we had all types of fantasies. We imagined going off on a grand journey; away from the normal life. To quote one of the Toshihiro Ono Comics, "Ah....the life of a Traveler!!!" (Ash speaking of Brock; conjuring up an image of an Arctic Land high up in the Mountains; dotted with trees every so often).

However, around the time of Middle School, we all started to only view them in terms of who was strongest and who wasn't. This lead to often in the world of Boys, you guessed it...."REPTILE POKEMON ONLY!!!!" This was very problematic, as we did everything that EVERY Townman said not to do in the Game & Story. You think because 1 Team of People create a Story, that it means that own Story doesn't breathe with it's own varying differences from the Creators. In simple terms: a Person in a Town may not always guide you the correct way just because it was designed by someone that makes your Life happier (I.e. Software Engineer, etc.); and none of us seemed to pay attention to the Old Men and Women in the Cities. They ALL told us: DO NOT ABUSE POKEMON FOR THEIR POWER! We all saw it truly; a cast of People in the Kanto & Johto Society, that only view their Pokemon as Instruments of Battle. This is NOT what a Creature is.

The reason we tended to lose Seratonin & Dopamine Hormones in the Brain after a few years more in High School, was because we forgot that the difference between a Pixel Pokemon and a REAL LIFE one, is that the Real one will Eat with you, Play with you, annoy you, scramble around the room wrecking your things, never listen to you, and will cuddle with you at Night! This is the bridge between the world of Martial Artists and the world of the Imaginary. There is no reason a Teen Lugia HAS to defeat a Hitmonchan training in a Gym for 10 years. By definition, I would expect the Hitmonchan's superior Technique to overpower most Beasts in the Land! Things just aren't so Metallic like we all think they are. Creatures have their own Journey. All major Martial Arts Families will discuss the principles of inner Energy; a Force that much like any Elemental-type Energy in Physics, will generate more Feats with the Nerves and Fibers of our Body when concentrated enough. Every living Organism has this Energy in them, some refer to it as Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, Shakra, Mana, etc. (you saw this demonstrated when they used "Hidden Power"). Other Creatures tend to have it more engrained into their DNA; i.e. Glands in the Lizard Pokemons' Mouth to generate Fire, or other Glands to generate Water from the Spout, etc. etc. And to make the mistake of thinking that one Beast is limited in its Training Journey; due to simple Text File Statistics and Databases, is to say that ANY Being that pursues a path of Combat can't transcend its limitations. With that fact in life, we would never ever be able to evolve our Bodies and Minds as we study more of where we come from.

So in short, I feel that more people need to view Pokemon not as Mathematical Equations, but as a living breathing thing. Anybody is capable of besting anybody in Battle; big or small, Reptile or Fish, Master or Novice.