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    Episode 43: Hot Matches! (part 2)

    "I am so glad to be back on the main road!" Ash smiled as he charged ahead of Misty and Brock. He figured Kamon had left after battling him to a draw, so they wouldn't have to risk resting at the Pokemon Center, and then their teams being thrashed again.

    "I'll say..." Brock mused. "Luckily, Hinata should be okay until we get to a town proper, provided we don't run into Team Rocket or something."

    "I'm in no mood to see those goons at the moment." Misty muttered. "It was bad enough seeing you guys get hammered by Kamon's new Skarmory, and who am I to think that Team Rocket could ambush us while we are weakened?"

    Ash shuddered as Brock consulted his guidebook. "Ethan did tell us before we parted ways that some Pokemon Daycares allow trainers to stop and rest for the if we can't reach a town, we could try finding one of those to rest for the night, if you don't want to risk camping."

    "Like that one?" Ash pointed out a small house with a large field in the distance that resembled an identical picture in Brock's guidebook.

    "Speak of Darkrai..." Misty gasped. "Just what we need--provided the family is one of those that welcomes travelers."

    "Only one way to find out!" Ash grinned before hurrying to the house's front stoop and knocking.

    A dark brown haired man answered the door. "Oh, travelers! How can I be of service?" he asked as an auburn haired woman and a red haired girl joined him at the door.

    "We're not sure how far away a town is from here, so will you please grant the three of us shelter for the night?" Ash asked.

    "Of course--the house has some spare rooms just for this reason." the man replied. "Come on in and make yourselves at home."

    "You came at a good time--I was about to start dinner." the woman smiled. "Roast Combusken with all the trimmings--Miki's favorite." The red haired girl smiled, pleased that the group would be sharing her favorite meal with her family.

    "If you need a helping hand in the kitchen, I'd be happy to pitch in." Brock offered. "As well as some post dinner entertainment."

    As Brock and the woman departed into the kitchen, Miki noticed Tintri perched on Ash's shoulder. "How come your Pikachu isn't in his Poke Ball?" she asked.

    "Well, Tintri is one of those Pokemon that doesn't like being in a Poke Ball, so my solution is to leave him out--and my right shoulder is his preferred spot." Ash explained, bending down to Miki could pet Tintri. "We do almost everything together."

    "Kinda like that deep red haired guy and the Skarmory I've seen near the field lately..." Miki mused. "Maybe he does almost everything with his Skarmory too?"

    Kamon... Ash grimaced--the memory of his draw with Kamon was still fresh in his memory.

    "Something wrong, Ash?" Misty asked as she came downstairs.

    "Miki says she's been seeing Kamon a lot in this area with his Skarmory, and thinks they do almost everything together, like Tintri and I do." Ash explained.

    "Maybe Kamon isn't as bad or as evil as we think he is..." Misty suggested. "He may love his own Pokemon as much as we do ours."

    "That may be true, but he told us, in his exact words, that he is a 'punk with standards'." Ash reminded Misty. "This devotion to his Skarmory Talavar may be one of those standards."

    "We'll go with that, then." Misty smiled as she went to help Miki set the table.

    Ash, meanwhile, located Brock tending to some mashed potatoes in the kitchen. "I'm gonna take Cyndy outside and train for a bit, so I'd love if you'd keep my share of dinner warm."

    "You got it." Brock replied. "It should be ready here in a few minutes."

    "I'll try not to stay out too late!" Ash called back as he motioned for Cyndy to follow him out into the grassy hills that surrounded a forest.


    "Come and get me!" Ash called in encouragement to the Cyndaquil running up the hill after him, giggling all the while.

    After the two of them reached the top of the hill, Ash instructed Cyndy. "Okay, now hit me with the hardest Tackle you can muster!"

    [HIIIIIIIII-YA!] Cyndy cried as she rammed into Ash, making him tumble down the hill. She noticed that even though he had fallen, he was still laughing as he eased himself to his feet and rejoined her at the top of the hill. This hardly seems like training at all--it's more like a game!

    "Okay...that was very good!" Ash wheezed as he composed himself. "Next, let's work on your Flamethrower!"

    Cyndy nodded, and unleashed a stream of flames into the sky. After firing the Flamethrower straight up, Ash watched as she made several more fire streams in several different directions, being careful not to set anything ablaze all the while.

    Ash applauded as Cyndy finished her Flamethrower display. "You're getting so good at controlling the flames--before they seemed to fizzle out if you turned your head or changed direction."

    [Thank you--your advice about focusing on a target was a big help.] Cyndy smiled. [What should we practice next?]

    Okay, we've gone over Tackle, we've gone over Flamethrower... Ash thought before an idea came to him. "Let's work on Agility next--try to catch me if you can!" he smiled before taking off down the hill.

    [I'm gonna getcha!] Cyndy called as she powered down the hill with Agility, eager to catch her running master in this glorified game of chase...

    To Be Continued...
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    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

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    Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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      Episode 44: Hot Matches! (part 3)

      Back at the house, Miki noticed that Ash's place at the table was empty. "Where did Ash get to? I hope he's okay..."

      "He's fine--he just took his Cyndaquil Cyndy out to train for a while." Misty assured Miki as she passed Miki's mother the mashed potatoes.

      "If you're worried that he'll go hungry, relax, I gave Ash a share--it's being kept warm in the oven." Brock added as he refilled his glass with Leppa Berry juice. "Hopefully he'll be back in time for the sing-along after dinner."

      "I'm sure he will be--we won't start without him." Misty smiled as she fed Tintri a Leppa Berry.

      "Good--if you guys are as talented as you say, I wouldn't miss a sing-along for the world!" Miki smiled as she returned to her own meal.


      Back on the hill, a growl got Ash's and Cyndy's attention. "Wow...have we really been out that late?" Ash wondered as he watched the sky begin to turn pink and orange as the sun sank below the trees. "I'm starved!"

      [Maybe we could go back...] Cyndy suggested. [I'm sure the others are worried about us.]

      "Okay...but before we do, do one more Tackle on me!" Ash asked.

      [All right, I'm coming at'cha!] Cyndy replied before barreling into Ash, sending him stumbling backwards and landing against a Leppa Berry tree.

      Moments after Ash examined himself and saw he was none the worse for wear, he was showered in Leppa Berries that had been dislodged by the force of Cyndy's attack. "Well, at least one of these should hold us until we get back to the house." he smiled before finding a suitable Leppa Berry in the pile.

      He balked when he saw an angry Beedrill looking back at him. "WAUGH!" he yelped as he dropped the Leppa Berry and took off down the hill.

      [Run for it!] Cyndy called as more Beedrills emerged from the tree.

      Ash nodded, and did his best to keep up with the Cyndaquil, periodically looking back to see if the Beedrills were gaining on them. We have to get back to the house, no matter what!

      He did not, however, expect to trip over a rock buried in the grass. [ASH!] Cyndy screamed as she watched Ash tumble head over heels into a heap, his arms dotted with various scratches and nicks.

      She gritted her teeth as she heard the low hum of the Beedrills approaching--she was not about to have her master be stung by thousands of Beedrills! [Beedrills! Don't you dare sting my master!] she warned before unleashing a Flamethrower into the approaching swarm, burning many of the Beedrills.

      Ash came to in time to see the remainder of the swarm flying away. "Ungh...Cyndy...did you just--ow--rescue me?"

      [I sure did!] Cyndy smiled as she gently rubbed some of Ash's wounds with her quills, creating a soothing warmth that eased the pain. [We didn't even need Brock to come out here and shoot an arrow at them!]

      Ash smiled. "Thank you--if we get to battle Kamon and his Skarmory in the morning, remember how you rescued me and fought off those Beedrills, okay?"

      [If I can take on those buzzers, I can take on a Skarmory easy!" Cyndy smiled as she led Ash back to the house.


      "Ash! You made it!" Misty smiled as Ash and Cyndy returned some moments later. "Although...what happened to you?" she asked as Brock hurried to assess the many bites and wounds on Ash's arms.

      "We were training on the hill near the house, and I asked Cyndy to Tackle me." Ash explained. "She did, and I landed against a Leppa Berry tree. Just as I found one that was ripe enough to eat, I saw a Beedrill on it, which angered a whole swarm!"

      "So, what did you do?" Brock was interested.

      "We tried to run away, but as we ran, I tripped on a rock." Ash went on. "That explains all the bites and scratches. Just when it looked like the end, Cyndy ran in front of the swarm and used Flamethower. She managed to burn almost the whole swarm!"

      "Wow!" Miki gasped.

      "Maybe she might be ready to try taking on Kamon and Talavar again." Brock smiled. "But he's probably gone to bed by now, so we'll try to find him in the morning."

      As soon as he was happy with all the swirls of medicine on Ash, he saw Miki waiting with hopeful eyes. "All right--gather 'round and we'll have our sing-along and storytime."

      [YAAAAAAAAY!!!!] Cyndy was just as excited as Miki was as she followed Ash into the living room, where the others had gathered.

      Once the group had settled in and their instruments were tuned, Brock kicked off the first story of the night. "Once upon a time, in a place far from here, and in a time far from now, there was a queen who had three beautiful daughters, who were renowned far and wide for their beauty, wisdom, and kindness to all. They were courted by kings and princes, and many others of high degree, but hadn't yet chosen any of them. One day a great prince, that no one knew, and who had never been seen in that land before, came, like the others, looking for the hand of one of these beautiful ladies. But the queen approved of him, in case he was able to succeed in winning the willing hand of either of her daughters...."


      The next morning, the group and Kamon met near the same hill Ash and Cyndy had trained by the night before. "You realize that you're asking to be beaten?" Kamon smirked as Talavar eyed the tiny Cyndaquil.

      "Bring it on!" Ash snapped back. "Cyndy's a lot stronger than yesterday!"

      "All right, but don't come crying to me when your Cyndaquil has to be rushed to the emergency bay." Kamon grinned as he motioned for Brock to give the count.

      "Okay!" Brock counted before blowing his whistle to start the match.

      As if the whistle was its cue, Talavar took flight, circling around the makeshift battlefield once before diving in with a Steel Wing. But when Cyndy didn't appear to be any the worse for wear, the huge armored bird grimaced and soared skyward again.

      Ash just calmly observed the circling Skarmory from the Silver side of the arena. "Remember how you saved me from the Beedrills last night." he reminded Cyndy.

      [Don't worry...] Cyndy growled before bracing herself for a second Steel Wing. Although the second attack sent her sliding backwards, she shook off the pain and bounded forward, waiting for an opportunity to counter her huge opponent.

      I's vulnerable right after it delivers Steel Wing! Ash thought as he watched the Skarmory fly away again. Maybe if Cyndy has enough strength to attack after it attacks again...

      He called "Cyndy, use Flamethrower if you can!" as soon as he heard the THWANG! of a Steel Wing impacting.

      [HAAAAH!!!] Cyndy cried as she unleashed a stream of flames, sending the armored bird crashing to the ground, writhing in pain from the fire.

      "Gold is unable to battle--the match goes to Silver." Brock announced as Cyndy cheered.

      Kamon seemed surprisingly calm at his loss. "So you managed to find the fatal flaw in my strategy--well played." he smirked. "That just means I have to train even more until I can be invincible--and you won't have a lucky shot to save you when that happens!" With that, he stormed off in a huff.

      "Great job, Ash..." Miki smiled. "I want to learn to be a great hero like you--and like the heroes in the stories your friend tells. So I'm going on a journey of my own."

      "Oh Miki..." Miki's mother hugged her daughter. "Whatever path you take in your Pokemon journey, we'll support you all the way."

      "I believe you could be a hero like Ash, sweetie." Miki's father agreed.

      Miki, meanwhile, hugged Ash one last time. "Be safe on your own travels, Ash--and I hope you and I can meet again!"

      To Be Continued...
      The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

      Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

      Pokemon Shine Diamond
      --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

      Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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        Episode 45: Dundee's First Love (part 1)

        After bidding Miki and her family goodbye, the group had no problem meeting up with Ethan and Lyra. The walk since their meeting had taken the five travelers under a forested canopy. After following the winding path under the trees for a while, they emerged onto another stretch of open road nearby a lake.

        "We should be coming up on Lake Cobalt over on the left..." Brock reminded the group as they rounded the bend near the lake.

        "Perfect spot for a picnic, actually." Lyra agreed. "Anybody need a break from walking?"

        "I's getting hot." Ash complained as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

        "We're right here by the lake, so I have no problem making camp here." Misty assured Lyra before heaving four of her five Poke Balls skyward. "Come out out, guys! Break time!"

        "What about the fifth Pokemon?" Lyra wondered as she watched Michelle make a flying leap into the water. "It deserves some swim time too."

        "Well, a Lapras would take up the whole lake, so I only get Aurora out near the beach." Misty assured Lyra.

        "That's fair." Lyra replied before returning to her waiting picnic supplies.

        "River, you too!" Ash heaved the Poke Ball with his Marill skyward.

        "Dundee, come on out!" Ethan called as he tossed the Poke Ball containing his Totodile skyward.

        Dundee yawned as he materialized on the grass, but perked up when he saw the forms of Magikarps swimming beneath the lake surface. [Look at me! I'm a TV star!] he called to Ethan as he proceeded to spray water at the Magikarps, juggling them like balls.

        Misty couldn't help smiling at Dundee's juggling act. "Well! If Dundee wants to go on a talent show on TV, let him--he's got the perfect act!"

        "I dunno--my biggest fear is if he gets stage fright on 'Johto's Got Talent'." Ethan mused.

        Just then, Dundee was snapped to attention by a female voice in the distance. [Floating in the sky, just like the silver moon
        Although I try to reach you, I can't hold you, and you slip away...]

        Piqued, Dundee followed the song to another part of the lake shore, where a blue and white spotted rabbit-like Pokemon with similar features to a Marill was singing the song:

        [From within the darkness, I reach for the future
        Although I call out for you, my voice only fades away...]

        Dundee's eyes turned to hearts over the rabbit Pokemon and her song. She's so beautiful! I'm gonna do a little dance for her!

        With that, he dashed out before the rabbit Pokemon and proceeded to tap dance to a melody only he seemed to hear. The rabbit Pokemon, however, was unimpressed with the dancing Totodile before her, so she sprayed him with a Water Gun before walking off in a huff, to Dundee's despair.


        Meanwhile, the five humans and some of their other Pokemon had settled in to enjoy the mini sandwiches Lyra had packed, when a rustle in the bushes got Misty's attention. "Huh?"

        She gasped when a Golduck with glowing dark blue feathers and a red beak and webbing emerged from the brush. "A Shiny Golduck!"

        "Before you get too excited, I would wait to see if anyone owns that Shiny Golduck first." Brock cautioned as the Shiny Golduck peeked in several more bushes and behind trees, as if looking for someone or something.

        Just then an auburn haired girl emerged from the brush with a Pidgey not far behind her. "Any luck, Wave?" she asked the Golduck as the Pidgey perched on her shoulder.

        [Not so far...I've checked every place Breeze said to check.] the Golduck sighed.

        "Please leave the guitar behind..." Misty hissed as Brock got up from the table to introduce himself, desperately hoping Brock would not try to sing to a girl that was in obvious distress.

        "Hi there--my name's Brock." Brock began as he approached the girl. "Is there something I can do for you?"

        A hopeful look formed on the girl's face. "My name's Trixie--nice to meet you. "Have you happened to see any Azumarills around here?"

        Brock then emerged with a familiar guitar in hand, making Misty facepalm. "I may not have seen any Azumarills around here, but please, have a song to inspire your search!"

        With that, he started a familiar introduction, oblivious to Trixie's confused look and Misty storming in his direction. It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain,
        He came unto a castle fair, a lodging for to gain
        His Royal Highness, he came down and viewed him cheek and chin
        He said, 'You are a handsome man, of course I'll take you in...!

        "You'll do no more a-singin', Mr. Balladeer!" Misty snapped as she dragged Brock back to the table, guitar and all. "She looks clearly distressed, and the best you can do is sing one of your stupid ballads?"

        Trixie stifled a giggle at Misty ranting before Ash spoke up. "Forgive Brock, Miss Trixie--he just likes to serenade any girl he can find."

        He then changed the subject. "May I ask what you're looking for?"

        "I'm looking for my Azumarill, Meri." Trixie explained as the Azumarill from before tiptoed behind her master's legs. "Have you seen her?"

        Piqued, Ash decided to consult Dexter:

        "Azumarill, the aqua rabbit Pokemon. By keeping still and listening intently, it can tell what is in even wild, fast-moving rivers."

        "Cool!" Ash smiled.

        He heard Dundee making kissy noises at Meri, but Meri just turned her head away.


        "Here we are, gang--the Cirque Jubilee!" Trixie smiled as she made a grand gesture to a large blue and white circus tent and several smaller tents in the distance.

        "Wow..." the group gasped as they looked out at the sprawling grounds.

        "It's beautiful!" Lyra raved.

        "Thank you--I've enjoyed the circus and performing since I was very little, so it only made sense I taught all my Pokemon to do tricks." Trixie replied. "However, over the last week or so, I've had trouble with Meri, who has been acting weird since Wave joined the troupe."

        Elsewhere, Brock had decided to pitch in in setting up the show. "Okay, Dundee--think you can fill this swimming pool for the high dive act?" he asked the excited Totodile, gesturing to a large inflatable swimming pool that had just been inflated.

        [Okay!] Dundee replied before taking a deep breath and unleashing a Water Gun, filling up the pool. [Be right back!] he called before hurrying off.

        "What are you--!" Brock asked before he saw Dundee return with Meri, and set her in the pool. He then winced as Meri sprayed Dundee, then stormed off.

        "I'm confused...why would Dundee be suddenly obsessed with this Azumarill?" Ethan wondered as he retrieved Dundee and dried him off.

        "Maybe he's falling in love?" Misty suggested.

        A grin formed on Ethan's face. "There's an idea...who would've thunk Pokemon could develop crushes too?"


        "And now, here's Meri the Marvelous and her amazing water juggling act!" Trixie announced, to thunderous applause from a large crowd as a spotlight appeared on Meri, who was juggling a set of seven balls with a single Water Gun.

        "Whoa! She's good!" Ash raved.

        Misty noticed Dundee squirming to get free from Ethan's arms. "Dundee's being antsier than usual..."

        "He's--!" Ethan started before Dundee wriggled free from his arms and made a beeline for the stage! "Dundee! NOOOOOOO!!!"

        He watched as Dundee eagerly danced for the crowd a little, but when someone threw a Tamato Berry at him in an attempt to get him offstage, he eagerly sprayed it with a Water Gun, proceeding to juggle it himself.

        The crowd roared with laughter and eagerly threw more Berries for Dundee to juggle. [Fine--if that lovesick Totodile wants to upstage me, he can have the stage!] Meri grumbled before storming off with a huff.

        Back in the audience, Ash took the lights going down as an opportunity to capture Dundee. "Come on, Ethan--if we're gonna get Dundee off the stage, now's our chance!"

        "Right!" Ethan replied and followed Ash to a stage entrance. He was already embarrassed enough that Dundee had upstaged the scheduled acts, but deep down, he feared he would be even more embarrassed by being roped into an act.

        Neither of the boys realized that Dundee had finished juggling Berries and had dashed off after Meri until they felt spotlights appear on them and a recording of the Johto reel "The Chorus Line" blared into the air, making both boys freeze in their tracks.

        Inspired, Ash decided to shuffle-step in time to the beat. When in Orre... Ethan sighed as he too mimicked Ash's shuffle-stepping, making sure to mimic every kick, roll step, toe step, and jump his friend did. To the crowd, it looked like the two boys onstage had been trained in traditional dancing for years, when in actuality, they were only making up the steps as they went along.

        Even Lyra was impressed as the reel "Goldenrod House" began. "Wow...I didn't know Ash and Ethan knew how to step dance!"

        "They don't--they're only making it up as they go." Misty replied, trying oh-so-hard not to laugh at Ash's and Ethan's awkward smiles as they "danced" to the song.

        The song ending and the boys taking a relieved bow gave her an idea. "Okay Brock--now you can sing one of your folktale ballads while Ash and Ethan look for Dundee."

        "You got it!" Brock replied as he hurried off, guitar in tow.

        Ash motioned for Ethan to follow him backstage as Brock started the introduction to the ballad he had tried to sing before, making the audience clap along. "Brock's got the audience busy, let's find Dundee!"

        "Right behind you." Ethan smiled. "Although...that step dancing cover was a good idea, even if we were making up the steps on the fly."

        "The sooner we find Dundee, the better." Ash muttered as he heard Brock lead the ballad's chorus on the stage:

        We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night
        We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
        We'll go no more a roving...

        To Be Continued...
        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

        Pokemon Shine Diamond
        --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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          Episode 46: Dundee's First Love (part 2)

          Elsewhere, Team Rocket watched Ash and Ethan's awkward dance and Brock's epic ballad from the safety of a bush. "So, the two hat boys fancy themselves dancers, do they..." Jessie smiled. "Maybe if we just grabbed that Azumarill and the hat-twerp's Pikachu, we could start our own little traveling show..."

          "And Robin Hood twerp also fancies himself a rock star...interesting." James smiled, bemused over Brock singing and playing guitar on the stage.

          "I dunno, you guys...I don't want my tail used as a chew toy..." Meowth was unsure about his human companions' idea.

          A smile formed on his face. "I would, however, be game for a soykis if I got ta announce da acts rather dan bein' an act."

          "All right, what would you put in our traveling show if we let you announce the acts?" Jessie was intrigued.

          "It'd be a show for da ages--not jus' for da admins and da boss, but truly da greatest show on oith!" Meowth replied, slipping into a daydream of a crowd of Rockets entering a huge circus tent, with the four admins and Giovanni in a private box overlooking the center ring. "And it wouldn't be jus' you guys and any swiped Pokemon handlin' da acts--any of da grunts dat could perform could join in!"

          " what kind of acts do you think Archer, Ariana, Petrel, and Proton would like?" James asked as the Meowth in the daydream announced Meri doing her juggling act, to "aw"s and laughter from the Rockets in the audience.

          "Lessee here...Archa likes big spectacle, so any acrobatical act would be poifect!" Meowth replied as in his daydream, Jessie, as a trapeze artist, performed a graceful somersault over the crowd and stuck the landing, to Archer's ecstatic applause.

          "Ariana loves da teater, so any sort of tricks with actin' will do for her." Meowth mused as in his daydream, James proceeded to perform a Pyroar taming act with a story.

          "Petrel likes magic acts and illusions...." Meowth mused as a Rocket magician appeared on the stage. "But don't tink we're jus' pullin' Bunearies out of a hat--dese will be tricks so amazin' you have ta see'em to believe'em!" The Petrel in the daydream gasps in awe as the young magician performs a clothing change trick.

          "Protons' da techno-geek, so anyting with video game music and lasas will do for him." The daydream shows some more acrobats doing an elegant aerial dance to a techno version of The Legend of Zelda theme, to the Proton in the dream's awe.

          In the present, Meowth sighed dreamily as he imagined his circus. "That's actually a good idea, Meowth--let's move out and get those Pokemon, and we'll make your dream circus come true." Jessie's voice snapped the tiny cat-Pokemon back to reality.

          "Okay--right behind ya!" Meowth replied as he hurried to catch up to his companions.


          "I'm so sorry Dundee upstaged your act, Trixie." Ethan apologized some time later, after the show had ended. "I don't know what got into him, but he seems obsessed with your Azumarill for some reason..."

          "It's okay--you and your friends are pretty talented yourselves." Trixie replied.

          "Speaking of Dundee, where did he get to?" Misty wondered.

          "Last I checked, I gave him to Brock to try and talk some sense into him, but I think he's only making the problem worse..." Ethan groaned as he looked over towards a tree, where Brock was talking to Dundee.

          "If you want a girl to like you, they love getting gifts." Brock explained. "So why don't you try giving Meri some of the Pokechow I made yesterday?"

          [Okay!] Dundee smiled as Brock gave him three balls of Pokechow, then hurried over to the lakeshore, where Meri was resting. [Would you like a snack? Fresh Pokechow?] he asked, offering Meri one of the balls.

          [No thanks--I wouldn't want to spoil my dinner] Meri replied as she got up to leave.

          [Aw...] Dundee sighed. But his sadness turned to horror when he saw a large net come down onto Meri! [Meri! I'll save ya, sweetheart!] he called before hurrying off after the net

          Horrified at seeing Meri captured, and Dundee's heroic efforts to grab at the net as it was dragged through the grass, Brock fumbled for his referee's whistle. I never thought I'd have to use the alert signal I once learned as a scout, but this is an emergency!

          With that, he blew a single long blast, sending Ash, Misty, Ethan, and Lyra hurrying to the shoreline. "What happened?" Ethan asked, his heart pounding in fear as he watched Dundee grab at the net.

          "I was trying to teach Dundee some proper behavior around a lady when I saw a net come out of nowhere and take Meri." Brock explained. "Dundee chased after it, and is still trying to grab at it."

          Ash growled as a familiar Meowth balloon appeared in the sky, allowing Dundee to see that the net was attached to the basket. "I knew Team Rocket would catch up to us sooner or later..."

          "Your little friend can try all he wants, but it won't be worth the trouble." Jessie smirked as Dundee tried to jump onto the net.

          "And should he fall from the sky, he pain will be double!" James agreed.

          With that, the two Rockets began the all-too-familiar motto:

          "To protect the world from devastation..."

          "And unite all peoples within our nation..."

          "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

          "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



          "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

          "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

          "Meowth! Dat's right!"

          "Errrgh...Tintri, use Thunderbolt!" Ash called.

          "Not today, hat-boy!" Meowth sneered as he trapped Tintri inside a shock-proof jar. "You want him? Come and get him!"

          "Tintri!" Ash called as the balloon flew away.

          [I'll save them both!] Dundee vowed as he hurried off in the direction the balloon was going. [Even if I have to go to the end of the world to do it!]

          "No!" Ethan gasped as he and Ash hurried off after Dundee. "Dundee, it's too dangerous! Please, come back!"


          "Well...we got back Dundee, and then lost him again..." Ethan sighed a few hours later, as he and Ash returned to the camp near the shore, where the group had gathered to plan their next move.

          "But we need to get back Tintri and Meri..." Ash sighed as he shared a tearful embrace with Trixie.

          He then turned his cap back. " have our word we will do everything we can to save Meri, okay?"

          "Well, we can't do any rescuing while we're having one big pity party!" Misty grumbled. "I know it hurts to lose a Pokemon, but we can't sit here and cry all night! We have to do something!"

          "So what do you suggest, Lady Misty?" Brock asked, bowing before Misty as if she were a knight.

          "Let's begin our search on the other side of the lake, in the direction the balloon went--the Rockets can't have gone very far." Misty began as Ash helped her break camp.

          "Breeze, try to search from the air, and tell us if you see any sign of those hoodlums that Poke-napped Meri." Trixie instructed her Pidgey.

          "If we find the balloon, I'll be happy to pop it again." Brock grinned as he retrieved his archery gear, put out the campfire, and followed Misty and the others into the brush...

          To Be Continued...
          The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

          Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

          Pokemon Shine Diamond
          --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

          Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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            Episode 47: Dundee's First Love (part 3)

            Meanwhile, Team Rocket made themselves at home in a log cabin, complete with the captive Pikachu and Azumarill. "Come on Meri, do the water juggling act?" Jessie pleaded.

            [No--I have no business with hoodlums like you.] Meri replied.

            "Or, do a ribbon dance?" James asked, dangling a ribbon before Meri.

            [No.] Meri replied. This continued for a while:

            "Balance on a ball for us?"


            "Do a trapeze act?"


            "The Pokemon pyramid?"


            "We'll make you a dinner fit for royalty if you do something for us...."


            Annoyed, Jessie stormed over to the defiant Azumarill and lifted a hand to slap her. "Fine, we're done being nice! If you don't do as we ask, we'll give you a reason to obey!"

            Moments before Jessie could slap Meri, she was doused in a wave of water. [She doesn't WANT to obey you crooks!] Dundee cried as he dashed into the cabin and stood between Jessie and the frightened Azumarill. [If you dare hurt her, you'll have to answer to me!]

            "Can it, chompa!" Meowth growled as he jumped Dundee and tied him up tightly. "Let's see ya try to bite tru dis rope!"


            "Meri!" Trixie called as the group made their way through the brush.

            "Tintri!" Ash was next to call.

            "Dundee!" Ethan called before sighing. "It's no use, guys...we're never gonna find them at this rate."

            He saw tears shining in Ash's eyes. "I know...I want Dundee back as much as you want Tintri back and Trixie wants Meri back, but we're not going to get anywhere running on no sleep."

            "Ethan has a point." Brock agreed as the group arrived in a small field. "Let's just make camp for now, and plan our next move for in the morning."

            Ash sighed. "Okay...but if Team Rocket has hurt Tintri in any way, shape, or form when we find him, I'm gonna make them pay dearly!"


            [Meri?] Tintri whispered from his cage. [You awake?]

            [Yeah...] Meri sniffled as she looked out at the moon. [I'm just scared, and worried...what are those hoodlums gonna do to us? Will our masters ever find us?]

            Tintri eased a Kleenex box over by his cage, took one, and tried to offer it to Meri. [Here...can you reach this?]

            [Thank you...] Meri sobbed before blowing her nose with a soft honk.

            [I know our masters are out there.] Tintri assured Meri. [If Brock can send Team Rocket running with a rain of arrows or pop their Meowth balloon with one, he can come save us!]

            Meri giggled a little--the first time she had laughed that day. [I'm sure your singer friend is equally talented with archery as he is with song...]

            A chomp got both Pokemon's attention. [There...finally chewed through all the rope.] Dundee smiled as he kicked away what remained of his bindings through his own cage.

            He remembered Meri's teal ribbon and offered to her through the cage bars. [I did get your ribbon back on my way here.]

            [Thank you...] Meri smiled as she took the ribbon.

            [And to cheer you up, I'll do a jive!] Dundee offered, a bit too loudly.

            [SHHHHHH!!!] Tintri quieted Dundee. [You can't dance in here, or you'll wake the Rockets up!]

            Dundee sighed. [All right, fearless leader-chu, got anything quiet to cheer Meri up?]

            [I do, actually...] Tintri smiled before asking Meri [Wanna hear a story about a brave little girl?]

            [Sure!] Meri smiled.

            [Okay...] Tintri waited for a moment for Dundee to settle in, then began [Once upon a time, a certain village was struck by a harsh drought. Many of the crops died, and the villagers feared they would starve that winter. One traveler even feared he would have to sell his daughters into slavery...]


            The night passed without incident, and Tintri had kept his friends entertained by quietly telling them stories he had heard Brock tell. But as the sun rose the next morning, Team Rocket prepared to make their getaway. "I wonder...what if, instead of a traveling show, we gave our catches to the admins and the boss?" James mused as he joined his comrades outside.

            "Assuming the boss gets the Pikachu, who would get the Azumarill and the Totodile?" Jessie wondered as she finished the flight checks.

            "Archer gets the Totodile, since he likes fierce and intimidating Pokemon; and Ariana gets the Azumarill, since she likes pretty Pokemon." James explained as he climbed inside the basket.

            "But den Petrel and Proton don't get a Pokemon!" Meowth protested as he loaded the cages holding Tintri, Meri, and Dundee aboard, forgetting all about his circus dream from the previous day. "We need to find dem a Pokemon too so dey're not left out!"

            "We'll see what we can find when we take off, so all the admins get a Pokemon gift." Jessie assured Meowth.

            The Rockets, however, were blissfully unaware of the Pidgey watching their takeoff in the brush. Breeze then flew as fast as she could to meet the group. [You guys! The Rockets are getting away!]

            "I see that..." Trixie noted as the Meowth balloon started to rise into the brightening sky. "If only we had a way to bring down that balloon..."

            "Here's your answer." Brock grinned as he showed Trixie an arrow.

            "Archery--what a great idea!" Trixie smiled as Brock nocked his shot and aimed at the rising balloon.

            Lyra watched as Brock fired a few moments later, then smiled as a POW! confirmed a hit. "Nice shot!" she smiled as the Meowth balloon came crashing back on the ground.

            "Wasn't the first time I've shot down the Rockets, and it likely won't be the last." Brock assured Lyra.

            "You'll have to tell me about the first time later." Lyra replied as she led the group over to where the cages containing Tintri and Dundee lay, aware of the Rockets assessing the puncture in the balloon's fabric. The impact of the crash had caused both cages to pop open, allowing their occupants freedom.

            "Tintri!" Ash gave a mighty Ursaring hug to his companion.

            "Dundee!" Ethan was equally happy to see his Totodile. "Are you all right?"

            [Yeah--Rockets didn't hurt me or nothing...just gave me a lot of rope to chew through.] Dundee replied.

            "That's two out of three...where's Meri?" Lyra wondered.

            Just then, Misty spotted Meri's cage in the basket, guarded by Arbok and Weezing. "There!"

            Lyra motioned for the Pokemon to huddle around her. "Okay...Trixie, if you tell Wave to knock out their Arbok and Weezing, Hana will lasso Meri's cage with a Vine Whip, and Dundee can dispatch the two human Rockets. And then Tintri can do the rest."

            [I've got this!] Hana smiled.

            [It's payback time!] Dundee agreed.

            "Okay, Wave! Use Water Gun!" Trixie commanded.

            Arbok and Weezing were not expecting Wave;s assault, and were quickly washed away. Dundee's spray came moments later, knocking Jessie and James down and buying Hana time to catch Meri's cage.

            Ash grinned as Hana nudged Meri to safety. "Okay, bud...your turn for a little payback."

            [HI-YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!] Tintri cried as he unleashed a massive Thunderbolt, sending the Rockets and their damaged balloon flying off with a ping.

            [Just a nudge over here...] Hana mused as she finished picking the lock of Meri's cage with one of her vines and a thorn. [Done!] she smiled as the cage door opened.

            [Master!] Meri cried as she ran to hug Trixie.

            "Oh, had me worried all night!" Trixie smiled as she hugged her Azumarill. "Are you okay? Did those crooks hurt you at all?"

            [No...they almost did.] Meri replied.

            Dundee, meanwhile, wistfully looked at Meri. [Do I...go confess my feelings for her now?]

            "Go on." Brock coaxed. "Now's your chance."

            But no one expected Meri to run past Dundee and into Wave's webbed arms! [Thank you for saving me, Wave! You're my hero!] Meri smiled.

            [I couldn't bear to see you in danger.] Wave replied. [I'd even die for you if I had to!]

            As Dundee watched the reunion in shock, Trixie just smiled. "I see...Meri had feelings for Wave all this time...and now Wave's confessed his feelings for her!"

            [Aw...I wanted to be the one confessing feelings...] Dundee sighed as he slumped to the grass.

            "It's okay, Dundee--even you can't win every time, love--and not just the romantic kind--is still worth fighting for." Brock assured Dundee.

            [You're right--there's plenty more Magikarp in the sea!] Dundee smiled, making everyone laugh. Even Misty had to giggle in agreement.

            "Thank you for sharing your talents with me and my crew..." Trixie smiled. "Even if your Totodile had a crush on Meri."

            "I'll be happy to share more stories and songs with you if we meet again." Brock replied as he gathered his gear.

            "Come on, Dundee!" Ethan called. "It's time to go!"

            He balked when he saw Dundee dancing for a Quagsire on the shore. Here we go again... he thought as he raced to recall the Totodile before he caused even more trouble.

            A splash got his attention as the Quagsire walked away. "Come on--you've had enough adventure for one day." Ethan assured Dundee.

            Misty sighed as Ethan shepherded Dundee back towards the group. "All we need now is for Dundee to pull out a guitar and sing, and he'll be just like Brock!"

            [Singing--what a great idea!] Dundee gasped before dashing up to a Piplup. [O sole mio, o solo you-oh!] he tried to sing, before a flash of light got his attention--Ethan trying to recall him!

            "Come on, Dundee--I don't have time for this!" Ethan called as he chased after his lovesick Totodile. "Dundee, return! Dundee, come on, one crush was enough! Dundee, come back here! DUNDEEEEEEEEEEE!"

            To Be Continued....
            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

            Pokemon Shine Diamond
            --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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              Episode 48: Fowl Play! (part 1)

              "It took a little work, but Dundee finally listened to Ethan." Ash assured the others as they made their way through a forest.

              "Maybe Ethan and Lyra taking a different route from us is for the better..." Misty agreed. "Hopefully Ethan can teach Dundee how to behave around girl Pokemon--although I will admit what you told him was a good start."

              She was snapped from her thoughts by a large birdhouse overlooking a large clearing. "Oh wow...what kind of bird Pokemon would fit in a birdhouse like that?"

              "It'd have to be something huge...." Brock mused, impressed by the size of the birdhouse's entry hole.

              "Mina could probably fit in there..." Ash suggested before a majestic brown owl-like Pokemon landed in a tree near the birdhouse. He motioned for his friends to follow him into a bush, where they watched the Noctowl climb towards the birdhouse.

              Once concealed by the bush, Ash retrieved his Pokedex to read up on their discovery:

              "Noctowl, the owl Pokemon. Its eyes are specially developed to enable it to see clearly even in murky darkness and minimal light."

              "Wow!" Misty gasped before the rustling of a branch and a male voice got her attention. "Something's going on outside..."

              Brock parted some leaves to see a brown haired researcher in a purple outfit and a pale yellow scarf shooing away the Noctowl with a branch. "Looks like this researcher is shooing the Noctowl away, like it's not the one he wants, or something."

              All three friends gasped as a Noctowl that shone with a soft gold aura from its glittering gold feathers landed on the birdhouse. "A Shiny Noctowl..." Misty mused. "And just days after seeing a Shiny Golduck too..."

              "Presumably, every Pokemon in the world has a Shiny form--you can tell from their different coloration and either a shining aura or a glittering body--or with some kinds, both." Brock explained. "In folklore, Shiny Pokemon are said to be magically gifted or divine--the most famous example being Epona, the Shiny Ponyta common in many folktales."

              He was snapped from his lecture by the Noctowl kicking away some Berries on a branch away, causing the man to barely hang onto a branch. It then pecked at the man's fingers, causing him to fall to the ground before flying away.

              "Are you okay?" Ash asked as the group emerged from the bush to assess the man for injuries.

              "I think so..." the man replied. "Thank you for your kind concern--I am Dr. Wiseman, Pokemon biologist. I've been following this Shining Noctowl in hopes I can capture her and study how Shiny Pokemon fare in captivity. This way, I can find out if there's any truth to legends of Shiny Pokemon having magical power."

              "So it's a girl?" Misty asked.

              Dr. Wiseman nodded. "The females are usually larger than the males, but our female is special because of her color, which makes her a precious specimen worthy of study! But no matter what I do to attract her, she outwits me, and so I have yet to catch her, as you plainly saw from your vantage point in the brush."

              Ash eagerly fished a Poke Ball from his bag. "Since you say this Noctowl is rare, I'm gonna take a crack at catching her myself!"

              He then heaved the Poke Ball at the shining Noctowl before him. "Poke Ball, go!"

              [I think not!] the Shiny Noctowl taunted as it kicked the Poke Ball away, to Ash's horror. Her eyes then glowed a deep blue. [You are getting sleepy...]

              "I'm gonna...catch you...if it's..." Ash yawned before slumping to the ground, asleep.

              "Hello?" Misty asked, nudging her dozing friend before the whoosh of wings got her attention. "There she goes..." she sighed as the Shiny Noctowl flew away.

              Brock retrieved his referee's whistle from a pocket. "Allow me to wake Ash you may want to cover your ears."

              With that, he blew as hard as he could, making Ash wake up with a jump! "Okay, I'm up! I'm up!" he gasped, much to Misty's delight as he scrambled to his feet.

              "You should've seen the look on your face!" Misty smiled, giggling as she savored the memory of Ash's shocked face when Brock had blown his whistle.

              Even Dr. Wiseman couldn't resist smiling. "Let's return to my forest cabin...we'll talk more there."


              "So why would you be all the way out here, and not a part of the Pokemon you study?" Brock wondered.

              "It's simple...I want to study only the rarest and most unusual Pokemon." Dr. Wiseman replied. "Once I have discovered all the secrets this forest has to offer, I'll comb the region, and then other regions, to find their hidden treasures only a rare few ever see."

              "If it's rare Pokemon you want to see, I've got one right here." Misty offered as she retrieved the Poke Ball holding her Golduck. "Michelle, come on out!"

              "But that looks like any other Golduck..." Dr. Wiseman was unimpressed at the muscular blue duck Pokemon before him.

              "Even though you'd never believe it seeing her as a Golduck, as a Psyduck she was rare and unusual because she couldn't fly or swim." Misty explained. "But with a lot of work, some patience, and a little love, she caught up to her peers, and now she can fly and swim."

              Misty giggling made Dr. Wiseman grimace. Now I want to catch the shining Noctowl all the more, because laughter reminds me of the way she mocks me.

              I don't know what Dr. Wiseman plans to do with this Shiny Noctowl once he gets it, but something's not right here... Ash thought when he saw Dr. Wiseman's pained grimace.

              Both of them made the same silent promise: I will catch that Shiny Noctowl, if it's the last thing I do!


              Later, the group watched from a bush as Dr. Wiseman rigged an odd device to a tree. "You sure that whatever he's rigging in the tree's going to work?" Misty wondered.

              "I don't know..." Ash replied. "I just don't think using a trap to catch it is right...that sounds like something Kamon or Team Rocket would do."

              He went on "Once Dr. Wiseman has that Noctowl, who knows what he plans to do to her?"

              Just then, Dr. Wiseman joined the group in the brush with the loose end of a rope. "All all we have to do is wait!"

              A few tense moments passed before the group heard the whooshing of wings approaching. Just as the shining Noctowl landed on the branch, Dr. Wiseman pulled the rope, revealing a mirror next to where the shiny Noctowl stood.

              Brock watched in awe as the shiny Noctowl used Hypnosis on its own reflection. "I see...the mirror reflects the attack back, making the target hypnotize itself."

              However, the reflection of the Hypnosis happened to shine in Dr. Wiseman's eyes as well! "Not only does it hypnotize whatever looks at it, but anything in the direction the light of the Hypnosis reflects from!" Ash mused as Dr Wiseman slumped to the ground, asleep. "The light is coming right at Dr. Wiseman, since he is in the path of the reflection!"

              He noticed the Noctowl sleepily stumbling towards the bush. "Are you okay?" Ash asked, shielding his eyes from the Noctowl's glittering feathers as it approached.

              "Be careful, Ash...the Noctowl might feel threatened." Brock cautioned as Ash tensely reached out to touch the shiny Pokemon before him.

              Just then, a breeze sent a branch flying, hitting Dr. Wiseman. "Mm...was it supposed to be windy today?" he yawned as he woke up.

              Misty gasped when she saw where the wind was coming from--a massive fan controlled by Team Rocket! "I KNEW you hoodlums would be showing up sooner or later!"

              "Besides, didn't we already break a fan you used?" Brock agreed.

              "Yeah, I know, we've tried dis tactic oilier in dis story..." Meowth assured the group. "But dis time, I'm confident it will woik!"

              To Be Continued...
              The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

              Pokemon Shine Diamond
              --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                Episode 49: Fowl Play! (part 2)

                Previously, on Pokemon Moonlight Silver...

                Just then, a breeze sent a branch flying, hitting Dr. Wiseman. "Mm...was it supposed to be windy today?" he yawned as he woke up.

                Misty gasped when she saw where the wind was coming from--a massive fan controlled by Team Rocket! "I KNEW you hoodlums would be showing up sooner or later!"

                "Besides, didn't we already break a fan you used?" Brock agreed.

                "Yeah, I know, we've tried dis tactic oilier in dis story..." Meowth assured the group. "But dis time, I'm confident it will woik!"

                Ash growled in frustration at seeing the odd machine. "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

                [HAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!] Tintri screeched as he fired the attack--but the group had to dive for cover as the crackling thunderbolt went flying back at them!

                Not one to be deterred, Ash selected two of his other Poke Balls. "River, Cyndy, I choose both of you!"

                "Not today, hat-boy!" James taunted as he flipped a switch, triggering some balloons at the bottom of the machine to inflate, sending the Marill and the Cyndaquil tumbling to the ground!

                Dr. Wiseman, however, had come to in all the confusion. "This is it! My chance to get the Shiny Noctowl!" he smiled as he reached out to take the beautiful gold Noctowl.

                "Who said this Shiny Pokemon was yours?" Jessie taunted as she picked up the Shiny Noctowl and Dr. Wiseman with a claw, sending the researcher flying as they brought the gold Noctowl to them.

                Misty heard the thud of Dr. Wiseman landing some moments later. "You guys deal with the Rockets, I'll make sure Dr. Wiseman is okay!" she called.

                "Okay!" Ash replied. "Brock, think you could send an arrow to stop that mecha?"

                "Already on it." Brock replied as he reached for an arrow, aimed at the escaping mecha, and fired a few moments later, sending the strange machine falling into a clearing with a crash.

                "Nice aim." Dr. Wiseman smiled. "But where did our Shiny Noctowl get to?"

                "I see it!" Misty pointed out the Shining Noctowl peeking out from a lower compartment of the destroyed mecha.

                "I'm gonna try and pry the bottom open so she can get out!" Ash offered before swinging onto the mecha's foot from a tree and using all his strength, but was soon exhausted. "This thing is harder to pull apart than I thought..."

                "Let me see if Michelle can help you out." Misty volunteered before hurling a Poke Ball skyward. "Michelle, go help Ash!"

                [It's a simple case of mind over matter, really...] Michelle smiled as she sent some magenta waves of Confusion to weaken the bolts, allowing Ash to pull the metal apart just enough to allow the Shiny Noctowl to fly to safety.

                "Thanks, Michelle." Ash smiled at the Golduck before a crack got his attention--the branch he had been using as leverage was about to give way!

                The Shiny Noctowl watched in horror as the branch cracked, sending Ash hurtling towards the ground below. [ my rescuer!] she called before flying into a position that alloweed Ash to land on her back.

                [Let's turn up the heat!] Cyndy smiled before unleashing a Flamethrower.

                [Never underestimate the power of steam!] River smiled as she sprayed a Water Gun at some of the super hot metal, creating a cloud of steam as the steel began to buckle, making a large crack in the bottom.

                [And for the finishing touch, a shocking ending!] Tintri grinned as he fired another Thunderbolt into the crack, making the mecha and its three occupants glow bright yellow before they and the mecha's remains went flying into the sky with a ping.

                "Good riddance." Brock smiled as he put away his bow.

                "Without that shot, we wouldn't have had a chance." Misty assured her friend.

                Just then, the Shiny Noctowl fluttered to a branch facing Ash. [For rescuing me, and your heroic deed today, I pledge my allegiance to you, and no other.]

                "Honest?" Ash asked. The Noctowl nodded.

                After thinking a moment for a suitable name, he announced to his teammates and Dr. Wiseman "All right...I'm gonna call you Goldie!"

                "Goldie...a fitting name." Dr. Wiseman smiled. "Perhaps I am not meant to own this Shining Pokemon--she is too smart for me. But if she has pledged herself to you, maybe you or another researcher will have better luck with her."

                "I know just the researcher for the job--Prof. Oak, of my home region of Kanto." Ash explained. "I'm sure he would love to learn about Shiny Pokemon."

                "That he would--I hear he is the foremost authority of Pokemon." Dr Wiseman smiled.

                He turned to Ash. "Whether you send Goldie to Prof. Oak right away, or allow her to travel with you, I wish you all the very best of luck and safe travels on your adventures."

                "We will, Doctor--and good luck with your own research as well! Ash replied as he embraced Dr. Wiseman, then turned to walk with his companions into the setting sun...

                To Be Continued...
                The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                Pokemon Shine Diamond
                --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                  Episode 50: Forest Grumps (part 1)

                  (what Brock tells

                  Ash's song)

                  "I hope Goldie will be all right with Prof. Oak..." Misty smiled as the group made their way down a forest path.

                  "I think so...she looked relieved to be with Prof. Oak and not that Dr. Wiseman guy..." Ash replied. "I still shudder at what he was planning to do to her when he caught her..."

                  "Well, what matters is she's safe and in good hands with an ethical researcher..." Brock assured Ash. "Prof. Oak doesn't look like the type to be doing shady experiments..."

                  Ash was about to answer when a female voice calling "Ya-ho!" got his attention. "Oh, hey! Ethan and Lyra are making camp by that lake!" he called as the trio emerged from the brush into in open clearing, where sure enough, Ethan and Lyra had made camp by a lake.

                  "Fancy finding you guys again!" Ethan smiled as the group arrived. "If you're curious, Dundee has behaved himself since we last went our separate ways.

                  "If you're hungry, we're about to have lunch." Lyra offered.

                  "We'll take you up on that...come on out, everyone!" Ash called, heaving his own Poke Balls skyward.

                  "You guys too!" Misty did likewise, releasing her own team.

                  "And you guys!" Brock also released his team.

                  "Good thing I made enough chili for all of us..." Ethan smiled as he checked a small pot simmering over the campfire. "Thanks again for the recipe..." he told Brock.

                  "Anytime." Brock replied. "It works over a campfire as well it does on a stovetop...and heats up very nicely in the microwave the next day!"

                  "I have to ask, though--what gives it its kick?" Lyra asked. "Hot sauce?"

                  "Nope--taco seasoning." Brock replied. "Easy way to give it a bite without setting your mouth on fire. I will warn you to use it sparingly--a little bit goes a long way."

                  "Point noted." Ethan replied before giving Brock a spoonful to taste test.

                  "Hm...I like how you added actual onions instead of onion powder." Brock explained. "Adds a little sweetness to it."

                  He was about to say more when something shiny in the air caught his attention. "What's that?"

                  Misty realized the shiny object was a net. "JUMP!"

                  The group and the Pokemon scrambled out of the way as the net landed on the grass. "You're not trying anything funny today, Team Rocket!" Ash called in the direction of some bushes, where the net had come from.

                  He waited to see if Team Rocket would come out and say their "To protect the world from devastation" spiel, but balked in surprise as Kamon emerged from the bushes. "Kamon? That was you that built that net?"

                  "Yeah...just little old me, and not those Team Rocket goons." Kamon smirked. "I meant to move all your friends' Pokemon out of the way so we could fight one on one, but it appears my net didn't work..."

                  Just then, a hum and a PYEOW! of a Hyper Beam filled the air, sending Kamon diving into the brush to avoid the bright orange beam.

                  "What was that?" Lyra asked, confused as to where the beam had come from.

                  "I have a bad feeling about this...everyone, return!" Misty called, recalling her team.

                  "And you guys!" Brock agreed.

                  After everyone had recalled their teams and broken camp, Ethan noticed a group of large bear Pokemon approaching where their camp had been. "We'd better get out of here before those bear Pokemon turn us into toast!" he cried as the bear Pokemon charged at the group.

                  The group raced as fast as they could through the brush, the PYEOWs of Hyper Beams raining around them as they leaped over tree roots and locks, avoided thorn patches, and climbed through logs. But as the group approached a three way fork in the road, Brock and Lyra dashed down the left path, Misty and Ethan continued on the main path, and Ash, Tintri, and Kamon hurried down the right path, unaware that the group had been split into three smaller groups.

                  "Did we lose them?" Ash asked as he and Tintri came to a stop some moments later.

                  "I think we did...and now that we're both together, we can finally battle so I can prove you're not as wonderful as you think, Wonder Boy!" Kamon growled as he drew a circle in the dust with a stick, then drew a line to split the circle in half, so it more or less resembled a Poke Ball.

                  Growls got Ash's attention. "Now's not the time to battle, let's go!" he called to Kamon as more Ursarings arrived.


                  "Whew...they're gone, but where did the others get to?" Misty asked as she and Ethan stopped to rest by a stream.

                  "I think in all the confusion, we got separated from each other." Ethan replied before calling into the brush "Lyra!"

                  "Ash! Brock! Where are you?" Misty called.

                  When no reply came, a determined look formed on her face. "Ethan...if we're gonna find everyone, we'll have to be a team--can you do that?"

                  "Sure." Ethan replied. "Good friends stick together, no matter what."

                  Just then, more growls alerted Misty to some approaching Ursarings. "Well, as our first act as a team, we need to run!"


                  "Okay...I'm pretty sure those beam-bears won't find us here." Kamon mused as he and Ash arrived by a still pond. "Although if we're gonna battle, our referee's nowhere to be found..."

                  "I think our battle's gonna have to wait..." Ash confessed. "We've lost everyone else."

                  Kamon sighed. "Okay...if it means getting out of here in one piece, I'll do what I can to help you find your cohorts, Wonder Boy."

                  He noticed Ash's Pokedex peeking out of Ash's bag. "Can't you use that Game Boy-thingy to find out more info on those beam-bears?"

                  "Sure..." Ash retrieved the Pokedex and allowed Kamon to see a picture of the bear Pokemon that had been chasing them:

                  "Ursaring, the hibernator Pokemon. Its keen nose can pick out any scent, even that of food buried deep underground."

                  " wonder they've been able to find us." Kamon was impressed. "If you can make us a camp, I'll keep an eye out for crazed Ursarings."

                  "Got it!" Ash replied before unpacking his own camp gear.


                  "Misty!" Lyra called as she and Brock searched down the path. Brock then whistled in hopes that Misty would hear him, but no answer came.

                  Lyra, meanwhile, slumped against a tree. "It's no use...we're never gonna find them at this rate..."

                  "So long as we stick together, everything will be okay." Brock assured Lyra.

                  A hopeful smile formed on Lyra's face. "I think in our rush to get away, we all got the others can't have gone very far."

                  "That's the spirit!" Brock smiled. "Are we a team?"

                  Lyra nodded. "Lead the way, O fearless leader."


                  "No sign of the boys yet..." Misty sighed as she and Ethan continued down the path. "I wonder if they are looking for us at all..."

                  "I'm sure they are, and I know Lyra's looking for me." Ethan replied. "She may look like a sweetheart, but she and her Pokemon are a great team."

                  He noticed another fork in the road in the distance. "How bout it? Should we keep going this way, or take one of the forks?"

                  Misty dug a coin from her pocket. "Heads, we go left, tails, we go right."

                  With that, she flipped the coin... only for it to land on its side! "So, what do we do if it landed on its side?" Ethan asked as the coin continued to spin on its side in the dust."

                  "Let's just keep going down the way we're on." Misty sighed. "For all we know, those two forks are dead ends!"


                  As the stars came out for the night, Brock and Lyra arrived near a large pond. "It's getting late, so let's just make camp here for the night." Brock suggested.

                  "Good idea." Lyra suggested as she unloaded her camp gear and watched Brock start a campfire.

                  She next tossed two Poke Balls skyward. "Hana, Saphir, come on out!"

                  "How nice to see you again, Miss Hana." Brock smiled as the Chikorita watched him cube some potatoes.

                  He then noticed a Marill by Hana. "This must be Saphir, yes?"

                  Lyra nodded. "Seeing Misty with Ami and Ash with River inspired me to get a Marill of my own. Saphir's still a little shy though, so don't take it personally if she doesn't join in the campfire sing alongs at first."

                  [H-hi...] the Marill stammered at Brock before looking at the pot simmering over the campfire. [What's in there?]

                  "Our dinner for the night--baked potato soup." Brock explained as he added some chicken stock to the pot.

                  After adding some bacon chunks and cheese to the pot, Brock let the soup simmer for an hour before spooning it into bowls. "Okay--it's ready."

                  "Mm...this is good!" Lyra raved. "Better than my mom's recipe!"

                  "Well, when you have to cook for a large family that is various degrees of picky, you have to maintain a balance between broadening horizons and something you know they'll eat." Brock explained. "Of course, it's always nice when you find something everybody can agree on, like chili and baked potato soup."

                  Lyra ate a little more of her soup, than asked Brock "Think you could spin one of your Lore Stage yarns? It would keep me from going nuts worrying about Ethan."

                  "Sure." Brock replied. "Any requests?"

                  [Tell the one about the hermit that helped win the princess!] Hana requested.

                  "Okay..." Brock then started the story. "Long ago, there lived a very rich man who had three sons--their names are not important just yet. When he felt his time was approaching, he divided his property between them, making them share and share alike, both in money and land."

                  [That's fair...] Saphir smiled.

                  "Now, the king of the land where they lived had a daughter--we'll call her Wendy." Brock explained. "One day, he told all the heralds to proclaim throughout the land that whoever could build a ship that sail as easily on land as it could on water would have Princess Wendy's hand in marriage...."


                  "I knew we should've taken one of the forks..." Misty grumbled as she and Ethan continued down the path. "For all I know, we could be going around in circles!"

                  "Let's just make camp for the night--it's getting dark." Ethan suggested as he motioned for Misty to follow him to a hill.

                  "Okay..." Misty sighed, more out of relief than anything else. "What are we gonna have to eat, though?"

                  "I have some sandwiches from yesterday..." Ethan replied as he got out a small cooler filled with drinks and food. "Ham, turkey, or roast beef?"

                  "Ham." Misty smiled as she took one of the ham sandwiches and added some Cheddar cheese and mustard to it.

                  But before she could take a bite, a growl got her attention. "Our sandwiches will have to wait, the Ursarings found us!" she screamed as she motioned for Ethan to follow her, moments before some angry Ursarings crashed through the brush...


                  "Okay...I don't think Ursarings will be able to find us in here..." Ash assured Kamon as the two of them crawled into a cave overlooking a pond.

                  "Just arrange the sticks we found into a nice pattern, and I'll get a fire going." Kamon suggested as he reached for a red lighter in his pocket.

                  After starting their campfire and putting a Combusken breast over a makeshift spit to roast, Kamon told Ash "You know, Wonder're actually not that bad to be around. In fact, I'm surprised anyone would want to hang out with me after all the grief I've given you..."

                  "It doesn't matter, I'd still give anyone stranded in the forest a safe place to camp, food, and a bed." Ash assured Kamon. "Including someone like you."

                  Once the meat and vegetables were ready, and the boys and Tintri had eaten, Kamon asked "So, what do we do for entertainment? Robin Hood's the rockstar with the guitar--unless you've got a guitar in there."

                  "I'm more of a wind instrument person, anyway." Ash explained before fishing a silver whistle with a green mouthpiece from his bag. "Any requests?"

                  Kamon winced when he saw the whistle in Ash's hands. "Oh great...bad memories of third grade music class coming on..."

                  He sighed. "What're you gonna play, Wonder Boy? 'Mary Had a Little Mareep'?"

                  " about 'Jelan's Prayer' from 'The Song Mage Chronicles'?" Ash suggested as he prepared to play the familiar song.

                  With that, he started a familiar prayerful melody that rang out from the cave, across the pond and over a plain, where Misty and Ethan had made camp.

                  Misty smiled as she heard the familiar song in the distance. "You think that's Ash playing, Ethan?"

                  "I'd like to think so..." Ethan replied as he looked up at the starry sky and listened to the whistle's song ringing through the forest. "In fact, I believe Ash is telling you 'Don't worry, I'm coming to find you guys' in that song."

                  To Be Continued...
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                  Pokemon Shine Diamond
                  --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                  Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                    Episode 51: Forest Grumps (part 2)

                    As the sun rose on the forest the next morning, Misty woke up to find Ethan was gone. "Ethan?" she called as she scrambled from her sleeping bag. "Ethan! Where'd you go?"

                    "Over here!" she heard Ethan call back as he returned to the campsite on the hill. "I did some scouting for a route we could take, and found another road nearby a cave. However, we'll have to climb down the cliffs to reach the cave..."

                    "Oh sure you know what you're doing?" Misty asked.

                    "If I can climb in caves and ruins, I can climb on outdoor cliffs." Ethan assured Misty as the two of them shared an uneasy breakfast. "You don't have to worry--you'll have a safety tether on the whole time, so if you do slip or lose your footing, you won't fall into oblivion."

                    "That makes me feel a little better, but still nervous." Misty confessed.

                    "And I'll be spotting you, so you'll know where the good footholds are." Ethan went on as he showed Misty a map of the cliffs, marked with possible safe routes they could take to reach the cave. "So, which route do you want to take?"

                    "The short one, in blue." Misty offered, pointing out the route on the map.

                    "Okay...let's clean up and get going before more Ursarings find us." Ethan suggested as the group threw away their trash in a Pokemon-proof sanitation box.

                    "Yes, lets." Misty agreed. "The sooner we find everyone, the better."


                    "Misty!" Lyra called into the trees. Brock whistled a few times before Lyra called again. "Misty, where'd you go?"

                    A growl got her attention. "Uh oh..."

                    She gasped when she saw an angry Ursaring lumbering in her direction, and reached for the two Poke Balls at her side. "Hana, Saphir, let's go!"

                    A sick feeling welled up in Brock's stomach. I can't lace an arrow with Repel and warn the Ursaring away, but at the same time, I don't think a Chikorita and a Marill will be able to do much of anything against an Ursaring...

                    He reached for a Poke Ball. "Argent, I need your help!"

                    [What is it?] Argent asked as he materialized on the road, making the Ursaring approaching them look like a Teddiursa in comparison.

                    "May I induce you to keep this Ursaring at bay, and protect Lyra?" Brock asked, aware of the frightened look on Lyra's face.

                    [Sure...I will not stand to see a lady in peril.] Argent smiled.

                    With that, Brock held his Mega Ring to the sky. Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

                    Lyra watched in awe as a green flash lit up the sky and engulfed the Steelix towering over her in light. Amazing--Brock can use the legendary power of Mega Evolution!

                    When Argent emerged from the light as Mega Steelix, Brock commanded. "Okay, Argent, Tackle the Ursaring!"

                    [HAAAAAAAAAHHH!] Argent roared as he slammed into the Ursaring, sending it flying backwards in a burst of rainbow light.

                    Lyra watched as the Ursaring charged at the Mega Steelix. "Hana, give Argent a hand with Razor Leaf!"

                    [Got it!] Hana replied as she sprayed the sickle shaped leaves at their opponent, making them gain a rainbow aura thanks to Argent's Mega Evolution, before slicing into the Ursaring's chest with another rainbow burst.

                    Brock swallowed hard as more Ursarings arrived to avenge the one the two of them had wounded. "I think we need to go...Argent, return!"

                    "Hana, Saphir, return!" Lyra recalled her own team and followed Brock down a hill, the Ursaring in hot pursuit.


                    "Almost there..." Ethan coaxed Misty as she stepped from the cliff to solid ground. " made it."

                    "That actually wasn't so bad." Misty admitted as Ethan took off her safety tether. "But the next question is, where do we look for everyone?"

                    A growl startled her. "Not again!" she screamed as she and Ethan dashed off down the path.

                    The rest of the forest seemed to pass by in a blur to Misty as she worked to keep Ethan in view. But as the two of them reached the top of a hill, they could see Ash, Trintri and Kamon not far behind them, and Brock and Lyra approaching from the other way! "You guys! We're here!" she called.

                    "Misty! Brock!" Ash hurried to hug his companions. "I wondered where you guys went!"

                    "Lyra!" Ethan was equally happy to see Lyra. "I missed you!"

                    "It's cool we're all back together, but shouldn't we be running from the beam-bears?" Kamon asked, reminding the others of the angry Ursarings approaching.

                    "This way!" Ash motioned for the others to follow him down a second path in the road.

                    Before long, the group had ran down a winding forest path and all the way to a rickety old wooden bridge. "Oh great--this thing's gonna break as soon as we get halfway!" Misty sighed.

                    "Just like in all those adventure movies I watched as a kid..." Brock was equally annoyed as the rickety bridge started to buckle underneath him.

                    "Well, if we're gonna prevent ourselves from being TV tropes, let's go!" Kamon called.

                    The group hurried across the bridge as fast as they could go, but an Ursaring used Slash on one end of the bridge, making the left half fall into a river far below, and the right half, with the others slam against a cliff. Ash was still holding the wooden planks, holding everyone up.

                    "Argent, help us out!" Brock called, allowing the Mega Steelix to pull the bridge up high enough to reach the path.

                    [Okay...I have the bridge stabilized, but I can't hold it up and save you guys too.] Argent reported.

                    "Hana, help me!" Lyra called as she summoned her Chikorita.

                    Ethan gingerly retrieved one of his Poke Balls. "Ellie, I need your help!"

                    [Talk about a cliffhanger...] the Phanpy noted.

                    [Ellie...I'm gonna use Vine Whip to pull up the ropes, so can you use your trunk for the others to hold onto?] Hana asked as she fashioned the ropes and her vines into a makeshift pulley.

                    [Okay!] Ellie replied before offering her trunk to Ash. [Grab on, and don't let go!]

                    The Mega Steelix and the Chikorita worked frantically to get their masters back onto safe ground, but relieved cheers filled the air some hours later, when the group was back on safe ground again."

                    "I don't want to be hanging on for dear life any more!" Misty nervously giggled.

                    "Me neither...I'll leave that to movie stuntmen." Brock agreed.

                    A smile formed on Kamon's face. "You know, Wonder're actually not that bad to be with. I'd come listen to another whistle solo anytime."

                    "Thanks!" Ash smiled before he realized Kamon was hurrying off down the road. "But what about...our..battle..."

                    A sign at the forest edge got his attention. "Hm...Warning, it is currently the Ursaring mating season and they are using this area as their breeding grounds. Do not disturb them if it's the last thing you do, because if you do, it just may be."

                    He facepalmed. "NOW you tell us..." he groaned as everyone laughed, relieved that their crazy adventure had ended well...

                    To Be Continued...
                    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                    Pokemon Shine Diamond
                    --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

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                      Episode 52: A Goldenrod Opportunity (part 1)

                      "I'm at least glad Ethan and Lyra are on their way after running into those Ursarings." Misty smiled as the group continued down the road a few days later.

                      "I'll admit that I'm even glad Kamon made it out alive, but if I'd have known it was Ursaring mating season, I would've picked a different route and avoided the whole mess to begin with." Ash mused, petting Tintri as he spoke.

                      "Forgive me for interrupting the conversation, but take a look at what's just ahead!" Brock called, pointing out a signpost in the distance.

                      He made a grand gesture to the sprawling city in the distance as Ash and Misty arrived at the top of the hill. "I give you...Goldenrod City."

                      "Wow..." Ash and Misty gasped as they gawked at the glittering gold city before them.

                      "Goldenrod City...the festive city of opulent charm, one mile." Misty read the sign before admiring the city some more. "It's an opulent and festive city, all right!"

                      "How bout it? Was it worth all the detours and setbacks to get here?" Brock grinned at Ash, who was gawking in amazement at the skyscrapers and colorful signs in the distance.

                      "It was..." Ash smiled before taking a picture of the city with his PokeNav. "But I am more than ready to compete for my third Johto League Badge!"

                      With that, he charged down the hill. "Last one there's a rotten Exeggcute!"

                      "Hey, wait for us!" Misty and Brock were not far behind.


                      " do we even begin to find our way around here?" Ash wondered as he looked around at the thousands of people going about their daily routines, crisscrossing the various crosswalks to reach one of the millions of shops and opulent malls.

                      "I hope you brought your wallets, guys...I'm ready to do a little shopping!" Misty smiled, giddy over the huge malls that towered over many of the buildings.

                      "Forget shopping, there has to be a thriving music scene out here!" Brock was equally excited. "That, and there have to be storytellers out here too, so I can learn some more material for the Lore Stage."

                      "Oh yeah...I wouldn't mind learning some Johto tunes myself..." Misty smiled, savoring a memory of the often hours long jam sessions the three of them played at and sometimes hosted back home in Kanto.

                      The sizzle of a burger hitting the grill snapped her to attention. "Not to mention traveling works up an appetite!"

                      Brock looked over at the food cart Misty was studying, where a line was beginning to form. "That does look delicious." he agreed as the cook delivered the burger--now adorned with two types of cheese, lettuce, and pickles--to a customer.

                      "I want to shop, jam, and eat too, but can't we see if the Gym is at least open first?" Ash asked--he did not want to be caught off guard like he was in Azalea Town. "If it is, I wanna challenge the local Gym Leader and earn my next Badge!"

                      "All right, we'll go see if the Gym Leader is in." Brock assured his companion as the group started off down a street.


                      "Notice: The Gym Leader is out today--challenges will be taken tomorrow." Ash read the sign on the Gym door. "Well, now that I know the Gym Leader isn't taking challenges today, we can explore the city, at least."

                      "Hope you've got your instruments..." Brock smiled, pointing out a dull red haired boy fine tuning a mandolin as a plum haired girl looked over which of many percussion instruments she needed to play.

                      "Got room for a few more?" Ash asked the boy as he sat down on a rocky outcropping that ringed a fountain, Pokeflute in hand.

                      "Sure." the boy smiled. "Keely and I enjoy traveling around the world and jamming with as many people as we can--name's Alex, by the way."

                      "We learned from several good sources that Goldenrod is a hot spot for jam sessions." Keely explained as a wind gust ruffled her pale blue shirt. "With so many people coming from around the world, you'll hear a pretty diverse mix of tunes."

                      "We're travelers from Kanto ourselves." Ash explained as he watched Misty and Brock tune up. "I'm Ash...while I'm mainly competing in the local League, I'm not too shabby on a Pokeflute or whistle." He gestured to the empty Pokeflute case and the four whistles peeking from his bag to prove his point.

                      He heard Misty and Brock warming up as he went on. "My companion Misty is a fiddler and my companion Brock is a master guitar player, singer, storyteller, and songwriter--even if he does have a tendency to sing to any pretty girl he can find."

                      With that, he joined in with Misty and Brock, seguing into the Kanto jig "The Song of Life" as Keely and her companion Alex played along...


                      "That was fun--I hope we can play with Keely and Alex again." Misty smiled as the group arrived on another open square some hours later.

                      "I did learn quite a lot of Legendary Beast tales from Alex--these will definitely come in handy for the Lore Stage." Brock was equally happy as he looked over the last of the stories he had written down, then closed up his notebook.

                      He looked up at a building with a huge black tower in the distance, where it seemed to dwarf even the tallest skyscraper in the area. "That has to be the tower for the main regional station, WJTO." he explained before getting out his PokeNav and starting the RadioNav app. "Shall we see what sorts of music and shows it plays?"

                      "Yeah!" Ash and Misty replied as Brock located WJTO in the list of available stations and tapped the "LISTEN" icon.

                      Some exciting music filled the air. "Hi, everyone! It's Buena!" a young female voice began. "It's time for today's password! Today's password is 'Pikachu!' If you can find me broadcasting live and tell me the password, you'll get a very special prize! Good luck!"

                      "The password is 'Pikachu'--got it!" Ash mused as some music started on the radio stream.

                      "I remember Ethan telling me about Buena and her show while we were lost in the forest..." Misty mused as the group started off towards the tower. "The prizes she gives can range to packages of common items and WJTO gear to Pokemon and items you can't find anywhere else, so it's worth it to try and catch her show, especially if you're in the Goldenrod area."

                      "According to Lyra, Buena is in one of three possible locations every time the show broadcasts--Radio Square, where the tower is located, in the Galaria d'Oro, which is the main mall, or in Yuzu Gardens, where we just came from--and they don't tell you which of the three she's at." Brock explained. "I didn't see anything that looked like a radio station's broadcast booth or vehicle in Yuzu Gardens, so we can rule that out."

                      "We're closest to Radio Square, so let's check there." Ash suggested, whispering the password to himself so he wouldn't forget it. "Pikachu...Pikachu...Pikachu..."

                      As the group turned the corner onto Radio Square, Ash spotted a large broadcast booth near the tower, where a brown haired DJ in a pink T shirt and jeans was visiting with passersby or autographing things. "That must be Buena! Let's go give her the password."

                      Misty and Brock followed Ash as he approached the booth, getting the female DJ's attention. "Hi there! Do you remember today's password?" she asked.

                      "I do, Buena." Ash confidently smiled.

                      "Oh, wow!" Buena gasped--she had not expected someone to arrive with the password that quickly. "Thank you!"

                      Then something occurred to Buena. "What was your name again?"

                      "I'm Ash!" Ash replied.

                      "Okay then, Ash...come join the show." Buena smiled as she directed Ash to a small mic positioned so passersby could interact with Buena inside the booth. "What was the password?"

                      "The password was 'Pikachu'"." Ash replied, grinning at Tintri all the while.

                      "You're absolutely correct!" Buena announced, to a triumphant fanfare. "Well done!"

                      She offered Ash a Poke Ball. "Here you are...a Machop of your very own. I'm sure you'll give her a good home."

                      "Thanks!" Ash replied before the group departed.

                      "You're welcome--I hope you'll tune in for more passwords and more chances to win!" Buena replied.

                      She then proceeded to announce to both local listeners, and listeners from around the world Ash's achievement. "Congratulations to Ash for giving me this hour's password for a Machop! I'll have another password and another prize for you next hour, so stay tuned!"

                      To Be Continued...
                      The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                      Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                      Pokemon Shine Diamond
                      --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                      Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                        Episode 53: A Goldenrod Opportunity (part 2)

                        "Al right, we've jammed, we've eaten..." Misty mused as the group walked down another street. "Met a few new friends, Ash won a Machop in a radio contest..."

                        "Any ideas as to what you want to name your new Machop yet?" Brock asked.

                        Ash was about to answer when he felt a bump against his leg. When he knelt down to see what it was, he found a Clefairy rubbing its head. [Ow...that hurt...]

                        "It's okay...we didn't mean to get in your way." Ash assured the Clefairy.

                        As Ash assessed Tintri and the Clefairy, a pink haired girl approached them. "Oh, there you are, Navi!" she smiled before noticing the Clefairy rubbing its head. "Oh, you must've crashed into someone! Does anything hurt?"

                        ['s just throbbing right now.] the Clefairy assured the girl.

                        "What about you? Is your Pikachu okay?" the girl asked as she looked Tintri over for injuries.

                        [Just a scrape where your Clefairy bumped me...] Tintri replied, showing the girl a small bump on his head.

                        "Here, let me kiss it and make it better, okay?" With that, the girl gently kissed Tintri on the head.

                        A guitar chord got the girl's and Ash's attention. Always friends, you and me, Brock sang to Whitney as he played.
                        Together for--!

                        "Together for just a few minutes!" Misty sighed as she dragged Brock away, guitar and all.

                        The girl, however, stifled an embarrassed giggle. "That's the first time I've ever been sung to before..."

                        "Don't mind Brock, miss...he just has to sing to every pretty girl he can find, whether they want to hear him or not." Ash explained. "But put him on a stage, and he'll sing and tell stories for hours!"

                        "Better on a stage than to a girl he hardly knows..." Misty grumbled.

                        "Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing your guitar player friend sing." the girl confessed.

                        It dawned on the girl she had not introduced herself. "The name's Whitney, and this is Navi." she smiled, gesturing to her Clefairy."

                        "Nice to meet you..." Ash replied. "I'm Ash, and my companions Misty..." Misty waved hello. "and our resident balladeer and storyteller, Brock." Brock looked up from retuning a flat A string to wave hello.

                        "Nice to meet you the chance to do any shopping yet?" Whitney asked.

                        "Would I ever!" Now Misty was excited, forgetting all about Brock's attempted performance as she pictured SALE signs, shoes, purses, and bath supplies.

                        "Sure!" Ash was equally excited, but his shopping daydreams were populated by video games, DVDs, comic books, action figures, and RC cars.

                        "All right--the Galeria d'Oro is this way, so come with me!" Whitney motioned for the group to follow her down the crowded street.

                        About then, Brock had finished retuning. "What kind of a song would you like to hear, Miss Whitney?" he asked, believing Whitney to still be present.

                        He noticed Whitney, Ash, and Misty about to round a corner. "Hey, wait for me!" he called as he quickly put away his instrument and raced to catch up.


                        "Okay, gang...the Galaria is far easier to get to if you take an underground path." Whitney explained as the group followed her into a tunnel that led beneath the city. "In fact, the tunnels often double as a mall itself!"

                        "If you don't mind my asking, how did you discover this?" Misty asked as she admired the tunnel's checkered tile floor.

                        "I discovered the route by myself." Whitney replied. "It was a total accident!"

                        "We were really lucky to find Whitney as a guide..." Misty smiled.

                        "If Whitney's that great a guide, then why has she led us down the same path four times in a row?" Brock asked as the group found their way back to the tunnel entrance for the fifth time.

                        "Um, my fault!" Whitney blushed. "I forgot you make a left down the end of the hallway, not right!"

                        "If strategy guides exist in real life, we may need one to make it through here..." Ash muttered as they followed Whitney down the tunnel, passing by many doors in the walls on the way.

                        "That's why I picked up a map of the tunnel on the way in." Misty assured Ash, showing him a folded up map of the city's massive tunnel complex. "To cross reference Whitney's directions, and gently correct her if she gets it wrong."

                        "Okay...this should be the right way into the Galeria...we should come out in the food court." Whitney explained.

                        "Great--after we get some food, I wanna see if GameWorld has any copies of Zelda left!" Ash smiled.

                        He explained to Brock and Misty "Mom surprised me with a Nintendo 64 as a reward for winning the Orange Conference, and I told her I'd come back with a copy of Zelda!"

                        "I've heard from some reliable sources that Ocarina of Time has earned perfect tens from some reputable magazines and gaming sites--so you owe it to yourself to find a copy." Brock grinned.

                        But the group balked when they saw they had walked into a beauty salon, with both people and Pokemon getting cuts, trims, styles, and perms. "Hello! How can we assist you today!" a young boy asked as he prepped a chair for the next customer.

                        "Fancy letting us work some magic on your Pikachu and your Clefairy?" an elder boy smiled.

                        Tintri pictured himself with permed fur and shuddered. Navi was equally embarrassed as she imagined herself with wavy fur. "Um, that's okay, we're not interested at the moment--thanks!" Ash stammered as the group dashed back out to the tunnel, Tintri and Navi in tow.


                        "If we don't get to the mall, and fast, we're gonna starve." Ash grumbled as the group trudged through the tunnel.

                        "Either that, or we'll find the right entrance ourselves." Misty was equally annoyed as she heard Ash's stomach growl.

                        "Okay...third time's the charm!" Whitney smiled as she opened a third door...which led into a hallway leading to the Galeria food court!

                        She made a grand gesture to some doors at the end of the hallway. "I'll lead the way in--these are automatic!"

                        A "UWAAA!!!" and the squeak of Whitney sliding off the door got Brock's attention. "You okay?" he asked as Whitney popped back into 3D on the floor.

                        "Yeah--forgot it's the main entrance that's automatic." Whitney weakly replied as she rubbed her head. "But nothing serious--it's not the first door I've crashed into!"

                        Brock opened the door. "Ladies first." he smiled, allowing Whitney and Misty inside before he and Ash followed them.

                        "FINALLY!" Ash heaved a huge sigh of relief at the utopia of fast food and neon lights before him, never mind Whitney's mishap with the doors earlier.

                        "It doesn't look too terribly busy, so go get something, and I'll stake out a table for you." Whitney assured the group as they went their separate ways to partake in the many options the food court and the mall itself had to offer.


                        "So did GameWorld have any copies of Zelda left?" Brock asked as the group reunited at a table near a fountain with their food and a few purchases.

                        "Yeah--I got one of the last few sparkly boxes with the gold cartridge!" Ash smiled showing his friends the sparkling gold box before returning it to the festively colored GameWorld bag he carried.

                        "You may want to hang onto that--the gold cartridges are something very special." Whitney smiled as she petted her Clefairy in between bites of Combusken lo mein.

                        After a while, as the group finished up their food, Ash asked Whitney "So, Whitney...can you ask the Gym Leader if I can battle him tomorrow?"

                        "No need to ask the Gym Leader--you're looking at her!" Whitney grinned, much to Ash's surprise!

                        To Be Continued...
                        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                        Pokemon Shine Diamond
                        --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                          Episode 54: A Goldenrod Opportunity (part 3)

                          Previously, on Pokemon Moonlight Silver...

                          After a while, as the group finished up their food, Ash asked Whitney "So, Whitney...can you ask the Gym Leader if I can battle him tomorrow?"

                          "No need to ask the Gym Leader--you're looking at her!" Whitney grinned, much to Ash's surprise!

                          "Representing the Gold side, our leader, Whitney!" a dark brown haired referee announced, to Misty and Brock's applause as Whitney waved to the audience of two. "And representing the Silver side, the challenger Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!"

                          "Bring it on!" Ash challenged.

                          "Thank you, Brittany." Whitney smiled at the referee before explaining the rules. "Okay, here's how this is gonna work... we will battle in a three-on-three match, with a Plain Badge as your prize if you beat me, okay?"

                          "Got it!" Ash replied.

                          "Is everyone ready?" Brittany asked. Both Whitney and Ash cheered in reply. "All"

                          As soon as the whistle echoed through the Gym, Whitney summoned a tiny pink and yellow cat Pokemon with a large tail. "Tsuki, here we go!"

                          "Cyndy, I choose you!" Ash commanded. Once Cyndy was before him, he read up on his opponent:

                          "Skitty, the kitten Pokemon. An exotic Pokemon from the Houen region, it is said to be difficult to earn its trust. However, it is extremely popular for its cute looks and behavior.

                          " is kinda cute." Ash smiled as the small Pokemon licked itself for a moment.

                          "Tsuki, Tackle!" Whitney's command snapped him back to reality.

                          "Cyndy, have that Skitty run into a wall of fire!" he commanded. He smirked confidently as the tiny cat Pokemon charged into the stream of fire, only to faint when the flames cleared some moments later.

                          "Wow! That was almost a little TOO quick!" Even Brock was impressed.

                          Whitney was shocked that her Skitty had been defeated. "'re the first one that defeated Tsuki from the get go..."

                          She looked over at her Clefairy. "Navi, your turn!"

                          [All right!] Navi replied as she hurried into the arena and started swaying her fingers in time to a beat only she seemed to hear.

                          Ash froze in fear when he saw the Clefairy's fingers. Metronome can call upon any attack, including attacks the user doesn't know!

                          "Cyndy, be prepared for anything!" he called, hoping to Arceus that Navi didn't get a chance to use a powerful move like Mystical Fire or Meteor Mash.

                          He braced himself for a powerful attack, but Misty and Brock laughing from the stands clued him in that Navi was using Splash.

                          [Here you were getting all panicked over nothing!] Cyndy sighed. [Now, let's finish the job!]

                          "Okay! Cyndy, use Flamethrower again!" Ash commanded.

                          "Navi!" Whitney gasped as she saw the oncoming wave of flames headed at Navi. "Navi, come back!"

                          "Gold withdraws Navi from battle." Brittany announced as Cyndy's Flamethrower attack impacted on the Gold safety barrier, where Navi had been minutes before. "Gold now has one Pokemon remaining."

                          A huge smile formed on Ash's face. I literally cannot believe this good luck I'm having...I've got the Plain Badge in the bag now!

                          Whitney noticed Ash's confident smile. "I wouldn't get too comfy, because I have one Pokémon left--and it's also my strongest."

                          With that, she heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Daisy, showtime!"

                          Never seen this one before... Ash mused as he read up on the large pink cow Pokemon before him:

                          "Miltank, the milk cow Pokemon. Its milk is packed with nutrition, making it the ultimate drink for the sick or weary.

                          "Doesn't look like the type to battle...." Ash mused as he put Dexter away.

                          "Ah, but if those she loves are threatened, Daisy will hit and hit hard!" Whitney warned as she watched her Miltank power towards the Silver side of the arena, rolling so quick, she seemed to be a literal ball of energy.

                          "Cyndy--!" Ash called, but all he could do was watch as Daisy slammed straight into Cyndy, sending her flying into the Silver safety barrier and landing at his feet. "You okay, Cyndy?"

                          [I think so...] Cyndy groaned as she eased herself to her feet. [That's gonna hurt tomorrow...]

                          "Got enough in you for a counterattack?" Ash asked.

                          [I can try...] Cyndy groaned.

                          "If you can, try and Tackle that Miltank!" Ash commanded.

                          [HAH!!!] Cyndy barreled at the rolling Miltank, but the Tackle and the Rollout collided at the same time. While the force of the impact merely made Daisy slide back a few inches, Cyndy went flying into the safety barrier a second time.

                          In the stands, Brock noticed Daisy had used the momentum from the collision to turn around. "Ash! Cyndy can't take any more! You need to switch out, and fast!"

                          Both Misty and Brock winced at the THWACK! of the Miltank impacting something and the KA-WANG! of Cyndy hitting the Silver safety barrier again. "Too late..." Misty noted as the dust cleared to reveal Cyndy with swirly eyes at Ash's feet.

                          Ash fought back tears as he examined his fainted Cyndaquil. "You gave your all, Cyndy...return."

                          Focus, Ash. he reminded himself before taking his second Poke Ball. "River, i need your help!"

                          "Daisy, use Rollout again!" Whitney called.

                          Ash braced himself for the Miltank speeding towards his Marill. "River, try Water Gun!"

                          Whitney giggled at Ash's panicked face as the Water Gun splattered against Daisy. "This is why I love Rollout--the longer it goes, the stronger it gets!"

                          River's a sitting Psyduck! Ash panicked. "River, look out!"

                          He winced as River also went flying at the safety barrier, only to land swirly eyed at his feet. She never had a chance! There HAS to be a way to stop this Miltank...but how?

                          A whistle got his attention, where he saw Brock drawing a jagged outline in the air with his finger, as if mimicking a lightning strike. Of course...River did manage to get Daisy wet, so I'll give that a shot.

                          He looked over at Tintri. "How bout it? Think you can paralyze it with a Thunderbolt?"

                          [I'll give it my best shot!] Tintri replied as he bounded off Ash's shoulder and fired the largest Thunderbolt he could muster at the spinning Miltank, but the Miltank didn't even bet an eye.

                          "I will give you credit for a smart idea, but Daisy is spinning so fast, she's already dry." Whitney smiled.

                          "Okay, Tintri, new plan--use Agility to try to outrun Daisy!" Ash commanded.

                          But all he could do was watch as Daisy slammed into Tintri with a direct hit. Tintri then flying into the Silver safety barrier himself. But could hardly attempt to get up before Daisy hit him again, leaving Tintri battled and beaten at Ash's feet. [Ash...I'm...sorry...] he wheezed.

                          "Tintri!" Ash screamed.

                          "Silver is unable to battle--Gold wins the match!" Brittany announced.

                          "Daisy, return." Whitney commanded, recalling the Miltank. "Well fought, Ash--I have to commend your heroic effort."

                          She motioned for Navi to follow her as she started towards the Gym entrance. "If you ever want a rematch, I'll be more than happy to give you one!"

                          Hot tears welled up in Ash's eyes as Whitney and Navi departed. A rematch would be pointless. he thought as he studied the heavily battered Pikachu in his arms.

                          He unleashed a loud growl of frustration. "Arceus in heaven, hear my prayer!" he pleaded to no one in particular as Misty and Brock joined him on the arena floor. "Whitney and her Miltank are far too powerful, and I don't have a clue how I'm going to defeat them! Grant me some advice, or a clue!"

                          To Be Continued...
                          The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                          Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                          Pokemon Shine Diamond
                          --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                          Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                            Episode 55: A Dairy Tale Ending

                            "Okay...when you reach the room at the end you need to be careful--if you stand too long in one spot, a Wallmaster will descend from above and take you back to the very beginning of the dungeon." Misty read from a strategy guide as the Link Ash was controlling arrived in a new room in a temple. "Simply jump across and use your final key to unlock this door."

                            "Got it!" Ash replied before following Misty's instructions.

                            "Venting your frustration on some bosses?" Brock smiled as he arrived in the Pokemon Center's game room, where Ash had commandeered one of the Nintendo 64's to finally play his gold copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

                            "Yeah...I've cleared the child Link part of the story, and am working my way through the Forest Temple now." Ash replied as he guided his Link down a stairwell. "Misty's acting as my navigator."

                            "Oh, nice, you have a gold copy!" a familiar voice smiled.

                            Ash paused the game to see Whitney approaching him. "Whitney...what are you doing here?"

                            "After our match yesterday, I felt horrible giving you such a beatdown." Whitney explained as Nurse Joy arrived with Ash's Pokemon. "So I wanted to something nice for you--how would you guys like to spend the day at my uncle's farm?"

                            "Sure!" Ash replied as he saved his game, the scene of Link and Epona jumping the ranch's fence still fresh in his memory.

                            A thought occurred to him as he turned the console off and ejected his gold cartridge. I could also maybe learn how Daisy got so strong!


                            Meanwhile, Team Rocket watched from a bush as Whitney and the group arrived at the farm. "Aw, da family reunion..." Meowth sighed as Whitney ran to hug an older man in rancher's garb. "Maybe while dey're busy with da 'hi, how are ya''s, we can raid da storehouse and help ourselves ta all da ice cream we want!"

                            "Good thing I made a note of the storehouse's location on the way in." James smiled as he motioned for Jessie and Meowth to follow him to a large building by the main barn.

                            Jessie balked in awe at the sheer amount of milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and ice cream inside the storehouse. "Oh my...where do we begin sampling all of this, much less stealing it?"

                            "Lessee here...sundae cones, Ice cream sandwiches, Popsicles, Fudgesicles...." Meowth reported as he rummaged through the ice cream. "Birthday cake, Kalosian vanilla, Nanab split, butta pecan, cappuccino chocolate chunk--ooh, dat sounds yummy! Cookie dough, chocolate, mint chip, fudge ripple..."

                            "Hey! Did I say you guys could have any ice cream?" Whitney asked as she stormed into the storehouse, with the group not far behind.

                            Jessie just smirked. "You're all gonna scream for more than ice cream momentarily!" With that, they hurried towards one of the the pastures with their pilfered ice cream.

                            "Follow those Rockets!" Ash and the others were not far behind.

                            [How's this for a new flavor? Lemon Shock!] Tintri smiled as he fired a Thunderbolt at the fleeing Rockets, making them drop all the ice cream on the ground.

                            "Good thing none of the tubs popped open..." Brock reported as he and Misty started cleaning up the scattered ice cream tubs that where strewn across the dirt road.

                            "If they did pop open, we'd have even more of a mess on our hands!" the man agreed as he made sure all the stolen tubs were accounted for.

                            A "CHAAA!" and "Weezing!" alerted Whitney that Jessie and James had summoned Arbok and Weezing in an attempt to throw the group off their trail. "Daisy, get these crooks away from here!" she called as she summoned her Miltank.

                            [For the pride of Goldenrod Farm! Take this!] Daisy growled before rolling into a ball and charging at the Arbok, the Weezing, Jessie, James, and Meowth.

                            "Go get'em, Daisy! Give those troublemakers what for!" the man grinned as Daisy's Rollout connected, sending the Rockets flying off with a ping.

                            "Good riddance..." Misty smiled.

                            "Daisy saves the day again!" Whitney announced, prompting Daisy to take a bow for the applauding group.

                            "It's about time for her to be milked, Whitney, so I'll take her into the barn with the rest of the herd." the man explained.

                            "Okay, Uncle Milton--while Daisy's getting milked, I'll give my friends some Ponyta riding time." Whitney replied before addressing the group. "If you want to see the Ponytas, they have their own pasture."

                            "Fun fact--the Epona in Zelda is named for the Epona in myth and folklore." Brock explained as the group entered the Ponyta pastures. "Unlike your virtual steed, the Epona in folklore is said to be a Shiny Ponyta, with divine speed and speaking ability at the very least, but depending on the story and possibly the teller, she may have more powers than those."

                            Ash, meanwhile, made a beeline towards a normal Ponyta near one of the fences. "What's this one's name?"

                            "That's Miracle--or Mira for short." Whitney replied as she brought over a saddle and bridle. "So named because she very nearly didn't survive her traumatic birth; but she did. She's actually a very gentle mount, so we let first time riders and those that haven't ridden in some time ride her."

                            "I have a little Ponyta riding experience under my belt, but it's been a while." Ash confessed as Milton arrived with riding garb.

                            Once Miracle had been saddled and bridled and Ash had suited up, Whitney led them both on a leisurely walk around the pasture. "Any memories of the Laramie Ranch coming back to you at all?" Misty smiled as she and Brock watched from the fence.

                            "Yeah--funnily enough, the Ponyta I rode in that race was named Epona, which is why I was surprised when it popped up in Zelda last night." Ash replied.

                            "It is a fairly common female Ponyta name because of the mythological connection already..." Brock mused as Whitney led Ash and Miracle back to their starting point.

                            Just then, Whitney heard Milton calling her. "Just stay put while I go help Uncle Milton put fresh hay down for the Miltanks." she told Ash as she disconnected the lead rope.

                            "Okay." Ash replied.

                            As soon as Whitney was out of view, a fence dividing the Ponyta pasture in half gave Ash an idea. Maybe if I urged Miracle hard enough, I could jump into the other pasture like Link and Epona!

                            Inspired, he flicked the reins. "Heya!" he called, in his best mimic of Link; prompting Miracle to run towards the fence.

                            "Ash, what are you--!" Misty started before she and Brock watched Ash and Miracle sail gracefully over the fence into the other pasture...only for Ash to nearly tumble to the ground from the force of the landing.

                            Laughter got his attention. "I think you need a little more practice on jumping, Mr. Hero." Whitney smiled.

                            "Ya got the jumpin' part right, but ya need to practice landin' too." Milton agreed.


                            Later, Ash watched from the fence as in the main Miltank pasture, Whitney and Daisy practiced Rollout. That move is powerful...maybe even too powerful if it took down three of my best Pokemon. So how do I even begin to defend against it?

                            He was snapped from his thoughts by a strange sight. Huh? Why is a barrel rolling into the pasture?

                            "Odd...what's a barrel doing here..." Whitney wondered as she watched the odd barrel roll into the pasture.

                            "SURPRIIIIIIIIISE!!!" the Rockets cried as they emerged from the barrel, to Whitney's and the group's horror.

                            "To protect the world from devastation..." Jessie began.

                            "And unite all peoples within our nation..." James smiled, twirling a rose in his hand. Ash just rolled his eyes at the now familiar motto he, Misty, and Brock had heard a million times before:

                            "To denounce the evils of truth and love!

                            "To extend our reach to the stars above!



                            "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

                            "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

                            "Meowth! Dat's right!"

                            "DAISY!!!!" Whitney cried as the odd mecha snatched both Daisy and Pikachu, then started to roll away, very similar to a Pokemon using Rollout.

                            Ash climbed into the pen in an attempt to stop the barrel, summoning Cyndy. "Cyndy, ignite one of Brock's arrows to set that barrel on fire!"

                            Cyndy waited until Brock had aimed at the wildly rolling barrel, then heaved an Ember at it, setting the arrow ablaze.

                            Whitney watched in awe as the flaming arrow landed in the barrel, setting it ablaze and slowing the barrel down. "What a great idea!"

                            "River, use your Water Gun to impede the barrel more!" Ash heaved another Poke Ball skyward.

                            "It's working!" Misty noted as she watched the barrel mecha bounce and shake along the makeshift canyon River had created, eventually dropping Daisy and Tintri on the grass.

                            [Rough landing...] Tintri mused before charging a Thunderbolt. [But not as rough as yours will be!] he screeched as he launched his attack, making the barrel explode sending Team Rocket flying.

                            Whitney looked up from tending Daisy to see Ash approaching. "Thank you...I don't know what I would do if Daisy were Poke-napped by those hoodlums..."

                            "If you want to...I want a rematch of our battle from yesterday--Daisy vs. Tintri." Ash offered. "I know Cyndy and River have no chance against Rollout, but Tintri came the closest..."

                            "All right, that's fair." Whitney replied. "Meet me in the main Miltank pasture, and we'll battle."


                            "Okay, Tintri, use Agility!" Ash called. The canyons River made before are still there, so maybe I can use that to my advantage!

                            He watched as Tintri sped past the rolling Daisy, causing her to hit some of the trenches. As Daisy came around for another attack, Tintri curled into a ball in the bottom of one of the trenches. Tintri? What're you doing?" Ash wondered.

                            [Relax, I've got this.] Tintri assured his master. [I have an idea...]

                            Just as Daisy rolled over the top of the trench, Tintri unrolled himself, which launched Daisy into the air! [Hi-YAAAAA!!!!] Tintri screamed as he unleashed a Thundershock, causing the now fainted Daisy to land on the grass with a thud.

                            "Gold is unable to battle--Silver is the winner!" Uncle Milton announced.

                            Ash balked as Whitney held out a simply designed diamond shaped badge. "What? Why am I getting a Plain Badge here? We weren't even in the Gym!"

                            "Who said we had to be in the gym for a Gym match?" Whitney grinned.

                            "Besides, if you can rescue and then defeat a Gym Leader's top Pokémon fair and square, you've earned yourself a badge several times over!" Uncle Milton smiled.

                            "Okay..." Ash smiled as he accepted the badge from Whitney as Misty and Brock applauded his victory...

                            To Be Continued...
                            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                            Pokemon Shine Diamond
                            --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                              Episode 56: Air Time!

                              "Whitney sure was a sweetheart..." Misty smiled in between bites of lettuce. It had been a few days since they had spent the day at Whitney's uncle's farm, chasing away Team Rocket and Ash earning his third badge along the way.

                              "Yeah...she wasn't as tough as I thought." Ash smiled as he admired the Plain Badge that was now pinned to his vest along with his other badges.

                              He noticed the taco salad Misty was eating. "That looks great..."

                              "I couldn't decide whether to eat healthily or indulge, so this looked like the best solution." Misty explained. "Pretty tasty too...what'd you get?"

                              "Just your standard cheeseburger--hold the onions." Ash smiled as he offered Tintri one of the pickles still on his plate.

                              Brock chuckled as Tintri made a disgusted face. "A little too sour?" he grinned before taking a bite of the patty melt he had ordered.

                              The three friends giggling caught the attention of a young deep brown haired man. "Hi there...can I ask you three a question?"

                              "Sure...what about?" Ash asked as the waiter arrived with the bill and three complimentary mini sundaes, then cleared the boy's plates.

                              "My name's Seth Petersen--I'm the producer of 'Pokemon Profiles' on WJTO." the man began. "The guest we had lined up for this week had an emergency and couldn't come--so would any of you three like to come on the show and share your talents with the world?"

                              "I would be honored." Brock replied as he set down his share of the bill and the tip. "I'm competing in the Pokemon Lore Stage, so it would be a dream come true to share my stories with a wider audience."

                              "And Misty and I will help with any music or character voices you might need." Ash smiled as he offered Tintri what was left of the ketchup he had used for his fries.

                              "All right--here's my card." Seth gave Brock a business card. "Just show that to the receptionist and tell her you and your friends are here for 'Pokemon Profiles', and she'll lead you to the studio."


                              "Formerly a Gym Leader, now a performer; he's quickly become a rising star on Kanto's storytelling scene, and now seeks to make his mark on the Pokemon Lore Stage...come get to know this true renaissance man, today on 'Pokemon Profiles'. a female DJ announced before the show's theme song started.

                              "Good luck, Brock..." Misty whispered as she put on her own headphones.

                              "Welcome to 'Pokemon Profiles'...I'm your host, Mary Austin." the female DJ began as the theme song ended. "This week, we cross over to Kanto to get to know a former Gym Leader whose true passion lies in sharing the world's lore though music, mimicry, props, and even stage archery. So please give a warm welcome to rising Lore Stage star Brock Harrison."

                              "Thank you." Brock acknowledged the applause of a few interns from his half of the studio. "It's an honor to be here."

                              "Tell me...what spurred you to begin storytelling, an art many think is relegated to summer campfires and rainy days at Grandma's?" Mary asked.

                              "Well, coming from a large family, reading a book often proved to be an exercise in futility." Brock explained with a chuckle. "They would always find some way to interrupt with questions or taking the story off on a tangent. By telling my siblings a bedtime story every night, I could include them in the performance, so they wouldn't interrupt me. Then I started including songs and mimicry in my performances, to the point where they were guessing what kinds of songs I would sing and voices I would do for their story that night."

                              He went on "My big break came when I was effectively volunteered to perform for the school book week with only a day to get ready. But my hastily thrown together show went over very well, and before long, I was being asked to tell for other schools, community events, and even festivals. I hope to one day make a career out of it--this world is filled with all kinds of lore, and stories just waiting to be told."

                              "I see...would you be willing to share one of your stories with us?" Mary asked.

                              "Sure...this is a version of the Moltres story common to Pewter and the surrounding areas." Brock explained. "It's called 'The Quest for Moltres'...

                              With that, he began "It happened once that a king of a far away land, who had a great kingdom and three sons, was blinded due to a mysterious disease, and no healing skill or art could restore to him his sight. After a very long time, a traveling priestess came to the palace, and told him that there was only one thing that could restore his sight, and that was to find Moltres, the Herald of Fire; her song would open the king's eyes.

                              When the eldest son--his name is not important to us--heard this, he offered to go in search of Moltres, the Herald of Fire, which was kept in a gilded cage by a neighboring king, and carefully guarded as his greatest treasure. The blind king greatly rejoiced at his son's resolve, decked him out in the best way he could, and let him go...."


                              "Hearing you sing the Swanna Song never gets old..." Misty smiled when the show ended some time later. "Nor does hearing you tell--you did great in there!"

                              "You guys did great filling in the voices of Prince Brian and Princess Sophia." Brock replied.

                              "That was actually kinda fun..." Ash confessed as he returned his headphones to a tech. "I hope no one noticed I was a little nervous..."

                              An intern entering the room got his attention. "Boss! Mary! This week's show tapes were damaged during the storm that came through last night. Now we can't air this week's edition of the Goldenrod Radio Theater!"

                              "It's okay..this week's episode can still be done live." Mary assured the intern as she, and the group followed the intern down the hall to the large and roomy studio where the famous radio drama was recorded each week, where the station's resident actors were preparing to record. "Guys, you don't mind if these three join in this week's show, do you?"

                              "Not at all!" a blonde haired actor smiled.

                              "We like performing with guests." a dull green haired girl asked as she received her script.

                              Mary gave Ash, Misty, and Brock a script. "All right, here the scripts for your roles..."

                              Ash gasped when he saw the script's title. "No way--we're doing a dramatization of one of my all time favorite video games...'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past'!"

                              "All you have to do is all those 'Hut's, 'Ha's, and 'Seit!'s Link does...think you can do that?" Mary asked Ash.

                              "Sure!" Ash replied as he accepted a headset mic from a tech, grabbed an unsharpened pencil, and stabbed at the air, channeling his best mimic of the Ocarina of Time Link. "Hut! Ha! Heya!"

                              "Very good!" Mary applauded. "Are we ready to get started?"

                              "We're on in" the director counted down.


                              The familiar attract screen music started playing in all its sixteen bit glory as Brock read the iconic attract text as the opening narration. "Long ago, in the beautiful kingdom of Hyrule surrounded by mountains and forests, legends told of an omnipotent and omniscient Golden Power that resided in a hidden land. Many people aggressively sought to enter the hidden Golden Land, But no one ever returned. One day, evil power began to flow from the Golden Land, so the King commanded seven wise men to seal the gate to the Land of the Golden Power."

                              As the game music faded out, the director motioned for the blonde haired actor to say his first line. " we really have to act out the cut scene?" he asked. "We haven't had time to rehearse!"

                              "I know, but everything we recorded for this week was damaged, so we have to record this live--we can always edit out mistakes before it goes to air." Mary assured the actor. "Start from the end of the first bit of the attract music ending."

                              "It would be a whole lot better if Brock just read the entire attract text..." another actor added.

                              "If Mary wants to have the gate sealing part and Agahnim's arrival acted out, I have no problem with it." a navy haired female actor assured her costar.

                              "I just don't think it's right to add dialogue where there wasn't any to start with." the blonde actor protested.

                              'If it's in the script, that's what the director wants!" the navy haired actor protested.

                              "There is such a thing as artistic license..." the blonde actor retorted.

                              Mary winced as the actors argued. "Let's just continue reading the attract text, okay?" she told Brock before clapping to get the actors' attention, bringing the argument to a screeching halt. "Okay, focus, everyone!"

                              "Now, where was I?" Brock asked as he looked for the rest of the attract text in the script.

                              "That seal should have remained..." Ash prompted Brock.

                              Brock found the point Ash had mentioned, and continued reading as the sixteen bit music started again. "That seal should have remained for all time...but, when these events were obscured by the mists of time and became legend, a mysterious wizard known as Agahnim came to Hyrule to undo the seal. He eliminated the good King of Hyrule, and through his evil magic, he began to make descendants of the seven wise men vanish, one by one. Now, the time of destiny for Princess Zelda is drawing near....and it is here our story begins..."

                              "Okay, cut!" Mary called as the propmasters prepared the recording area to capture sounds of footsteps on various surfaces.

                              "Mary, Zelda's a fairly long game, and our time slot won't be enough to perform the whole game in one sitting." the dull green haired girl interjected. "What should we do?"

                              "We have enough time to perform up to the Sanctuary this week--we'll have our guest actors record any other dialogue we may need when our time here is done, so we can air the rest over several weeks." Mary replied before addressing Misty. "Ready for your first lines?"

                              "As I'll ever be..." Misty replied as the sound tech cued a sound of rain on a roof.

                              "Okay, action!" Mary called.

                              "Help me...please help me..." Misty pleaded in character as Zelda, her voice receiving an echo effect to signal the voice was in someone's head. "I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle. My name is Zelda. The wizard, Agahnim, has done...something to the other missing girls. Now only I remain...Agahnim has seized control of the castle and is now trying to open the seven wise men's seal...I am in the dungeon of the castle. Please help me..."

                              The sound of a door opening snapped Ash to attention. "Link, I'm going out for a while. I'll be back by morning. Don't leave the house." a plum haired male actor read as the uncle before walking on some wood planks to simulate someone walking out a house into the simulated "storm"

                              Ash carefully got up from his chair and landed on the wood planks with a THUNK. "No, that sounded too heavy for someone jumping out of bed." Mary suggested.

                              "Here's a tip--take off your shoes and slap them on something to get a more realistic walking sound." the navy haired girl suggested.

                              "Okay..." After removing his shoes, Ash tried lightly slapping them on the wood planks. "That's better." Mary replied.

                              Misty sighed as the memorable video game scene took shape in fits and starts. "We're gonna be here a while..."

                              "Focus!" Mary's call snapped her back to reality. She flipped a few pages to the next point where Zelda had lines, then watched as the plum haired boy read his next scene as the uncle, now wounded. "Unnh... Link, I didn't want you involved in this...I told you not to leave the house. Take my sword and shield and listen. You can focus power in the blade, then release it using the secret technique handed down by our people."

                              After some techs rattled some metal items to simulate Link picking up something metallic, the actor continued. "Link, you can do it! Save the princess!"

                              "Hm!" Ash replied affirmatively as Link.

                              "He's really getting into this..." Brock smiled as he watched Ash manipulate his shoes to mimic walking, and then a flurry of war-cries at Mary's battle cue, waving an unsharpened pencil in time with Mary's directions and the sound effects to simulate a fight.

                              "Would you be willing to read the role of the loyal sage too?" the dull green haired actress asked as she tried oh-so-hard not to laugh at Ash waving around a pencil and mimicking Link's war cries.

                              "Sure." Brock replied, turning to the appropriate point in his script.


                              As the iconic Sanctuary music started, Brock started reading the role of the loyal sage. "Princess Zelda, you are safe! Is this your doing, Link?" he asked Ash in a gentle older man voice.

                              "Hm." Ash replied affirmatively.

                              "Yes, it was Link who helped me escape from the dungeon!" Misty replied in character as Zelda. "While I was captive, the wizard said..."

                              She next decided to do her best mimic of someone evil. "Once I have finished with you, the final one, the seal of the wise men will open."

                              Brock tried oh-so-hard not to laugh and break character at Misty's attempt at a villainous voice. "Link, you must not let the land of Hyrule fall into the wizard's clutches." Misty pleaded as Zelda again. "If he releases the seal of the seven wise men, evil power will overwhelm this land. Before that happens...before it's too late... destroy the wizard before he destroys all of Hyrule! You can do it!"

                              "I sense that a mighty evil force guides the wizard's actions and augments his magical power." Brock reads as the loyal sage. "The only weapon potent enough to defeat the wizard is the legendary Master Sword. It is said that the village elder is a descendant of one of the seven wise men. Maybe he can tell you more..."

                              After lightly pressing a stamp on some paper, Brock went on in character "I will mark his house on your map. But watch your every move! I am certain that the castle soldiers will be looking for you now!"

                              He noticed Ash's in character fearful look. "I will hide Princess Zelda here. Do not worry! Seek the elder!"


                              "Well done, all three of you." Seth smiled when the marathon recording session finally ended some hours later. "You make a wonderful Link, Ash."

                              "Aw, it was nothing." Ash smiled. "I'd be happy to perform on the radio again, either as a guest actor or to play more music."

                              "It was a bit weird acting with no costumes or sets, but we had fun too." Misty smiled.

                              "Yeah--doing a radio play was an interesting experience." Brock agreed.

                              "You're always welcome to do Link the next time we do an adaptation of a Zelda game." Mary smiled as she met the group. "You at least have the war-cries down...will you do one more for me?"

                              Ash nodded, grabbed an unsharpened pencil, and stabbed at the air. "Hut!"

                              To Be Continued...
                              The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                              Pokemon Shine Diamond
                              --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                Episode 57: The Bug Stops Here (part 1)

                                "That radio play was fun!" Misty smiled as the group left Goldenrod City the next morning. "You do a very convincing Link, by the way." she smiled at Ash.

                                "Hut!" Ash proceeded to stab at the air with an imagined sword, to the bemusement of the others.

                                Even Brock was laughing as he consulted the map. "Okay...the National Park should be just ahead..."

                                "How fun!" Misty smiled as the group rounded the corner, where they saw a huge crowd lining up by a Beautifly fountain in the main hub. "Or, maybe not so fun if all these crowds are here..."

                                "Good morning! Are you guys here for the Bug Catching Contest?" a ranger asked as she approached the group.

                                Misty froze at the mention of bugs. Why didn't they tell me this place was full of bugs?

                                A majestic Poke Ball shaped building with banners decorating the top looming in the distance got her attention. That must be the Pokethlon Dome! Now I can get my own challenge started!

                                A sign near a path got her attention: POKETHLON DOME--THIS WAY. "You guys can go play with the bugs--I'm gonna attempt my first Pokethlon!" she told the boys before hugging Brock and tearing off down the path to the majestic dome, excited to finally begin her challenge.

                                "I figured Misty's bug-phobia would rear its head sooner or later..." Brock mused, wincing from Misty's surprisingly hard grip.

                                "What are the rules for the Bug Catching Contest?" Ash asked the ranger.

                                "Each participant is given a set of 30 Park Balls, which look like this." the ranger replied, showing the boys a dull green Poke Ball. "You are to enter the forest, and using only one Pokémon, catch the strongest Bug-type Pokémon you can find. Whoever gets the strongest one in 20 minutes wins the competition and, in addition to the option of keeping the Pokémon you catch, you also win a Sun Stone."

                                "Nice...sign me up!" Ash smiled, accepting the entry form from the ranger as he giddily chuckled.

                                Brock, meanwhile, was declaring his archery gear. "These arrows are only props, and have been dulled for target shooting and use on stage. Most damage they can do is popping balloons or puncturing other materials."

                                "All right...any location marked with a target sign, you can shoot from." the ranger replied. "Just be aware of your surroundings, and be respectful of other park guests. If you'd like to use the park's archery range, that's nearby the north observation deck."

                                "Thanks." Brock replied before telling Ash where he would be. "While you're busy catching bugs, I'm gonna try out the archery range. Once I get done there, I'll be watching from the north observation deck."

                                "Got it!" Ash replied before hurrying off to join the other contest participants.


                                "Specialization...water." Misty mused as she continued filling out a Pokethlon registration form in the Pokethlon Dome's main lobby. "Skill level...beginner..."

                                "Misty!" a familiar voice called, snapping Misty to attention. When she looked up to see who had called, she smiled when she saw Casey--now in a green jersey with the number 64 on it--and Wrigley approaching her. "Remember me at all?"

                                "Casey...long time no see!" Misty smiled as she and Casey hugged. "This place is amazing!"

                                "Yeah, but it's only one of several Domes just like it just in this region alone." Casey explained. "What track are you on?"

                                "Water...since water Pokemon are my specialty." Misty replied.

                                "Okay...consider me your friendly rival, even though I'm competing on land." Casey grinned. "So even though I'm gonna do my best to beat you, I can answer any questions you might have that the Dome staff don't know the answer to."

                                "Bring it on!" Misty challenged as she went to turn in her registration form at the front desk.

                                "Okay, Misty's your official Pokethlon jersey for the water track..." The receptionist smiled, draping a royal blue jersey on Misty's back. "and here is the box to keep any medals you win."

                                "Thanks." Misty replied as she accepted the large cube shaped box. "Where's the dressing room to change into this?"

                                "Dressing rooms are down that hall--once you're changed, head on into the briefing room. The beginners' water Pokethlon will be starting shortly."

                                Misty acknowledged the receptionist with a nod and smile, then hurried off down a hallway to change.

                                "Nice, number seven." Casey noted when Misty emerged in her jersey some minutes later. "I've got a few minutes before the land Pokethlon starts, so I can answer some questions before you go in the briefing room. You only have to get the briefing before your very first Pokethlon, which basically explains what to expect."

                                "Do you have to win a gold medal to count towards the end goal, whatever that is?" Misty asked.

                                "Nope--either a gold, silver, or bronze medal will do." Casey replied. "If you do earn eight medals, you go on to the Grand Pokethlon, which takes place during the Pokemon League."

                                "Okay...and how many Pokemon can I use?" Misty asked.

                                "Up to three--they'll tell you what kind you're competing in during the briefing, so pick the three that are the most versatile for any competition." Casey explained.

                                "All right..." Misty reached for three of her five Poke Balls. "Michelle, Pearl, guys will compete in my first competition!"


                                [Some competition this is...] Tintri sighed as he and Ash trudged through the brush. [We haven't found even so much as a Caterpie yet!]

                                "We haven't even looked in the whole forest yet, so we can't give up now!" Ash assured Tintri as they checked the clearing near the north observation deck.

                                A mimic of a Fletchling whistle got his attention, spurring Ash to look up to find Brock waving at him from above. Must've finished shooting at the archery range... he thought before waving back to his friend.

                                [That was actually a pretty good mimic of a Fletchling song!] Tintri was impressed. [But this is Brock we're talking about, here...he probably knows how to mimic a million voices!]

                                Just then, a dull yellow worm Pokemon with a spike on its head and a large red nose crawled out from the bush. [A Weedle...want me to attack it?] he asked Ash.

                                "Sure!" Ash replied, excited to finally spot a Pokemon. "Use--!"

                                "Use Razor Leaf!" he heard a female voice say, very nearly getting sliced by the two spiked leaves as he and Tintri dashed back into the brush to watch a dull green haired girl and her Chikorita engage the Weedle.

                                He watched as the attack slashed the Weedle, allowing the girl to catch it. "Good work, Peach..." the girl smiled as she petted the Chikorita, than started back down the path back to the park entrance.

                                "But I found that Weedle first..." Ash sulked, miffed that another trainer had stolen his catch.

                                [Cheer up, Ash...there's plenty more bugs in the forest to find!] Tintri assured his master.

                                Ash nodded. "You're right, bud...we could find something rarer than a Weedle, and beat everyone else."

                                He motioned for Tintri to follow him. "Let's go."


                                "...Today's Pokethlon will focus on speed, so it will be a big help if you chose your fastest Pokemon...good luck to all of you." a coach concluded before the crowd of beginner Pokethletes, Misty included, went their separate ways to prepare for their respective competitions.

                                Okay...after comparing everyone's stats using that stat guide Casey gave me, I'm gonna use Pearl for the first event. Misty thought as she made her way to the tunnel leading to the main pool for water events.

                                She hurled a Poke Ball skyward. "Pearl, competition time!"

                                [Competition?] the Starmie asked. [That would explain your clothes...]

                                "This is no different from racing Lilly, Violet, and Daisy at home...but this time, we have people watching us--think you can stay focused?" Misty asked.

                                Pearl's core turned blue--her excited color. [If I can battle before an audience, I can race against other Pokemon! Let's do this!]

                                "That's the spirit!" Misty smiled as she emerged inside the large indoor pool, where a large crowd and three other blue clad Pokethletes were waiting.

                                "Welcome, one and all, to our first Poke Ball rank Water Pokethlon of the season!" am emcee called, to thunderous cheers. "Our first event today is the Hurdle Dive--our four competing Pokéathletes are pitted against one another in a race down a lane of the pool, with hurdles every so often for the Pokémon to jump over or dive under. The first Pokethlete and Pokemon to make it to the other end of the pool in sixty seconds, wins!"

                                Pearl's core turned green--her nervous color--as an Empoleon, a Greninja, and a Gorebyss took their places in the first three lanes. [You sure we can outswim those?]

                                "I would've never signed up for this if I didn't believe you could do it." Misty assured her faithful Starmie as she settled into the water.

                                [All right...climb aboard, Ms. Tsunami--hang on to my top spires, and don't let go!] Pearl instructed as she folded down some spires to create a place for a human to mount her.

                                Once all four Pokethletes had mounted their Pokemon and were in the water, the referee announced "On your mark...get set...GO!!!"

                                Cheers filled the air as the Greninja charged to the front, creating a massive wave as he leaped over the first hurdle. But Misty and Pearl were not far behind, expertly weaving past the large Empoleon and diving under the first hurdle, overtaking the Gorebyss on the way. "Full throttle, Pearl!" she whispered.

                                [You got it!] With that, Pearl picked up her speed and leaped from the water, barely overtaking the Greninja as she and Misty sailed over the second hurdle. Once the two of them splashed down, Pearl kicked up a huge wave of her own as she powered ahead to dive under the third hurdle, reaching the other end of the pool with five seconds to spare!

                                In first place, number 7, Misty Williams. the announcer reported as Misty and Pearl waved to the crowd, both excited and exhausted. Ash, Brock...I wish you guys were here to watch me take the gold!

                                To Be Continued...
                                The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                  Episode 58: The Bug Stops Here (part 2)

                                  The grass rustled as Ash and Tintri stepped into another clearing, where a red haired boy and a pink fluffy sheep-like Pokemon were challenging a Scyther. While the green mantis Pokemon was familiar to Ash, he did want to read up on the sheep Pokemon:

                                  "Flaaffy, the wool Pokemon. The evolution of Mareep, its fleece quality changes to generate strong static electricity with a small amount of wool. The bare, slick parts of its hide are shielded against electricity."

                                  "Ah, so that's what Luce will become..." Ash smiled as he watched the Flaaffy battle.

                                  [I'm not sure if the Flaaffy's gonna last very much longer...] Tintri mused as the Flaaffy tried to charge a Thunderbolt, but fell to the ground in exhaustion.

                                  "Come on, Cloud, just a little more!" the boy urged, unaware of his Flaaffy heaving with exhaustion. "Try to use a Thunderbolt!"

                                  Ash gasped in horror as the Scyther raised a bladed arm to slash the exhausted Flaaffy. "We have to do something, or that Flaaffy's roast mutton! Come on!"

                                  [Take this!] Tintri screeched before firing a Thunderbolt of his own, making the Scyther stumble backwards as paralysis took hold.

                                  " can I ever repay you and your Pikachu for saving Cloud?" the boy stammered, amazed and grateful someone had come to his rescue."

                                  "Aw, it was nothin'!" Ash grinned. "Trainers help each other out in times of need."

                                  He paused to get an extra blanket from his bag--one of many spare blankets he carried to give fellow trainers--and draped it over the Flaaffy, "But for now, just let Cloud rest--I think you may have pushed him past his limit."

                                  "We were exploring the forest when that Scyther appeared..." the boy explained. "I wanted to catch it for the contest, but it turned out to be too strong for Cloud."

                                  "It's perfectly okay to run from a battle--sometimes the better part of valor is discretion." Ash explained.

                                  "Thanks...that makes me feel a little better." the boy weakly smiled. "I'll admit I pushed Cloud too hard without meaning to, but what if that Scyther tries to attack someone else that may not be so lucky to have someone intervene?"

                                  "I'll go try and find it so it can't hurt any more Pokemon--for now, stay with your Flaaffy, and let him rest." Ash told the boy before motioning for Tintri to follow him. "Come on, bud."

                                  "Bye, and thanks!" the boy called as Ash and Tintri charged through the brush.


                                  "Our second event in the beginners' water Pokethlon is Capture the Flag." the referee announced to the spectators, to cheers as Misty and her competition, now wearing swim goggles, arrived on the deck of a massive pool.

                                  "This shouldn't be too hard...remember seeing Casey do this and having to defend Ash's honor?" Misty asked as she, Michelle, Ami, and Pearl made their way to the fourth starter deck.

                                  [I still wanna give Kamon a piece of my mind for saying Ash was cheating!] Ami grumbled as she looked out on the large pool.

                                  [Casey's obviously done this for a while, but finding flags is harder in water, because some of them could be beneath the surface.] Michelle cautioned. [So keep that in mind when picking which of us will compete.]

                                  [Yeah, remember that you'll probably have to come up and breathe too.] Ami agreed.

                                  "Well, this event tests skill as well as speed..." Misty mused as she checked the stat guide Casey had given her. "I'll stick with Pearl, since you guys are even in skill, but Pearl has the fastest speed."

                                  [That's fair...climb aboard.] Pearl flew in the water and folded down some of her spires to create a place for Misty to sit. [We need some kind of signal to let me know when you need to come up and breathe....]

                                  "I'll point upward." Misty replied before climbing on her faithful Starmie.

                                  [Good luck, Pearl!] Ami called as Misty and Pearl paddled to the start line.

                                  "Hidden in this pool are flags of many colors--some of them are on the surface, and some of them are underwater." the referee explained. "Whoever can find seven flags in the order of the rainbow the fastest, wins."

                                  Once sure all the Pokethletes had their goggles on, he called "Ready? Set? GO!"

                                  Cheers filled the air as Misty found a red flag hanging on a buoy, then held her breath as Pearl dove beneath the surface, intent on picking up an orange flag hiding on the bottom. But before she could reach out to grab it, the Greninja grabbed it away. Nuts... she grumbled as she motioned for Pearl to surface.

                                  She found another orange flag around a prop coral, and eagerly grabbed it away from the Empoleon before motioning to Pearl to surface again. This is apparently harder than I thought... she thought as she surfaced, then held her breath again to go for a yellow flag hidden in a mermaid statue.

                                  After surfacing yet again, she raced the Greninja to a treasure chest to claim a green flag, retrieved a blue flag twined around an anchor, beat the Greninja to an indigo flag hanging from an inner tube, and easily found the purple flag in a ship sail before the Greninja narrowly beat her across the line.

                                  In third place, number 7, Misty Williams. the announcer reported as both the exhausted girl and the exhausted Starmie paddled back to the pool deck. That's okay, there's still only one more event to go--I can still finish strong. Misty told herself as she and her three Pokemon made their way down another tunnel.


                                  [No sign of that Scyther anywhere...] Tintri reported. [Imagine what a catch that would be for the contest!]

                                  "It would be a nice catch, but first we have to--!" Ash replied before a crunch got his attention. When he looked down to see he had accidentally stepped on an abandoned Beedrill hive, he froze as he heard the hum of the Beedrill swarm approaching. "Uh oh..."

                                  Suddenly, an idea came to him. Forget the Scyther, let's try catching one of these!

                                  He called "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!" as the swarm drew closer. I'm not running from you guys today! You're gonna be my key to winning this contest!

                                  [HI-YAAAAAA!!!] Tintri cried as he fired a Thunderbolt into the swarm, making many of the Beedrills drop to the ground paralyzed. [Okay...they're not gonna get up or attack for a while, so pick the Beedrill you like best.]

                                  "All right..." Ash replied as he took a Park Ball, and heaved it at the one closest to the hive...


                                  "Our final event in today's beginner water Pokethlon is the Relay Run!" the referee announced. "Each of our Pokethletes will race each other around this circular pool, trying to complete as many laps as they can in two minutes. Whoever completes the most laps, wins."

                                  [Misty...I think I can help you get a good finish to make up for the Capture the Flag disaster.] Michelle offered. {That is, if Pearl's okay with it.]

                                  [That's fine.] Pearl replied. [Whichever one of us Misty feels can lead her to victory.]

                                  "Okay, can try this event." Misty replied.

                                  [Climb on my back, then.] Michelle replied before climbing in the pool and lying down on her stomach long enough for Misty to climb on. [Not the heaviest thing I've carried, but you're pretty light for a human.] she noted as she ran to the start.

                                  "Pokethletes! Take your mark!" the referee called. "Ready? Set...GO!"

                                  Michelle and Misty charged out in front, even outswimming the Grenenja and the Gorebyss as he field jockeyed for position. "Swim like your life depended on it." Misty whispered to the Golduck, who nodded and powered ahead through the backstretch to complete a lap first.

                                  As the two minute timer ticked away, the Empoleon had long since given up, as had the Gorebyss, but the Greninja and Michelle were neck and neck. Mr. Frog-fu's on his last legs, and I'm still raring to go! Michelle thought as she watched the Greninja finally stop in exhaustion with ten seconds to go, leaving him with 11 laps just as Michelle completed her twelfth lap moments before time expired.

                                  The winner and second place overall--number 7, Misty Williams! the announcer reported as Misty waved to the cheering crowd. The scoreboard displayed her and Michelle's picture as well as a replay of their last lap--while twelve laps was nowhere near the record of twenty, it was still very respectable for a first time competitor.


                                  "Those Beedrills never had a chance!" Ash bragged as he and Tintri made their way down the path, past the north observation deck. "And our competition won't have a ch-!"

                                  This was as far as he got in his boast before the dirt gave way, sending him falling into what looked to him like a fish tank. "Who does Team Rocket think we are? Magikarps?" he defiantly yelled as he and Tintri banged at the insulated glass.

                                  A whir snapped Tintri to attention. [We're moving...]

                                  A grimace formed on Ash's face as he and Pikachu emerged from the pit and into the sun, where he could vaguely make out Jessie and James' faces. He could see them saying something, but the insulated glass made it hard to see. Their tones of voices sounded like the familiar motto, so Ash concluded that they were saying their spiel for the ten millionth time. I could practically say it along with them if I wanted... he grumbled.

                                  Tintri noted a glass shard near where Ash was sitting. [Hey, Ash--think you could use this shard to make a flash? That way Brock would know we need help.]

                                  "Sure..." Ash replied. He waited until he felt the thud of their prison being placed in something, then picked up the shard and focused it into the sun, making a flash that could be easily seen from the north observation deck.

                                  Inside the deck, Brock panicked when he saw the familiar Meowth balloon start to rise above the trees--and he spotted a familiar flash coming from in the basket. Those lowlifes have not just Tintri, but Ash too!

                                  He hurried outside and up the hill to the closest target sign he could find, where he had a clear line of sight to the balloon. Hang on, guys...I'm gonna shoot your captors down!

                                  With that, he took an arrow, carefully aimed at the Meowth balloon as it rose past the hill he was on, and fired; a POW! and a CRASH! confirming he had both punctured the Meowth balloon yet again, and broken the insulated glass cage.

                                  Ash climbed from the balloon's wreckage some moments later. "Nice shot." he smiled as he embraced his friend. "But how are we going to get Tintri out of there without the Rockets knowing?

                                  "One step ahead of you..." With that, Brock set his bow and quiver aside, took Argent's Poke Ball, and heaved it skyward, at the same time singing Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

                                  The Rockets jumped as they saw the green flash of Brock's Mega Ring, and screamed as a Mega Steelix loomed over them. "Take anything you want, just don't crush us into Rocket-cakes!" Jessie pleaded

                                  [I only want this, thank you.] Argent replied as he carefully picked up Tintri, then slithered back down to where the boys were waiting.

                                  [Whee!] Tintri smiled as he slid down Argent's coils and into Ash's arms.

                                  Brock grinned as he retrieved his archery gear. "And now, for the coup de grace--the Electric Arrow Blast-off!"

                                  [Payback time!] Tintri agreed before firing a Thunderbolt. Brock fired a second arrow that got electrified at the same time, sending the Rockets flying in an electric explosion...


                                  "...and in first place, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, who caught a Beedrill!" the ranger announced as Ash came up to accept a gold medallion and a Sun Stone. "Well done!"

                                  "Thanks." Ash replied as the crowd cheered.

                                  Just then, Misty and Casey arrived just as the crowd turned to leave. "Oh nice! You got a silver medal!" Ash smiled when he saw Misty wearing a silver medal.

                                  "Had a little trouble in the water version of Capture the Flag, but we did pretty well." Misty replied.

                                  "My training with you guys paid off--we took gold in the land competition." Casey smiled, showing off her gold medal.

                                  "Would you want this Beedrill I got?" Ash asked Casey. "I already have a full team, so you can think of him as a congratulatory gift on your gold medal, and your obsession with black and yellow-striped things."

                                  "Aw, you'd really give away a Pokemon you caught?" Casey smiled, tears of joy shining in her eyes. "Thank you! Thank you!" she giggled as the Beedrill flew towards her direction.

                                  She paused to think of a suitable name for her new Beedrill. "I'll call you...Dodger!"

                                  [After the baseball team?] the Beedrill buzzed. [I'd be honored to score you a home run!]

                                  Casey, meanwhile, turned to Misty. "Let's meet again in another Pokethlon! Even though we're not on the same track..."

                                  "I promise." Misty replied as she linked pinkies with Casey. "Good luck on your own challenge!"

                                  After waving goodbye to Casey, Ash took a moment to admire Misty's silver medallion. "Wow...I'm impressed Misty got a medal her first time out..."

                                  "As skilled as Misty is, her competition will only get harder from here." Brock cautioned.

                                  "I know that, and I will rise to meet the challenge every time!" Misty smiled before leading her friends into the sunset...

                                  To Be Continued...
                                  The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                  Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                  Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                  --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                  Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                    Episode 59: Type Casting (part 1)

                                    "Well done on getting a medal your first time in a Pokethlon." Ash smiled as he admired the silver medal glinting in Misty's medal box.

                                    "Likewise, even though I don't like bugs that bite or sting, that was a very nice thing you did for Casey, giving away that Beedrill." Misty replied as she admired the medal, then put her medal box away.

                                    She was about to say more when she noticed a wide river snaking across the path. "Uh are we gonna get across? It looks too big and too deep to swim across..."

                                    "The map says there's supposed to be a bridge, but all I can see is construction crews." Brock reported as the group approached where one crew was working, near where Brock's map said the bridge would be."

                                    "Excuse me, sir, but where can we find a bridge to cross the river?" Ash asked the foreman as the group approached the construction site.

                                    "Well, if you're looking for the old bridge, a huge storm washed it away last year." the foreman explained as he studied his blueprint. "If everything goes according to schedule, the new bridge will be open for travelers in about...six months."

                                    "WHAAAAAAAATTT???" the group gasped as they walked away.

                                    "We can't afford to wait that long!" Ash gasped as he motioned fr the group to follow him into a small clearing by the roadside. "Let's huddle and try to think of a way to cross the river."

                                    "I will reiterate that swimming is too dangerous..." Misty cautioned.

                                    "Not to mention none of us have the building expertise to build one ourselves..." Brock agreed. "Unless you count building bridges out of toothpicks for science class..."

                                    "I could have Aina cut a tree down!" Ash offered.

                                    "But where would we find a tree long enough to span the river?" Misty wondered.

                                    Just then, she spotted a fisherman arriving on the shore in a row boat. "Hey, look! We could ask that guy to row us across--if his boat's big enough to fit the three of us and him..."

                                    "Worth a shot." Brock smiled as he motioned for Ash to follow Misty down to the shore, where the fisherman had just cast his line.

                                    "Forgive us for interrupting your fishing, sir, but would you be so kind to take us across the river?" Misty asked as she approached the man.

                                    "Sure--I'll take you three across in exchange for a captured Sudowoodo, a species of Pokemon which supposedly lives on a mountain not far from here." the fisherman replied. "There haven't been very many bites lately since all those crews started working on a new bridge."

                                    "Thanks!" Misty replied as she climbed in the boat.


                                    "Thanks again for the ride!" Ash smiled as the group disembarked some time later.

                                    "We'll leave no stone unturned in looking for your Sudowoodo." Misty agreed, waving goodbye as the fisherman started back towards the shore they had come from.

                                    She heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Michelle, come help us look for something!"

                                    [What is it you need to find?] Michelle asked as she materialized on the grass.

                                    "One of these." Ash replied, showing Michelle his Pokedex:

                                    "Sudowoodo, the imitation Pokemon. Although it always pretends to be a tree, its composition appears to be closer to a rock than a plant."

                                    [Okay, I'll keep an eye out.] Michelle assured Ash.

                                    She then spotted what she thought was a tree swaying in the breeze, but looking closer revealed that the "tree" had legs and spindly arms. That's odd-what tree has arms and legs?

                                    [Misty, I think I found your Sudowoodo!] she called.

                                    "Where?" Misty asked. She looked in the direction Michelle was pointing, but only saw trees and bushes. "I don't see any Sudowoodo..."

                                    She gasped when she saw something tree-like running through the brush. "There it is!"

                                    "Follow that 'woodo!" Brock called as he led the others into the forest.


                                    "I think we lost it..." Ash reported as the group arrived in a clearing some time later.

                                    "And it'll take us forever to find it again..." Misty muttered, not pleased at the process of searching the entire forest for a Pokemon skilled at camouflage.

                                    Some voices in the distance snapped her to attention. "Someone's here..."

                                    Brock peeked through the brush to find a man and a woman in lab coats standing on tree stumps and arguing. After listening to the back and forth for a while, he decided to try and mediate the argument. "What seems to be the trouble here?" he asked, motioning for Ash and Misty to come out from the brush.

                                    "First, allow us to introduce ourselves, traveler--I'm Pierre, and this is my partner Marie." the man began, spurring the woman to wave hello.

                                    "We're up here in the mountains to work on a paper about the local habitat and the Sudowoodo." Marie explained. "But our big sticking point is Sudowoodo's type..."

                                    "Our problem is this: I agree with the general scientific consensus that Sudowoodo is a Rock type." Pierre explained. "My colleague and partner Marie doubts that assertion, citing its Grass-type appearance and reports of the Pokémon using Fire-type attacks."

                                    "Very intriguing, indeed..." Brock mused. "How did you both find the means to support your claims?"

                                    "I looked through the known scientific literature, while Marie prefers going out in the field." Pierre explained.

                                    Ash reached for the Poke Ball holding his Pidgeot. "I have an idea: I can send out my Pidgeot Mina to search for the elusive Pokémon--maybe another pair of eyes can see something human eyes can't!"


                                    "Okay, Mina--good luck!" Ash smiled as the Pidgeot prepared to take off.

                                    [I'll be back soon!] Mina replied before flying off from the cliff overlooking the researcher's cabin.

                                    "So, what have you two found on Sudowoodo so far?" Misty wondered as she watched Mina soar above the trees.

                                    "Well, we've learned that Sudowoodo can appear similar to many types of trees, even to the extent of changing colors with the seasons." Marie began as Pierre met the group back at the cabin.

                                    "I doubt that Sudowoodo is a Grass-type...." Pierre interjected. "According to 'Pokemon and Their Behavior', Sudowoodo gather branches to look like trees."

                                    Just then, Ash heard a familiar squawk, and hurried to meet Mina. "Find anything?"

                                    [I've found a Sudowoodo not far from here--hurry before it runs!] Mina explained before taking off to the west. Ash nodded, and motioned for the others to follow him down a path, where the Sudowoodo was contemplating how to cross a pond.

                                    Ash gasped as he saw the Sudowoodo fleeing into the brush, and heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Luce, follow that Sudowoodo!"

                                    Brock gasped in awe as the tiny Mareep ran after the Sudowoodo, going so quickly that it glowed white, revealing a familiar pink sheep Pokemon. "I don't believe it...Luce was so determined to catch our Sudowoodo, she's become a Flaaffy!"

                                    Just then, the desperate Sudowoodo turned around and used what looked to the group like Vine Whip. Luce easily deflected the vine with a Headbutt, sending Sudowoodo's "Vine Whip" into the hands of Marie. "This wasn't a Vine Whip attack at all--our Sudowoodo was simply holding a vine." she sighed, showing the group the vine.

                                    "Luce, try and use Power Gem on Sudowoodo!" Ash commanded.

                                    The Sudowoodo then appeared to use Razor Leaf, but the leaves were all dried up. "I don't think that even looked like an attack..." Brock noted.

                                    Just then, the group gasped as teh Sudowoodo suddenly lashd out with a very real-looking Vine Whip, sending Luce flying. "Try a different Pokemon, and see if it uses the same attacks!" Marie called to Ash.

                                    Ash nodded, and heaved a second Poke Ball skyward. "Let's go, River!"

                                    The Sudowoodo did a taunting dance, but River copied the dance step for step for a moment, as if challenging the Sudowoodo.

                                    Her master's voice snapped River to reality. "River, Tackle that Sudowoodo!"

                                    [HAAAAHHH!!!] River screeched as she barreled towards the tree-like Pokemon, but the Sudowoodo narrowly stepped out of the way. Next, River attempted Water Gun, but the Sudowoodo jumped to avoid every spray.

                                    Misty seemed to notice the Sudowoodo's desperate efforts to avoid the Marill's attacks. "Sudowoodo seems to hate water..."

                                    "That would make it consistent with the Rock-type." Brock agreed.

                                    "Okay, River! You have permission to Play Rough with Sudowoodo!" Ash called to the angry Marill.

                                    As River barreled towards the Sudowoodo, it ran through the brush until it suddenly disappeared into the ground. "Did it just use Dig?" Ash wondered.

                                    "If that was the case, that would make Sudowoodo a Ground type..." Marie replied.

                                    The group sweatdropped as the Sudowoodo came back up - in a net. "Surprise!" Ash and the others balked when they found Team Rocket staring back at them in very convincing tree costumes, complete with Jessie hanging the net from her fake foliage.

                                    "Not so surprised anymore..." Ash growled. "I've heard your stupid motto a zillion times by now..."

                                    "All right, since you've heard it, we'll spare you the trouble!" Jessie smirked.

                                    "But in return, watch as we make you twerps see double!" James agreed.

                                    "What do you mean by that?" Ash demanded.

                                    James just grinned, making a tooth sparkle. "Weezing, use Smokescreen!"

                                    Weezing nodded, and unleashed a massive cloud of smoke at the group, leading to the group, Marie, and Pierre coughing uncontrollably. "They're gone..." Misty sputtered before coughing some more.

                                    "And they took the Sudowoodo with them." Brock managed to whisper before coughing again.

                                    Ash coughed up the last of the smoke, then groaned. "Maybe that was what they meant by seeing double..." he mused as he wiped his watering eyes...

                                    To Be Continued...
                                    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                    Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                    --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                    Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                      Episode 60: Type Casting (part 2)

                                      Meanwhile, in Team Rocket's hollow tree hideout, not even the three hoodlums could agree on what type their captive was. "I have to agree with the scientist we swiped the Sudowoodo from--it has to be a Rock type!" James vowed.

                                      "But then why does it resemble a tree?" Jessie countered. "That makes it a grass type!"

                                      "HEY!!!" Meowth screeched, quieting the argument. "Look, I've been listenin' ta you guys squabble ova our captives type for hours now, and I've got an idear: Why don't we ask da Sudowoodo ourselves what type it is?"

                                      With that, he climbed down an ivy ladder, where the Sudowoodo was slumped against the tree trunk. "Look, we just wanna know what type ya are, 'kay? So will ya tell us?"

                                      [Why don't we get something to eat?] the Sudowoodo groaned.

                                      "Okay, will ya tell us if we give ya food?" Meowth asked.

                                      The Sudowoodo heard its stomach growl, then sighed [I'm the type that wants to eat.]

                                      "Ooh..." Jessie stormed down the ivy rope to confront the Sudowoodo. "I know what type you are! You're the type that drives people crazy!"

                                      Just then, she spotted the fisherman from before from a hole in the hollow tree. "Hey, look! There's a fisherman out on the water! Maybe if we asked very nicely, we could ask for a ride across the river."

                                      "Good idea!" James agreed as he led the way out with the Sudowoodo, with Meowth bringing up the rear.


                                      "How do I know you guys aren't trying to pull a fast one on me?" the fisherman asked some time later, suspicious of the Rockets and the Sudowoodo. "Besides, that Sudowoodo doesn't even look healthy!"

                                      "Never fear!" james assured the fisherman as he triumphantly produced a watering can that resembled a Squirtle. "Sudowoodo has to be a Grass type, so a little water should perk it right up!"

                                      He did not however, expect the Sudowoodo to unleash an earth-shattering scream and attempt to run away. While Jessie and Meowth made a heroic effort to hold onto the rope around the Sudowoodo; James slowly, agonizingly poured some water, but he gasped in horror as the rope broke at the last second, prompting the Sudowoodo to dash off into the forest.

                                      AS the Rockets gave chase, they did not expect the old fisherman to follow them. "Don't let that Sudowoodo get away! I'm gonna see if I can get it myself!"


                                      "It's no use...Ash sighed as he slumped against a tree. "We're never gonna find the Sudowoodo at this rate..."

                                      [Well, if we're never gonna find it at this rate, then what's that brown thing on the rock?] Tintri asked, pointing out the Sudowoodo standing on a rock holding tree branches.

                                      Piqued, Ash started toward the nervous Sudowoodo, only to gasp as it dashed away, leaving the tree branches behind. "Uh oh!"

                                      "I've got this!" With that, Brock hurried off after the Sudowoodo, making sure to keep it in his line of sight as the Sudowoodo zig-zagged through brush, around lakes, and over mushrooms and tree roots, finally managing to corner it in a grassy clearing, making a flying leap to hold it down moments before Ash and Misty arrived.

                                      "Did you get it?" Ash asked before wincing at the odd sight he saw--Brock licking the Sudowoodo as if it was an oversized candy bar. "Ooookay....why is Brock licking the Sudowoodo like a Growlithe?"

                                      Misty sighed. "It's official...Brock's gone off the deep end. Audience? You think Brock's gone off the deep end? Cast your votes now."

                                      [What audience?] Tintri asked as Brock forgot about licking the Sudowoodo and climbed off of it.

                                      "I had to do SOMETHING to calm it down...since Growlithe licking is supposed to calm people, why not try it on a Pokemon?" Brock explained.

                                      "The things we do as trainers..." Ash was unimpressed.

                                      Brock then remembered his stash of Pokechow in his bag, and eagerly dug out a few pieces. "Hungry, big guy?"

                                      He smiled as the Sudowoodo eagerly scarfed down the small meaty ball. "Good 'woodo! Who's a good 'woodo?" he cooed as he left a trail of the Pokechow leading to Pierre and Marie's lab.

                                      "It's working!" Misty smiled, pleased the Sudowoodo was willingly following them.


                                      "All right, Sudowoodo...will you use Vine Whip for me?" Marie asked as she prepared to take notes.

                                      "I'll give you more yummy food if you do!" Brock offered, holding out three more Pokechow balls. However, the Sudowoodo vigorously shook its head no.

                                      "That's wanted to follow us before..." Misty mused.

                                      "Ash...try using one of your Pokémon to get Sudowoodo to use Vine Whip." Marie suggested.

                                      Ash nodded. "Okay, Tintri...use Thundershock!"

                                      [HAAAH!!!!] Tintri screeched as he fired an electric jolt at the odd tree Pokemon. He did not however, expect the Sudowoodo to absorb the electricity and turn it back at him! [Gah!]

                                      Pierre arrived in the room, holding a book. "Here we says here that one of Sudowoodo's attacks is Mimic, an attack that imitates other attacks."

                                      Something then dawned on Marie. "So that's how Sudowoodo can use unusual mimicked the local Grass Pokemon's Vine Whip and Tintri's Thundershock."

                                      "To prove that Sudowoodo is indeed a Rock-type, watch what happens when I try to spray it with water."

                                      Both scientists watched as the Sudowoodo jumped to avoid the water spray, sending it flying out the window. Moments later, it found itself surrounded by Ash and friends, Team Rocket, and the old fisherman.

                                      Marie smiled when she saw the old fisherman. "Grandad! Fancy seeing you here!"

                                      "Grandad?" Ash was intrigued.

                                      "Marie is in fact my dear granddaughter." the fisherman explained. "I was looking for a Sudowoodo because Marie had wanted to find one for her research--and I was prepared to go to the ends of the world to find one, too."

                                      "Aw, how sweet..." Jessie sarcastically cooed before heaving a Poke Ball. "You want the Sudowoodo so bad? Let's battle for it!" she challenged as Arbok materialized on the grass.

                                      "Cyndy, let's go!" Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

                                      Both sides watched as Arbok lunged to Tackle Cyndy, only for Sudowoodo to grab Arbok in mid strike and slam it into the ground.

                                      When Arbok recovered some moments later, he saw Sudowoodo pointing to the right. Eager to defeat the odd tree Pokemon, Arbok lunged at the Sudowoodo, only to be the recipient of a Faint Attack, followed by a Low Kick. The Low Kick was enough to send Arbok flying to the ground, swirly eyed.

                                      "Hm...Sudowoodo's sly style would fit perfectly with Team Rocket, actually." Jessie mused as she recalled the fainted Arbok.

                                      She looked over at Sahana the Wobbufett. "You try making a move on this 'woodo!"

                                      "Cyndy, use Flamethrower on the Wobbuffet!" Ash called, seconds before Sahana could try Countering the Sudowoodo.

                                      He balked when he saw Sudowoodo, stand in front of the Flamethrower and send it right back at Cyndy! "Look out, Cyndy!"

                                      Cyndy veered out of the way of the stream of fire, then circled around in an attempt to Tackle Sahana, but she did not expect Sahana to use Counter [WAAAAAAAAAA!!!] she screeched as she went flying onto the ground by Ash's feet.

                                      Inspired, Misty heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Pearl, I need you!"

                                      "Good news is, Cyndy's surprisingly none the worse for wear after that huge attack." Ash reported as he massaged Cyndy a little.

                                      "That's great--have Cyndy distract Sahana--I have an idea..." Misty suggested.

                                      "Okay...Cyndy, try Flamethrower again!" Ash called.

                                      He watched Sahana prepare to Counter Cyndy's Flamethrower, but smiled when Pearl sprayed him with a Water Gun. I see...since Wobbufett can only Counter one move at a time, Misty wanted him to counter something else, leaving him vulnerable to another attack!

                                      [And now for the Cheri Berry on top of this victory...] Pearl smiled before unleashing a powerful spray, sending Team Rocket flying off into the sky with a ping.

                                      Brock sighed as he saw the Sudowoodo dash away. "And there it goes again..."

                                      "Let it go." Marie assured him. "Our problem's solved--Sudowoodo is definitely a Rock-type."

                                      Pierre smiled. "I'm glad you questioned the known literature, Marie--since how are we to learn and grow as a society if we don't challenge the status quo?"

                                      "I wholeheartedly agree!" Ash smiled.

                                      "Besides, if you didn't question the literature, we never would have learned so much about the mysterious Pokémon Sudowoodo. Can you find it in your heart to forgive your colleague?"

                                      "Of course." Marie replied as she embraced her partner. "And I want to thank you three for your help, as well--name what you want, and it's yours."

                                      "Well, all we really want is to cross the river so we can get to Ecruteak City." Ash explained.

                                      Marie nodded. "I'll tell Grandad to have his best boat ready for you three."

                                      To Be Continued...
                                      The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                      Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                      Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                      --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                      Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                        Episode 61: Fossil Fools

                                        "So this is the Ruins of Alph Ethan and Lyra were telling us about..." Misty mused as the group arrived in a site full of caves and rock formations.

                                        " says here that many fossils of ancient Pokémon, including Omanyte and Omastar have been discovered here." Brock explained, showing Misty a picture of an Omanyte in the guidebook.

                                        Ash gasped when he saw an outline of a familiar winged dinosaur Pokemon in a rock. "Is Aerodactyl?"

                                        "You'd be correct, Ash." a voice replied. "The easiest way to recognize a fossilized Aerodactyl is by its arrow-shaped tail."

                                        Ash whirled around to see Prof. Oak approaching them. "Professor...what are you doing here?"

                                        "One of my colleagues has made a mysterious discovery, so I came to help out." Prof. Oak explained before motioning to a black haired young man in researcher's garb. "This is Foster, a young scientist who is one of my top students."

                                        "Nice to meet you three." Foster replied before motioning for Prof. Oak to come closer. "Mr. Oak, this is a very important matter, and it would be dangerous if any information were leaked..."

                                        "You have nothing to worry about, Foster--Ash, Misty and Brock are serious Pokémon trainers, and won't tell anyone unless you give your express permission to do so." Prof Oak replied.

                                        "Yeah! We won't tell a soul or post a word of it to Pokebook!" Ash agreed.

                                        "Trainer's honor!" Misty grinned, making the three fingered scout sign.

                                        "My lips are sealed, and throw away the key." Brock agreed, pantomiming drawing a zipper across his lips, and throwing something away to prove his point.

                                        Foster chuckled. "All right, I will hold you to your promise, then."

                                        As the group made their way through the site, Ash noticed a man gently washing a bone. "What's that guy doing?"

                                        "He's removing the dirt from a fossil we just found this morning by using a special device which uses a water jet in order to not damage the fragment." Foster explained. "It came from the east end of the ruins, actually."

                                        Just then, the water from the device slowed to a trickle. "Foster, the pump is being stubborn again..." the man called.

                                        Foster sighed. "We've been having water flow problems lately." he explained as he gently stretched the pump's hose, allowing the water to flow again.

                                        "Where does the water come from?" Prof. Oak wondered.

                                        "it's a natural crystal clear water reservoir deep in the woods." Foster replied as the group arrived at a small cabin overlooking the site, which served as Foster's lab.

                                        "Wow..." the group gasped as they gawked at all the fossils and other artifacts lining the walls. "It's like someone moved the Pewter Museum in here..." Ash mused.

                                        "Or at least a tiny fraction of the collection." Brock explained. "The museum has millions of items on display, and they are continually rotated out, so what you see and interact with constantly changes. A place like this would be equal to maybe a single room, if that."

                                        "You have quite the modest collection here..." Prof. Oak agreed as he admired a rock with cave paintings on it in one display case.

                                        "Our studies have found that the first Pokémon appeared 2,000,000 years ago, and all Pokémon have their origins in the ancient seas." Foster explained. "However, this is only one possible theory of how Pokemon came to be."

                                        Foster's observation got Misty excited. "If that's actually true, I can only imagine what the ancient Water Pokemon looked like!" she gasped, her eyes turning to stars as she imagined a prehistoric landscape populated with what she imagined the fossils in the display cases looked like as living creatures.

                                        A guitar playing an A major chord snapped her back to reality. "Am I gonna have to sing?" Brock threatened.

                                        "Okay! I'll keep my praise of Water Pokemon to myself!" Misty pleaded. "Save the folktale ballads for the campfire!"

                                        Prof. Oak chuckled. "Oh, come now, Brock...I'm sure you sound lovely."

                                        Even Foster was smiling. "If you need new inspiration for a song about the prehistoric Pokemon, come with me."


                                        Some moments later, the group arrived at a metal door that read AUTHORIZED EMPLOYEES ONLY. "What you are about to see is a place 2,000,000 years in the Poké-past." Foster explained as he swiped a key card, then opened the door.

                                        "Whoa..." the group gasped as the looked out upon the recreation of an ancient forest, complete with all manner of animatronic Pokemon, including an animatronic Aerodactyl that seemed to glance at Ash as it flew past.

                                        "What is this place?" Misty gasped.

                                        "I would like to welcome you three to the Ancient Pokémon Study Park." Foster explained as he made a grand gesture to the ancient forest. "This is a special interactive and unique environment which recreates the ancient Pokémon world. If all goes according to plan, it will open for the public next week."

                                        "Amazing--I would be first in line!" Ash smiled, giggling at Tintri gawking at an animatronic pale blue dinosaur Pokemon with colorful wings on its head.

                                        Then he remembered what Prof. Oak had said before. "So, what was your mysterious discovery?" he asked as the group arrived at a lake, where a huge animatronic Kabutops was preying on a fish.

                                        Prof. Oak was about to answer when some digging got his attention, and an Omastar and two Omanyte came out of the water. "More animatronics?" Misty asked.

                                        "Actually, these are real." Foster replied.

                                        A smile formed on Prof. Oak's face as the two Omanytes and the Omastar burrowed in the sand. "You know...Omanyte was what inspired me to become a professor--many, many years ago, of course!"

                                        "Really?" Ash was impressed, and at the same time amazed at the smaller octopus-like Pokemon and its larger brethren.

                                        Prof. Oak nodded. "When I was just a lad, my first grade class visited the Pewter Museum--back when it was a little smaller than it is today. As we toured the fossil room, I saw an Omanyte shell, and I promised myself I would learn all I could about Pokemon--a task I still continue to enjoy today."

                                        "I believe that the two Omanytes and the Omastar's natural habitat was disturbed, so they came here." Foster explained. "It's still a theory, however."


                                        "Come on, we don't have all day to pump all the water out of here!" Jessie warned as Meowth finished yet another bottle of water, annoyed at why James was taking so long to fix the pump.

                                        "I'm working as fast as I can..." James assured his companion before discovering an Omanyte stuck in the pump. " wonder the pump was jammed." he mused as he carefully pulled the Omanyte out.

                                        "Who knows--where dere's one Omanyte, dere has ta be more!" Meowth smiled. "Not ta mention more watta for us ta drain!"

                                        "Uh huh..." the three Rockets sneered.


                                        "There's another one!" Misty pointed out another Omanyte on a surveillance camera.

                                        "Well, after asking around the site, the ones you guys saw before appeared the same day we had water problems." Foster explained as Misty allowed Ash to have a look at the camera.

                                        Just then, the door opened. "Boss! The water has stopped flowing completely." the female scientist reported. "Now we can't wash any more of our finds from the dig site."

                                        "Something must be going on at the reservoir." Foster mused.

                                        "We'll go with you to check it out!" Ash offered as the group made their way outside. "And deal with any intruders."

                                        Once outside, Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Mina, help us out!"

                                        [You called?] Mina asked as she materialized on the ground.

                                        "Fly on ahead of us to the reservoir, and see what could be down there." Ash explained as he climbed into the back seat of an SUV, next to Misty.

                                        "She'll need to fly west of here." Foster explained as he waited for the Trio to buckle up.

                                        Mina nodded. [I'll be back soon with any news.] With that, she flew off as Ash buckled up.


                                        ...70 bottles of juice on the wall, 70 bottles of juice on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 69 bottles of juice on the wall... the Trio enthusiastically sang. Even Misty was enjoying singing the annoying car song. 69 bottles of juice on the wall, 69 bottles of juice on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 68 bottles of juice on the wall.

                                        68 bottles of juice on the wall, 68 bottles of juice on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 67 bottles of juice on the wall.

                                        67 bottles of juice on the wall, 67 bottles of juice on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 66 bottles of juice on the wall...

                                        Just then, Mina flew down from the sky, and glided down to Ash's eye level, interrupting the Trio's song. [Okay...there is something at the reservoir, and you're not going to like it.] she reported as the SUV pulled into a parking lot overlooking the reservoir

                                        Brock noticed Team Rocket loading their balloon with hundreds of Omanytes and Omastars in the distance. "Can I shoot down the balloon again?" he asked Ash as he unbuckled his seat belt.

                                        "Get your gear, but let's see if the balloon is going to take off first." Ash replied. Brock nodded, and walked back around to the trunk to retrieve his archery gear.

                                        After the group made their way up the hill, Meowth spotted them. "Hey! If ya want dese Pokemon, too bad! We found them foist!"

                                        Just then, Prof. Oak arrived, where he saw the group and Team Rocket staring each other down. "It makes sense now! The Omanyte and Omastar from the Park came when Team Rocket started pumping the water!"

                                        "Please, these Pokemon are important to our research!" Foster pleaded. "Please, give them back!"

                                        Jessie just sneered at the young scientist. "You want them?" she challenged as she summoned Arbok.

                                        "Come and get'em!" James agreed as he summoned Weezing.

                                        Ash looked at Tintri as both Arbok and Weezing. "Showtime, bud."

                                        [Yeah!] Tintri bounded off Ash's shoulder, nimbly leaping over Arbok's Poison Sting and Weezing's Sludge before unleashing a Thunderbolt, followed by a Tackle which sent both Pokemon flying into their masters.

                                        Jessie seemed unusually calm as Tintri's Thunderbolt made the pump explode. "Why must you twerps make everything so difficult?" she grumbled as she recalled her swirly-eyed Arbok.

                                        "The balloon's taking off!" Misty cried as the Meowth balloon--with the Omanytes and Omastars inside, began to rise in the sky. "What do we do now?"

                                        "They won't get very far with how much they're carrying..." Prof. Oak assured Misty. "Their cargo creates too much drag, making it difficult to fly at best."

                                        A smile formed on Ash's face as the balloon came to a stop due to the overload of Pokémon. "Now you're clear to shoot." he grinned at Brock.

                                        "Got it!" Brock jogged further up the hill, nocked an arrow, and fired, bringing Team Rocket down to earth with a POW!.

                                        [And now for the finishing touch!] Tintri called to the freed Omanytes and Omastars.

                                        As if on cue, the Omanytes and Omastars blasted a huge water spray along with Tintri's Thunderbolt, sending the Rockets flying off with a ping.


                                        "Where are we going?" Ash wondered as he watched the Omastar and Omanyte dig a hole in the depths of the water.

                                        Once the tunnel was done, an Omastar motioned for the group to follow it underground.

                                        The tunnel eventually came out by a waterfall connected to a cave full of Omanyte and Omastar. "There's your ancient water Pokemon wonderland." Brock grinned at Misty, who was admiring the beautiful cave and its glittering crystals in awe.

                                        "I can't even begin to thank you three for saving my research from those hoodlums." Foster smiled.

                                        "Ash saves the day yet again!" Prof. Oak smiled. "Now you know why I speak very highly of him and his companions."

                                        "Wherever your journeys take you three, the professor and I will be cheering you on." Foster went on before hugging Ash. "I hope you guys have an enjoyable and safe journey."

                                        "Aw, it was nothing!" Ash smiled as he invited Tintri aboard his shoulder again. "All in a day's work!"

                                        To Be Continued...
                                        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                        Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                        --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                          Episode 62: Hassle in the Castle

                                          Thunder rolled overhead as the three companions raced down the road to escape the oncoming storm. "We have to find shelter, and quickly!" Misty called.

                                          "This way!" Ash pointed out a majestic castle looming over the roadside. "I'd be willing to brave ghosts if it meant we stayed dry!"

                                          "Ghosts?" Misty shuddered as the group raced inside the castle's front gate...only to find a line of people under a covered walkway leading inside the castle. "Maybe there's not any ghosts here..."

                                          Sure enough, a sign reading "LORE STAGE HERE TODAY" got her attention. "I'd much rather hear stories about ghosts than seeing real ones."

                                          "I was wondering when we'd find another Lore Stage...I'm so ready to try for another stripe!" Brock was equally excited as he dashed off to the check in booth, Ash and Misty not far behind him.

                                          "Well, fancy seeing you guys again!" a familiar female voice called as Brock started filling out his check-in sheet.

                                          Misty whirled around to see Alex and Keely arriving. "Alex, Keely, hi!"

                                          Ash noticed that Keely also had a red stripe of a rainbow on her jacket. "Oh, you're competing in the Lore Stage too?"

                                          "Sure am! I've only been performing for a short time, so I thought it'd be fun to see how my skills measure up against other storytellers around the world." Keely explained as Brock finished checking in. "So you can consider me a friendly rival, if you'd like."

                                          "I don't think the Lore Stage was meant to have rivalries, but okay." Brock grinned. "I'm just doing this for the experience myself--winning it all would just be the Cheri Berry on top."

                                          "Some tellers do take the Lore Stage as serious as the Pokemon League or a contest, but the main goal of the Lore Stage is to trade tales from around the world." Alex explained "The theme for this Lore Stage, appropriately enough, is scary stories, so come with your best campfire tales."

                                          "I've got a scary tale in mind, but with a bit of an adventurous slant to it." Brock explained as he watched Keely check in. "So a scary tale need not be all those ghost stories you heard at summer camp as a kid."

                                          "Really?" Keely was intrigued. "I can't wait to hear it!"


                                          A pop of a Poke Ball got Misty's attention as a tiny bat Pokemon materialized near her. "Oh, it's just you, Hitomi..." she giggled at the Zubat as the performer onstage concluded his tale, to some applause.

                                          [You forget I'm a fan of my master too...] the Zubat squeaked. [When's Brock gonna be on?]

                                          "Well, Keely's on next, then a few other people, and then it will be Brock's turn." Misty explained as the stage was cleared off.

                                          "J-832716, performing 'The Haunted Shrine'" an announcer told the large crowd in the castle's cavernous ballroom, where Keely was just arriving on the stage to perform.

                                          Once all is quiet, Keely begins "Long ago in a far away land, a certain lord lived in an enormous castle on top of a hill. One day, he woke up with the desire for a new suit to wear to public ceremonies and balls."

                                          She then intones "But there was another reason for the new suit."

                                          Giggles of anticipation fill the air. "So he sent for his tailor, but his tailor refused to do his master's bidding this day." Keely continues.

                                          "Why?" a child asks. "Aren't you supposed to do as you're told?"

                                          "You see, the master wished not only for a suit, but he wished his tailor to sew that suit in the shrine above his castle." Keely explains to her audience. "Everyone knew that shrine was haunted, and who knew what horrible things happened at night in those hallowed halls?"

                                          The audience shudders at the question, mostly out of excitement. "The lord thought he could end the curse by having his suit made in the shrine." Keely goes on. "And so he sought a brave tailor. 'There'll be a fine reward,' he promised, and many a tailor applied for the job. But when they heard about the haunted shrine, they changed their minds."

                                          "I would too if I had to make a suit in a haunted shrine." Brock muses.

                                          "At long last, a brave young man appeared." Keely continues, ignoring Brock's comment. "Like the others, the boy--who we'll call Thomas--had heard tales of the hauntings and horrors, but he didn't mind. He loved a good challenge of bravery. He longed for the reward. It helped that he was proud of his sewing talents."

                                          "I accept!" she calls in the role of Thomas.

                                          As herself, she continues. "...he told the lord, and he was hired that afternoon. That evening, just before sunset, Thomas arrived in the glen above the castle and into the big stone shrine. It was dark inside as he sat down in a pew, so Thomas lit a candle. Then he took his sewing kit from his bag and set to work."

                                          Misty grins as Keely pantomimes sewing for effect. "Thomas was skilled with needle and thread, and he had a plan in mind for the design. But most importantly, Thomas loved his work." Keely explains. "Time passed swiftly, and the suit started to take shape."

                                          Brock smiles as Keely decides to softly scat "The Hearthome Pilgrim" as she works on the pantomime suit. "Nice touch."

                                          "The hours passed, and Thomas hummed and worked." Keely narrates. "But just after midnight, he felt the floor beneath him shake like an earthquake. He looked around. But even as he looked, his fingers continued to sew."

                                          Ash swallows hard at this. "Suddenly, a human head began to rise up through the stone floor beneath Thomas' feet. Thomas didn't mind. He wasn't afraid of ghosts -- or so he said. He simply sewed on, and when that frightful head was fully visible, Thomas heard a deep, groaning voice ask..." Keely then addresses Ash in a deeper version of herself. "You there! Don't you see my head?"

                                          "I see it, but I am sewing this," Ash replies as Thomas, to giggles from the audience at the impromptu participation.

                                          "...and he continued to stitch away, pleased to see how the suit was coming along." Keely assures the crowd as herself. "The head rose higher and higher until a thick, strong neck appeared -- a neck so strong, the veins throbbed and pulsed as if the ghostly being were alive. The voice came again, this time louder and deeper..."

                                          She then asks Ash in her ghostly persona "Don't you see this great neck of mine?"

                                          "I see it, but I am sewing this," Ash replies as Thomas.

                                          "The head rose higher and higher until broad shoulders and a mighty chest appeared. Now the voice roared..." Keely then addresses Ash a third time as her persona. "Do you see this great chest of mine?"

                                          "I see it, but I am sewing this." Ash replies as Thomas.

                                          Some of the children in the audience are visibly shaking in fear as Keely continues describing the monster. "That head and neck and shoulders and chest rose still higher until two muscular, strong arms began to wave, and the voice boomed...

                                          "Do you see these great arms of mine that could squeeze you to bits?" she asks as her persona.

                                          "I see those, but I am sewing this," Ash replies as Thomas, to some nervous giggles.

                                          "Time was passing, and Thomas knew he had to finish the suit, and soon." Keely narrates as herself, pantomiming sewing faster as she continues "He sewed more quickly still, as the creature rose higher and higher. Soon a long, strong leg and enormous foot appeared and pounded the stone floor. The voice cried..."

                                          "Do you see this massive leg of mine?" she asks as her persona.

                                          "I see it, but I am sewing this," Ash replies as Thomas, but even Misty can hear a note of fear in his voice.

                                          "He took such long stitches that the suit was almost complete when a second leg appeared -- this one longer still, and stronger, too." Keely goes on. "Then, just before the monster ghost could stand, Thomas finished his work." She finishes the pantomime suit at this point. "He blew out the candle, rose from the pew, and clutching that suit to his chest, he raced out of the shrine."

                                          "D-d-did Thomas get away from the monster?" Misty stammers.

                                          "As he ran, the monster ghost roared and stamped and began to chase after him." Keely intones. "Thomas raced through the glen as fast as lightning, with the monster ghost not far behind. It roared..."

                                          "Stop right where you are, or you'll be sorry!" she demands in her ghostly persona, making some of the kids in the crowd scream with fear and delight.

                                          As herself, she goes on "...but Thomas only clutched the suit more tightly and picked up speed.

                                          "I won't listen to the monster ghost," Ash interjects as Thomas, to more giggles from the crowd.

                                          "...and soon he reached the castle, dashed through the gate and slammed it closed behind him." Keely narrates. "The monster ghost, stopped by the great iron gate, pounded on the walls of the castle. His fists left marks in those walls that are still visible to this day."

                                          "Must've been some strong ghost..." Brock muses.

                                          "But the creature could not breach the enormous walls of the castle, and so Thomas earned his reward." Keely calms the jittery audience down. "Naturally, everyone lived happily ever after -- but they say after that day, the shrine was no longer haunted."

                                          Relieved applause goes up at this. "Wow, you even had me and Pikachu scared, Keely." Ash smiled as Keely returned to the holding area, near where Ash and Misty were sitting.

                                          "Yeah, that even gave ME the willies, and this is coming from someone who's sat through hundreds of scary movies for a sibling's sake." Brock agreed.

                                          He was about to say more when his competitor ID was announced. "Number K-93098, performing the tale 'The Three Valleys'."

                                          "Good luck!" Ash whispered as Brock make his way to the stage to perform.

                                          Once sure his guitar and his needed props were in order and the audience was quiet, Brock begins his performance over a tense melody. "Long ago, there lived a count, who had many castles and estates, and a beautiful daughter. But no one liked him, for it was rumored he was in cahoots with Darkrai, the Nightmare Pokemon. At some time or another, his servants would all vanish without a trace."

                                          Everyone shudders in anticipation. "The last who disappeared was the shepherd. When he did not return to the castle, the whole town turned out to look for him, to no avail." Brock continues. "After this, no one would enter the Count's service, but eventually, a bold, handsome young man--we'll call him Dolan--presented himself. He had traveled far as a soldier, and blew off evil spirits as fairy tales. The count immediately hired him, and said he could take the Mareep out wherever he liked, but never go into the three valleys to the east of the castle."

                                          Keely swallows hard as she pictures what horrors await in the three valleys. "For a time all went well--Dolan drove the Mareep into the rich meadows around the castle as his master had ordered, and led a very comfortable life." Brock continues. "But he was always thinking of the three valleys, and being a brave young man who did not fear evil spirits, he one day took the bow and arrows he had used on the battlefield, restrung his bow, and said, as he struck his rusty sword against the ground...."

                                          "I will see who dares to harm me in the three valleys! They'd better not mess with me!" he proclaims in a mimic of Ash for Dolan, to the real Ash's bemusement.

                                          As himself, Brock continues "So going towards the east, he soon arrived with his Mareep in the first valley, where he found beautiful meadows where he could safely leave his flock. He looked carefully, but, except for the Beautiflies fluttering to and fro..." He weaves the notes that match "Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!" into the uneasy melody he is playing, to giggles from the crowd. "...and the humming of the Combees, there was neither sound nor movement."

                                          Brock pauses to look at Ash as he continues "Then he sat down beneath a tree and began to play his flute to pass the time."

                                          Just then, someone grabs a drum and proceeds to provide a beat, over which Ash, from his post in the audience, plays a set of two tunes. But the guitar playing an ominous chord quiets the applause. "Suddenly, there arose a crashing and cracking as if some mighty Pokemon were breaking through the bushes." Brock intones. "Before our hero could nock an arrow, a powerful giant stood before him and cried..."

                                          In a low deep voice for the giant, he intones "What are you doing here with your grass-eaters, destroying my meadows, you insolent fellow? You will pay for this!"

                                          Misty yelps in fear, but the grin on Brock's face assures her all is well. "He did not wait for an answer, but heaved his spear with all his might at Dolan, who dove behind the oak, and the spear sank so deep that the point stuck out the other side."

                                          Brock pauses to set his guitar aside and retrieve his archery gear, nocking a shot of his own as he goes on "Then, nocking an arrow to his bow, he took aim, and struck the giant so hard of the forehead that he fell with a deep groan to the ground."

                                          The crowd watches as Brock fires, only to applaud when they see he hit the bullseye of a target on the castle's right wall. "Before he had time to get up, Dolan bounded forward and ran his sword through his adversary's neck, killing him."

                                          Cheers go up at the giant's demise. "Dolan took the giant's sword and armor, and was about to return home, when he spotted a stately castle in a clearing." Brock continues. "The doors were wide open, so he went inside. In the spacious hall stood a stone table, and on the table stood a cup covered with a silver plate with this message:

                                          Who drinks of this cup
                                          Shall overcome the nightmare."

                                          "Did he drink the potion?" Alex asks.

                                          "Well, Dolan had no confidence in the words or the drink, and left the cup untouched." Brock replies as he trades his archery gear for a prop sword. "He laid the dead giant's armor in the hall; then, taking the key with him, he returned home with his flock, and went to bed without mentioning his adventure to anyone."

                                          Over a calm interlude, he continues "The next day he tended his Mareep on the mountain slopes surrounding the castle, but the second day he wondered what else was out there; so, girding on the sword he had taken from the dead giant, he started with his flock for the second valley, in hopes of fresh adventure. Here also were beautiful pastures, if possible richer and more luxuriant than in the first valley; the flowers breathed forth their fragrance, the birds sang sweetly, and through the meadows meandered a stream clear as crystal, by whose bank Dolan lay down to rest. He was just thinking that all adventure and danger were past when an enormous block of rock fell on the ground near him, and a voice rough and wild, like that of a bear, said..."

                                          "What are you doing here with your grass-eaters, you insolent fellow?" he demands in character as a giant, making Keely jump.

                                          As himself, he continues "And from behind a wall of rock stepped a mighty giant, brandishing a massive stone club. He aimed a blow at Dolan, who ducked behind the rock which the giant had thrown as his first greeting, and the club descending on the stone, which shattered in a million pieces from the force of the blow."

                                          Brock draws his prop blade for effect. "Quick as lightning Dolan drew his sword, and with one stroke cut through the sinews in the bend of the giant's knee, who fell to the ground with a loud roar." he narrates as he pantomimes fighting an imagined opponent. "He lashed out wildly with his fists, but a well-directed thrust through the heart soon quieted him."

                                          He continues as he sheathes his prop weapon "Dolan left him lying there, and turned towards the wall of rock. Here he found a massive door concealed among the thicket. Through this he passed, and entered a hall-like cavern, in which, at a stone manger, stood a shining snow-white Ponyta with blue fire for its mane, saddled for battle, and over the manger was engraved the following: 'Who rides aboard on this legendary steed, Epona, will overcome the nightmare.'"

                                          "I am strong enough to take care of myself, and I do not want to overcome the Nightmare Pokemon, he has always left me in peace; but I will remember that here stands a fine Ponyta on which I can ride forth into the wide world." he muses as Dolan.

                                          "He threw fresh oats into the manger, shut the door, and returned home." Brock continues as himself over a tense melody. "The next few days he remained very quiet, lest his movements might have been observed; then, as no one questioned him, he drove his Mareep into the third valley. Beautiful meadows glittered in the sunshine; from a hill of rock a waterfall splashed down, forming a small sea in which many fish Pokemon of all kinds frolicked. Dolan looked around, searched under every bush, but found nothing. No sound was heard save the continued splish, splash of the cool water. The day was very hot, and Dolan was just preparing for a swim in the fresh, clear water, when from out a ravine near the sea appeared a horrible human head, with one eye, as large as a plate, in the center of the forehead, and a voice as loud as the roll of thunder shouted..."

                                          "What do you want here, you insolent earthworm?" he roars in character, this time making Misty jump in surprise.

                                          As himself, Brock continues "The head rose higher and higher, until a giant as high as a tower stood before Dolan, who with a sure aim sent an arrow into the eye of his adversary. The monster groped wildly about with his hands, in hopes to strangle his enemy, but he only grabbed an oak tree, which he tore up by the roots and threw it high into the air."

                                          Keely swallows hard as Brock narrates "Now the victory was easy, for though the giant could no longer be hurt by cuts and thrusts, which slipped off from his body like water off a Ducklett's back, Dolan soon found other means. He taunted the blind giant, and by the sound of his voice drew him ever nearer to the sea, at the side where the cliff overhung the water. At last he sprang towards the edge of the precipice, and gave a loud, mocking cry, then hid behind a tree. The giant pursued him eagerly, lost his footing, and fell into the sea."

                                          "Dolan one, giant zero." Ash smiles.

                                          "Then Dolan went down into the ravine from which the monster had appeared." Brock continues, acknowledging Ash's comment with a nod. "Here lay a meadow full of beautiful flowers, in the midst of which rose a spacious mansion. Dolan entered the hall and saw a great sword, which had the following on its hilt: Who fires a beam from this holy sword will overcome the nightmare."

                                          Brock pantomimes trying to draw a heavy sword as he narrates "He grabbed the sword, but it was too heavy for him to lift, and he wearily laid the mighty weapon back in the corner; at the same time he thought, since he had conquered three giants, he could surely overcome Darkrai himself without this sword."

                                          "As the day drew to a close, he gathered his Maeep together and returned to the castle." he narrates as his peaceful melody turns ominous. "Once there, he was immediately summoned before the count, who asked him angrily where he had been. Dolan told his master all that had happened in the three valleys, and how he had that day slain the giant as tall as a tower."

                                          "Woe to you and to me," he cries in a mimic of Flint in the role of the count. "I heard the giants' cries of rage, and hoped you were paying for your disobedience with your life. But it has happened otherwise, and now I and my daughter must suffer because you disobeyed my commands and entered the giants' territories; for it has been made known to me that tomorrow Darkrai, the Nightmare Pokemon, will appear, and demand my daughter or me as a sacrifice; but before that you, shall suffer all the agonies of torture, as punishment for bringing me into this mess."

                                          "Just as the count was about to order Dolan to be seized, the Count's daughter Elena, who had heard the whole thing, threw herself on her knees and pleaded for mercy." Brock narrates as Misty runs to join him on stage in the role of the daughter.

                                          "Dearest father," Misty pleads in character, "Wouldn't it be better for this young man to save us than to kill him? He has overcome three giants; surely he will be able to vanquish the Nightmare Pokemon."

                                          "The count thought long and hard for a moment, and then acknowledged that his daughter's suggestion was both good and clever." Brock narrates over an adventurous theme. "He asked Dolan if he were willing to do battle with Darkrai in return for being forgiven, and Dolan, with a grateful look at his deliverer, immediately agreed."

                                          Ash smiles--the best part is coming up next! "With the first dawn of morning he rose from his couch, for he now remembered the words about overcoming the Nightmare Pokemon, and hurried to the first valley, where in the castle stood the cup."

                                          The audience watches as Brock drinks down the Kuran Berry juice inside a prop goblet before he narrates "He grabbed the cup and drank its contents down in one gulp. The magic potion of strength flowed through his veins like fire, and he felt enough courage and strength to singlehandedly fight a whole army. With sparkling eyes he hurried to the second valley, mounted Epona, who greeted him with a joyful whinny..."

                                          Misty mimics a Ponyta whinny with her fiddle, to some laughter. "...and then galloped as if in flight to the third valley, in which stood the mighty sword." Brock continues over some harp-like chords to represent Epona running. "Yesterday he could hardly move it; today, with one hand, he held it high over his head, as if it had been a twig."

                                          "BAH-DA-DA-DAAAAH!!!!" Ash sings the Zelda 'got item' stinger as Brock does this to his prop sword, making the audience burst out laughing.

                                          Brock waits for the audience to calm down before continuing "By sunrise he was again at the count's castle, waiting eagerly for what would happen, but the day passed and no one appeared. Ho'oh had gone to roost, and Lugia had just risen in all his silvery splendor, when in the north of the heavens appeared what looked like a dark storm cloud. With the speed of lightning it approached the castle, and a voice, low and deep enough to make the ground shake, spoke."

                                          "Where are my promised sacrifices?" he demands in a deep and guttural voice--his go to "Darkrai" voice.

                                          As himself, he continues over an adventurous theme "At the same time a gigantic Braviary, with greenish-grey wings hovered high over the castle, ready to swoop down on his prey. Then Dolan spurred Epona, and shaking his sword high above his head, cried...

                                          "There are no sacrifices here for you, you robber!" Brock nearly screams as Dolan to no one in particular. "Return to the abyss you came from, or you shall feel my arrows!"

                                          "On hearing these words, the Braviary swooped down with a wild cry, before Dolan could nock his bow, and he would have died had it not been for his wits and Epona." he continues as himself. "A touch with the spur, and she flew swift as the wind under a very old and thickly leaved sycamore tree, whose branches hung down almost to the ground, so that the Braviary could only break in through the side. This killed the Braviary right there, for his outspread wings became entangled in the branches, and the brave rider, with one powerful blow of his sword, severed the head from the body. But instead of blood there came forth from the headless body of the Braviary a huge Arbok, who, with wide-open jaws, approached Dolan and tried to squeeze him in its coils. In one movement, it encircled the Ponyta and rider, and tried to suffocate them both but Epona pressed herself so close against the tree that the head of the Arbok came around on the other side of the trunk, preventing it from harming Dolan with its poisonous bite or breath."

                                          He plays a hard chord to simulate an attack. "One stroke of Dolan's blade, and the body of the Arbok fell in two pieces to the ground; Epona immediately trampled on the head. But the lower part of the serpent swelled and swelled, the cut became a frightful mouth, which spurted out smoke and flames, while from the coils of the Arbok's body grew forth claws and wings, and at last a horrible monster in the form of Mega Charizard X threw itself on Dolan, whose strength had already begun to fail."

                                          "No..." Keely gasps, fearful for Dolan's fate.

                                          "But in his hour of greatest need a thought occurred to Dolan—he turned Epona around, and she broke through the branches of the sycamore tree into the open air, and sped with her rider to the nearest stream, in whose waters they both cooled themselves." Brock assures Keely over an excited melody. "The Mega Charizard X snorted after them, spitting forth fire and smoke. But as the head of the Arbok, from whose body the Mega Charizard X had grown, had been destroyed, there was no deadly poison in its breath, and the rider was safe from the flames through bathing in the stream. So he rode boldly towards the approaching Mega Charizard X with sword in hand, and tried to approach it from the side; but all his blows glanced off from its black scaly body like a suit of armor. Suddenly it occurred to him to thrust his sword down the monster's throat."

                                          The audience is on the edge of their seats as Brock weaves in a number of musical sound effects into his song. "He turned Epona and spurred her straight towards the Mega Charizard X, and thrusting his sword through the smoke and flame, stuck it right into the creature's throat. He was forced to leave his sword, for Epona, singed by the fiery breath of the Mega Charizard X, bounded far to one side; but the monster did not attempt to follow them, the sword had stuck deep into its body. It struck wildly with its tail on the ground, until the earth burst, then it shivered and fell over, first on its side, then on its back, a stream of fire poured forth from its wide-open jaws, and with the flames its life faded away."

                                          Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. "And so it was the battle ended, and Darkrai was defeated." Brock continues over a triumphant melody. "Joyfully Dolan rode back to the count and Elena, and told them everything that had happened. The count, embracing him, said..."

                                          "You are our hero, to you I owe my life and all that I possess. Take half of what is mine, or choose from it whatever pleases you." he requests as the count.

                                          "Dolan gazed earnestly into the eyes of the count's lovely daughter Elena, and replied..." he narrates as himself.

                                          "I know of nothing, in the whole world which is dearer to me than your daughter Elena, milord." he replies as Dolan. "Give her to me for my bride, if she be willing."

                                          "Are you willing, my child?" he asks Misty as the count.

                                          "I love him more than words can say." Misty replies as she and Brock hug, to some "aw"s.

                                          "The next day, the marriage was celebrated with great splendor, and when Arceus had blessed their union with children, Dolan, a shepherd no more, would say to his sons and daughters when telling them of his adventures..." Brock narrates.

                                          "There are three things that can subdue giants and evil spirits--the fire of courage, the power to persevere, and the wisdom of heaven." he concludes as Dolan.

                                          The castle resonated with the crowd's wild applause as Brock took a bow. "Wow! I've never seen anyone sword fight and shoot arrows live on stage before!" Alex raved as the judges arrived to pin an orange stripe to Brock's vest, a sign he had won the competition.

                                          Keely, however, seemed unusually calm that she had lost. "You have to admit though, Brock has real talent..."

                                          Just then, a white glow got the group's attention just as Brock received his orange stripe. [That epic tale...I want to be a hero too!] Hitomi squeaked as she transformed into a larger bat-creature with a wide mouth.

                                          As Brock returned to where his friends were waiting, an ecstatic smile formed on his face. ' evolved!" he cried as he hugged his new Golbat.

                                          [I chose to change because I want to be just like the heroes in the tales you tell.] Hitomi explained. [But I'm equally happy to finally see my master's face.]

                                          "Aw." Ash smiled before reading up on what Hitomi had become:

                                          "Golbat, the bat Pokemon. Once it strikes, it will not stop draining energy from its victim even if it gets too heavy to fly."

                                          Keely just smiled. "Congratulations, Brock--you're an inspiration to storytellers everywhere."

                                          "Yeah, you must've honed your talent for way longer than Keely if you can make your Pokemon evolve due to your stories." Alex agreed.

                                          "Whatever you do to learn all your tales, please keep doing it!" Keely requested, making everyone laugh happily...

                                          To Be Continued...
                                          The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                          Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                          Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                          --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                          Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                            Episode 63: Two Hits and a Miss

                                            "You did great on your second Lore Stage!" Ash raved as the group made their way down the road. It had been three days since Brock had performed for his orange Color Stripe, earning the respect of a friendly rival and inspiring his Zubat, Hitomi, to evolve.

                                            "Well, that is a favorite for Halloween shows, and we were in an old castle, after all." Brock smiled as he admired the two stripes on his vest. "That, and I didn't want to frighten the kids in the audience too much..."

                                            He was about to say more when the ground began to rumble. "Oh no, not again..." Ash recognized the rumbling as an approaching Tauros. "Flashbacks of the Pokemon Swap Meet coming on..."

                                            Just as the group dove into a bush to avoid the angry Tauros, they heard a boy call "Gangway! Runaway Tauros, comin' through!"

                                            Ash looked at his right hand, which had long since healed since his ill advised attempt at touching a Tauros horn. "Wonder what got that Tauros mad?"

                                            "A red cape?" Misty grinned as she led the boy from the brush, where they could still see the Tauros and the boy tearing down the road.

                                            She gasped as she spotted an older man in a majestic robe right in the Tauros' path. "The Tauros is gonna gore that guy! We have to warn him!"

                                            As the group raced to warn the old man about the imminent danger behind him, they stopped in their tracks when they saw the man stop, and take out a Poke Ball. "Is he intending to battle that Tauros?" Brock was curious.

                                            "I don't know, but I have to do something before he gets seriously hurt!" With that, Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Luce, I need your help!"

                                            [You called?] the Flaaffy asked as it materialized on the road.

                                            "See that Tauros headed this way?" Ash pointed out the Tauros heading for them, with its panicked master not far behind. "I want you to try and halt its progress before someone gets hurt!"

                                            [Let's give him a real jewel of a headache!] Luce suggested before creating a topaz that cracked with thunderbolts. But she ended up making the Power Gem a bit too large, causing it to fall in the road with a crash, sending Thunderbolts into the sky.

                                            Not what I was planning to have Luce do, but okay... Ash thought as the Tauros furiously tried to crush the Power Gem with its hooves and its horns, despite its trainer's desperate attempts to calm it. "All right, Luce, try to paralyze the Tauros!"

                                            [One Thunder Wave, coming up!] Luce replied as she charged some shocking waves that wouldn't hurt the Tauros, but render it unable to move for a while.

                                            About then, the boy caught up to his Tauros, which was lying on the ground, periodically mooing in discomfort from the small thunderbolts that criss-crossed his fur. "Toro? You okay, boy?"

                                            "Ash had to do something so your Tauros wouldn't hurt anyone." Brock explained to the boy as he used a Paralyze Heal on the exhausted Tauros. "That was why he told his Flaaffy to create his Power Gem roadblock, and then immobilize Toro."

                                            "I would never intentionally cause pain to any Pokemon, but we were all worried your Tauros would hurt someone." Ash agreed. "So no hard feelings, okay?"

                                            "I see." the boy smiled as the Tauros shakily stood up, then trotted back to his side. "I will say that was a creative way to stop a rampaging Tauros..."

                                            He turned to leave. "Thank you for corralling Toro for me--I don't know how I would live with myself if he hurt somebody."

                                            "Anytime!" Ash replied as he waved goodbye.

                                            The old man smiled. "Well done, Nincada, for saving me in my hour of need. You have obviously trained your Flaaffy well." he told Ash.

                                            [Aw, it was nothin'!] Luce giggled.

                                            The man went on "My name is Kenzo--I run the dojo not far from here. If any of you three are Pokethletes, I am hosting a competition today to test your stamina."

                                            Misty proudly showed Kenzo her medal box. "I am a Pokethlete--where do I sign up?"

                                            "If you follow the road until it passes by the hill, the dojo sits at the top." Kenzo explained. "Whether you compete on land, in water, or in the air, the competition is open to all."


                                            "All ready!" Misty grinned as she emerged from an empty prayer room that had been converted into a dressing room in her jersey. "Spritz, Michelle, and Pearl will be my competitors this time." she explained as she took the Poke Balls containing the Seadra, the Golduck, and the Starmie, then hurried off to check in to the competition.

                                            "Good luck, Misty!" Ash called after his companion as she disappeared into the crowds of Pokethletes mingling, signing in, or choosing their competitors.

                                            "So land competitors wear green, water competitors wear blue, and air competitors wear lavender." Brock mused as a group of air Pokethletes made their way outside for their first event of the day.

                                            Ash, meanwhile, spotted a pink haired girl in a green jersey with a flat-headed Pokemon with long legs doing some last minute training, and decided to read up on the odd Pokemon as it performed a long spin kick:

                                            "Hitmontop, the handstand Pokemon. It fights while spinning like a top. The centrifugal force boosts its destructive power by ten."

                                            "Wow..." Ash gasped, moments before he saw the girl confront Misty near the hall leading to where another event was taking place.

                                            "Don't even bother entering, miss pretty face--for I, the great Chigusa, will be the one to win the Pokethlon!" the girl smirked.

                                            "Now wait a minute!" Misty shot back. "The Pokethlon isn't all about strength, but also includes the very stat we are competing in--stamina! Furthermore, what makes you so confident you will win?"

                                            Ash winced as Misty and Chigusa argued. "And I thought Gary was bad..."

                                            "Chigusa is actually my granddaughter." Kenzo began as he joined the boys, slightly embarrassed about Chigusa's behavior. "I have told her many a time that pride goes before a fall, but she will not listen to me--and how will she be a good dojomistress if she is not humble?"

                                            "So you held this Pokethlon in an attempt to humble her?" Brock guessed. Kenzo nodded. "She looks pretty confident with that Hitmontop..."

                                            "She has known Maru since he was a little Tyrogue." Kenzo replied. "They have never been apart for long--but I have long wrestled with how to teach her that she is not the strongest, and that there will always be someone stronger than her."

                                            "I don't know how, but I have a feeling--whether it's Misty or someone else--that someone's going to humble Chigusa." Ash replied.

                                            Kanzo smiled. "I hope you are correct, Ash--and that she remembers the lesson, once humbled."


                                            "Our first event today is the Ring Drop--a sumo-like event between four competitors instead of two." one of the instructors announced as he made a grand gesture to a large ring-like zone with four corners, where Misty and Michelle, Chigusa and her Hitmontop Maru, and two other competitors were standing. "The object of the event is to knock opponents out of the ring while staying in the ring yourself. The last Pokemon standing at the end of 60 seconds, wins."

                                            He looked out upon the ring. "Competitors! Are you ready?"

                                            Cheers filled the air in reply. "Okay! Ready...Set..."

                                            No sooner had the whistle blown to start the event, did Misty watch in horror as Maru spun-kicked Michelle, a Lucario, and a Braixen out of the ring in one shot! "Stop the clock! We have a winner!" the instructor announced.

                                            "That was fast..." Ash noted as the crowd gasped in surprise--only two seconds had passed!

                                            "Almost a little TOO fast..." Brock agreed as the three judges debated what to do about the unexpected three way tie.

                                            After what felt like an eternity, the judges' decision came. "The remaining competitors will share second place, since they were knocked out at nearly the same time!"

                                            Misty came storming back into the stands some moments later. "Why award me second place for an event I had no chance of finishing, much less winning?" she grumbled as Michelle and the other competitors were whisked away to an on site Pokemon Center. "It almost feels like a participation trophy! I'm not a kid anymore, so why should I be subjected to this 'everyone's a winner, have a prize' jazz? I know how to lose gracefully!"

                                            She sighed. "If I want to win something, I'd like to win it in a fair competition, not because I just participated...part of me thinks this Chigusa girl is cheating..."

                                            "Remember when Kamon accused Ash of cheating earlier?" Brock asked Misty. "I get that you're feeling angry, frustrated, and humiliated right now, but accusing someone with no evidence is a bad idea--maybe Chigusa and her Hitmontop are just that good."

                                            "They may be, and they may not--but there's still two more events to go." Misty admitted, now noticeably calmer. "A lot can change, so I just have to keep trying!"


                                            "Our next event is the Relay Run!" a second instructor announced as Misty, Chigusa, and two other competitors took their places on a track.

                                            "You doing okay?" Misty asked as Michelle arrived. "That Hitmontop got you pretty hard..."

                                            [I remember bracing myself to intercept the spin kick, and the next thing I know, I'm flying against the wall.] Michelle replied as she allowed Misty to climb aboard. [But I got checked out by Nurse Joy, so I should be fine.]

                                            "Okay--you can run well both on land and in water." Misty smiled. "Let's give that Hitmontop what for!"

                                            "Pokethletes ready?" the instructor called. "On your mark, get set..."

                                            No sooner had the starting gun gone off, were the Golduck and the other competitors left behind in a cloud of dust! [Oh goodness...not even a Jolteon can keep up with Chigusa's Hitmontop!] Michelle noticed as she composed herself from her coughing fit. One of their other competition was a Jolteon, and even he was coughing up dust from the Hitmontop's rocket-like start.

                                            "Chigusa was the one that set the record of twenty laps in two minutes, and a Pokethlete has yet to break it." the Jolteon's trainer explained as she wiped her Jolteon's watery eyes, watching the Hitmontop speed around the track all the while.

                                            "Oh my..." was all Misty could say when she saw she had placed fourth in the competition a few moments later. I hope someone can best Chigusa, and teach her a little humility....


                                            "Our final event today is the Block Smash!" a third instructor announced, to the roar of the crowd. "In this event four Pokéthletes, one from each team, attempt to break a stack of ten cement blocks. The Pokémon must demonstrate its might by breaking through them as quickly as possible. Whoever can break the most in 60 seconds, or manages to break them all in that time frame, wins."

                                            "Spritz, your turn!" Misty called, summoning the Seadra before a stack of blocks. "Use your strongest Water Gun to break as many of these as you can when the whistle blows, okay?"

                                            [Got it!] Spriitz replied.

                                            "Ready? Set?" the instructor called before blowing the whistle, making the exhibition room rumble as Spritz, the Hitmontop, the Tauros from earlier, and a Mienshao raced to break the bricks.

                                            "Come on, Misty!" Ash cheered. "You can do it!" Brock whistled in agreement as he watched Spritz break five out of the ten bricks with the most powerful Water Gun she could muster.

                                            But even the boys were surprised when they found that Chigusa's Hitmontop Maru had only broken six bricks! "I can't believe it..." Brock gasped as the Tauros from before easily charged through the bricks, breaking nine and starting to crack the tenth as time expired. "Someone bested Miss Hotshot!"

                                            "Not just that, but our friend from before narrowly edged Chigusa for the win!" Ash was equally shocked when he saw the final standings--the boy from before had narrowly edged Chigusa by two points to clinch the overall win. Misty, meanwhile, was in a narrow fourth place, thanks to her consolation medal in the first event. "I hope Misty's not too mad about losing..."


                                            "Even though I didn't get a medal this time, I'm still happy for that boy and his come from behind win." Misty smiled as the group departed the dojo that evening. "From what I heard, Chigusa admitted he was stronger, and promised Kanzo she would be a bit nicer to people."

                                            "You mean, you're not angry for not winning this Pokethlon? Is that why you wanted to skip the medal ceremony?" Ash wondered.

                                            "No--I did all I could on land--if I had actually been in water for this competition, I would have stood a chance." Misty replied. "Remember that as exciting as it is to win, competing in anything is not about winning or losing, it's about the enjoyment of the experience--and I certainly had fun, even though I came up short this time. I only skipped the ceremony because it was getting late, and I wanted to find a place to camp before it got dark."

                                            "That's fair." Ash replied as the group arrived in a clearing nearby the dojo on the hill. "Just remember to train harder for next time!"

                                            "Oh I will!" Misty giggled. "Any braggart Pokethletes are gonna have to watch out, 'cause the Tsunami is coming!"

                                            Even Brock couldn't resist laughing at Misty's show of confidence as the sun sank below the trees...

                                            To Be Continued...
                                            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                            Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                            --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                              Episode 64: Hook, Line, and Stinker

                                              Laughter and splashes filled the air as the group made camp by a mountain stream. Tintri and Ami were racing each other back and forth to the bank while Michelle meditated in the water. Brock, meanwhile, stifled a giggle as River leaped into the water, splattering Michelle. "Did I get it?" he asked Hinata as he tossed away a clump of matted fur from the hairbrush.

                                              [Yes, you did.] Hinata assured her master, bracing herself as Aina did a cannonball dive into the water. The resulting splash ended up dousing Luce, who giddily leaped into the water to join the fun.

                                              "Okay...I only have your tails left to brush, and then we'll be done." Brock assured his Vulpix before carefully brushing each of Hinata's six tails.

                                              Misty, meanwhile, was supervising the water games with Ash. "How's it feel in there?" she asked as Ami came paddling back to her.

                                              [Refreshing!] Ami smiled. [Reminds me of the pool at home.]

                                              [This is a piece of paradise...] Spritz agreed as she gently floated past the bank.

                                              "Just be aware of your surroundings, Spritz, and try not to drift too far." Misty cautioned the relaxed Seadra.

                                              [Got it!] Spritz waved a fin in reply.

                                              Just then, Misty noticed a large muscular frog-like Pokemon approaching Spritz. "A Poliwrath...and that one looks pretty tough."

                                              Brock looked up from brushing Hinata and spotted the Poliwrath. "Poliwraths are tough, but this one doesn't look friendly at all."

                                              Just then, he gasped in horror as the Poliwrath smacked down Spritz and then delivered a massive uppercut. sending Spritz flying through the air. "Pokemon down!" he called to Ash, moments before Spritz landed by the bank, swirly eyed.

                                              "What did Spritz pick a fight with to get this battered?" Ash wondered as he administered a Revive to Spritz.

                                              "A rogue Poliwrath--it was nothing but a big bully, picking on a Pokemon that was just minding its own business!" Misty grumbled as she hurried to tend to Spritz.

                                              "She was just an easy target--a sitting Psyduck." a blue haired boy smirked as he rejoined his Poliwrath on the shore.

                                              "Is that Poliwrath yours?" Misty asked the boy. "Then why did he attack Spritz?"

                                              "Oh, so the Seadra's name was Spritz, huh?" the boy sneered. "I think a better name would be Ditz--she was such a wimp!"

                                              "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!" Misty screeched, startling Ash and Brock.

                                              "Oh boy...Hurricane Misty is about to make landfall..." Brock shuddered--he knew all too well that things did not end well for anyone that angered Misty.

                                              "Well, if Little Miss Spritz is so brave, then why is she hiding behind you?" the boy retorted as Spritz peeked out from behind Misty. "I don't expect much from a plain old Seadra...if it was any good, it would have evolved into Kingdra by now."

                                              Piqued, Ash decided to read up on Kingdra, trying his best to tune out the argument nearby.

                                              "Kingdra, the dragon Pokemon. It sleeps deep on the ocean floor to build its energy. It is said to cause tornadoes as it wakes."

                                              "Well, evolution isn't always the way to go--there are lots of great Pokémon that aren't fully evolved, whether by choice or by circumstance--that, and Seadra is a great Pokémon." Brock explained.

                                              The boy noticed Ami, Michelle, Pearl, and the Poke Ball containing Misty's Lapras, Aurora. "Miss Mousie's a real pushover..."

                                              [WHAT???] Ami gasped. [Don't judge a book by it's cover, tough guy! I am stronger than you think I am!]

                                              "If a sitting Psyduck is bad, a sitting Golduck is even worse!" the boy jeered.

                                              [Care to repeat that little comment?] Michelle growled, the ruby on her forehead glowing in preparation to unleash a Psychic blast.

                                              The boy was unfazed "Nice...a star Pokemon. What'cha gonna wish for?"

                                              [For one thing, I wish you'd stop insulting us!] Pearl demanded, her core glowing bright red in anger.

                                              The boy then noted the unused Poke Ball. "What's in here? Probably a Magikarp, you're so weak..."

                                              This insult was the last straw for Misty. "FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I. AM. NOT. WEAK!!!!!" she roared. "In fact, I'm more than ready to duel you right now to defend my pride, which you've insulted multiple times!"

                                              "Love to, but I've already got other plans." the boy replied before commanding "Arashi, return.", recalling his Poliwrath. "Work on your Seadra a bit, and I'll consider." he grinned as he departed down the hill.


                                              "He thinks he's so strong and so powerful..." Misty fumed as the group continued down the trail some moments later. "News flash, girls are not always delicate flowers with a fondess for cute things! I can go toe to toe with you!"

                                              A large mass of people in water Pokethlon jerseys walking in the same direction got her attention. "That's there a Pokethlon Dome close by?"

                                              Ash flagged down a boy. "What's going on?" he asked.

                                              "There's a Skill type Pokethlon going on at a nearby lake today." the boy replied. "It's open to any registered Pokethlete on the water track--are any of you guys competing?"

                                              Misty's eyes turned to stars. "A water Pokethlon--sign me up!" she cried as the group and the stream of people arrived at the lake. Both spectators and Pokethletes were present, with what Pokethletes that were not checking in or changing into jerseys were signing autographs for fans and posing for pictures.

                                              "Welcome, one and all to today's Pokethlon on Lake Azul!" a man announced on a stage. "If this your first time, the rules of the competition are simple: competitors are allowed to use any three Pokemon they want for the competition, which consists of three tests of skill--the Crystal Throw; which is a water safe, warm weather variation of the Snow Throw, the Goal Roll, and Capture the Flag. The top three winners win a medal for their medal box and a year's supply of chocolate."

                                              Now Ash was excited. "What would you do if you got a year's supply of chocolate?" he asked as Misty got in line to check in.

                                              "Well, most of the dark chocolates would be mine, and you guys could have the caramels and the peanut butter cups." Misty replied. "But no touching the cordial Cheri Berries! Those are my favorite."

                                              She gasped when she heard a familiar voice call "Come on out, Arashi!" There's that jerk again...I will do anything in my power to defend my honor, and show him that I can go toe to toe with any boy! she grumbled as the watched the boy check in.

                                              The boy told the check-in person "The name's Andreas", causing the entire crowd to whisper excitedly to each other about his achievements:

                                              "Andreas, he's so cool!"

                                              "I hear he holds several records!"

                                              "Rumor is he has won every Pokethlon that he has entered!"

                                              "They say that no one can beat him!"

                                              Andreas just smiled, savoring the crowd's praise. "My public must know a winner when they see one..."

                                              "Ooooh...listen up, Mr. Cocky!" Misty snapped, getting the crowd's attention. "I'm entering this competition too, and I'm going to beat you at your own game!"

                                              Gasps went up at this. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Brock asked. "Andreas looks like a tough opponent... "

                                              "Relax--even though the Pokethlon is my first real competition, I've been competing in various ways with my sisters ever since I was little." Misty assured Brock as she started towards the women's dressing rooms. "Besides, I'm in my element this time, unlike the last Pokethlon."

                                              A smile formed on Brock's face. "Okay...good luck."


                                              "Our first event today is the Crystal Roll--an all-out 'snowball' fight between the four Pokethletes." the referee explained, showing the crowds in the stands one of the crystals used in the competition. "Whoever scores the most hits in 60 seconds wins."

                                              He then called "Pokethletes! Take your mark!"

                                              Cheers went up from the lake as Misty spotted Andreas aboard Arashi. "There he is, Spritz..."

                                              [Don't worry--we'll give him a pummeling he won't forget.] Spritz grumbled.

                                              "Ready? Set..." As soon as the referee's whistle echoed across the lake, a flurry of crystals lit up the afternoon sky as the competing Pokethletes hurled the water-safe crystals at each other. Each athlete and Pokemon pair were then displayed on a scoreboard along with the clock, with each hit they scored counting as a point.

                                              "Come on, Misty!" Ash called as the clock reached thirty seconds to go. "Give Andreas and his Poliwrath what for!"

                                              "I think Misty's in good hands..." Brock assured Ash as Misty heaved crystal after crystal at Andreas. "After all, Spritz has an advantage her opponent's Poliwrath does not--speed!"

                                              That's true... Ash noted as the clock expired with a buzz.

                                              "110...Andreas finished third with 124 hits, 139..." Brock noted as the competitor's final scores appeared.

                                              He smiled when Misty and Spritz's score appeared. "And Misty takes home a commanding victory with 156 hits."

                                              "Maybe she does know what she's doing..." Ash agreed as the lake was cleaned for the next event.

                                              "The next event is the Goal Roll--a four on four aquatic soccer match between the four Pokethletes." the referee explained as he showed the crowd the soccer ball sized beach balls that would be used in the competition "Whoever scores the most goals in two minutes, wins."

                                              "Ready, Pearl?" Misty smiled as she and the Starmie paddled to their goal, which was located near the stands where the boys were seated.

                                              [You bet!] Pearl replied, her core turning blue to represent confidence.

                                              A familiar song started playing over the speakers as the match got underway. "Hey, Brock...could you let me sing 'Glory in Our Story' to cheer on Misty and Pearl?" Ash asked as he watched Pearl defend Misty's goal from Andreas' Poliwrath.

                                              "Sing it, Ash." Brock smiled. "If it worked for your team when I sang it, it'll work for Misty."

                                              Ash waited for the introduction to finish, than sang over the music We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end...
                                              When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!
                                              At this line, Andreas' Poliwrath prepared to shoot a goal, only for Misty and Pearl to steal the ball!

                                              Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear!
                                              My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...

                                              On the water, Pearl recognized the familiar voice drifting from the stands. [Is that...Ash singing?]

                                              "Yeah...he's singing to cheer us on!" Misty replied. "We still have a minute and ten seconds, so we can still score and win this!

                                              Come with me and take my hand, come with me for the ride,
                                              Together we will step through the door,
                                              And see the light shining from our own heavenly land!
                                              At this line, Pearl shot the ball clear into Andreas' goal, scoring the first point of the game!

                                              Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
                                              All of the glory, is in our story!
                                              Ash sang, with Tintri and River dancing along with him. Tintri flashed some Japanese fans to the beat, and River shook some blue pom-poms.

                                              As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
                                              And get the glory, upon the great stage!
                                              Try as Andreas' Poliwrath might to defend its goal, a Milotic distracted him, allowing Pearl to score another goal!

                                              We can go anywhere, so long as we're together,
                                              I truly believe it with all of my heart...
                                              Ash sang as the last ten seconds on the clock ticked away.

                                              The cards here in my hand
                                              Show you the way...

                                              Brock smiled as the buzzer sounded. "This match's winner is Misty--no one else scored anything."


                                              "Okay...the last event is Capture the Flag." Misty explained to her team. "Pearl, you remember what happened when we tried this before?"

                                              [Don't remind me...] Pearl's core turned light red with embarrassment. [It may be better to let someone else try this event--we don't want to give Andreas any more ammo!]

                                              Michelle stepped forward. [May I try this event?]

                                              "Sure!" Misty replied as she accepted some swim goggles from an attendant.

                                              [Okay...what's the signal when you need to surface?] Michelle asked as she laid down in the water for Misty to mount her.

                                              "I'll point up." Misty replied, Michelle nodded, and paddled to the start line.

                                              "Pokethletes ready?" the referee called, to cheers. "On your mark...get set..."

                                              As soon as the whistle blew, Michelle dove into the water, only to balk as Andreas and Arashi grabbed away the red flag inside an old diving helmet. Not one to be deterred, she surfaced and snatched a red flag from a buoy before diving again, grabbing an orange flag from a treasure chest seconds before Andreas and Arashi could gab it!

                                              After retrieving a yellow flag from a coral bed and a green flag from some kelp leaves, Misty noticed that Andreas and his Poliwrath were lagging behind. "That's odd...Andreas and Poliwrath were a threat earlier." she noted as Michelle grabbed a blue flag from the center of a life preserver.

                                              [I guess the competition took its toll on them.] Michelle replied as she retrieved an indigo flag from a prop Sharpedo's jaws. [We've got this in the bag!]

                                              With that, she snatched the last flag from a Clamperl shell, and paddled across the line with minutes to spare!


                                              "I can't believe it..." Andreas sighed as the crowds departed the medal ceremony later that evening. "Maybe your Seadra is strong after all....can you find it in you to forgive me for all those nasty things I said before? I guess I got too overconfident in my own abilities, and that costed me."

                                              "Well, as thrilling as it is to win, just be careful that you don't let your skill go to your head, like it did here." Misty replied, admiring her reflection in her gold medal. "Just keep getting stronger, as there will always be someone better than you."

                                              "You're right...I guess it was a matter of time before I lost." Andreas mused.

                                              "Well, when you do lose, even the losses have lessons." Ash agreed as he and Brock arrived with a massive chocolate box for Misty. "So evaluate what went wrong, practice what didn't go so well, and promise to do better the next time."

                                              He waved goodbye as Andreas departed. "Well done on your second win." he smiled as Misty placed her medal in her medal box.

                                              "I can only hope Andreas treats his opponents nicer now." Misty mused. "But you can be sure that if anyone tries to insult me or one of you guys, I will defend their honor to the very end."

                                              She noticed the huge chocolate box. "Wow...all of that is a year's supply of chocolate?"

                                              "It is...I'm gonna put most of it in the cooler for later, but I see no harm in having some now--as a celebration of your victory here today." Brock smiled before opening the huge box, allowing Ash and Misty to see the first tier of chocolate.

                                              "Okay...I'll take the dark chocolate square, the two Cheri cordials, the coconut pyramid, and the white chocolate drop for now...the rest are yours." Misty smiled before giving the fifty page guide to the boys.

                                              "Thanks...are there any more pieces you want us to save for you?" Ash asked.

                                              "Yeah--save me one of the mint chocolate medallions and the cinnamon blushes." Misty replied. "You can have the ones on the first tier, though."

                                              "All the other tiers have the same layout, so we'll remember their locations and save you one of each." Brock assured Misty.

                                              "Let's see here...this macadamia nut diamond looks good..." Ash smiled as he bit into a diamond shaped chocolate.

                                              "Mm...the cinnamon blush is not half bad!" Brock raved. The two boys continued exploring the first tier of their massive haul, commenting on and sampling the various chocolates as they started down the road:

                                              "Oh, Misty would love these...dark chocolate shells with a mint pearl inside!"

                                              "This has to be the medallion..."

                                              "The Razz Star is a tad sour..."

                                              "I like the mocha truffle!"

                                              "The caramel bliss is nice..."

                                              "Ooh, peanut butter cups!"

                                              "They come in dark and milk..."

                                              Misty, meanwhile, just savored one of her two Cheri cordials. Victory is sweet!

                                              To Be Continued...
                                              The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                              Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                              --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                                Episode 65: Beauty and the Breeder

                                                You have 8 new messages, PewterSong. the computer blipped as Brock logged onto a computer in the Pokemon Center's tech lounge. With Ash busy healing his team and Misty napping on one of the couches near here, now's as good a time as any...although I bet a lot of them are MyTube comment notifications or spam...

                                                After marking the comment notifications to read later and deleting the one spam email that made it through the filter, Brock was left with two e-mails--a music newsletter and an email with a screenname he recognized as Suzie, who had given him Hinata as a gift the year before:

                                                Dear Brock,

                                                It's been a while since we talked--I hope you and Hinata are doing well on your travels.

                                                But the main reason I'm writing is to invite you and your friends to a Pokemon Beauty Contest I'm competing in--judging from how well you groom Hinata, you're welcome to give it a try. If that's not your thing, you'd be a shoo-in for the Lore Stage that will take place before the competition...

                                                Piqued, Brock looked up the town of Bonitaville on MapNav, and saw that it was located not far from their current position. He smiled as he read the last line:

                                                Whatever you choose to do, I'm hoping to see (and possibly hear) you again.


                                                "Anything in the old inbox?" Ash asked as he arrived in the tech lounge some moments later.

                                                "A bunch of MyTube comment notifications, this week's installment of Acoustic Life--the music newsletter I get every week--and a letter from Suzie." Brock replied as he typed a reply to Suzie's e-mail. "Remember Suzie at all?"

                                                "The girl that gave you Hinata--how can I not forget after you two hit it off talking Pokemon care and music." Ash smiled at a memory.

                                                "I think it's very sweet you two have kept in touch." Misty replied with a yawn as she woke up. "How's she doing?"

                                                "She's invited us to a Pokemon beauty contest she is competing in in the city of Bonitaville, which is not far from here." Brock explained, showing his friends the map. "How bout it? Compete in the competition itself, or the Lore Stage beforehand?"

                                                "Both, if you can!" Ash suggested.

                                                "Hinata would easy take gold in the Fire-type division with your gentle and steady hand." Misty agreed. "But if you think you have a better shot at your yellow stripe and just want to do the Lore Stage, I won't try to stop you."

                                                "Either way, Suzie would probably love having your support." Ash went on as he watched Brock send his reply, then log off.


                                                "Okay...where is Suzie in all of this?" Ash wondered as he scanned the Bonitaville Convention Center, where hundreds of the beauty contest's competitors were showing off their skills, and just as many vendors had arrived to sell and demonstrate the latest in Pokemon and human beauty products.

                                                Just then, Brock spotted a familiar teal-haired girl arranging various Pokemon care products before a vanity. There she is... he smiled before mimicking a Fletchling whistle to get the girl's attention.

                                                The girl looked over and gasped when she saw who had whistled. "Brock! You came!" she cried as she ran to embrace Brock.

                                                "It's good to see you again too, Suzie..." Brock replied before looking the vanity over. "This your setup for the competition?"

                                                "Not so much that, but to allow the competitors to showcase their skills before the competition." Suzie explained. "So if Hinata's with you, I'd be happy to wash her fur, brush it, and style it for you."

                                                "Okay..." Brock paused to retrieve Hinata's Poke Ball. "Come on out, Hinata!"

                                                The Vulpix materialized on the counter with a yawn. [Yes? I was trying to take a nap...]

                                                She smiled when she saw Suzie before her. [Oh, hi! I have so much to tell you!]

                                                "You can tell me all about your adventures with Brock while I wash you, okay?" Suzie smiled as she filled a washtub with hot water.

                                                "Whoa!" Ash did his best to shield himself from the hot water as Hinata jumped in with a splish. "Excited, aren't we?"

                                                "Hinata has always liked baths..." Brock explained as Hinata paddled up to Suzie, allowing her to start lathering shampoo onto her. "I've tried to follow your same order when I do it--wash, lather, rinse."

                                                "Fire-types enjoy being immersed in hot water for baths, but don't get it so hot that it burns you too." Suzie cautioned as she carefully lathered Hinata's tails. "Unlike humans, Pokemon don't usually need conditioner, but it is a good idea for Pokemon like Vulpix, who have lots of fur."

                                                Just then, Suzie noticed the two stripes on Brock's vest. "I know I told you this in my e-mail, but there is also a Lore Stage going on to coincide with the beauty contest--and appropriately enough, the theme is love, and inner beauty."

                                                "I know the perfect story you could tell--'Beauty and the Beast'!" Ash suggested as he watched Suzie rinse Hinata's fur.

                                                "I do have a version of that story in mind, actually...and it's not necessarily the Disney version!" Brock cautioned Ash.

                                                Suzie just smiled as she dried Hinata off. "Maybe you could tell for the Lore Stage and try for a yellow stripe for your rainbow--if you've won two stripes already, you can easily win a third."

                                                "I think I will--judging from the other setups around here, I may have a better shot of winning that than the beauty contest." Brock mused.

                                                He then noticed Misty had disappeared. "Where'd Misty get to?"

                                                "I'll go look for her!" Ash volunteered before he and Tintri dashed off into the crowd...


                                                If I were a girl, where would I most want to look first? Ash mused as he scanned the crowds for any sign of Misty. Misty's never been the makeup type--if she MUST wear makeup, it's just a little eyeliner and some blush on the cheeks. he thought as he passed a makeup booth.

                                                As he rounded the corner to the perfume showcase, he caught a glimpse of a dull blonde haired man carefully hosing down a Ninetales' thick and glittery silver fur. <i>Wow!</i> he thought as he retrieved his Pokedex:

                                                "Ninetales, the fox Pokemon. Some legends claim that each of its nine tails has its own unique type of special mystical power."

                                                Ash noted a "MORE..." notification blinking on the screen, so he tapped it, and balked at the near cloud-like appearance of a seemingly blue Ninetales. "In the far away Alola region, a unique subspecies of Ninetales was revered as a deity incarnate before it was identified as a regional variant." the Pokedex went on.

                                                "Interesting..." Ash mused, getting the man's attention.

                                                "I'm glad you think so..." the man smiled. "The name's Zane...wouldn't you agree that Rei's one of the most beautiful Pokemon here, with silvery fur that shines like the moon?"

                                                "Well, yeah..." Ash stammered. "Every Pokemon here is their own way."

                                                A bemused look formed on Zane's face. "You remind me of my childhood friend Suzie..."

                                                "Y-you know Suzie?" Ash was just as surprised.

                                                Zane nodded. "We've been best friends and friendly rivals for a long time. But one thing I've never really understood about her was why she keeps going on and on about inner beauty--how can you measure that when it's inside of you, when you can usually see and admire an outward appearance?"

                                                "Maybe an outward appearance reflects the beauty on the inside?" Ash suggested before turning to leave.

                                                "We'll go with that, then." Zane replied before returning to the Ninetales.

                                                Ash, meanwhile, spotted Misty looking over nail polish bottles. "There you are! We were getting worried about you!"

                                                "Oh, I just saw all the nail polish brands on offer, and wanted to look around." Misty explained. "I thought I let Brock know where I would be, but I do appreciate your kind concern."

                                                She pointed out a large open area in another exhibit hall, where people were beginning to gather around a stage. "Brock's already backstage tuning up and getting ready, if you're curious."

                                                "I'm intrigued as to what version of 'Beauty and the Beast' he's going to tell..." Ash mused as Suzie and Zane arrived...


                                                "Number K-93098, performing the tale 'The Singing Rose'." the emcee announced, to some applause.

                                                "I've never heard of this one..." Suzie mused.

                                                "It's a version of 'Beauty and the Beast' from at home in Kanto..." Zane replied. "I know, cause that's always been your favorite story..."

                                                Onstage, the lights appeared on Brock, guitar in hand. "Once upon a time, there was a king who had three daughters--their names are not important to us just yet." he began, playing a relaxed melody to compose his thoughts as he spoke. "They were beautiful beyond compare, and each of them had passed her sixteenth year of life. The king thought long and hard about which of them would succeed him, but he did not know which one to choose. One day he summoned all three and said to them..."

                                                "My dear children, I am now old and frail, and every day is a gift." he explains in a gentle older man voice for the king. "Before I die, I wish to bring everything in my realm into order and name one of you as the heir to my throne and my realm. Therefore, go forth into the wild world, and whoever can bring back a singing rose will inherit my throne, and she shall be queen of the land."

                                                As himself, he continues over a "traveling" melody "When the three daughters had heard this, they tearfully took leave of their old father, then set forth for foreign lands, each taking a different path."

                                                The guitar's song turned foreboding as Brock went on. "It happened that the youngest and most beautiful of the three--we'll call her Maya--had to go through a dark forest. But she had no fear, because all kinds of bird Pokemon were singing at the same time."

                                                Some in the crowd--Suzie included--laughed as Brock proceeded to mimic a Fletchling song, still playing his guitar all the while. "But It began to get dark, the bird Pokemon flew to their nests, and after a while, you could've heard a pin drop, it was so still." he continues as his last note fades away.

                                                He then plays a harmonic D note. "Then suddenly a bright, beautiful, loud tone rang through the forest--that came from neither bird Pokemon nor humans, and she immediately thought, 'That can only be the singing rose'." Brock went on.

                                                The audience listens as Brock plays a few more harmonic notes and chords, to Zane's awe. "She hurried on in the direction that the marvelous sounds seemed to be coming from. She had not walked very far before she saw a large, old-fashioned castle on a cliff. She eagerly climbed up to the castle and knocked three times on the massive door."

                                                "Nice touch..." Zane mused as Brock gently tapped his instrument three times to mimic a knock. "First the voices, and now his own sound effects?"

                                                "He's only getting warmed up!" Ash smiled. Misty nodded in agreement.

                                                "Finally the gate opened with a creaking sound..." Some laughter went up as Brock slowly moved his hand up the guitar neck, creating a sound that more or less sounded like a squeaking gate. "...and an old man with a long, white beard looked out."

                                                "What is your wish?" he grumpily asks in an older version of himself for the old man.

                                                "I would like a singing rose." he replies in a mimic of Suzie for Princess Maya. "Do you have such a thing in your garden?"

                                                "Yes indeed."

                                                "What will you take for it, if I could get it from you?"

                                                "You need give me nothing for the singing rose. You can have it today, but as payment, I will come to you in seven years and bring you back with me to this, my castle."

                                                "Just bring me the valuable flower!"

                                                Now Zane was impressed as some people applauded Brock's vocal dexterity. "I can't think of too many guys that can realistically mimic a girl..."

                                                He was snapped back to reality by Brock saying "You have to understand that Princess Maya was thinking only about the singing rose and the kingdom, but not about what would happen after seven years."

                                                Brock continues "The old man went back into the castle, and returned soon with a full, glowing rose. It was singing so beautifully that Princess Maya's heart jumped for joy. She eagerly reached out her hand, and as soon as she had the flower in her hands she ran down the mountain like a Sawsbuck."

                                                He started a relaxed melody as he went on "Princess Maya wandered the entire night through the dark forest with her rose. Her pleasure in the singing flower and the inherited kingdom caused her to forget all fear. The rose sang the entire way; and the louder and more beautifully it sang, the faster Princess Maya hurried on toward her homeland."

                                                With that, he sang in Italian L'arcobaleno é la mia scia
                                                che navigo in cerca di quella montagna di luce all'alba melodia
                                                mi portano indietro ad un tempo passato,
                                                colori immersi nella scia dell'arcobaleno
                                                che giocano in cielo
                                                il vento mi sospinge, eh via!
                                                raggiungo le onde dei sette mari
                                                gli uccelli che volano alti nel cielo d'oriente
                                                la rotta è sicura quell'isola cela un tesoro
                                                All'alba io vedrò le sette terre
                                                che il destino vuole farmi trovare davvero
                                                oh, dolce melodia sprigioni vita
                                                e mi fai cantare forte un messaggio d'amore
                                                per sempre tu sarai in fondo all'anima
                                                così che neanche il tempo ci può separare
                                                oh, dolce melodia sprigioni vita
                                                e mi fai cantare forte un messaggio d'amore...

                                                Dolce melodia...

                                                When the applause for his song dies down, Brock continues "She arrived home and told her father everything that had happened, and the rose sang beautifully. Immeasurable joy ruled in the castle, and the king gave one celebration after another. Soon the two older sisters returned, empty handed. So Princess Maya became the heir, although the old father continued to rule. The royal family lived beautiful, joyful days. Day after day and year after year slipped by like seconds."

                                                A foreboding melody quiets the "aw"s in the crowd. "Finally the seventh year came to an end, and on the first day of the eighth year the old man from the castle appeared before the king and demanded from him the daughter who had brought home the singing rose." Brock intones. "The king presented to him his oldest daughter, but the old man rejected her. When the king saw that he could not get away with deception, he turned over Maya, the youngest and dearest of his children, with a heavy heart."

                                                "No..." Suzie gasped, choking back tears all the while.

                                                "Princess Maya had to go with the grumbling old man to his castle." Brock went on over the sad melody he is playing. "She was understandably very sad, for she had no one there except for her old master. Day after day she thought about her father and her sisters. Of course, there were other pleasures in abundance, but they did not comfort her, for she did not have the company of her loved ones. Her thoughts were always in her homeland. Furthermore, all the doors and chests in the castle were locked, and the old man did not let her have access to even a single key."

                                                Intrigued murmurs go up at this. "One day she learned--I don't know where-- that her oldest sister was to marry a neighboring prince, and that the wedding would take place in a few days. She went to the old man and asked him for permission to attend her sister's wedding." Brock continues.

                                                "Just go!" he growls as the old man. "But I am telling you now, do not laugh even once during the entire wedding day. If you disobey my order, I will tear you into a thousand pieces. I myself will continually be by your side, and if you as much as open your mouth to laugh, it will be over with you. Pay heed!"

                                                As himself, Brock continues "Princess Maya thought that this would be easy to follow, and on the appointed day, she appeared with the old man at her sister's wedding. Joy ruled in the king's castle when they saw the long missing queen returning. She was very happy and took advantage of the day, but she did not forget the old man's order, and she did not open her mouth to laugh even once. That evening. she had to part from her loved ones, and she sadly returned to the lonely castle with her companion, if you could call him that."

                                                Ash softly growls in anger. What would possess someone to keep an innocent person prisoner?

                                                Brock's voice snaps him from his thoughts. "Then the rumor flew that the other sister would marry soon. This excited her again, and she asked the old man if she could attend her second sister's wedding too. But this time, the old man warned her that she was not allowed to speak a single word the entire day."

                                                The intrigued murmurs intensify as he continues "Princess Maya thought that this would be easy to follow, and on the appointed day she appeared with the old man at her sister's wedding. Joy ruled in the king's castle when they saw the long missing queen returning. Everyone ran out to meet her. They greeted her and welcomed her and asked her about everything. But she pretended that she had a sore throat, and did not allow a single sound to escape from her beautiful lips. But this time she did not keep up her courage as well as the last time, and that evening when everyone was talking together, a stray 'Oh' slipped out. The old man quickly jumped up, took her by the hand, and led her out of the hall and back to his lonely castle."

                                                "All that for just a single word????" Misty gasps in horror.

                                                The grin on Brock's face assures Misty and the crowd all hope isn't lost for Maya yet. "One day when she was sadly walking through the garden where the rose had previously blossomed and sung, the old man came to her and said...

                                                "Your majesty, if tomorrow while it is noon you can kill me, then everything that you find in the castle will be yours, and you will be free from your vow!" he instructs as the old man.

                                                As himself, he intones "Princess Maya took heart from the old man's speech and decided to attempt this dangerous deed."

                                                The audience listens as Brock describes the harrowing scene. "The next day, the old man appeared a little before noon and uncovered his neck. She drew the sword that she had hung about her waist, and as the castle clock struck one..." He plays a soft harmonic C note to represent a clock chime. "...she swung the sword, running him through."

                                                The crowd winces, and "ooh"s go up as Brock plays a hard chord to represent the old man's demise. "But then, something weird happened--instead of blood, a key fell from the gash before the body disappeared in a plume of smoke. It opened all the chests and doors in the entire castle. There Princess Maya found many, many precious things, and she was no longer bound by her rash promise."

                                                He smiles as he looks out on the enthralled audience. "It goes without saying Princess Maya succeeded her father's throne, and ruled happily and well for a long time." he concludes as he plays a festive flourish to signal his tale's end.

                                                The convention center roared with applause, but Suzie's and Zane's were the loudest. "You know...I think I finally understand what you mean by inner beauty." Zane began as the group watched the judges award Brock a yellow stripe.

                                                "Oh?" Suzie asked.

                                                "It's not something you can actively measure, but you can see it in other ways--the kindness of a friend, the courage of a Pokemon, the joy of someone who clearly loves to share their talents..." Zane explained, acknowledging Brock as he rejoined the group. "and of course...the beauty in nature."

                                                Suzie just smiled. "I'm just glad we both got to watch a beautiful performance friends."

                                                To Be Continued...
                                                The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                                Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                                Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                                --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                                Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                                  Episode 66: Wobbu-palooza!

                                                  "Has it hit you that you've won two Color Stripes in a row yet?" Ash asked as he finished up a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup.

                                                  "It's starting to sink in." Brock replied as he admired the rainbow taking shape on his right vest flap. "But performing for Suzie was the best part--I finally kept my promise of performing for her."

                                                  He was about to say more when he saw a Wobbufett emerge from the brush and announce [A-a-all is well!] before waddling off.

                                                  "You're not gonna spoil our lunch today, Team Rocket!" Ash vowed as he set aside his dishes and angrily eyed the bush, as if expecting Jessie, James, and Meowth to appear at any moment.

                                                  Brock wasted no time in spritzing an arrow's head with a Max Repel. "If this Wobbufet is Team Rocket's, I'll just warn it away..."

                                                  He was just about to fire when he saw several more Wobbufetts emerge, all waddling to catch up with the first one. "Stand down, Brock--that first Wobbufett wasn't Team Rocket's at all." Misty replied as she watched more and more Wobbufetts parade by the campsite.

                                                  [So, where would they all be going?] Tintri was intrigued.

                                                  "Let's clean up and find out." Ash suggested before giving his dishes to River and Spritz to wash.

                                                  After cleaning up the remains of their lunch and breaking camp, the group followed the Wobbufetts down the winding road.

                                                  Eventually, the group discovered that the Wobbufetts had all been traveling to a festively decorated town. "Wow..." Misty gasped as she saw the line of Wobbufetts waddle to meet other Wobbufetts and people. "There must be a party or something going on to celebrate these Wobbufetts..."

                                                  "A party!" Ash gasped. "I'm always up for a good party!"

                                                  [Yeah!] Tintri agreed.

                                                  "Welcome, travelers, to Wobbufett Village." a man smiled as he met the group. "So named because, well, everyone owns either a Wobbufett, or its younger form Wynaut."

                                                  "I see..." Ash mused.

                                                  "In fact--you're just in time for the Wobbufett Festival." the man went on before gesturing to a large stage in the center of the town that overlooked a huge Wobbufett statue. "If any of you are musicians or storytellers, the Lore Stage that kicks off the first day is about to start."

                                                  "Really?" Brock gasped before motioning for Ash and Misty to follow him. "Where do I sign up?" he asked the man as they made their way into town...


                                                  Meanwhile, Team Rocket heaved with exhaustion as they approached the hill leading into Wobbufett Village. "Finally, we've reached some form of civilization..." Jessie wheezed as she collapsed at the side of the road.

                                                  "Tell me about it--I feel like a hundred Growlithes have bitten my toes..." James groaned as he sat down to massage his aching feet.

                                                  [A-a-all is well!] Sahana announced as he emerged with pop, startling Jessie.

                                                  "Who asked you how everything was?" Jessie grumbled at the blue blob Pokemon. "Our feet are killing us!"

                                                  The endless stream of Wobbufetts streaming into the village piqued her interest. "Oh look, there's more Wobbufetts..." she mused, forgetting about her anger at Sahana completely.

                                                  "Oh, are you two travelers?" a brown haired woman in a Wynaut T-shirt and jeans smiled as she approached Jessie and James. "You have a fine Wobbufett, there."

                                                  "Thank you, ma'am." James replied with a little bow. "We indeed have traveled far, and could use the rest."

                                                  The woman smiled. "My name's Lulu...are you in town for the festival? If you and your Wobbufett need a place to stay, I have a spare bedroom in the house."

                                                  "Uh, sure." Jessie replied as she gingerly stood up. <i>Why people would want to celebrate Wobbufetts is beyond me...</i> she thought as Lulu led them into town, past the stage in the square where Brock was checking in for the Lore Stage, and Ash and Misty were tuning up to perform some pre-show music for the crowds that gathered.

                                                  "If you're hungry, I'll make you a roast Combusken with all the fixins'" Lulu offered, snapping Jessie and James back to reality.

                                                  "FOOD!!!" the three Rockets gasped, starry eyed as they pictured the spread their host would presumably make for them--the roast Combusken, the mashed potatoes, the casseroles, the baked vegetables, and of course, a dizzying array of cakes and pies for dessert.

                                                  "Forget da big meal we're about ta get--if dat's good, den dere has ta be more food where our big spread came from!" Meowth sighed dreamily as he pictured an array of meat and seafood for him, with Nanab Berries for dessert.

                                                  After tying on a yellow souvenir headband to Sahana, Lulu pointed out a large stone statue of a Wobbufett in the distance. "If you look to your right, you'll see our festival symbol, a statue made by a local artist named 'Enduring Hope'..."

                                                  Neither the Rockets or Lulu were aware of three hoodlums looking down on the village. "Look at'em, blissfully unaware of our yearly visit..."

                                                  "Let's do this!"

                                                  "Leelee, Chika, Fury, let's go."


                                                  The crowd applauded as Ash and Misty took a bow as thanks for the two tunes they had just finished. Granted, they had no time to practice, but despite a few minor mistakes, their Pokeflute and fiddle duo act had gone over very well. "Now that we're done, it's time to watch Brock kick off the competition." Misty smiled, giddy over what Brock would tell for this Lore Stage.

                                                  "It may be no competition--Brock's a pro!" Ash smiled as he put his Pokeflute case away and invited Tintri aboard his shoulder.

                                                  "Number K-93098, telling 'Golden Jack'." the emcee announced as Brock arrived on the stage to some applause.

                                                  "Thank you." Brock acknowledged the applause before beginning his tale. "Once upon a time--as all good stories are supposed to begin--!"

                                                  A girl crying got his attention. "Mama! Someone hurt Kibou!" a teal haired girl sobbed as her mother consoled her, then tended to her wounded Wynaut.

                                                  "Some hoodlums did a number on my Wobbufett too!" a brown haired man reported as he did his best to ease a wound on his Wobbufett's head.

                                                  "First someone made Annie cry, and then wounded Yahichi's Wobbufett...could any of our Pokemon be next?" another man worried.

                                                  "Should I try and continue?" Brock asked the emcee.

                                                  "Not while everyone's on edge like this...if you want to help, you can find who's injuring our Pokemon." the emcee replied.

                                                  Brock nodded, and reunited with Ash and Misty near stage right. "I didn't expect my performance to be ruined by festival crashers..."

                                                  "Let's go find out who made that little girl cry and hurt that guy's Wobbufett!" Ash suggested.

                                                  "No one makes a sweet little girl cry and gets away with it on my watch!" Misty agreed as the group hurried down a street.

                                                  They discovered Team Rocket--in disguise as maintenance workers--near the festival midway. "Ah-ha!" Ash cried. "I never thought you'd stoop so low as to make little girls cry..."

                                                  "But we were nowhere near the stage at the time!" Jessie protested.

                                                  "Yeah, we were fixing up the games on the midway and performing any needed repairs!" James lied to keep up their ruse.

                                                  "I wouldn't judge a book by its cover, young man--these two and their Meowth have shown considerable character." Lulu added as she joined the disguised Team Rocket.

                                                  Ash was about to protest when he heard more and more of the townsfolk gasping and crying over their Wobbufetts and Wynauts--so many that the commotion grew unintelligible. " maybe Team Rocket didn't hurt all the Wobbufetts and Wynauts..."

                                                  "Well, if they didn't, who did?" Misty asked. "Let's go find out!"

                                                  Meowth heaved a sigh of relief as the group hurried off around a corner. "Dat was close..."

                                                  "You three go on back to your work, I'll help keep the crowds calm." Lulu assured Team Rocket before hurrying to console a boy.

                                                  Jessie smiled. "Your ruse was perfect, James--now to keep looking for the food storage!"


                                                  After making a circle around the village, Ash spotted the young men in leather jackets, old T-shirts, and ripped black jeans near the Enduring Hope statue. "So! You guys must be the one that crashed the festival!"

                                                  "Yeah, we did...what are you gonna do about it?" one of the punks smirked as another Wobbufett limped away in pain.

                                                  He noticed Brock aiming an arrow at his Hitmonlee. "I wouldn't be shooting if I were you, Robin Hood--Leelee's so quick, she could snatch your arrow right outta the sky!"

                                                  "Really? Try me..." Brock shot back.

                                                  "Brock, don't!" Misty gasped. "What if the guy's claim is true, and his Hitmonlee can catch arrows?"

                                                  "I wouldn't recommend engaging with these three..." a woman cautioned, prompting Brock to stand down. "They attacked the village a year ago. Rather than training their Fighting-type Pokémon normally, they instructed them to attack the village in order to build up their strength."

                                                  "So that's why they've been beating up all the Wobbufetts and Wynauts..." Misty mused.

                                                  "When they reached Lulu's house, however, her Wobbuffet Taemasu's skillful use of Counter and Mirror Coat proved to be their undoing, and they fled the village, vowing revenge." the woman explained.

                                                  An idea occurred to her. "Wait there, you three--let me see if I can find Lulu and Officer Jenny. They should know what to do to chase those hoodlums away!"

                                                  The hoodlums laughed as the woman dashed off. "Our Pokémon are much stronger than they were last year, and we intend to beat up every Wobbuffet and Wynaut in the village to prove it!" the second punk sneered.


                                                  "Dere...dat's da last box." Meowth smiled as team Rocket finished moving every last box of food into the brush.

                                                  He noticed Lulu, Officer Jenny and Lulu's Wobbuffet Taemasu hurrying to the festival grounds. "Funny, what's all the ruckus about?"

                                                  "Let's just stay put for now. " James suggested as he watched the group run to engage the hoodlums. "We'll make our move when the time is right."

                                                  "Luce, I choose you!" Ash called, heaving a Poke Ball skyward to reveal his Flaaffy before the owner of the Hitmonlee.

                                                  "Spritz, I need your help!" Misty called, summoning the Seadra before the Machoke's owner.

                                                  "Hitomi, showtime!" Brock heaved a Poke Ball of his own skyward. "You have an advantage, so make that Primeape and its cohorts pay for bothering the townsfolk and ruining my performance!" he called to the Golbat.

                                                  A whistle interrupted the impending clash. "I understand how angry you three are right now, but Pokémon battles are forbidden during the festival, in honor of Wobbuffet's characteristic of never attacking first." Officer Jenny explained.

                                                  "Okay...come on, Luce." Ash sighed as Luce trudged along behind him.

                                                  "Sorry, Spritz..we'll have to find another way of helping the town." Misty was equally dejected.

                                                  [But how are we going to teach those hoodlums a lesson if we can't fight? Singing a song isn't gonna help...] Hitomi sighed as she fluttered beside Brock.

                                                  "As much as I wish that playing my guitar and singing a song would help, I don't think it's going to here." Brock agreed. "These guys don't look like the kind to just gather 'round and sing 'Kumbaya' along with an acoustic guitar..."

                                                  The hoodlums, meanwhile laughed as the group trudged away. "See? You three are a bunch of wimps!" the third punk called. "You won't even lift a finger to stop us!"

                                                  "So we're gonna make ya watch as we tear down your precious statue brick by brick!" the second punk went on.


                                                  "Why are da twerps not fightin' back?" Meowth watched, dumbfounded, as the group trudged away.

                                                  "Or the rest of the village, for that matter?" Jessie was equally confused.

                                                  James thought for a moment. "I think I know where the villagers are coming from, here...they are truly dedicated to their Wobbufetts and Wynauts to the point where they will wait to attack second alongside them."

                                                  The lightbulb went off in Meowth's head. "Dat makes poifect sense!"

                                                  "So we should do something to help the villagers--exactly what, I don't know." James went on.

                                                  "Do we have to?" Jessie asked.

                                                  "Rememba how well the villagers have treated us so far?" Meowth asked Jessie. "It's only fair we help dem in retoin."

                                                  " do have a point, Meowth." Jessie sighed. "If it means that much to you two, let's help out our hosts."


                                                  Ash watched in horror as the Hitmonlee, the Machoke, and the Primeape did everything they could to try and put a dent in the Wobbufett statue. "We have to do something to stop those jerks!"

                                                  He turned his cap back. "I'll go give them a piece of my mind!"

                                                  "Hold your Ponytas, young man." Lulu gently scolded as she pulled Ash back. "Remember the way of the Wobbufett--do not attack unless you have been attacked first."

                                                  Ash was about to protest when he saw a familiar Meowth balloon. "Team Rocket!"

                                                  "Did I actually hear a note of joy in Ash's voice?" Brock wondered. Ash had seemed almost ecstatic that Team Rocket had arrived.

                                                  "Well, what have we here? Three punks causing trouble..." Jessie smirked as she looked down on the frightened punks and their Pokemon.

                                                  "If you don't stop this right now, your pain will be double!" James warned as he joined Jessie in looking down on the punks.

                                                  "To protect the world from devastation..." Jessie began.

                                                  "And unite all peoples within our nation..." James smiled, twirling a rose in his hand. Ash just watched and growled in annoyance at the familiar motto he, Misty, and Brock had heard a million times before:

                                                  "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

                                                  "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



                                                  "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!"

                                                  "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

                                                  "Meowth! Dat's right!"

                                                  "Bring it, Team Rocket goons!" the Hitmonlee's owner challenged.

                                                  "But, battles are not allowed in town!" Officer Jenny protested as Meowth balloon landed and the Rockets climbed from the balloon's basket.

                                                  "So? Rules were made to be broken!" Jessie retorted as she summoned Arbok.

                                                  Meowth watched James summon Victreebel, but gasped as the large pitcher plant Pokemon came for him. "Hey! I'm ya pal, not dinner!" he screamed.

                                                  Misty watched as the Hitmonlee used Rolling Kick against Arbok. "I can't believe it...Team Rocket's actually helping people..." she mused as Arbok responded with a Tackle.

                                                  "Maybe some of them have a shred of honor, at least." Brock agreed as in the distance, the Machoke uses Karate Chop on Victreebel. Victreebel, however, tried to counter with Razor Leaf, although this was blocked by the Primeape.

                                                  Ash watched as Arbok tried to use Wrap against Hitmonlee, but was knocked out by a Hi Jump Kick. "That had to hurt..."

                                                  Jessie growled as she watched the Machoke finish off Victreebel with a Seismic Toss at the same time. "Okay, let's see what you can do, Sahana!" she called as she heaved the Poke Ball with her Wobbufett inside to the sky.

                                                  "He looks stupid in that headband..." the first punk chucked as Sahana materialized before them, making his companions chuckle.

                                                  He then called to his Hitmonlee "Leelee, use Jump Kick!"

                                                  "Chika, use Seismic Toss!" the second punk called.

                                                  "Fury, use Fury Swipes!" the third punk called.

                                                  But neither the punks, the group, Team Rocket, or the onlookers knew what was going to happen next. "Wow..." Ash gasped as Sahana Countered the Hitmonlee's Jump Kick, followed by the Machoke's Seismic Toss, and then the Primeape's Fury Swipes.

                                                  In a last desperate move, the punks tried to combine their Pokémon's attacks in order to beat Sahana, but only went flying off into the sky with a ping.


                                                  "I can't even begin to thank you..." Lulu smiled as the townsfolk cheered for Team Rocket.

                                                  "While you did save the town, that does not excuse the fact that you still broke the festival rules, and so I must ask you three to leave." Officer Jenny reminded the Rockets.

                                                  Ash, meanwhile, noticed that the Meowth balloon was carrying a very large cargo. "Wait a second...Team Rocket's making off with all the food for the festival!"

                                                  "Let's follow them!" Officer Jenny led the way out of town and up to a nearby hill. "Unless one of you has a sharp object, we're not getting the food back..."

                                                  Misty grinned. "We DO, in fact, have some sharp objects!"

                                                  She looked over at Brock. "You've got a clear shot from here, so show us your archery skill!"

                                                  "I'm on it, Misty!" With that, the others watched Brock aim at the balloon as it drifted by the hill, then fired, a POW! confirming that Brock's shot had hit.

                                                  Ash was the first to arrive near the punctured balloon. "You have nowhere to go now!" he called as Team Rocket sent out Arbok and Weezing.

                                                  "Ah, but remember that you can't battle us, as battling is forbidden during the festival." James sneered.

                                                  "Actually, now that you guys are outside the village, battling is okay." Officer Jenny smiled.

                                                  Ash looked over at Tintri. "You know what to do, bud?"

                                                  [Yeah!] Tinri smiled before firing a Thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket flying off into the sky with another ping.


                                                  "Due to all the chaos, the Lore Stage is cancelled--all other first day events will still go on as planned." the emcee announced, to some "aw"s from the crowd as many of the competing storytellers chose to leave.

                                                  Misty noticed Brock was unusually calm. "You're not mad about not getting to try for a green stripe?"

                                                  "Not really." Brock confessed. "How were we to know those punks were going to crash everything?"

                                                  "That is true..." Misty mused as the group returned to the Enduring Hope statue, which was miraculously unscathed, despite the chaos a few hours before.

                                                  "Besides, if it hadn't been for Team Rocket, the mess could've been much worse." Brock went on.

                                                  "Yeah, and at least they still have their Wobbufett!" Ash smiled. Misty and Brock couldn't help laughing in agreement as the sun sank below the trees...

                                                  To Be Continued...
                                                  The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                                  Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                                  Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                                  --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                                  Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                                    Episode 67: Ariados, Amigos

                                                    "If you don't mind, I'm gonna take Ami into the forest for a while." Misty told the boys as she led Ami towards a forest entrance. "She found a flower grove, and wants to pick some."

                                                    "I'm sure she'll look pretty in a flower crown." Ash smiled as he watched Tintri splash in the lake with the other Pokemon.

                                                    "If you need anything, just call." Brock replied as he cast a fishing line into the water, away from where the Pokemon were swimming.

                                                    "Come on, me where the flowers are." Misty coaxed her Marill as she led the way into the forest.

                                                    [Okay...they should be over the log...] Ami explained as she and her human master climbed over a log that created a natural bridge for a small stream. [...and off to the right, in a clearing near some mushrooms.]

                                                    Misty nodded, and followed Ami down a pathway to a small clearing filled with flowers, complete with some mushrooms growing near the entrance. "Oh my...there must be hundreds of different kinds!" she gasped.

                                                    After spending a few minutes helping her master pick flowers, Ami noticed what looked like an odd red bush with flecks of yellow and purple. [That's weird...I've never seen a bush--!]

                                                    She gasped when she saw the bush appear to move on eight spindly legs! [Spider Pokemon!]

                                                    "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!" Misty's scream echoed through the forest and all the way back to the camp.

                                                    "That was Misty! Let's go help!" Ash called as Tintri bounded out of the water and onto his shoulder.

                                                    "Believe me, I'd know Misty's scream anywhere..." Brock agreed as he put away his rod and tackle and retrieved his archery gear. I hope Misty didn't run into an Ursaring in the forest!

                                                    The boys followed Tintri to the clearing, where they spotted Misty shuddering in fear as the giant spider Pokemon approached her. As Brock readied a Repel-laced arrow, Ash decided to read up on the creepy Pokemon:

                                                    "Ariados, the long leg Pokemon. Wherever it goes, it spins a thread that always leads back to its web."

                                                    "Stand down, ite--Kumo did not mean to frighten your companion." a female voice commanded.

                                                    "Ite?" Ash was confused as he watched Brock stand down. "Can you at least come into the light, so we can see you?" he asked in the direction the voice had come from.

                                                    The Ariados forgot about Misty and scuttled to meet its master, a deep green haired girl in ninja's garb. "Here I name is Aya. You may have met my brother Koga before, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town."

                                                    Ash was stunned. "H-how do you know my name?"

                                                    "Koga told me about the day he battled you for a Soul Badge--he remembers you and your companions fondly." Aya explained.

                                                    The lightbulb went off in Ash's head. "Oh! So you must be the sister he told me about that day!"

                                                    "How is Koga doing?" Misty asked, nervous and at the same time relieved the Ariados was not going to hurt her.

                                                    "He is doing well, and is now training a daughter of his own in our clan's ancient arts." Aya explained. "Her name is Janine, if you're curious--her favorite technique so far is the Disguise jutsu."

                                                    "I hope I get a chance to battle her one day!" Ash smiled, happy to know one of the Gym Leaders he had met was doing well.

                                                    "So, what are you doing all the way out here, Aya-san?" Brock asked Aya as he put away his gear, giving Aya a respectful bow.

                                                    "I'm training with Kumo to learn the special art of Pokémon Jujitsu--which is a form of martial arts." Aya smiled, flattered at Brock's respectful demeanor. "If you wish, my master is hosting a Pokethlon at the dojo today--competitors on all tracks are welcome."

                                                    "I would be honored, Miss Aya." Misty replied, forgetting about the Ariados. "I have two medals already, and wish to try for a third."


                                                    "All right--today's Pokethlon is a Jump type competition." the student handling check in explained to Misty as she emerged from a dressing room in her jersey. "The three events are the Lamp Jump, the Disc Catch, and the Hurdle Dash, so bring your best Pokemon that can reach for the stars!"

                                                    I haven't seen the Lamp Jump and the Disc Catch before, but the Hurdle Dash I remember doing on water before, and now have to do on land. Misty thought as she contemplated which of her team to use.

                                                    "So, who are you going to use for this competition?" Ash asked as Misty approached the stands.

                                                    [I wanna try a Pokethlon! Please?] Ami begged

                                                    Misty just grinned at her Marill's enthusiasm. "Okay, Ami, you can compete this time. Pearl and Michelle will be your backups."

                                                    "You sure? A Marill's Jump stat isn't that good..." Brock cautioned as he looked at the stat guide Casey had given Misty.

                                                    "Ami really wants to try, so I'm letting her try." Misty assured Brock. "Besides, stats aren't everything--terrible Jump stat or no, I'm proud of her for trying."

                                                    She was about to say more when the lineup of competitors appeared on a screen--in addition to her and her three Pokemon, Aya and her Ariados were also displayed! "Oh am I going to handle competing against a bug?"

                                                    "Just focus on doing your best to win--pretend the Ariados is not even there." Brock assured Misty. "Besides, Ash and me will be here cheering you on all the way."

                                                    A relieved smile formed on Misty's face. "Thanks...I'll try to remember that. I can't let my fear of bugs get in the way of my goal."

                                                    "That's the spirit!" Ash smiled as the doors opened to admit the audience to the event hall. "Go get'em!"


                                                    "Our first event is the Lamp Jump." the referee announced to the crowd as a spotlight appeared on a massive pachinko-like board large enough to hold all manner of Pokemon. "Each Pokethlete must leap into the air towards our grid of lamps, touching as many as possible to score points. Each Pokethlete gets three tries, and the highest score wins."

                                                    That board is perfect for Ami! Misty thought. "Ami, you'd be perfect for this event!"

                                                    [I'll do my best!] Ami smiled as she followed an attendant to the launch pad leading into the board.

                                                    "First try!" the referee announced as Ami's information appeared on the scoreboard. After springing off the launchpad up the top of the board, she curled up into a ball shape as she bounced and bumped her way down to the bottom, with any lights she touched showing the judges and the audience her path through the course.

                                                    "Number 7's score--4800 points!" the referee announced when Ami finally arrived at the bottom some moments later.

                                                    "How do they come up with the score?" Ash asked, curious, as a Riolu made the jump into the course for its first attempt.

                                                    "Look closer--some of the lights are colored." Brock explained as the Riolu bounced off a red light. "Colored ones have higher values."

                                                    "I see..." Ash smiled, applauding the Riolu as it finished its run.

                                                    "Aya's next." Brock pointed out Kumo making his way to the launch pad.

                                                    "But neither the crowd nor Misty expected the Ariados to curl into a shuriken-like shape, allowing Kumo to hit nearly every light in the course. There's no way Ami would be able to beat that... she mused as she saw Aya's score of 9980. Oh well...there's still two more events to go!


                                                    [I'm sorry...I did my best in the Lamp Jump, but that Ariados was too much!] Ami sobbed as Misty and the other Pokethletes made their way to the pool where the second event would take place.

                                                    "I'm not mad, okay?" Misty assured the crying Marill. "You did your best, and that's all that matters to me."

                                                    [Thanks...] Ami smiled, her tears shining with hope as the Pokethletes and the spectators arrived in a room with a large pool, where a large pier was floating in the center. Aya and the Riolu's trainer were already present on the pier. which had a walkway for the competitors to reach it without swimming.

                                                    "May I try this event?" Michelle asked. [You'll likely need power and precision, and I can do that.]

                                                    [Sure...] Misty stammered as she carefully walked to the platform reserved for third place, acutely aware of the Ariados a few feet away on the first place platform.

                                                    Remember what Brock said... she reminded herself as she took a deep breath and let it go. Kumo is not even can do this.

                                                    Once all the competitors were on the pier, the referee addressed the crowd in the stands. "Our second event today is the Disc Catch. As you can see, our four Pokethletes are lined up on a small pier in the middle of the water based on how they finished in the previous event. They must catch discs that are thrown through the air without falling in the water. Should they fall, they will lose what discs they collected, and have to start again. Whoever catches the most discs in 60 seconds, wins."

                                                    He then addressed the four Pokethletes. "Pokethletes? Are you ready?"

                                                    Cheers went up in reply as a timer set for 60 seconds appeared on the scoreboard. "Okay...Ready? Set..." the referee called before blowing his whistle, triggering a volley of discs from launchers hidden in the walls.

                                                    Michelle made the first strike by grabbing a disc coming from the right. She next reached for one coming from a launcher on the left wall, but Kumo grabbed it away.

                                                    "Michelle! Focus on the discs coming straight at you and from the right!" Misty suggested over the yells of the other Pokethletes encouraging their jumping Pokemon and the cheers of the crowd.

                                                    [Got it!] Michelle replied before leaping to grab a disc from the center launcher.

                                                    In the stands, the boys cheered their hardest as Michelle and Kumo raced neck and neck. "Come on, Michelle!" Ash called as the Golduck effortlessly grabbed another disc.

                                                    Brock winced as Michelle and Kumo both jumped for the same disc with twenty seconds to go, only for Kumo to splash down into the water, resetting his score. "Good thing Michelle had the power and distance to get that one..."

                                                    "She has psychic power, and strength, so maybe she used a flutter jump to give her the boost to get it.' Ash grinned as the clock expired.

                                                    "Okay...Kumo managed to make up some ground to come in third with five..." Brock noted as the event results blipped on the screen. "and Misty and Michelle take the gold with eight!"

                                                    "I think your advice about focusing is helping..." Ash smiled.

                                                    [There's still one more event to go...] Tintri reminded him. [So she still has to focus!]


                                                    "Well done on the Disc Catch..." Misty smiled as she and Michelle arrived on the track for the Hurdle Dash. "Since this Hurdle Dash is on land, would you like to run it?"

                                                    [Of course...I still have plenty of strength left.] Michelle assured her mistress. [You know that I'm equally fit on land or in water.]

                                                    She knelt down to allow Misty to climb on her back. [Just climb aboard!]

                                                    Once Misty was safely on her Golduck's back, Michelle jogged to the second lane. "Pokethletes ready?" the referee called.

                                                    The track roared with cheers. "Ready? Set..." the referee called before the starting gun fired.

                                                    Aya and Kumo charged ahead to start, but Misty and Michelle were not far behind in second place. After landing on the ground from the first hurdle, Misty noticed she and Michelle had overtaken Aya and Kumo. "I see...eight legs is great for a sprint or straight running, but not so good if you also have to jump."

                                                    [Exactly!] Michelle smiled as she nimbly leaped over the second hurdle. [Now, let's give this webspinner what for!]

                                                    With that, she powered over the third hurdle, crossing the line with ten seconds to spare!


                                                    "Well...I am quite impressed at how well you did in today's competition." Aya smiled as the crowds departed the medal ceremony that evening. "Clearly Kumo and I have a lot to learn."

                                                    "Aw, I just focused on doing the best I could." Misty smiled as she admired her reflection in the silver medal she had won. "Win or lose, all we can do is our best."

                                                    "You speak with wisdom beyond your years, Misty." Aya smiled. "Know that Koga, Janine, and I will be cheering you on to the Grand Pokethlon and beyond."

                                                    "I wish you luck, as well--Kumo really gave my crew a challenge!" Misty smiled as the boys ran to meet her.

                                                    "Will you tell Koga I said hi?" Ash asked Aya.

                                                    "I will tell him you send your regards." Aya replied before turning to leave. "That, and that you wish to battle Janine the next time you come to Fuchsia."

                                                    "Thanks!" Ash waved goodbye to Aya, then addressed Misty. "Nice job on that second place were very brave for facing a bug as your competition."

                                                    "I was surprised too, but I have to hand it to Brock--his advice on focus was what helped the most." Misty assured Ash as the three travelers walked off into the setting sun...

                                                    To Be Continued...
                                                    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                                    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                                    Pokemon Shine Diamond
                                                    --a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

                                                    Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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