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    Well, heck, I thought that since everyone was writing Pokemon fanfiction about Ash and Misty and those guys, well, I thought that I should give Gary a chance! Yeah, boo and hiss all you wantits still a good fanfiction!

    I dont own Pokemon.blah, blah, blahbut I do own Blair.

    This story takes place during the Gold and Silver versions of the game. Im not sure if it follows the Jhoto series of the Pokemon tv show, but Gary is a gym leader in the Gold and Silver versions. It takes place three years after Team Rockets disbandment in the Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow versions.

    Blair walked to the Viridian Gym with her loyal Houndoom at her side. She and Houndoom had been through a lot, and at first, the dark-type Pokemon wouldnt even listen to her. He was jealous of Blairs Dratini, which was now a sleek Dragonair, and often quarreled with Houndoom.
    Both of the Pokemon had taken well to Blairs other Pokemon, and of the known 250 species, she had caught nearly 200. On her current team, there was Doomsday (Houndoom), Draco (Dragonair), Wisdom (Noctowl), Fleece (Ampharaos), Sakura (Meganium), and Starlight (Starmie). All of these Pokemon were loyal and supportive of Blair, and she was to them.
    Are you ready for this, Doomsday? Blair asked, fixing her bright red hair into a ponytail. She brushed off her black t-shirt with the red stripe that matched her wind pants and her hair, and opened the door to the Viridian Gym. Lets go.

    Gary sprawled out in his chair at the far end of the gym. He liked it here. He loved being a gym leader, but he hated how Ash had all the friendsthe REAL friends, not just cheerleaders. Gary knew that lots of girls fell for him at first sight, just because he was good looking, but he wanted something more than that. He wanted intelligence, AND cuteness in a girl, not all these bubble-headed losers.
    Suddenly, they gym door opened. Gary bolted upright in his chair, and squinted to see the dark silhouettes slowly coming towards him. He spotted the Houndoom immediately, and then he sawher.
    Gary Oak, I challenge you! she exclaimed, her red wind pants making swishing sounds as she walked briskly towards him. I have one more badge to earn before Pokemon League, and yours is it.
    Gary shook his head to clear it, and looked down at the Pokeballs on his belt. All six, good. She looked tough.
    Yeah, okay. I accept your challenge! Gary told her. Six on six match, no time limit. Best out of six wins. You ready?
    You bet! she told him, tossing and catching a pokeball casually in her hand. Her emerald eyes suddenly became as hard as diamonds, and she pitched the pokeball into the arena. Lets go, Wisdom!
    Pigeot! Gary called, pegging the pokeball. GO!
    Not a great choice for me, Blair whispered to herself. Come back, Wisdom. It was my mistake, dont worry. Go Fleece!
    An Ampharos materialized in front of Pigeot, who delivered a harsh wing attack.
    Thunderpunch! Blair exclaimed confidently. Knock that Pigeot right out of the air!
    Gary watched in horror as his Pigeot was hit by a powerful bolt of lightening. It fell to the ground, exhausted.
    Ill fix that! Gary declared, sending out his next Pokemon. Execcutor!
    Fleece, return! Blair commanded. Go, Doomsday! Flamethrower!
    Gah, Gary gasped in surprise. His eyes widened. She was good. Execcutor was out of commission. Go Gyrados!
    Starlight! Blair called. Aurora beam!
    Almostbut Gyrados somehow managed to hang in there for a few blows, enough to take out the Starmie.
    Grrr Blair gritted her teeth. Sakura! Razor leaf, now!
    Well, that was the end of Gyradosand Blastoise, and pretty soon, the match was pretty one-sided. The girl took him out easily, and Gary was defeated.
    I dont believe this! he grumbled. How did you manage that?
    How did you manage to lose? Blair snapped back, and kneeled down to her Houndoom to give him some potion. I thought that you would be tough.
    Sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart! Gary countered.
    Did you just call me sweetheart? Blair demanded, standing back up, and stalking over to him, because nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can call me sweetheart. Got it?
    By now, she had him by the collar. Gary looked at her in complete and utter shock. She took a deep breath, and pushed him away.
    What about my badge? she demanded.
    Why should I give it to you? Gary sneered. You havent even given me your name yet.
    I dont like your attitude, Blair snapped, and smacked his other hand holding the Earthbadge. She picked it up off the floor, and walked towards the exit. Before she and her Houndoom left, she paused, turned to face him, and blew the fiery red hair out of her face. My names Blair, and dont you forget it!

    To be continued...

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      Gary sighed. Some support from his cheerleaders sure would have helped right around now. They had left himthey had found a better paying job as cheerleader for football teams or something.

      Well, I think we deserve a rest and some decent food, dont you think? Blair asked Doomsday, who nodded vigorously. Its settled then! Lets get some food!
      The two of them ran off to the Viridian Market, and Blair bought some sandwiches, chips, and sodas, along with some Pokemon food. She and Doomsday went back to the Pokemon Center to get her stuff, and headed out to a nice, green meadow just south of town.
      Okay, everybody out! Blair called, sending out all six of her Pokemon. Time to celebrate!
      The meadow was suddenly filled with the cries of a diverse number of Pokemon. Blair spread out all the food she had bought, and she and her friends sat down to a feast.
      When they were just about finished, a group of three kids came walking up to her.
      Hey, wanna battle? the shortest of the kids asked. He had wild dark hair kept tame only by his hat. A Pikachu sat on his shoulder.
      You guys up to it? Blair asked her Pokemon. They looked back at her with determined faces and nods. She turned back to Ask. Lets battle.
      Three on three, no time limit, the boy told her. By the way, my names Ash.
      Blair, she replied. Lets go, Wisdom!
      Pikachu, I choose you! Ash exclaimed.
      You know what to do, Wisdom! Blair called. Electricity is no problem for you!
      Much to Ashs surprise, Blair was right. It took no time at all for Pikachu to faint. In fact, it didnt take too long for the rest of his Pokemon to faint either.
      Wow, that was amazing! The orange haired girl exclaimed. How many badges do you have?
      All of Jhoto and Kanto, Blair replied. I just got the Earthbadge today.
      You met Gary then, Ash said. I feel sorry for you.
      So do I, Blair agreed. Hes a punk.
      Yeah! Ash grinned. Actually, we were heading to the gym so I could kick his butt again. Wanna come?
      Absolutely, Blair said. Its fun to see him lose.
      The group let out a chuckle, and Blair called all her Pokemon. They packed up, and left for the Viridian Gym.

      Gary was outside, fuming silently. That Blair girlshe was infuriating, and at the same time, intriguing. She had an air of confidence about her that both angered and interested him, and he didnt like it one bit.
      He looked up to see Ash with his friends coming up the hill. As they came closer, he noticed that Blair was with them. Gary gritted his teeth angrily. Both of them! Both of those losers in one day! One of them twice!
      What do you want, Ashey-boy? Gary demanded.
      Ash grimaced. He hated it when Gary called him that. Garys voice had changed though. It wasnt so nasal, which made it much less annoying.
      A battle, Ash replied with renewed confidence.
      Tchokay. Prepare to lose, loser! Gary exclaimed arrogantly.
      Is that the best you could come up with? Blair challenged. Youre pathetic!
      Doomsday barked his agreement.
      Well, look whos talking, sweetheart! Gary snapped back. Did you purposely try to find an outfit to match your hair, or did you dye your hair to match your outfit?
      Blairs eyes grew wide, and then hardened with anger. She growled something inaudible under her breath. So he had won this onethere would be other battles.
      The five humans and three Pokemon (who can forget Togepi?) walked (and waddled) into the Gym.
      Okay, Ash, lets see what youve got! Gary exclaimed. Go Gyrados!
      Pikachu made short work of Gyrados, but Ashs ego took a rather painful trip for the rest of the battle, and Gary emerged victorious.
      Ha! Gary exclaimed triumphantly. See ya later, loser!
      Hey, wheres your cheerleading squad? Brock asked desperately.
      There was no way he was going to tell anyone what had happened. Ash would see right through his disguise of pretended popularity, and that Blair-girlwell, there was no way he was giving her more ammo.
      Theyre on vacation, Gary told them. Yeah. Theyll be back soon.
      Are you serious? Blair squeaked in disbelief. What are you, some sort of superstar? Who on Earth would need a personal cheerleading squad just for Pokemon battles?
      Theyre my girlfriends, Gary countered, grinning. That would fire her up for surebut, yet again, he was wrong.
      Pu-leeze, Blair scoffed. You couldnt get a date if your life depended on it.
      Wow, Misty said suddenly to Ash. Who needs Pokemon or Jerry Springer when you have this?
      Oh, and you think you could? Gary sneered. Dont make me laugh.
      Well, Im a gambling type of girl. Wanna make a bet? Blair challenged.
      Sure, Gary agreed. Five bucks says that you cant get a date.
      Ten says you cant, Blair sneered.
      Doomsday rolled his eyes in annoyance. He loved his master dearly, but her temper sometimes got on his nerves. He didnt risk a flamthrower though. That would only provoke more arguments, and it would be about Blairs control over her Pokemon, a very touchy subject with her.
      Twenty says you cant, Gary said.
      Will you two cut it out?! Misty screamed, pulling out her mallet. Silence. Lets just make it a regular bet, no cash involved. Whoever finds a boyfriend or girlfriend by next week wins
      Fine, they both agreed, and glared at each other for saying it at the same time.

      To be continued....
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        Blair rushed to the Pokemon Center, and found a friend who found a friend who found a friend (well, you get the idea) to find a blind date for Blair. She could already taste victory, but little did she know that Gary had also devised a plan

        which was the same as Blairs, and at the same restaurant, and at the same table, and witheach other?
        What are you doing here?! they both exclaimed. Thats it, Im leaving!
        As they both looked away from each other in the same direction, they spotted Misty, who waved to them. Both sweatdropped.
        Lets just get this over with, Gary conceded, slumping into a chair.
        Fine, but Im not talking to you, Blair agreed, taking her seat.
        You just did, Gary told her, grinning.
        I was telling you that I wasnt talking to you, you moron! she snapped.
        Ha, I made you talk to me! he laughed. You lose!
        Youre immature.
        Youre more immature.
        No, Im not!
        Yes you are!
        No Im not!
        Okay, thats enough, Gary said. Im getting a headache.
        Too much to think about, pea-brain? Blair challenged.
        Too much of your voice! Gary told her.
        Well, yours isnt the most pleasant sound on earthmaybe youre just getting a headache from yourself! Blair snapped, scolding herself for a poor comeback.

        AnywayMisty was sitting with the two guys, watching Blair and Gary quarrel. She was quietly chuckling. What Blair and Gary did not realize was that Misty had been the friend of a friend of a friendwho had fixed them up.
        What makes you think that this is going to work? Ash asked.
        I saw it in a movie once, Misty told him. Both boys groaned. And I read it in a book! Ever heard of Shakespeare?
        Romeo and Juliet! Brock said with a sigh.
        Hopeless romantic, Misty grumbled, then spoke up. I mean, Taming of the Shrew. You know, two wild, crazy people, forced together, they fall in love, and stop being so annoying. Namely Gary, not Blair. Shes nice.
        The group continued to watch the two fighting.

        You are so dumb! Gary exclaimed.
        Take that, you moron! Dont ever call me dumb! Blair told him, chucking a roll at his head.
        Take this! Gary told her, chucking some rice at her.
        One thing led to another, and soon, a food war began between the two. A few waiters came over to separate them, and the two were kicked out of the restaurant, covered in almost every type of food that was served.
        That was the most horrible date I have ever been on! Blair told him, trying to hide a laugh. I am covered in banana pudding!
        Well, I didnt have a blast either! Gary exclaimed. Look at all this cheese.
        He proceeded to wipe hi face off with his shirt sleeve. Blair looked on in disgust.
        but the next thing Gary knew, she was holding him back with her hand after he had finished wiping his face. He turned to face her in annoyance, and noticed that she was almost smiling.
        You....missed a spot, she said, almost sheepishly, reaching her hand up to wipe it from his face. It looks like drool, and I wont be seen with a guy who drools.
        They both stopped walking, and Gary reached up to where her hand was near his mouth. Something happened then. Something connected. Gary feltadmiration, was it? It wasnt the same thing he felt for the Elite Four, not that kind of admiration.
        This girlthis Blair-girl. She was intelligent. She was witty. She liked Pokemon. She wascute.
        Iwant to do this again, Gary said. He blinked in surprise at what he had just said.
        What? Blair asked, and dropped her hand. Did her emerald eyes soften just then? Forget it! Why-
        I want to go on another datewith you, Gary told her. He blinked again. Had he just said that?
        Youdo? Blair demanded. Her mask came again. Well, at least you know a good-looking girl when you see one. And I know a not-so-good-looking boy when I see one. She smirked. Sorry, sweetheart. Her voice had a touch of velvet as she mocked him. This dates over.
        Gary ran to catch up with her as she reached the Pokemon Center. He stood in front of the door so she couldnt get in.
        What are you doing, you moron? Blair demanded. Its almost curfew.
        This date isnt over yet, Gary told her firmly.
        What on earth could be left, Gary? she demanded. His name sounded strangely pleasant on her tongue.
        He took a deep breath.
        This, he said quickly, taking her face in his hands, and leaning down to her.
        Ahno, Blair said, pushing away, and heading into the Pokemon Center.

        Grrr Misty growled quietly from the bush.
        Taming of the Shrew, huh? Ash teased. More like super-failure.
        Misty rolled her eyes.
        Look, do you want Gary to stop picking on you so much? Misty asked. Ash nodded. Then he needs a girlfriend to realize exactly how he should treat people, and Blair seems like the only one who will beat up his ego a little bit.
        Somebody please tell me! Brock exclaimed, as if he were in extreme pain. Why does Gary get all the girls?
        Among other things, youre desperate, and hes not, Misty told him. Cmon, guys, lets get some sleep.

        To be continued...
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          The next day, Blair was awakened by her faithful alarm clock, a.k.a. Doomsday. She smiled as she sat up groggily, and took out her cheerleading uniform. She headed to the ladies bath and shower room, and got herself ready for the day.
          Yesshe was a cheerleader, but not the giggly, boy-crazy type. She was going to perform with a small group at the Pokemon League opening ceremonies. Much to her surprise, the uniform matched her usual outfit, and soon, she was ready to conquer the days challenges.
          Lets head out! she called to Doomsday, and grabbed her backpack. Weve got to get to Indigo Plateau for practice before the ceremony.
          She walked out of the Pokemon Center, her backpack hanging over one shoulder, and was annoyed to find a procession for that loser Gary, as he made his way to Pokemon League as a well-respected gym leader.
          Wisdom, come on out, she said flatly. The Noctowl appeared from his pokeball, and looked at Blair with concern. Sorry. I dont mean to sound so annoyed at you. Im not. Lets just get to Indigo Plateau before that stupid Gary does.
          Noctowl let out a hoot of agreement, and Blair called Doomsday into his pokeball. The weight of the both of them would be a bit much for Wisdom. Blair climbed onto Wisdoms back, and they took off.
          Indigo Plateau was the same as it was last year. The festivals and carnivals surrounding the stadium were all ready alive with tons of people. Wisdom flew to the stadium. Blair gave him a smile, hug, and a thankyou, before she called him back to his pokeball. She walked onto the field to find the cheerleaders.
          Hey, she called to them, smiling a cheerleaders smile. Im Blair. Im here to sub for your lead flier.
          So glad you could make it! a brown haired girl said. Weve been hitting it big since we left Gary a few months ago, and we couldnt pass this opportunity up!
          Wait. Just wait one second, Blair said, waving her arms. You girls were Garys cheerleaders?
          Yeah, it was a real drag sometimes, but the money was good, another girl said. We really felt bad for the kid sometimes.
          So, you know the drill, right? the brunette asked. Blair nodded. Good! On with the practice!
          The girls got into the position, and began the cheer that started before the song they were performing to.
          Its time for the final test! Which Pokemon trainers are the best?
          The performance began with the Pokemon Theme, and the girls had a very lively dance to go with it. The end consisted of Blair being tossed high into the air, doing three flips, and landing on her feet back on the ground. She had done this a million times, but somehow, the throw didnt seem right, and she didnt land quite the way she was supposed to. Luckily, she wasnt hurtphysically.
          In that moment, after she looked up, she saw Gary in the stands, all alone, smirking at her failure. Her blood began to boil.
          Hello, girls! he exclaimed, hopping down from the stands onto the field. Howve you been?
          Great! they exclaimed.
          Well, thats good, he said. His head turned in the direction of Blair. Whered you pick up this loser?
          Shes no loser, Gary, one of the girls told him, and their attitudes changed from fake-cheerleaders to a close knit group of defensive friends.
          Yeah, shes performing with us, and participating in the League championship, another said.
          Why arent you participating? another asked.
          Ive already proven myself. I am a gym leader, after all, Gary said, with a self-assured sigh. Looks like you had some trouble with that flip, Blair. Think you can handle the performance?
          There was no concern in his voice, only mockery.
          Think you can handle this? she asked, swinging her hand to smack his face.
          Gary caught it in mid-sentence, but Blair only grinned, and cuffed him with her other hand.
          Dont mess with the best, she told him, with a smirk. Im a black belt in karate and in the process of studying Kendo. Dont push your luck.
          With that, she walked away to touch up her makeup before the performance.
          Looks like she outsmarted you, Gary, one of the girls said.
          Gary said nothing, but wore a self-assured grin. He was sure Blair was crazy about him by now. He had the effect on people

          Blair reapplied her mascara and touched up her blush. Her dark red lipstick gleamed in the dim light of the bathroom.
          She heard people outside. The stadium must have opened to the public. Blair threw her stuff into the duffel bag, and headed back to the field.
          You ready, Blair? the brunette cheerleader asked her.
          Absolutely! Blair exclaimed, glancing at the already filled stands. Lets show these people, especially Gary, that we are no ordinary cheerleaders!
          Yeah! the group exclaimed ecstatically. They took their seats as the trainers walked in for the opening ceremony.
          After all the speeches were finished, and after the torch was lit, the cheerleading squad trotted out onto the field. A cheer rose from the crowd followed by some whistles.
          Its time for the final test! Which Pokemon trainers are the best?
          The performance was flawless. Blair nailed her flip, and she smirked, knowing that Gary had seen every minute of her victory. She stood in center field, capturing all the applause she could, smiling.
          After the performance, she left the field, and headed towards the trainers waiting room.
          Hey, guys. You ready for this? she asked her Pokemon, as she let each of them out of their pokeballs.
          All their faces were smiling. They were ready.
          No matter what you do out there, I will always stand by you, Blair promised. I believe in your skills, and I hope that you will believe in mine. I love you guys!
          A big Pokemon group hug followed, and Blair kissed every one of them on the cheek before she gave them an item to hold, and called them back into their pokeballs.
          Youre a hypocrite, you know, a familiar, annoying voice told her.
          Blair put on her toughest expression, and looked up to find Gary standing near her.
          How am I a hypocrite? she demanded impatiently.
          You said that cheerleading for Pokemon trainers was stupid, Gary told her.
          You really are an idiot, arent you? she snickered, and attached her pokeball belt to her cheerleading uniform. I said hiring a squad for one trainer was stupid. Learn to listen.
          Gary squinted in disbelief, but his self-assured smile came over him again.
          So, uhhave you found a date yet? he asked.
          You still want to go through with that bet, huh? Blair said, running a brush through her hair. Im not going to have a problem. Did you not hear all those guys whistling at me during the performance, or are you deaf as well as dumb?
          II have nothing to say to you! he exclaimed angrily, and stomped off.
          Blair smiled to herself as he left. Score for the cute girl! She walked over to the counter to see when and who she would be battling.
          Blairlets seeyoull be battling the Camper Liz in ten minutes, the assistant said smiling politely.
          Thanks, Blair said.
          Just wait over there by the stadium door. The match going on now will be over shortly.
          Blair nodded, and walked in the direction of the assistants pointing finger. She leaned up against the wall casually, and waited to be called into the stadium.
          Her opponent, Liz, came walking over as well. She smiled at Blair, and said hello.
          Im Blair, Blair said, offering a handshake. Nice to meet you, and good luck with the battle.
          Im Liz, the girl said. Its so nice to meet a friendly opponent for once. Usually, theyre really uptight and stuff. Good luck to you too.
          Thanks, Blair smiled.
          Next up, Blair Toukon from Cianwood City, vs. Liz Isho from Lavender Town!
          Blair headed out onto the field, and took her place in the trainers box. She fingered three pokeballs, hoping that she had made good decisions.
          The battle will be three on three, not time limit! the announcer said. Ready? Begin!
          Blair unleashed her first pokeball, containing Draco. He appeared with a battle-ready cry, and looked at the opposing trainer menacingly.
          Victreebell! Liz exclaimed, throwing out the pokeball. Razor leaf!
          Dragon rage, Blair ordered firmly.
          Draco responded with an explosion of hot blue flames. In short, Victreebell was toast.
          On raged the battle, and Blair emerged victorious. The two opponents left the field, and shook hands afterwards.
          Nice job out there, Liz said. You were amazing.
          You were too, Blair assured her. Im sorry you didnt win.
          The sincerity in Blairs voice made Liz smile.
          Its okay. Theres always next year, and besides, losing doesnt feel that badat least, not this time, Liz said. Ill see you around!
          Blair waved farewell, and headed to the Pokemon Center to heal her battle-damaged Pokemon. She passed Ash on the way, with his group of friends. He had also won his first match.
          Are you going to the carnival tonight? Misty asked.
          Im not really much of a party person, Blair said, smiling weakly. Besides, I have my next match tomorrow morning.
          Well, we were going to go, Misty said. Why dont you come with us? We werent planning on being out late anyway.
          Okay, Blair agreed.
          Well meet you outside the Pokemon Center at six, Misty promised. See you then!
          Blair smiled, said goodbye, and walked into the Pokemon Center.

          To be continued some more....
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            That night, Blair changed into her normal clothes, and got ready to go to the carnival. Doomsday watched her tentatively, begging with his eyes for her to let him go too.
            Sorry, Doomsday, she told him. I cant have you get all tired on me before our second match. Keep an eye on everything okay? And dont wait up. I wont be long.
            She pet Doomsday on the head, and walked out of the Pokemon Center. She saw a figure coming towards her, but in the darkness, she couldnt tell who it was. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed in anger, and her temper began to flare. Gary was walking towards her!
            What are you doing here? they both demanded.
            I was meeting some friends to go to the carnival, Blair told him hotly, hands on her hips.
            I have a blind date for tonight, Gary said. And it looks like youre it.
            Why does this always happen to me? Blair groaned. How did I get stuck with you?
            You think I want to go out with you? Gary asked. Guess again, sweetheart.
            Dont CALL me that! she exclaimed, putting up her fists.
            Boy, for someone who has a black belt, you sure cant control your temper, Gary smirked.
            Oh, you havent seen the half of it! she threatened.
            Whatever, Gary said, and walked away.
            Blair watched him leave, and then headed down to the carnival on her own. On the way, she was thinking, and what was on her mind disturbed her. Gary Oak. She wasnt sure what he was to her yet. She knew that she despised him, but on the other hand, she did have fun at the restaurant the other night, when they had that food fight. Blair would never admit that though, not to anyone but herself anyway.

            Misty watched the carnival gates for Gary and Blair. Gary soon appeared, but not with Blair. He was alone! Her plan had failed, but she had more tricks up her sleeve.
            Ash, she hissed, when she spotted Blair come through the gates. Go convince Gary to go on the Tunnel of Love.
            WHAT?! Ash exclaimed.
            Not with you, you moron! Misty snapped. She hit the back of his head. This ones got a wall, so you cant see who youre paired up with. Ive got a plan.
            I hope its better than your previous ones, Ash muttered.
            Misty rolled her eyes, and Ash left to find Gary. Misty walked over to Blair, apologized for not meeting her at the Pokemon Center, and convinced her to go on the Tunnel of Love ride.
            Why am I doing this again? Blair asked, as they stood in line.
            Misty stopped peering over the top of the wall to make sure she and Blair were paired with Garyand Ash.
            "Why am I doing this again?" Blair asked.
            Because you want to find a boyfriend so you can win that bet, Misty replied.
            Blair sighed, and turned back to the front of the line. Misty made eye contact with Ash one more time, and then they reached the front of the line.
            The electric repulsion exchanged between the two foes was almost palpable. Blair narrowed her eyes at him, and Gary crossed his arms across his chest.
            Rules are rules, the ride attendant said with a chuckle. Into the boat, you two!
            Blair rolled her eyes, and slumped into the little boat. Gary stood hesitantly on the platform before he slid in next to her. They glared at each other for a moment, then turned away.
            Okay, the attendant said to Ash and Misty. Youre next.
            But-but-but, Ash stammered. Were not planning on going!
            YeahI get seasick, Misty lied.
            Rules are rules, the attendant told them, shoving them into a boat.

            Why do you hate me so much? Gary asked Blair finally.
            Blair stopped staring blankly at the fake scenes around her, and looked at him. Her cold stare was met by his.
            Were so similar, she thought. Ughthat makes me feel sick.
            I dont hate you, she confessed. I am annoyed with you, Im angry with you, but I dont hate you.
            She looked away again.
            Oh, Gary said.
            Thats it? Blair asked, her tone softening slightly. Just oh. No mockery? No witty remark?
            No, just oh, Gary replied, putting his hands behind his head, and leaning back. Im witty now, am I?
            Blair didnt answer. She stared at the ceiling.
            So, you dont hate me, Gary said, breaking the silence. Blair was thankful that he had taken the initiative. How come you act like it then?
            Youre pushing it, Blair warned, glaring at him.
            Pushing it, because I have a point? he asked, raising an eyebrow. His arm closest to her was slowly falling from his head around the back of the seat.
            No, Blair told him. Pushing it, because youre trying to put a move on me.
            What? Gary blushed furiously, and folded his hands in his lap. What are you talking about?
            Heres a tip for you, Blair said, turning her entire body to face him. Her knees knocked with his. If youre going to try to put a move on a girl like me, hypothetically speaking, dont be so subtle about it. Girls like me get annoyed with that.
            Oh, and what sort of move should I put on a girl like youhypothetically speaking? Gary asked slyly.
            Blair glared at him, but the anger and haughtiness that usually accompanied the glare was missing. Gary grinned. His arm came around the entire back of the seat, as he leaned over to her. Blairs face became furiously red, as Garys free hand came to her forehead to brush some stray bangs from her eyes.
            Hows this? he asked, the dark brown part of his eyes now fully visible.
            Blair looked truly panicked for a second. She didnt think hed take her literally. Gary grinned mischievously, taking her chin between his forefinger and thumb, and brought his face closer to hers
            Just in time to be informed that they were now fully visible to everyone at the carnival, and that the ride was over.
            Gary moved away immediately, and Blair breathed a sigh of relief. The two of them got off the boat, walked away from the ride, and into a small park area, complete with trees, flowers, and benches.
            Why are you following me? Blair demanded, sitting down on a vacant bench.
            Why are you following me? Gary returned, sitting next to her, his gaze following the features of her face carefully.
            You were definitely following me, she told him.
            Ah, the game of cat and mouse again, he said, almost wistfully, his arm casually draped across the back of the bench. Why do you like that game so much?
            Its not a game, Blair replied, her tone soft. Her cheeks turned a light pink.
            No? Gary asked. It sure seems like it to me.
            If it is, Blair told him. I dont plan to lose.
            Whats the prize for winning? he asked, slowly inching closer to her.
            Why do you want to know? she asked, inching away a little, until she was stopped by the armrest.
            Youre beating around the bush.
            So what if I am?
            Youre beautiful when youre flustered.
            Well, Gary failed at that attempt. Blair shot up like a rocket, and belted him across the face with her hand.
            Looks like you lose, she spat, and walked away.

            Meanwhile, Ash and Misty were in a rather strange predicament. Both of them, in a little boat, in a dark, romantic setting, made them both very uncomfortable.
            I dont want the bike back, Misty said suddenly. Her eyes quickly looked over at Ash, but then cast away.
            What? he asked, facing her. He was caught off guard by the spontaneous statement. I thought that was why you were following me around all the time.
            It wasat first, but I dont care about the stupid bike anymore, because she trailed off as she realized she might cry. Because if you get me a bike, then Ill have no reason to stay.
            Its just the bike thats making you stay? Ash asked. His tone was filled with disappointment.
            No, but it would just feelover if you got a bike for me, she replied, her aqua eyes locking unsteadily with his.
            Ash, Im so tired of choking every time I try to tell you this! Misty exclaimed, throwing her gaze away from him. I like you. I like you a lot, Ash, and Im sorry Ive been so mean to you. It was just disguiseddisguised admiration, and I dont care if you think Im crazy. I just needed to tell you that.
            Oh, Ash said simply.
            Misty looked hurt. She did not look at him for the rest of the ride. How could he be so inconsiderate? She just wanted to throw herself in his arms, feel the warmth of a hug. Hugs had been few and far between in her life.
            I remember that day on the Orange Islands, she said to herself. There was a big storm, and we met that Magnemite rancher. We were running to find shelterI hate storms, and I was tired, and I collapsed. Ash ran over to me. He pulled me to my feet, and helped me under that huge rock. His arms were secure around me, promising me that he would not let me fall again. He didnt let go until we were all safely under the rock. How can he not care if he was willing to risk himself like that?
            Looks like the ride didnt work for anyone, Brock reported, when Ash and Misty had left the ride.
            What do you mean? Misty asked.
            Well, I just saw Blair storm off towards the Pokemon Center, and Garys fuming in the park rest area, Brock explained.
            Grrr Misty growled. She pushed the recent issue with Ash out of her mind. Time to take more drastic measures.
            Why dont you just leave them alone? Ash suggested. I mean, let it run its course. Gary seems so depressed every time Blair rejects him. Maybe we shouldnt try so hard to force them together.
            That just might work! Misty exclaimed. Okay, lets get back to the Pokemon Center.

            Continued some more....hope you aren't getting bored.....
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              Blairs face was nearly as red as her hair when she reached the Pokemon Center. She hated Gary, and she liked him at the same time. When they were in the boat, she had almost wished that he had kissed her. She almost wished that she had taken the initiativealmost.
              Hey, Doomsday, she said, sitting down on her cot, and petting him. He put his front paws up on the cot, and looked at her with concern. Dont worry. The good thing is that tonight is over, and we have a match to win tomorrow. Gnight, Doomsday.
              With that, she put on her pajamas, and got ready for bed. As she lay down to sleep, all she could think about was Gary, and that thought bothered her.

              Gary threw a wad of tissue into the trash can beside the bench at the carnival. He felt positively miserable, and all because Blair had rejected him. Gary reached his hand up to his cheek, the one that she had slapped. It still stung, but not physically. It stung with the burning anger she had felt for him.
              Look at me! He said to himself. Im crying over a girl I cant stand. Maybemaybe I was wrong about her. Maybe I was wrong to think that I could just capture her heart like every other girl Ive met. Shes got a brain, you dufus! She didnt deserve to be treated like that. I screwed upII made a mistake
              He broke into sobs again, and thats how Ash Ketchum found him.
              Gary? he said, standing in front of him.
              Leave me alone, Gary said, his tone filled with heartache. He wiped his eyes furiously. Cant you see Im busy?
              Its Blair, isnt it? Ash asked bluntly, slumping into the bench next to him. She hurt ya? Your cheek is all red.
              What would you know! Gary exclaimed, turning away.
              You should go talk to her, Ash told him, and got up from his seat. See you around.
              Yeah, Gary said softly. He looked up as Ash started to leave. Ash?
              Yeah? Ash asked, pausing momentarily.

              Blair assembled her gear for the day. She felt a little better than she did last night, but the last thing she wanted to see today was Gary.
              Lets go, Doomsday, she said, shouldering her backpack.
              The Houndoom perked up at the sound of renewed excitement in his masters voice. The two of them left for the stadium.
              Suddenly, she saw him, but not in any way that she had ever imagined. Gary sat alone, slouching on a bench outside the stadium. Struck with curiosityor was it concern?Blair walked over to him.
              Hey, are you okay? she asked. Her tone was soft.
              Gary looked up at her, his eyebrows narrowed, and he looked back down.
              Get lost, he told her coldly. I dont want to hear it if youre here to chew me out.
              Blair bit her lower lip. Doomsday growled, but she silenced him with a wave of her hand.
              Im not here to yell at you, she told him, and sat down next to him. Their shoulders brushed.
              What are you here for? he demanded, still looking at the ground. She folded her hands between her knees.
              Blair stopped. She didnt really know the answer. What was it that had drawn her hereto him of all people? Her eyes drifted over his hunched form. Her hand reached out, hesitated, and then took his hand gently.
              Im sorry for hitting you, she told him sincerely. And Im sorry for being so cold to you.
              Gary looked at their joined hands. His free hand traced her fingers lightly.
              Im sorry for being so mean, he confessed. He still couldnt look at her. I want you to know that I careabout youand I care for you.
              Iknew that, she said, her hand shaking. I justtook it for granted, I guess.
              Gary looked at her, square in the eye, and with renewed confidence. Blair smiled softly, hopefully, at him.
              May I kiss you now? he asked.
              Yes, she said definitively.
              You sure you wont try to slap me? he asked.
              Just shut up, she said, leaning into him
              LAST CALL FOR POKEMON TRAINER BLAIR TOUKON! the loudspeaker announced.
              They both sighed, and Blair got up from her seat.
              Cmon, Doomsday, she said, then looked back at Gary. She frowned. Duty calls.
              Yeah, he said.

              Blair won her second match as easily as she won her first. Doomsday delivered the finishing blow to an unfortunate Jynx.
              After the match, Blair looked around for Gary. She spotted him leaning up against one of the pillars, and walked over to him.
              Hey, she said. Do you want to go to the carnival this afternoon? I hear theyre having a log cutting contest for Scyther and Pinsir. I was thinking about entering Guillotine in the contest.
              Yeah, Gary said. I think thatd be fun.
              Cool, she grinned. Come with me to the Pokemon Center, so I can get Guillotine, okay?
              Gary nodded, and they started down the path. It was a quiet walk, and Doomsday seemed to be accepting Gary as much as Blair was. Blair was glad for this. In her life, her Pokemon came before all else, since she had no real family to be with. They were her protectors, and she was their trainer. If Doomsday couldnt tolerate Gary, then Blair would leave Gary in the blink of an eye. It would break her heart, but she cared so much for her Pokemon and their feelings, that she could not forsake them for her own.
              They reached the Pokemon Center, and Blair accessed the PC that contained her Pokemon. Once she had Guillotine, her Scyther, she turned to Gary and Doomsday, and they left for the carnival.
              You think Doomsday would want to meet my Arcanine? Gary asked, taking a pokeball from his pocket.
              Doomsday? Blair asked, raising an eyebrow.
              Doomsday nodded, and Gary let out his Arcanine. They hit it off immediately, and became friends. Blair was pleased.
              Hey, theres the log cutting sign up booth! Blair exclaimed, leading them towards a stand. She signed up Guillotine, was informed that the competition was later that evening, and then headed off to enjoy the afternoon.
              Gary led the two of them onto a roller coaster, while Arcanine and Doomsday waited for them at the rides exit, eating some hot dogs.
              The ride consisted of a lot of screaming. At one point, as they were about to go down a huge drop, Blair screamed at the top of her lungs, and threw her arms around Gary. He blushed, and the ride plummeted.
              Evening soon arrived, and they went to see Guillotine prove her stuff in the log cutting competition. All the other trainers were with their Pinsir or Scyther to give the order as to when to cut. Blair hung back however, and only watched from the audience.
              Why arent you up there? Gary asked.
              I have absolute faith in Guillotines abilities. She doesnt need me, Blair replied.
              Gary seemed skeptical, but they sat down on the log benches with Doomsday and Arcanine to watch the contest. His doubt was proven unnecessary when Guillotine made it to the final round. She was one of four Pokemon to make it.
              Lets go Guillotine! Blair exclaimed. You can do it!
              Doomsday barked his encouragement as well.
              The Spinorak brought up the first set of logs, with the target ring right in the middle. The crowd grew silent, and after a few moments, the logs dropped. Guillotine hit the target dead on, as well as another Scyther. The next target was closer to the bottom end, and again, Guillotine nailed it. The next two logs ended in the same manner, and the two Scyther were tied. The final cut would decide the outcome.
              Blair leaned forward, and bit her lower lip apprehensively. The target ring was close to the top of the log. It would be very easy to miss the target completely.
              Gary reached over, and took her hand, sensing her anxiety. She squeezed it, but her eyes were solely on Guillotine. They all waited for the logs to drop, and finally the moment came. Blair watched the target fallfallfalland Guillotine nailed it. The other Scyther missed it completely.
              Blair leapt up from her seat, and began applauding immediately. Gary and the rest of the audience soon joined her. Blair turned to him, and they hugged briefly, but she soon sprinted to the platform where the four finalists stood. She leapt onto the platform, and threw her arms around Guillotine.
              The winner-Guillotine, and her trainer Blair! the announcer declared, handing Blair a medal.
              Blair took the medal, and immediately placed it around Guillotines neck.
              I am so proud of you! she exclaimed, picking Guillotine up off of the platform, and carrying her into the crowds. You were so amazing back there!
              Scy Scyther! Guillotine exclaimed happily.
              Gary, Doomsday, and Arcanine soon joined them, with congratulations. They walked out of the contest area, and back to the amusement park.
              Doomsday, Guillotine, Blair said, once they had reached a quieter spot. I want both of you to go into your pokeballs to rest now. We have two matches tomorrow.
              Doomsday bowed his head in understanding, his silver horns gleaming in the lights of the festival. Blair called him back, and then turned to Guillotine.
              The little Scyther (which was very young, but not inexperienced in battle) hopped into Blairs arms, and put the medal around her neck.
              I dont deserve this, silly, Blair told her, placing it back around her neck. Its all yours. You deserve it!
              Scyther! Guillotine exclaimed, and Blair put her in her pokeball.
              Looks like its just you and me, Gary said, as Arcanine disappeared into her pokeball. Want to go on some more rides?
              Not really, Blair told him, her eyes becoming distant. Lets go to the park. I want to look at the paper lanterns and the cherry blossoms.
              Gary seemed surprised, but he followed her, and they entered the park they had sat and argued in last night. There was a large swing in one of the well kept gardens, and a small group of cultural dancers were performing with some Bellossoms and Sudowoodo.
              The two of them sat in the swing, and it slowly rocked them back and forth, almost in time with the music.
              Amazing, Blair whispered, gazing out at the dancers under the stars and lanterns.
              Yeah, Gary agreed, but he wasnt looking at the dancers.
              Blair turned to him with a smile, and that was when he noticed that she had worn her hair down. Bright red strands floated about her face. It looked so wild, so uncontrolled. The only thing that could tame it was the elastic she used to tie it up.
              What are you staring at? she asked softly. Her hair shook slightly as she shuddered. She leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder. Gary looked at her, surprised at her sudden move. Shut up. Im cold.
              Yeah? he said, his arm sliding around her shoulders. Better?
              Mm-Hm, she whispered, closing her eyes with a sigh. She opened them as his chin rested on the top of her head. Know what?
              What? Gary asked, his free hand holding hers.
              Youre being subtle again.
              Do you mindsweetheart?
              Blair sat up, and glared at him coldly. Gary braced himself.
              No, she replied softly, and returned to her former position with a chuckle.
              So, youre all the way from Cianwood, he began. Are you going back after Pokemon League?
              Depends, she replied. I like living on the road with my Pokemon.
              What about your family? he asked.
              Dont have any, Blair told him. I stayed with the Cianwood gym leader for a while, but then I went on the League challenge with my Pokemon.
              Why? she asked.
              No reason.
              Blair cuddled closer to him, and sighed.

              Misty watched carefully from the bushes near Gary and Blair. She couldnt believe that things had actually worked between the two of them.
              Leave them alone, will you? Ash asked quietly. Come take a walk or something.
              Fine, Misty followed Ash down one of the paths lit by lanterns.

              Hey, Gary said softly.
              What? Blair asked, looking up at him.
              Its quiet.
              It was true. The only sound was the beat of the drums, and the dancers.
              So what? Blair asked.
              Well, there are no distractions.
              Are you being subtle again? Blair sat up, and raised an eyebrow at him.
              So what if I am? he asked.
              I think its pretty hopeless if you want to kiss me, she told him. Something always finds a way to get in the way.
              Shut up, and let me try, he said, pulling her close to him
              and then his cell phone rang.
              See, I told y-
              Gary silenced her with his lips. Blair pulled away.
              What? he asked, becoming nervous.
              I wasnt ready, she told him, grinning. And your spiky hair was poking my forehead.
              She brushed a few strands away from his eyes. Gary laughed and shook his head slightly.
              Will you shut up already? he chided.
              You first, she told him.
              He got up from his seat, much to Blairs surprise. She stood up, and got hold of his shirt sleeve.
              You took to long. It ruined the moment, he told her.
              Then Ill make a new one, she told him, sliding her arms around his neck, and pulling him to her.
              Gary slid his arms around her slim waist, and gently bent her body back as he kissed her.
              I have to get some rest, she told him, slightly short of breath. I think Id better head back to the Pokemon Center.
              Kay, Gary said. Ill walk with you.

              ...but wait! There's more...!
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                They reached the Pokemon Center, and Blair stood near the doorway as she said her goodnight to Gary.
                Well, good luck tomorrow, he told her, and started to walk away.
                Wait, Gary? she said softly. She walked over to him. Thanksfor a great evening.
                He seemed relieved with her words. Blair blushed at his wistful smile.
                Youre welcome, he replied gently. Thanks for caring. Ive neverhad anyone care so much about me beforeand I totally understand if you dont want to, uh, be my girlfriend, butId like to ask.
                Blair smiled. She tucked her bright red hair behind her ears, and took a step closer to him.
                I wouldnt mind at all, she told him. Her emerald eyes were no longer diamond-hard. They were liquid. Gnight.
                Gary leaned forward and kissed her briefly. He pulled back to see that the smile was still on her face.
                The evening ended in good spirits

                Especially for Misty, who was spying through the leaves of a bush nearby. Suddenly, a hand came over her shoulder, and she yelped.
                Ash! she exclaimed, anger and relief showing in her expression at the same time. What are you doing?
                Ash shrugged. She noticed that Pikachu was not resting on his shoulder.
                Wheres Pikachu? she asked.
                Sleeping. His hands were shoved into the pockets of his new bulky Pokemon trainer jacket, looking a little uncomfortable. Patches from years past competitions decorated the sleeves. Badges dotted the space immediately under his embroidered name.
                A chilly breeze blew by suddenly, breaking the awkward moment as Misty shuddered. She knew that she should have worn something other than her normal attire.
                Ash noticed, and took off his jacket. He draped it around her shoulders, and they sat down together on a bench.
                Misty glanced over at him, his hands folded over his knees, slouching slightly, staring off into space. His hat was missing, and strands of untamable hair blew freely about his face. His black t-shirt rippled with the breeze.
                You know, Ash began, I never knew what I was getting into when I started to train Pokemon, but I dont regret anything.
                Misty realized just then how much his voice had changed. She remembered making fun of him when his voice squeaked uncontrollably. His face always got so red. Now, his voice was deeper, darker, as if some sort of wisdom had taken over. The raspy voice he used to have was nearly gone
                But he was still the same. He was still the same-sometimes dense-Ash Ketchum she had met years ago.
                What? he asked suddenly, and Misty realized that she had been staring at him. She averted her eyes quickly.
                Justthinking, she replied softly, watching the long blades of grass sway at her feet.
                You still look cold, Ash observed, observing Misty shudder. Want to go inside and get some tea or something?
                Since when was he so concerned about her? She clenched her fists tightly.
                What? Ash asked again, watching Mistys eyes fill up with tears.
                I hate you, she sobbed hopelessly, and threw her arms around him.
                Ashs puzzled expression only deepened as he put his arms around her slim body. She buried her face in his shirt.
                Misty, I dont understand he trailed off. He pulled her away from him until she was at arms length. She couldnt look at him. Tell me whats wrong.
                You hate me too, she whispered, looking up at him.
                There was so much pain in her eyes, that Ash was left agape. He pulled her back into a hug, rubbing her back in an effort to soothe her tears.
                I dont, Misty, he assured her. I could never hate you.
                Misty didnt say anything.
                Thats whyI never bought you a bike, he told her slowly, the truth coming out after years of denial. I know it sounds selfish, but I dont want to be without you. I need you here with me, Misty.
                I need you here with methe words floated around in her tears for a while before she had the bravery to look up at him.
                Ash wiped the stream off her face with his thumb. He brushed her crazy orange hair away from her face.
                How is this happening? She thought furiously. How can you be so close to me?
                I love you, Misty Kasumi, Ash whispered, his nose touching with hers.
                Sixteen years old, and Misty knew that this confession was true. She had no time to respond. Ash knew the answer. He turned his head to the side, and gently touched his lips to hers.
                Misty never imagined how warm his kiss would feel, though she had played every scenario over in her head many times. She closed her eyes slowly, dreamily, as though if she moved to quickly, the spell would be broken. Ash pressed a little harder, then pulled back slowly. A smile played at the corners of his mouth.
                She wanted to say something. She wanted to say that she loved him. She wanted to tell him everything, like she did when they were mistakenly put on the Tunnel of Love, except this time, say it right.
                You dont have to tell me, he said softly, as if reading her thoughts. I already know.
                He stood up, and pulled Misty to her feet. With his arm tightly secured around her shoulders, they made their way to the Pokemon Center.

                It was the final day of the Pokemon League competition. Ten trainers were left to compete, Ash and Blair among them.
                Blair suited up in something other than her usual attire. Today was a special day, the day of her last match. She pulled on a long, flowing black skirt, with a white tank top covered by a long, green jacket. She left her hair loose, and secured her pokeball belt around her jacket. With Doomsday at her heels, Blair made her way outside.

                Ash threw on his official league jacket, and Pikachu hopped onto his shoulder. They were both completely silent, knowing what the other was thinking.
                Pikachu, remember what I told you last night about Misty? Ash asked quietly, glancing at Mistys still-sleeping form. Brock was off scrounging up some breakfast. Pikachu nodded solemnly. I want you to know something very important. Nothing and no one will ever replace you, Pikachu. Dont you ever forget that.
                Pikachus eyes watered momentarily, and then Pikachu was hugging Ash tightly, rubbing his static-filled cheek against Ashs. Ash hugged his friend back, and then Pikachu took off the take care of Togepi.
                Ash looked over at Misty. Her face looked troubled in sleep, so he sat down next to her on the cot. He took her hand gently, and her troubled expression subsided. He smiled.
                Misty slowly opened her eyes, stretching, her hand leaving his. She looked up at him for a moment, somewhat confused.
                Morning, he said softly. Are you okay?
                Yeah she replied, a yawn accompanied her words. What time are you battling today?
                My first is in a half hour.
                Ill go get ready, Misty told him, slipping out of bed, and throwing on a pair of slippers and a bathrobe. She looked back at Ash with a smile before she vanished into the bathroom.

                Blair and Doomsday spotted Gary standing alone in the trainers waiting area. Blair led Doomsday over to him. They sent each other a smile, and then Blair set to work at polishing Doomsdays shiny armor.
                Whos your first opponent today? Gary asked casually. His free hand squeezed her shoulder gently.
                Dunno, Blair replied softly, admiring her work on Doomsdays shiny horns. She stood up and faced Gary.
                You look worried.
                Ivenever made it this far before, Blair confessed, her red hair swaying as she shook her head. I guess Im just nervous.
                She knelt down to Doomsday again, and called him into his pokeball. No sense in ruining your polish.
                Doomsday smiled, and vanished into the ball.
                Youll do fine, Gary assured her, his hands on her shoulders. He smiled reassuringly.
                I just dont want to disappoint my Pokemon, Blair told him. One wrong command, and were toast.
                Theres no way you could disappoint anyone, Gary told her firmly. Your Pokemon respect and love you very much. They would do anything for you, because youll do anything and everything for them. I dont even have that tight bond with my Pokemon
                Blair smiled and hugged him tightly. She pressed her cheek into his shirt, and sighed. Gary blushed slightly as his arms came around her.
                Will the top ten Pokemon trainers please report to the information desk. It is time to meet your opponents, the loudspeaker ordered.
                Well, this is it! Bair exclaimed, pulling away just enough to meet his eyes.
                Go for it, he told her. Good luck.
                Blair smiled her thanks, kissed him quickly on the cheek, and walked in the direction of the information desk.
                Ash stared at the opponent board in anticipation. Brock and Misty stood behind him, silently. Pikachu waited patiently on his shoulder.
                Ash Ketchum?
                Ash turned to see an attendant walking toward him briskly.
                Thats me, Ash said.
                Were waiting for you. Its time for your first battle of the day.
                Ash nodded, and turned to his friends briefly. Brock gave him a grin and a thumbs-up. Misty walked up to him, pet Pikachu on the head, and took his left hand in her own.
                Go get em, she told him softly, and then walked back to Brock.
                Ash smiled, and walked out into the stadium.

                Four battles later, Ash realized that he was just about to participate in the final battle of this years League championship. He looked up at the board to see who he was matched against, and his jaw dropped. Blair. She had made it into the top two. She was his final opponent.
                Pikachu let out a sigh, sensing Ashs discomfort.
                Pi. Pika, he said gently, tapping Ashs hat affectionately, and leapt off his shoulder. Togepi had waddled over to them.
                Ash? that was Mistys voice.
                Ash turned to face her. Her face was aglow with one of her common smiles.
                Are you ready? she asked carefully.
                Blairs my next opponent, Ash told her.
                I know, she replied. I know it will be hard for you to battle her, but I know that youll do your best.
                Ash smiled, thanking her silently. He pulled off his jacket and handed it to her. She looked at him with a puzzled expression.
                It gets cold in the stands, he told her simply.
                Misty pulled it around her, slipping her arms through the bulky sleeves. She picked up Togepi, and Pikachu hopped onto Ashs shoulder.
                One quick glance at him, and Misty would swear he was ten years old again. His faithful red and white cap hung backwards on his head. A plain, black t-shirt tucked messily into his standard jeans and belt. There was nothing decorative about him; nothing to show that he was an accomplished Pokemon trainer. All he was at this moment was himself.
                Good luck, she told him softly, taking a step closer to him.
                Pika! Pikachu exclaimed happily, when Misty scratched Pikachus ears lovingly.
                Thanks, Ash told her, hugging her briefly. He turned to the doorway, where his destiny awaited him.

                ...almost done!!!
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                  In all the business of the battles, Blair had not bothered to check who her final opponent was. Now, there they were, two friends, ready to battle each other for the title of Pokemon Master.
                  Hi, Blair! Ash called from his position in his trainer box. I didnt think it would come to this
                  Whatever happens here, Blair called, stays on the field. We are opponents now, and, when this is over, I hope that we can still be friends.
                  We will, Ash assured her. I promise.
                  With that, the battle began. Blair had selected her three top Pokemon: Doomsday, Draco, and Starlight. Ash had chosen his top three: Pikachu, Chikorita (sorry, I dont know if his Chikorita ever evolved) and Squirtle.
                  Go, Doomsday! Blair called, sending out her first Pokemon. Her dress and jacket rippled gracefully in the breeze.
                  Squirtle, I choose you! Ash exclaimed.
                  Bite, Doomsday!
                  Hydro pump!
                  Doomsday avoided the attack, and delivered a decent bite attack. Squirtle countered with a more precise surf attack, which weakened Doomsday substantially. Within a few more hits, Doomsday was out, but Squirtle was severely weakened.
                  Draco! Hyper beam!
                  The burst of energy was enough to take Squirtle out. Ash sent out Chikorita with a razor leaf, and then a solar beam, since Chikorita had to recharge. Draco countered with another hyper beam, but Chikorita took him out.
                  Blair looked at her last pokeball. A bead of sweat trickled down her face. Starlight was the last one. Ash had two left.
                  Starlight, GO! Blair exclaimed, firing the pokeball. Rapid spin! Its all or nothing now!
                  Starlight managed to take out Chikorita amazingly, and Ash sent out Pikachu. Bair knew that this was it, but she and her Pokemon would fight to the last, and they would fight well.
                  Pikachu delivered the final blow to an amazing battle.
                  It was over.
                  Ash had won.
                  The crowd went wild.
                  Blair bowed her head in defeat, calling Starlight back. She looked up momentarily to watch Ash. She expected to see him jumping around like crazy, but instead, he just stood there, his eyes locking with hers.
                  Congratulations, Ash! Blair exclaimed, a genuine smile spreading across her face. She applauded him with the rest of the audience.
                  Ash stood very still, listening to the wind. He took no notice of the crowd. There was something different about this victory. He had won this on his own, with his Pokemon. They were truly a team. This victory meant that he was a master at last.

                  Blair walked slowly out of the trainer stand. She headed over to the Nurse Joy, and healed her Pokemon. They had trained hard. They were as tight as anything. They loved and respected each other more than anyone.
                  But Ash was the same way.
                  Blair didnt need a title to know that she and her Pokemon were friends. She didnt need reporters in her face. She didnt need spotlights and partiesbut boy, did she need a hug.
                  Cmon out, you guys, Blair said softly, a tear falling from her face.
                  Her six top Pokemon stood before her, studying her expression carefully.
                  Im sorry, she told them. Im sorry that I failed you. I want you to know that I dont think any less of you. I think more of you, and I love you more than anything.
                  Doomsday was the first to approach her, standing on his hind legs, and placing his paws on her shoulders. His eyes reflected hers, telling her that she neednt apologize.
                  The other Pokemon followed suit. Draco wrapped around her shoulders, the way he used to when he was a Dratini. Wisdom spread his large wings, and wrapped her in a hug. Starlight gathered in her right arm. Sakura leaned her head on Blairs shoulder. The Meganiums massive size passed Blairs height by a few inches. Fleece hugged Blair tightly.
                  It was the warmest, most comfortable position Blair had ever been in, despite the enormous weight of her Pokemon. She felt safe, loved, appreciated. She felt needed.
                  Suddenly, Dracos body felt increasingly warm. A white glow caught Blairs attention. The other Pokemon backed off for a moment, watching the spectacle in awe.
                  Dracos body grew into a massive blob, separate from Blair, though two projections of light remained on her shoulders. When the glow died away, Dragonite stood behind her, smiling.
                  Congratulations, Draco! Blair exclaimed. Im so happy for you!
                  The massive dragon ruffled Blairs hair affectionately.
                  The call startled her. Gary was running to catch up with her. She smiled.
                  Draco! Gary exclaimed in surprise. Way to go!
                  Aroo, Draco responded with a deep, bellowing voice.
                  Gary gave him a thumbs-up, and then turned to Blair. Her hair, skirt, and jacket flowed gently with the beating of Dracos wings. Her other Pokemon stood in a protective circle around her and Gary.
                  You were great out there, Gary told her, his arm sliding around her shoulders.
                  Blair smiled modestly, leaning her head on his shoulder.
                  Thanks, she said softly. Im glad you were there.
                  Shall we all go to the closing ceremonies? he suggested, looking around at her Pokemon.
                  They responded affirmatively, and the group traveled back into the stadium.

                  Ash! Brock and Misty were sprinting towards him, followed by his mother and Professor Oak.
                  Hey! Ash exclaimed, ignoring all the reporters, and running to meet his friends. Pikachu wobbled on his shoulder.
                  They met, and immediately, Ash and Pikachu were covered in hugs. He absorbed all the affection, holding Pikachu close to him.
                  Well, come now, everyone, Professor Oak urged the small group. We have to get back in the stands so Ash can attend the closing ceremonies.
                  Reluctantly, everyone left, except for Misty. She walked over to him, smiling shyly, but her smile broadened as Pikachu jumped into her arms. She hugged the Pokemon affectionately.
                  You were wonderful out there, Pikachu, she told the Pokemon softly. Ash and all of us are so proud of you!
                  Pikaaaaaaa! Pikachu squealed in delight, rubbing his nose with Mistys. She handed him to Ash.
                  You were wonderful out there too, Ash, Misty said gingerly. She handed him his jacket. He slipped it around his broad shoulders, and Pikachu shifted from one shoulder to the other as he did so. The agile Pokemon was used to this ritual by now.
                  Thanks, Ash told her sincerely. Im glad that I have you here with me, Misty.
                  I will always be here for you, Ash, no matter what happens, Misty promised him, placing her hand on his shoulder. She smiled and started to turn away.
                  HeyMisty! Ash called. She turned to face him, halfway across the wind. I want to make this official: will youI meancan I keep you?
                  Mistys face turned bright red, as faces from all around the room turned in their direction. She walked over to him slowly, looking up at him with a firmly embarrassed expression.
                  Yes, she told him definitively.

                  T-t-t-t-that's all folks!
                  Old April 16th, 2004 (8:15 AM).
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                    That's probably one of the greatest fanfics I've read in The Pokommunity. I can't say too much. I'm speechless.
                    The way you put everything in. It was perfect. I know Gary and you described him like you know him personally.

                    I can't say the same about Ash and Misty, though. Sorry. I've read too many fanfics about them and none really satisfy my needs. Very good effort though.

                    Reguardless, this has to be one of the best fanfics on this forum.

                    P.S. I've noticed that you've been writing fanfics on the less popular characters. If you have the time, maybe you can consider Richie, practically Ash's clone. (completely different attitude though)

                    See ya in the RP!

                    Oh yeah, for all of you guys who've read this... you should at least be considerate and post some of your comments about this fanfic! This one probably took weeks, if not months, to come up with and actually writing it down.
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                    To reach for the top - and touch the sky.

                    It's your destiny,
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                      Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! It is very hard to write about popular characters like Ash and Misty, as there is such a magnitude of fanfiction about them, like you said. I treid hard not to focus too much on them, as I wanted to work on developing Gary as best I could, but thank you very much for the comments and compliments! I really appreciate it! See you in the RP!
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                      Sometimes you are hungry.
                      Sometimes you are angry.
                      Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
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                        Very Good! Just where you said you didn't know if Ash's Chikorita evolves well it does to a bayleaf but it doesn't really matter.

                        Thx Forest Grovyle for my awesome avatar and banner!
                        Old April 17th, 2004 (7:00 AM).
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                          Ah yes....see, when I wrote this, it was somewhere in the midst of the Jhoto season, and I didn't know for sure. Thank you for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it!
                          Sometimes you are tired.
                          Sometimes you are hungry.
                          Sometimes you are angry.
                          Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                          Those are the days.
                          Those are the most important days.
                          Those are the days when you need it most.
                          Those are the days that you want it most.
                          Those are the days you have the most.
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                            Sorry for double posting!!! I will see what I can do about a Richie fanfic, but I will have to do a bit of research before hand as I haven't been keeping up with the new Pokemon season. We'll see hwat happens!
                            Sometimes you are tired.
                            Sometimes you are hungry.
                            Sometimes you are angry.
                            Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                            Those are the days.
                            Those are the most important days.
                            Those are the days when you need it most.
                            Those are the days that you want it most.
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                              Gah....triple posting....but as I read over my fic I realized the second post had some mess up from pasting or something, so I fixed it! Sorry to confuse you!
                              Sometimes you are tired.
                              Sometimes you are hungry.
                              Sometimes you are angry.
                              Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                              Those are the days.
                              Those are the most important days.
                              Those are the days when you need it most.
                              Those are the days that you want it most.
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                              Old April 18th, 2004 (7:33 AM).
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                                Wow! Thats a brilliant fan-fic! Its just great! Wonderful! Super! I really enjoyed it! It kept me hooked for ages!
                                Old April 18th, 2004 (7:46 AM).
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                                  Thank you very much!! I am glad you enjoyed it!
                                  Sometimes you are tired.
                                  Sometimes you are hungry.
                                  Sometimes you are angry.
                                  Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                                  Those are the days.
                                  Those are the most important days.
                                  Those are the days when you need it most.
                                  Those are the days that you want it most.
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                                    I read it and it is...wonderful! Great! I also read your other story and it is just as good!
                                    Old April 19th, 2004 (5:00 PM).
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                                      Yay! I'm glad so many people like my fics! Thank you for reading and enjoying!
                                      Sometimes you are tired.
                                      Sometimes you are hungry.
                                      Sometimes you are angry.
                                      Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                                      Those are the days.
                                      Those are the most important days.
                                      Those are the days when you need it most.
                                      Those are the days that you want it most.
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                                      Old April 21st, 2004 (3:52 PM).
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                                        This was pretty good! It was great! You did a great job!
                                        I claimed her and Euphie in the Bishie Thread.<3

                                        Also, check out my new awesome fanclub!

                                        Old April 21st, 2004 (5:28 PM).
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                                          Yay!!! Thankyou so much! *gives all her commenters cookies*
                                          Sometimes you are tired.
                                          Sometimes you are hungry.
                                          Sometimes you are angry.
                                          Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                                          Those are the days.
                                          Those are the most important days.
                                          Those are the days when you need it most.
                                          Those are the days that you want it most.
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                                            Wow, great fanfic! It's nice to see one about Gary. He's one of my favorite Pokon characters. I'm considering writing one whenever I have time. Yours have inspired me! Anyways, this one must have taken a lot of time to write. You did really, really well, and it was funny, too.
                                            Old April 22nd, 2004 (5:20 PM).
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                                              I'm very honored to have so many replies about my fanfiction....thank you so much everyone! I'm very glad I have inspired you, Kayleigh!
                                              Sometimes you are tired.
                                              Sometimes you are hungry.
                                              Sometimes you are angry.
                                              Sometimes you just don't think you have it in you.
                                              Those are the days.
                                              Those are the most important days.
                                              Those are the days when you need it most.
                                              Those are the days that you want it most.
                                              Those are the days you have the most.

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