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Pseudo-Legendary Super Match

Started by Caite-chan May 20th, 2019 2:09 PM
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Who is the Pseudo-Legendary Master?

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Metagross is my favorite of the lot but I don't particularly dislike any of them. I've just used Metagross the most. Tyranitar is a close second though.


Shamouti Island
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I like Metagross and Dragonite, but Hydreigon is my favorite of all the pseudo-legendaries, and probably my favorite non-legendary Dragon type. It's a shame Deino appears way to late in the Unova games, since I probably would've built my team around one if I could've got it earlier.


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It's really hard to pick between Dragonite and Salamence... but I'm going to go with Dragonite here.

Salamence is still a super close second, though!


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Ah, I really want to go with my slime boi Goodra, but Tyranitar is just too cool. ;;

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