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Your computer usually sits on your desk (if not, just pretend it does). You can keep one Pokémon plush on it. Which Pokémon would you pick? Doesn't matter if a plush of it exists or not - you have the freedom to decide which you'd like!

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Well, considering I don't currently keep any there, none, really.

But if I had to choose, it'd probably be a Meloetta or an Espeon.


Laverre City
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Togekiss! I already have the plush and it's already on my desk. <333


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Seattle, WA
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Eevee, can't go wrong with the super adorable Eevee - makes the desk look so nice
my desk does have a couple (5 or so Eevee plushies)
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Castle of the Crystal
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I have a Mudkip plushie on my desk at the moment! However, if I could choose from any, I'd absolutely love a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon themed Shinx plush. <3333
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There already is a Tyranitar plush right above my monitor so I pick that one :P


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Probably just a Pikachu hahah. I have so many of them I feel like that's the one that would make the most sense to me.


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Mareep for me, but Flareon, Cinccino, Wooloo, and Poipole wouldn't be too far away. :>

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sky form shaymin and it'd actually be a genius move since long-time pokemon fans would recognize it and people who haven't been in touch with pokemon since maybe gen 2 or 3 at the latest would have no clue what it is

it's the perfect way to find fellow shaymin fans


Cubie the Cube

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Any thread that requires answering with small cute pokemon have Skitty as answer. I would also have a Trubbish plushie


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Posted 15 Minutes Ago
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Given I actually have a great standing Eevee plush on my drawing desk, probably that... but if I could get one I'd probably get a larger Delphox plushie for that, sitting or standing, since it is my favorite Pokemon.
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I'm already collecting stuff for my desk for when I get my teaching degree. Espeon will be on my desk!

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If the talking vinyl figure counts, I already have Victini. Otherwise I haven't bought any Pokémon plush yet, even though I might preferably pick Victini plush too, probs the sleeping variant one because it looks so adorable!


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Kansas, USA
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Atm the only thing on my computer desk is a couple of Vegeta figures from DBZ!

Though, my room is filled with Pikachu plushies, and Lucarios, and Darumakas... I could put any of those on my desk really!

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