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Started by gimmepie September 1st, 2015 9:48 PM
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I'm not asking what gets you motivated since we already have a thread for that, rather I'm curious about your levels of motivation in general. Do you struggle to find motivation to RP? Are you almost always motivated? Does your motivation dwindle during certain times of the year or when you have other things going on?

This is the thread to share that sort of thing in.


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Yeah ever since I was on a leave for the summer, I've been struggling to get back into active RPing ;; I think I need something new and fresh to get me going again. Such as an event. Or Astra Story (y)


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Posted July 18th, 2019
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I seem to only feel like writing when I have 8 million other things to do, but when I've got like two or three days off I can't think of anything and end up just sitting and staring at the screen all day or watching tv. I have some notepads that I use to jot down ideas I have while I'm at work, but more often than not by the time I get home I can't remember what the two or three words I managed to get down before I had to do something else meant and I give up and toss it. I usually get more active with everything during the fall and winter. Summer just isn't good for promoting creative thinking.


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Posted August 3rd, 2018
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My motivation levels are sporadic. I can be on the top of my game one day but might not even touch a single key the next. I know for a fact that whether my latest post seems decent or not determines my motivation level, and I can be pretty self-critical so...!

Right now, I'm ready to join another roleplay, but the majority of active ones now aren't what I'm looking for! I'd appreciate a fantasy, non-sandbox, non-independent RP, or really just something that hasn't started, intrigues me and fits the criteria listed above.

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Posted May 27th, 2016
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Since school just started I have a feeling my motivation will go down.
Literally this.

I have ideas and I know I want to post... but social life. It's really just a matter of balance and once I find that, I'll be set. Thankfully, I'm only in 2 RPs and one of them in sandbox-y so no one is waiting on me to post and the other I'm waiting on someone else.

I don't usually struggle with motivation, if I do I put on some music and I'll be ready to write. More often than not it usually depends on the RP what my levels of motivation is at. I never want to be the reason people are waiting so if it's a plot-driven RP where you need to interact with other characters my motivation is rather high in those situations. If it's sandbox-y then my motivation is significantly lower because I don't have that push/reason to make me post.

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My motivation levels are on the rise!


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My motivation has skyrocketed since I learned that I will be finally reunited with my underplayed and hyperactive Oddish, Bret, from Novia. Rio and crossroads will be a great new home for him :3
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