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Evolutions That You'd Change

Started by Palamon August 22nd, 2019 1:57 PM
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If you could change any evolution (not the pokemon it evolves into, the way it evolves) of a Pokemon, what evolution would you change, and why? There are quite a few in game evolutions I'd personally fix...

I'd fix Magnemite's Evolution. Magnemite is described to need two other Magnemite to evolve, so rather than it leveling up, I'd change it so it evolves upon leveling up with two other Magnemite in the party.

I'd also change Slowpoke's evolution to leveling up with a Shellder in the party.

I'd also make it so Eevee can evolve into Espeon with a Sun Stone in regions where time isn't a mechanic, and a Moon Stone for Umbreon. I'd also make it so Lefeon and Glaceon would evolve with the Leaf and Ice stones in regions where their rocks don't appear. (In other words, the Johto region and Kanto regions, since the Moss and Ice rocks don't exist there). & I guess if future Pokemon games don't have an affection system, maybe Eevee can evolve into Sylveon w/a new item called a Fairy Stone, or high friendship while knowing a Fairy move. But these are just ideas. I've always thought a super easy fix for Eevee evolving into Espeon or Umbreaon in FR/LG is just to have them evolve with stones, since the time mechanic is absent. Same w/the thing I mentioned about Leafeon and Glaceon. If they can change Feebas's evolution to a trade evolution in later generations, they can do the same thing for Eevee's evolutions if they drop a mechanic, or have a mechanic absent.
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while I can see where Game Freak is coming from, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of trade evolutions. I was speaking with a friend of mine and he was actually disappointed because he wanted to get a Machamp and an Alakazam only to find out that you'd have to trade for both, so an alternative means of getting both would be nice. honestly, I'd just go for the old fashioned evolve through leveling up for those two lines in particular.


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To be honest, I'm fine with most evolution methods, even the weird ones like Inkay.

As for trade evolutions, I agree that there should at least be an alternative method to obtaining the evolutions. I'm thinking something like some guy that trades your pokemon back and forth, to simulate the trading with another person. Or just simply, some item like in Drayano's hacks, a link cable or something, and for things that trade with items, just make those items usable.
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