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Old January 15th, 2019 (1:10 PM).
Marb_B03 Marb_B03 is offline
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    Why hello there! My name is Marb!

    I'd like to join a romhacking or fangame team!
    I work as a mapper, tilesetter and spriter. I know a lot about making good maps and tilesets.
    I'm a little less good at making sprites, but I don't think I'm bad either.
    I'd like to join a team because I want to practice more and expand my portofolio and to help make a great game ofcourse!

    Here are some of the maps that I made while remaking the Kanto region for fun (these were all made using AdvanceMap)

    Viridian Forest! I really enjoyed making the tileset for this map, and I think it's a great improvement over the original one.

    Mt. Moon, the map isn't even changed all that much, all I did was smooth out the edges of the rocks and add detail.

    For Route 9 I decided to mix up things a bit, so I added an extra path over the rocks via bridges, I think it really spruced up a normally forgettable route.

    Now for some spritework, here are some variants of pokemon that I made!

    That's a beedrill variant, based on the abispa wasp.

    This Butterfree line variants is based on the Valencian variant from the anime.

    For the most part I should be available most days of the week, unless I got a lot of homework to do :p

    If you'd like to contact me please do so via discord: Marb_B03 #9583
    I hope that I'll join a nice team and make a great romhack / fangame

    ps: sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, English isn't my native language.
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    Old 1 Week Ago (8:53 PM).
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      are you still looking?
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      Old 1 Week Ago (6:45 AM). Edited 1 Week Ago by WolfPP.
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      WolfPP WolfPP is online now
      Discord: Wolf#1235
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        Oh, im workin to make a great fan-game. Im scripter (or i guess i am lol). Im still scriptin original/official stuffs (like Lycanroc forms, Vivillon forms dependent where the player are playin the game, Ultra Burst, all oficial z-moves and moves, party animation like kyurem fuse with Zekrom and play a animation in party screen i.e.).
        I dont have a story line yet and i dont have no one into my team lol and your maps are awesome! I need you! <3
        I really want to insert all regions (Kanto-Alola). If you want talk more, please DM here or via DS Wolf#1235

        Thank you!
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        Old 1 Week Ago (2:45 PM).
        Richard PT's Avatar
        Richard PT Richard PT is online now
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          I'm the creator of Pokemon Chronicles project. And i only need few sprites to complete my fan game project. I do almost of the work on the game and i only have a scripter doing little support from a few months ago. I recruited 2 spriters, but one is in hospital last year when i recruited him, and i've got no word from him since. And the other too is missing a few months. I never saw their work, so i'm guessing that i can't count on them. My game already has 4 regions and its almost fully completed, except for the moves animations, that will be the last part of the project. I mostly need some npc's overworld sprites, 1 per npc. I have some incompleted sprites, so you only must complete the rest. And few gen. 7 overworld sprites. Some of them are ugly. XD

          Here is my recruiting thread in this forum:
          Or, through my game's email:
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          Old 1 Week Ago (8:42 AM).
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          JonesTheTrainer JonesTheTrainer is offline
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            my name is JonesTheTrainer and I were wondering if you could join a group I'm starting for a Pokemon fan game project. we're in desperate need of a mapper and I thought maybe you would be interested

            sincerely. JonesTheTrainer
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