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Would you like to start your own business someday?

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    Or maybe you've already started the one? How hard and profitable was that for you?
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    I actually do have plans to do this! For a long time now my friend and I have been intending to start our own dance coaching business. We have a solid angle and business plan and would be operating in a way the competition wouldn't so in theory it would be moderately profitable. In the best case scenario we'd be making $300 or so each per day. Things keep forcing us to push our plans back though which is unfortunate.
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    I've thought about it a bit but I strongly value personal freedom in my life so being a freelance network penetrator would be much more fulfilling for me than starting my own business and dedicating massive amounts of time and funds to it.
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    I want to start a business selling Castform plushies


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    Funny enough, I have a Business Administration degree but I have no idea what kind of business I want to do. I have family members that used to run their own businesses (mostly restaurants and auto car related stuff) but didn't last long.

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    I do freelance stuff sometimes ?

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      I did schoolwork for money if that counts.
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        Originally Posted by LuckyStar View Post
        Or maybe you've already started the one? How hard and profitable was that for you?
        Yes, I have an experience with this, I helped my sister with starting and developing your own company two years ago. Anyway I want to start my own separate business too but I really don't know when it happens, I'm not ready for this at all at the current time...:shifty-eyed:
        That's because from my previous experience I understood that having your own company is really cool but it demands much of hard and long work too. You really need to have an original and competitive idea, find your sphere and invest much money in your startup too. The main keys for success are also qualified work team, network for clients and partners, effective management system, using various software innovations, advertising and so on. Besides it'll take much time for making your company really profitable, imagining that you'll become rich fast in this case is only a myth.
        Besides you need to have certain features of character for becoming a successful businessman too and personally I need to put much energy in my self-development firstly.
        So... It'll happen but not soon definetely.
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        Much as I would like to, I don't think I could handle the stress. Keeping my own hours would be nice, but trying to attract business and dealing with taxes does not sound nice. The pressure of being solely responsible for a business would probably break me in no short's not as easy or glamorous as people like to think it is.

        I suppose I've always had dreams of being Patreon funded or something, but I don't have any marketable talents...and I suppose that's what it all comes down too. I'm not confident enough.
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        I would love to start my own company and publish a couple of my board game designs one day. I hope I can actually pull that off, the whole business ordeal looks pretty complicated to me. Either way, it's probably not something I'd make much money with. It just seems cool to try.

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        I have several ideas, but at least a decade away from executing any.
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          as much as i'd love to i do not think i could handle the stress, as a user said above. plus, i don't even know where i'd start

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          I don't know. I can see the advantages, but I need directions in my life. I can't see myself being in charge of everything.
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            Nah. I prefer job security to potential profit increases.

            That and if I needed to hire anyone else, I don't think I'd be a good boss. I'd have a hard time firing someone that's a good person but doesn't work fast enough or something like that. :(

            My head hurts.
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            Definitly not. I highly doubt that I would be able to handle the stress. I'd rather work under someone who is better at that sort of thing and earn my income that way.
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