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Originally Posted by GanguEevee View Post
Wait, wait wait....She never told me about this. In fact, I thought she made a post--yeah, she did! She did get a stamp on November 24th...what? Anyways, right. This is about the two post thing. Just to remind people, I always have to proofread every single damn RP related post my sister makes. Sorry for being quite mean, but...her writing is pretty bad, and she knows that too. And I'm sorry for not even proofreading her posts, was very lazy, school and also slept a lot. She never told me about the fact that she promised that she would get two posts by tomorrow, considering how much bullmuk she usually has to deal with during school. Don't be surprised if there's only one post tomorrow.
Rechecking the thread, I did see Yumi's post just now. I'll add that in, but I'm still expecting the two promised posts tomorrow. That leaves one unstable spot and one open. But next time, please let your sister do the talking. It's not your responsibility to push her to do posts in an rp she joined.

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Actually going to add to that, you sister does not have to wait for your permission or proofreading to post. Her previous posts that you apparently didn't look at have been perfectly fine by RPT standards and honestly not that different in quality from yours anyway. Just chill and let her have fun, that's what this place is all about.

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    So, it's quite obvious that I wasn't really clear on what I was saying, so I'll try to be a bit more clear:
    She can post whenever she wants, I wasn't trying to sound like I was forcing her to post. It's just that I don't expect her to get two posts up by tomorrow. This is my sister, who at some point wasn't able to get a 5-page (or something) essay by tomorrow. Then again, that's because her teacher is a bit of a dick, but still. Now, about the posts that I apparently did not look at...

    Okay, anything that isn't a SU or IC post (This includes the posts from a certain Halloween event) are the ones that she didn't ask me to proofread. If you're talking about posts that are casual and all that...Well, that's because she is writing just a few words. I have seen her SUs before proofreading them and my god, they are sloppy. She always asks me to proofread them because she knows that they are pretty bad, in terms of punctuation, capitalization and all that.

    The reason she's not even talking to you guys about this is because she's shy and also doesn't really like talking that much. Yes, that is a bit of an excuse, but that's her choice. And I don't wanna try forcing her to talk a lot around here.

    I'm not sure if I was able to put my point across, but I'm gonna stop here. If you really want to talk more about this, there's always Discord.
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    Hey, for everyone around the left garden area (or maybe even the front of the school) there is now a very sad, very loud girl crying. She's free for interaction, if anyone wants to take the bait haha.

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