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Do you give nicknames to your Pokemon?
What are some of the best nicknames you have given your Pokemon?

My personal favorite is TheRock for my Geodude.
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I've always nicknamed all of my Pokémon. It used to be because I hated seeing the Pokémon's name in all caps during battle, then it just developed into a habit. Back then, I named them as cleverly as my ten year old mind could, leading to names such as Salt the Raichu, Batty2 the Crobat, and F.Y. (Flying Yellow) the Uxie.

Nowadays, I pretty much just give them a normal name, like Rachel the Oricorio, Joe the Nosepass, or Mitch the Sceptile. Sometimes, however, I'll give them a cool name like Charon the Type: Null, Majuto the Talonflame, Megaton the Metagross, or Glory the Aerodactyl.

My favorite nickname so far is torn between Ignasia the Salamence and Bishop the Rampardos
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I rarely give my Pokémon nicknames, actually...

But to give an example, I nicknamed my Bewear "T.N.Teddy".
Sometimes I also name my Pokémon after their origin, naming Groudon "Behemoth", Kyogre "Leviathan", or Cobalion "Athos", Terrakion "Porthos", Virizion "Aramis" and Keldo "D'Artagnan"
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I never used to nickname my Pokemon up until a couple of years ago, now I do it in every playthrough. I usually, go with a theme or a nickname that somewhat relates to the Pokemon, my favourite is probably Mercury for a Slowbro I had in SoulSilver, mercury being poison and it was a reference to the poison a Shellder injects into a Slowpoke when it latches on.
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I nicknamed my Empoleon "Poseidon".
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I don't really nickname my pokemon. Not creative enough rip :p
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When it comes to the nicknames I give my Pokemon, I make sure that the nicknames I give follow the theme that I will be using.
Examples I have used are as follows:

Delta the Blastoise (Blue)(Leader of my Star Wars Republic Commando Squads team)
Galvatron the Feraligatr (Soul Silver)(Leader of my Decepticons team)
Revan the Swampert (Sapphire)(Leader of my Star Wars Sith Lords team)
Napoleon the Empoleon (Platinum)(Leader of my World Leaders team)
Durendal the Samurott (White)(Leader of my Legendary Weapons team)
John Rambo the Samurott (White 2)(Leader of my Anti-Heroes team)
Enterprise the Greninja (X)(Leader of my World War II Ships team)
Luke the Swampert (Alpha Sapphire)(Leader of my Star Wars Jedi team)
Garland the Blastoise (Blue [eShop version])(Leader of my Final Fantasy Villains team)
Zebes the Primarina (Moon)(Leader of my Metroid Series Planets team)
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I went through a phase pre-gen V of nicknaming my pokémon once they were fully-evolved because the all-CAPS stuff is irritating, but that soon seemed unnecessary as there was so much in the games I couldn't change. If I capture a pokémon owned by someone out of the Adventures manga I tend to give it the nickname they used, and sometimes I find one that'll fit a character name from another medium, i.e. Saphira the female Salamence out of the Eragon series (also Glaedr for Dragonite), or Nigel the Pelipper after the pelican in Finding Nemo.
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I give nicknames to pokemon based on their slot in my team planner. They are named in this order:
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I sometimes nickname for my own amusement, but I dont remember many of them. I named a Taillow Toughnut.
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I named my Poliwhirl DAT BOI. Yes, I was waiting to do that.

I tend to not give them nicknames because I know there will be a time I will dislike those exact names. I only do it when it's joke names like this.
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I have only recently started nicknaming my Pokemon. Since I am horrible at being creative with names though, I've been using a random name generator. Have a Bagon called Sundara. Really like that one.
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I go with what feels right to me. Sometimes I'll have a theme, like my LPer theme for the first time I played White 2, but most of the time there was no theme. There are some that I do like however.

List of favorite nicknames:
Cerberus the Houndoom (Almost every Houndoom I've used.)
Anubis the Lucario
NCS the Weezing (Part of the LP theme team)
Starla the Clefable
Shigure the Primarina (Anyone who's played Fire Emblem Fates knows why I did this.)
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I give them nicknames all the time whether during story or after breeding a whole bunch. They're usually absolutely terrible but still....

One nickname I've been using is calling my Torterra's "Terror" lately.
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I actually always nickname my mons. Not just in nuzruns, even in regular play. I honestly feel it gives character to the mon.
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I try to nickname all my Pokemon, love them, makes them unique, I mainly use similar nicknames from cartoons/movies/tv shows I like

some names I use a lot include - Mozart, Evita, Milo, Fiona, Firox, Jyotis, Renard, Ginelle, Launo, Linette, Vincent, Sherrie, Sophie, Kiara
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I always nickname my Pokémon! It's a fun little-thing to do from personalizing the game a bit more which I loveeeee. But I tend to not nickname my Legendaries as a sign of respect you can say lol

One nickname that comes to mind immediately is this Vaporeon I used to use so much way back when I'd played Pokémon Yellow, it's nickname was "Orange" and it was the funniest thing to me. Now I nickname all my shiny Vaporeons "Orange", even though the OG Orange was not a shiny.
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I use nicknames often, and never the same one twice, so I mostly am creative with them. Then again, I have my duds, like my Flareon named Flare.
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Ever since someone pointed out to me many moons ago that not nicknaming your Pokemon is liking calling your dog 'Dog' or your cat 'Cat', I've given them all names (sans Legendaries, since they're mostly one of a kind).

I usually go with themes for my nicknames, with my most recent one being in Pokemon Sun, where I only used the Hawaiian alphabet to name my Pokemon.
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Who doesn't give nicknames to their Pokémon? It's one of the funnest experiences in the games.

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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
Ever since someone pointed out to me many moons ago that not nicknaming your Pokemon is liking calling your dog 'Dog' or your cat 'Cat', I've given them all names (sans Legendaries, since they're mostly one of a kind).
That's actually a really good point and seeing how in the game canon, the Pokemon don't even say their own names and instead have cries so naming them by their name makes even less sense I guess.
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