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Discussion why haven't you finished your ROM hack? Page 3

Started by Christos September 4th, 2018 11:53 AM
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Lack of time. Not to mention a slight fear of getting taken down by Nintendo before anyone's had a chance to play a game. I do still work on mine, but at this rate it'll be a very long time until I’m finished.

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Lack of time. Not to mention a slight fear of getting taken down by Nintendo before anyone's had a chance to play a game. I do still work on mine, but at this rate it'll be a very long time until I’m finished.
Same other reasons as to why I haven't completed any Pokemon ROM hack myself.


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I haven't started, I have two plans, but I would like some help.
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Time's the biggest factor for me. Well, that and a serious case of neglect due to my ever-increasing game backlog. It's admittedly been a few years since I last touched mine (seriously, it's been like 2-3), but I've recently started to get back into the swing of things after opening up AdvanceMap last week. However, my mindset when it comes to certain things in romhacks has changed a bit over the years, and some changes will have to be made in it. I've put so much work into it already, so I really do want to see it through to the end.
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Because I'm a noob with too many questions and doing my first hack.
It's a yellow, and I changed the original idea for a more 'doable' one.
Yet, I can't find info on some things, like, there are many 'missingno' slots on the rom.
Can they be used to add new pokémon? Like crobat, steelix, etc.
I know new typings can be made, because there are 20 'type values' and only 16 are used.
One of them is Bird, by the way.
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There's only so much time in a day and only so many bugs I can get rid of
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Lack of time, motivation, and having a lot of different ideas and projects in mind (not related to Pokémon). Also one of the biggest factors is that I started my Emerald rom hack in spring of 2018. Since then, a whole new pillar of 3rd gen rom-hacking had emerged - dissasembly. Though I completely understand it's importance and convenience, I have nor time nor desire for learning how to use it. In turn, my rom-hack becomes outdated. Still, I'm planning on finishing that thing in some form or another sometime in early 2020s and move on to something else. Don't wanna leave my little hack in the dust on my hard drive.

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everytime I get started.
I have to move cross country for work, and have no access to my PC.
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Rom Hacks fail for the same reasons any project fails. Lack of coordination, scope creep, poor planning, etc.

Very few Rom Hackers ever set out a plan for their rom hack and STICK with it. The moment you deviate from the path you set, you might as well say goodbye to your hack honestly. Most rom hacks don't ever even get to releasing a beta because they think they have to add more features, or more Pokemon, or this or that script, or because they don't want people seeing their bugs. Since most hacks tend to be solo projects, there's only one personal accountable, and it's pretty hard to be accountable to yourself.

I don't think those things are specific to rom hacks. However, it is very true that there's kind of a drought of new ideas and talent, a lot of us who were rom hacking when we were 14-18 as a niche hobby are probably preoccupied with our actual jobs programming.



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it's too much work bro i would spend months and make very little progress, i was usually happy with what i'd made but it was never worth the time, i come back to this forum every now and then and think hey that was cool I should get back into that then it hits me how much I'd have to do, I always wanted to go above and beyond too which didn't help


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Learning C is daunting, as is designing a ton of new Pokemon and making a whole new region... I wish I had a team, honestly, but I don't want to exploit people.



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My reason is I have 2 gyms/8 completed and then I decide I want to stop everything and redo it all in the disassembly version instead, which means learning how to use the disassembly project despite there being little to no documentation for most things. Saying it that way kind of makes me want to finish the thing first and do my next one in the disassembly though.

im happy to script for people i just dont like doing the dialogue.......

thats kinda where the com hack fell down :(
And I actually really enjoy dialogue. I'm very good at it, and unlike most unfortunate hackers I tend to understand how to spell and use proper grammar in the English language.
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