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Old March 8th, 2018 (8:32 AM). Edited March 8th, 2018 by Ech.
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    Popping in to share this small thing. Any feedback and/or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


    Long ago in the land of Argh, war between
    ravaged the kingdom. After numerous eons of despair, the
    formed DRACO DRAGOON, their strongest heroes and used their magic to tame the dreadful
    . DRACO DRAGOON used the power of the
    to restore all peace and formed a special bond that would last forever and eternally.

    But abrupt tragedy struck the lands when Prince Darkness
    used the power of
    for his own wicked evil.
    betrayed DRACO DRAGOON and used evil magic to create the ULTRA SIGMA—a weapon that could bring chaos by devouring the life. Many DRACO DRAGOON sacrifice their life to stop ULTRA SIGMA and defeat Prince Darkness
    once and for all. They sealed
    and his evil magic away into Mount Valion—the eight Sacred Crests are needed to break the seal.

    For a long century, DRACO DRAGOON was no more.

    You are a
    chosened for
    power. Servants of
    are trying to revive their master, and DRACO DRAGOON II was formed to battle. Retrieve the eight Sacred Crests to prevent revival of ULTRA SIGMA and defeat the Servants of
    in order to save WORLD! Fight with great friendship and remember to trust power of
    wisely—death approaches in all direction.


    Warning: Everything about this Roleplay is a farce.

    Draco Dragoon™ is an open world sandbox. You assume the role of two characters: a human and their dragon companion. Your two characters are bound to an unbreakable Pact—a ritual that binds two souls together. Through this pact, humans gain access to magic while dragons obtain immortality—rather, they can only permanently die if their human is killed. In order to form a pact, the human must pay a hefty toll and give up valuable attributes such as sight or the ability to remember. The sacrifice one must make for a pact is devastating but it is crucial for many humans to rely on the magic of dragons.

    Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, and each individual possess their own unique powers and abilities. These beasts are sentient and can commune through human language, though a dragon's native tongue is what allows them to produce their magic.

    While dragons may seem domesticated, it is important for humans to understand that these creatures were once hailed as the harbingers of death for a reason. Dragons are relentless predators by nature and rarely do they share the same sense of morality humans have. Even with the security of a pact, humans must ensure their dragon companion is properly fed. A starving dragon will enter a state of Frenzy and they will proceed to wreck havoc until their hunger is sated.

    The end goal for this Roleplay is to defeat eight Servants of Darkness or alternatively retrieve eight Sacred Crests. You'll be part of a guild called Draco Dragoon II and will fight alongside fellow peers.


    Exposure to dragon magic led to the human race evolving into three variants.

    Odiosis ~ Pure-blood
    Members of this species are sometimes referred to as pure-bloods due to their strong resemblance to their ancient ancestors. pure-bloods gain access to both a dragon's magic and their physical attributes. However, pure-bloods are very frail even with the powers of a dragon. Not only are they susceptible to various diseases that the other races are immune to but they have a very short lifespan. The only thing prevent their extinction are a pure-blood's ability to reproduce quickly. Many dragons dread forming a pact with a pure-blood due to their high mortality rate.
    Balance between magic and physical abilities
    Very large population—many businesses and services are managed by pure-bloods
    Physically frail
    Vulnerable to all illnesses and toxins

    Fortis ~ Orc
    This species is the strongest of the trio and some members could even rival an adolescent dragon even without a pact. And while they may not be able to use magic at all, their ability to obtain a dragon's full strength makes them formidable in battle. Closer inspection reveals these jade-skinned brutes to be covered in scales as hard as rock. They are very resistant to toxins and diseases, making many members natural survivalists. But they are a voracious people due to their incredibly fast metabolism—some may even exhibit a state of frenzy identical to a dragon's.
    Inherits all the physical traits of a dragon
    High resistance to diseases and environmental hazards
    Require way more food than the other two races
    Sucks at using magic

    Dryadalis ~ Elven
    A peculiar clan of people. They require no food and only need to bask in the sun's light for nourishment. Their bodies are slender with skin free of all blemishes and their faces lack any features aside from their long pointed ears. And though they can succumb to disease and wounds, individuals can live for many millenniums. The Elven obtain powerful magic from their pacts, and their powers can even surpass a dragon's own. While there are very few Elven in Argh, many dragons consider it a privilege to bind their souls to these beings.
    Highest magic output
    Potentially immortal
    Smallest population number due to infertility
    They're usually not liked by the other two races



    Boy and his dragon mom.

    This neotenic orc is the only son of Sol Nerites, a founding member of the original Draco Dragoon. While flippant and underdeveloped, Rian is a wide-eyed idealist who always tries to see the best in everyone. An absolute pacifist who refuses to condone any acts of violence, he deliberately chooses to forgo all weapons and generally stays away from conflict.
    One of the strongest dragons in Argh, this massive gold-scaled reptilian presents herself as a friendly individual and acts extremely kittenish towards humans. She can be hyperactive, being easily impressed by the most mundane things, though she is quite docile for a creature of her size. Whenever things start to overwhelm her, she can't help but adopt a passive-aggressive attitude. Ryka nurtures Rian like her own offspring.



    A zealous pure-blood who loves to exclaims his ambitions. But for how long he can be, few seldom see this man adhere to his own duties. It would be safe to assume he's more bark than bite, but for all the times he comes up short, he does try his best.

    A marine creature that resembles a fusion between a sea lion and a mermaid. Albia is as haughty as she is nonsensical. While one of the older dragons, she prefers behaving as juvenile as possible—she'll frequently quarrel with children. She makes it no secret that she is LIVID about her human.


    These two are always absent.

    A flamboyant but somewhat reclusive elven who puts a lot of effort and time drawing very detailed maps. He may come off as rather sardonic but he is very considerate and lax when dealing with people. Ironically, he claims himself as a ruthless tyrant with a propensity to deride others. He enjoys observing outlandish content.
    A small white bipedal creature with a cat-tail. Her soft scales illuminate a faint glow. Miyo is known for her vibrant illustrations, but as she is always busy tackling her "assessments", it is rather rare for her to produce any piece. While she is always ecstatic to mingle with people, it's possible for her to be uncomfortable around some strangers. She's also a bit of a klutz.


    Sexual tension gone wrong.

    An orc who was actually part of the original Draco Dragoon, but sadly very few spare the time to listen to his tales. With an affinity for flair, Jayth fancies himself as both a peerless swordsman and as an honorable ally but some question his reliability. He frequently bickers with his dragon.
    It would have been impossible to distinguish Kotori from a young human girl if it weren't for the horns on her head. This neotenic, queer beast loves to tease others by spouting provocative remarks. She is gifted with magic and even tutors some humans—she loves to lambasts her students in public.


    Blatant author avatar.

    No dragon in the world will allow themselves to be bound to this obtuse man child. In order to cope with his own insecurities, Echard frequently lies about himself, pretending to be fun-loving and whimsical. Buried deep within this putrid pure-blood lies a very spiteful and pessimistic personality that enjoys perverting everyone's hopes and dreams.


    Welcome to the Black-Ice show.

    This enigmatic elven has a cruel sense of humor. He will plot nefarious schemes behind your back and desecrate your eardrums with nonsensical secrets. It is best to watch out for Icent, for he is an extremely literary and captious individual. He enjoys crooning tunes with his ukulele just to annoy his dragon companion.
    A personality banshee with a weird laugh, he resembles a big black blob. He is extremely salacious, desperately chasing after young humans in an attempt to frolic with them.

    Gotta throw in that scroll-bar.


    I. Follow RPT guidelines.
    II. Respect GM.
    III. Roleplay Rating is M.
    IV. Look both ways when crossing the road.
    V. I don't know what else to put.
    XI. Just have fun and you'll be okay.


    First and last. Everything else is optional.

    Pure-bloods can only live up to 30 before dying of natural causes; Orcs can live up to 250; Elven can live forever so as long as they don't get killed.

    Select one of the three listed above.

    Hey man, I don't wanna get into muk so just letting you know that the options extend beyond just two.

    Images are allowed but be sure to provide some written description.

    Abilities & Feats
    Your hero's abilities. Be sure to list any of your character's inherent traits (i.e, not related to dragons) separate from the supernatural powers they obtain from their pact.

    List the attribute your hero had to sacrifice in order to obtain their pact. It can be one of their limbs, their intelligence or their virginity. The more severe the loss, the more benefits your character will reap from their pact.

    Your hero's weaponry and armor. The more muk you have, the harder it is to "mount" your dragon.

    Description of your dragon and their game-breaking abilities. Dragons can literally be anything, so go nuts.

    Write a piece of at least three paragraphs—this section should provide the history behind your hero and their dragon, how their relationship came to be prior to their integration into the Draco Dragoon guild. You may decide the length of time that's covered.


    Q) Are you actually making Riders?
    A) No, this is my own original RP.

    Q) This is a joke?
    A) I am very serious.

    Q) You're a bastard and nobody likes you.
    A) Of course.

    Q) You're making another RP? What happened to your Magical Girl RP nobody joined?
    A) Psyduck you
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    magical dragon girls!!

    It looks really cool but I honestly couldn't stand reading through the whole post... That font is awesome for titles, but extremely tedious to read in paragraphs. Mind changing it to something more standard? (and then I can properly look at what the RP actually is about ahah)
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    Old March 8th, 2018 (12:35 PM). Edited March 8th, 2018 by Ice.
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    I'm down.

    Would it be possible to play as all three races in one character, like a neapolitan?
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    Old March 8th, 2018 (3:36 PM). Edited March 8th, 2018 by Ech.
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      Originally Posted by adventure View Post
      It looks really cool but I honestly couldn't stand reading through the whole post... Mind changing it to something more standard? (and then I can properly look at what the RP actually is about ahah)
      I'm assuming you're talking about geo. Dosis is decent, yeah? OR DO YOU WANT TO ME USE THIS GARBAGE FONT.

      But I did change text regarding the information for NPCs since the format didn't look great to me either. I refuse to touch the introduction because it's my magnum opus. If the font and impeccable grammar really is an issue (I kinda summarize the plot in Gameplay anyway), I'll provide something on the side.

      Originally Posted by Ice View Post
      Would it be possible to play as all three races in one character, like a neapolitan?
      did anyone ever tell you that you're attractive
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