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Old March 31st, 2014 (2:00 PM).
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Congrats to everybody who completed to challenge, and I seriously want to say that if it wasn't for those who completed Crystal with their underleveled teams, specifically Orianna and kirax7, I don't think I would've even tried taking on Red, let alone actually beating him. This was actually my first time completing SS, so I really had no idea what to expect. But here it is, my final update, rejoice!

Challeggs completed! [#1 #2 #3 #4 #5]

PKMN Trainer Bunny
SoulSilver | 02595
Location: New Bark Town


Aquamarine ♀ Lv. 56
< here comes peter cottontail >
@ Nugget
Impish and a little quick tempered
Huge Power
Waterfall | Surf
Strength | Focus Punch

Fabergé ♂ Lv. 52
< eggcellent >
@ Sharp Beak
Calm, good perseverance
Serene Grace
Air Slash | Extrasensory
Flamethrower| Yawn

Mars ♂ Lv. 50
< a season of giving >
@ Choice Scarf
Naive and somewhat of a clown
Flamethrower | Fire Blast
Rock Climb | Rock Slide

Ēostre ♀ Lv. 48
< roses are red >
@ BrightPowder
Bashful and capable of taking hits
Giga Drain| Sleep Powder
Sludge Bomb | PoisonPowder

Daffodil ♀ Lv. 45
< the gift that keeps on giving >
@ Silk Scarf
Naughty and thoroughly cunning
Bite | Dig
Fake Out | Pay Day

Jellybeans Lv. 50
< he arose in three days >
@ Magnet
Sassy and mischievous
Discharge | Explosion
Tri Attack | Sunny Day

I can't believe we made it, here's how we somehow managed to beat Red!

Before heading out to train more, I thought I'd try some strategies on Red, to see just how hard ca it be. I lead with Persian @ Focus Sash to make sure it would survive Pikachu's Volt Tackle and then use Dig to deal some damage. She fainted from hail immediately afterwards, and I sent in Typhlosion, who moved first thanks to his Choice Scarf and finished off Pikachu with a Fire Blast. So far all went according to plan, but then things started to get messy.

I relied a lot on healing items, Yawn + Sleep Powder and dealing little, but consistent damage to keep Red from using potions himself. What I remember: Blastoise was sent second, I managed to lower his HP to half before he switched to Venusaur. Togekiss pretty much soloed Venusaur, putting him to sleep with Yawn, and then spamming Air Slash.

Next was Lapras; I sent in Magneton to remove hail with Sunny Day, reducing Blizzard's accuracy, and then Bellossom, moving first due to Chlorrophyl activating in the sunlight, put it to sleep with Sleep Powder, and even managed to land a couple of Giga Drains before fainting. It was Azumarill who finished him off, with a successful Focus Punch after evading Blizzard.

Focus Punch won the battle against Snorlax as well, who was put to sleep beforehand with Yawn from Togekiss. I actually used Focus Punch first, his HP went down to nearly half, then a Strength to make sure Red wouldn't heal, and finished him off with another Focus Punch.

Blastoise came back, was promptly put to sleep by either Togekiss or Bellossom, had his HP chipped off to nearly red, again to avoid healing, and then put to sleep again -- I think the first time it was Togekiss surviving a Focus Blast and then 2nd Bellossom evading a Blizzard, or was it the other way around? I sent in Magneton to seal the deal with Discharge, and I think it was at this point that I realized that I was actually going to win this thing and started taking screenshots.

I'd like to say that he saved the best for last, but Azumarill had things under control with Waterfall. Azumarill was definitely my MVP, she has amazing bulk and awesome Atk thanks to Huge Power, and I pretty much bet everything on that. Focus Punch was the best move I could've chosen for her for this battle, while not normally very reliable, this time it worked perfectly, since it was vital to put everyone and anyone to sleep anyway, ensuring a successful Focus Blast.

I guess the combination of Azumarill's (Focus) punch, Togekiss and Bellossom inflicting sleep status, and all three of them having great defenses, Typhlosion's speed and special atk, Magneton supporting the team with Sunny Day, and Persian's... sacrifices, was what made this team so awesome. Also, potions and revives. But seriously, this team rocks.

Extra team details and pics

Have an album with pictures of the movesets and stats.

Said this before, Azumarill was my MVP. She was so good, she can take hits like a boss and then retaliate with Huge. Power. She is a great battler and had three HM moves, Waterfall, Surf and Strength. As the team's bunny, she was required to always be 2 levels above the rest, a piece of cake, considering I depended a lot on her. I really wanted to give her a Lucky Egg, but I was running out of time, so she had to make do with a Nugget. I really would've traded all 10 Nuggets for just 1 Lucky Egg though. Trivia: her name is Aquamarine, March's birthstone.

Togekiss was just lovely, with his very good SpDef and typing. I remember he took down the rival's Gastly in Azalea Town as a newly hatched Togepi, leveling up to lv. 7. His Yawn was a vital strategy against Red. I had to beat Lance and get the national 'dex before I could buy a Shiny Stone and Heart Scale for him from the Athlete Shop, but he did great even as a Togetic. Trivia: his name is Faberge, after the lovely jeweled eggs crafted for the Russian czars.

Typhlosion was gifted as a Cyndaquil by Fenneking. As expected, he did great, he's fast and strong and very reliable. I remember he (Fire) Blasted his way though Erika's Gym, even though he hated being showered with water -- the things Pokemon say when you turn around to talk to them, hehe. His name is Mars, the Roman god of war, and the namesake of the month March.

Bellossom is so cute asdfghjkl. It's my first time using one though, and she was actually a Gloom until after the Champion battle, because the dual Grass/Poison worked better against the E4. The Sun Stone I used to evolve her was won at the Bug Catching Contest, with a Beedrill we caught at full HP that she put to sleep with Sleep Powder, so you could say she earned that stone. Status moves are her forte anyway, and we couldn't have beat Red without her Sleep Powder. Trivia: her name is Eostre, a pagan goddess of spring, and the namesake of Easter.

Persian was pretty great early in the game. I really love cats, so I was hoping she'd surprise me and keep at it as we progressed, but she's just so fragile, she rarely resisted a hit, two tops. What did surprise me was how much damage she could deal with Fake Out, thanks to STAB + Technician + Silk Scarf (that we got from mom, I knew it was a good idea to have her save my money). I loved her Fake Out, and I would've used it against Red's Pikachu hadn't it been for the hail. She was still key to defeating Pikachu though, so her sacrifice shall be remembered. Trivia: her name is Daffodil, the birth flower of March.

Magneton. I love Magneton, though that other time I used him in White 2, I evolved him all the way to Magnezone. Still, he was as great as I remembered, with great defenses and a nice SpDef. Fun fact: I didn't know Sturdy didn't work as a Focus Sash prior to get 5, so I had a little bit of a surprise against Lance, oops. Nonetheless, he still blasted through his three Dragonite, because TWave = love. He was great at supporting the team, with this Sunny Day a key move in the battle against Red. Trivia: his name is Jellybeans, after, you know... jelly beans.


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Old March 31st, 2014 (2:12 PM).
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Final Update

League Progress


"He Arose in Three Days"
Dodrio//Wingless Lv. 50
Pursuit, Drill Peck, Tri Attack, Fly

"A Season of Giving"
Castform//Seasons Lv. 35
Powder Snow, Rain Dance, Flash, Weather Ball

Wobbuffet//Wobbu Lv. 39
Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Encore, Counter

"Roses are Red"
Cacturne//Kaktos Lv. 60
Giga Drain, Pin Missile, Pin Missile, Faint Attack

"The Gift That Keeps On Giving"
Illumise//NotVolbeat Lv. 36
Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Helping Hand, Dynamicpunch

"Here Comes Peter Cottontail"
Azumarill//Bun EMC Lv. 77
Strength, Dive, Rock Smash, Surf


Skipped a lot of Trainers on the ocean Routes and in Victory Road. Caught a Wingull so I could use it for Waterfall. It couldn't learn Waterfall so I caught a Tentacool. Kyogre and Groudon are at peace. The Elite Four took a long time to defeat. Dodrio's role: to take care of Sidney's Grass types and weaken Drake's team. Castform's role: pawn for healing and reviving Cacturne and Azumarill. Wobbuffet's role: Mirror Coat Glacia's OP Walrein to death. Cacturne's role: to take care of Wallace's and Phoebe's teams. Illumise's role: pawn for healing and reviving Cacturne and Azumarill. Azumarill's role: 1or2HKO pretty much all of Sidney's, Glacia's, and Drake's teams. I basically grinded Azumarill and Cacturne until I could sweep the League with them lol.

Shoutout to Jak for creating the challenge!

Boyboy - Vices
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Update #5 and FINAL UPDATE!!

Defeared Claire and had to go to the Dragon's Den to get the badge
Headed to New Bark Town and got the Masterball from Professor Elm
Went to Route 27 and caught Dodrio with the Masterball because sweg#
Arrived at the Pokemon League Reception Gate and went through Victory Road and defeated my rival
Trained my Dodrio to be on par with my team's level
Got my team around level 40 and faced the Elite 4
Fought Will and easily won thanks to Jynx
Defeated Koga easily thanks to Flareon surprisingly
Also defeated Bruno thanks to Dodrio
Karen defeated thanks to Flareon & Azumarill
And finally Jynx practically sweeped through Lance's dragon army
Got entered into the hall of fame
Received the pass for the SS and fought every trainer on it
Arrived at Vermilion city and made my way to the power plant
Got told a machine part got stolen
Went to Cerulean city and saw a Rocket grunt leaving the gym
Went inside the gym and found the missing piece and returned it to the power plant
Got the EXPN card from the radio tower
Went to the Snorlax blocking the Diglett Tunnel and defeated it
Got to Pewter city gym, defeated Brock with Azumarill and got the Boulder badge
Went to Mt.Moon and encountered my rival and easily defeated him
Arrived at Cerulean City and defeated Misty with Sunflora
Went to Vermillion city and faced Lt.Surge with Flareon
Then went to Celadon city and defeated Erika with Flareon & Jynx
Went to face Janine and sweeped through her team with Jynx
Then faced Sabrina and easily defeated her with Flareon
Went to Seafoam island and deceated Blaine with Azumarill
Faced Blue which required all of my team and even almost lone the battle
Went to Mt.Silver and literally took me 45 minutes to defeat him, I had to stall his Snorlax until it had Rest as it's only move

Badges Obtained:

Final Pokemon Team:

Persian♀, "The gift that keeps on giving."
Level 47
Item: Amulet Coin
Pay Day, Toxic, Faint Attack & Headbutt

Dodrio♀, "He arose in three days."
Level 49
Item: -
Moveset: Pursuit, Fly, Tri Attack & Drill Peck

Jynx♀, "Eggcellent!"
Level 48
Item: NeverMeltIce
Moveset: Psychic, Sing, Sweet Kiss & Ice Punch

Flareon♂, "A season of giving."
Level 48
Item: Charcoal
Moveset: Shadow Ball, Fire Blast, Mud-Slap & Bite

Azumarill♀, "Here comes Peter Cottontail!"
Level 52
Item: Nugget
Moveset: Double-Edge, Surf, Rollout & Strength

Sunflora♀, "Roses are red."
Level 48
Item: Quick Claw
Moveset: Flash, Petal Dance, Giga Drain & Attract

This was literally the hardest challenge I've gotten until now. Thank you Syd mama for making this a 'challenge' and making me rage at some point of the game xD ♥

Sunflora and Persian were sooo hard to train. They were so weak and Persian is only good for cheap shots thanks to his speed and Sunflora had hard time one hitting stuffs if they weren't around 15 levels under it.
Azumarill was very bulky and could take lots of hits, Flareon helped me alot with Psychic Pokemon thanks to his high Attack stat combined with Shadow Ball. Jynx was an awesome Special Attacker with great speed, same for Dodrio who was also fast and had great Attack stat.

I'm so happy I got to finish the challenge right at the last minute xD
I remember finishing challenges in about a week and a half. I guess that's what happens when you're busy as heck
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Glad other people found this difficult. I had two Grass types, and keeping Azumarill ahead of everyone was a big deal too. @_@ Then Zoroark being frail was tough too. And Altaria was obtained so late that he was practically useless. Porygon 2 was my stand out party member, with all that being said.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!
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It was definitely challenging, good job on that. It wound up being too much even on my part. Definitely not for playing on Challenge Mode in a short time frame. Congrats on another successful event.
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Thanks. You know, looking back, I'd go on record to say this has been the hardest event for me personally. Not only was I rushing to finish, I had a not so great team. XD This one clearly goes down in the history books, kids.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!
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Originally Posted by Jak View Post
Thanks. You know, looking back, I'd go on record to say this has been the hardest event for me personally. Not only was I rushing to finish, I had a not so great team. XD This one clearly goes down in the history books, kids.
I think the Fish Challenge takes the cake tbh.

I didn't have it so hard, but only because I was playing on a hack that buffed Sunflora tremendously. Without that she would have been very painful to use. The other members had some cool extras as well (i.e. Emboar with Adaptability and redistributed attacking stats; Simipour with Water Spout), but not as much as Sunflora.
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Fish Challenge 2011 was the hardest one tbh. Also, I just realized I started this challenge as Everlark and ended it as Jak. Wooow.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!
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Hey, hey, hey, don't go insulting the Fish Challenge, I've finally gotten back around to it and made a comprehensive list of all fish-based pokemon (then a list of marine pokemon. Then Archaeology based. Then mythological from their world's perspective) and have been catching a bunch of feebas on route 119 (TILEFINDLUCK)(NOT SO MUCH LUCK IN THE NATURE DEPARTMENT, THOUGH)

But good job to all the people who tried, congratulations to everyone who finished, here is a bonus from our perspective:

And now you know what I do when I get bored~
(read: have far too much fun with overlay layers)
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Eep, didn't get to finish. D: March was busy, but I have no one to blame but myself for getting distracted with other things so easily. In real life and in-game. >_< Wait, I also blame that blasted Hustle ability my togetic has--bad combo with Metronome. D:< Well, at least I got five badges and put together the whole team. :) My vain, finicky, naive, and bashful team. As for how far I got, I'm currently at Iron Island's entrance.

The team:

RoleA season of giving.Roses are red.Here comes Peter Cottontail!Eggcelent!The gift that keeps on giving.He arose in three days.
CharacteristicScatters things oftenVery finickySomewhat vainA little quick temperedVery finickySomewhat vain
AbilityTorrentNatural CureRun AwayHustleTraceSturdy
ItemShell BellBig RootLucky EggQuick ClawBluk BerryWise Glasses
MovesSurfGiga DrainDizzy PunchFlyPsycho CutThunderbolt
Metal ClawStun SporeShock WaveDefogThiefScreech
Rock SmashShadow BallJump KickSweet KissNatural GiftMagnet Bomb
PeckGrowthCutAncientPowerRecycleThunder Wave

Completed Solo Runs
Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)
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lmao I didn't even see the rule about your rabbit being at least two levels higher than your second strongest Pokémon. Good thing Azumarill was the first Pokémon I caught and relied on through 90% of the game...

Boyboy - Vices
Old March 31st, 2014 (9:11 PM).
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Alrighty then! Thanks for participating, everyone! I'll get to work on an emblem as soon as I can. Thanks for making this another great event. It's the last one I got to host as reigning mod, so this one will go down in history for me personally. Now...if you'll excuse me, I gotta do some things! Good night!


vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!
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