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Shiny Umbreon

United States
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5.1 Years
Old username: articful
New username: Articful

I wish to keep my name, but I want to capitalize the first letter, thanks!
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Posted 1 Hour Ago
26,863 posts
12.9 Years
Old username: Chacha Dinosaur
New username: KDS

I'd like to revert back to my old alias, (i.e KDS)
This thread is only for supporters, sorry! =( The next name change thread for members will be open in November.
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Age 21
Sydney, Australia
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Posted 6 Days Ago
2,652 posts
6.4 Years
Old username: Silvia
New username: Khoshi

I feel like I should be changing my name to one I use almost everywhere else. Correct me if I'm doing something wrong...


PC's official autistic unicorn~

Age 30
in a secret land that only those worthy can see. :3
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Posted 7 Hours Ago
6,307 posts
15.2 Years
I'm not sure if I can change it or not but...

Old Username: Auticorn
New Username: 자폐증 유니콘

Hope that'll work. :c
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