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Old September 27th, 2018 (8:39 PM). Edited September 27th, 2018 by Firebolt.
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Clone Thread Rules

  • Trade Corner rules apply.
  • No cloning of hacked Pokémon is allowed.
  • Only an official Cloner may carry out Clone Requests.
  • You may only post Clone Requests or applications in this thread. Questions can be PMed to mods or asked in the Daily Chit-Chat thread.
  • You may only request up to five clones in total over a one week period.
  • You must have permission from the OT to clone their Pokémon, especially if the Pokémon was obtained from a Giveaway.
  • Use the forms below to submit a Clone Request/Cloner application.
  • Remember, you may ping a Cloner in the #pokemon-trading channel using @Cloner to have your request processed on Discord instead. Please supply the same details as shown in the form below.

Clone Request Application

Fill out the following form for Clone Requests:
Pokémon You Want Cloned:
Copies (not including original):
In-Game Name:
Timezone (or availability):
Gen (6/7):

Example request:
Pokémon You Want Cloned: Celebi, Dialga
Copies (not including original): 2 Celebi, 1 Dialga
In-Game Name: Firebolt
FC: 1248-1234-1212
Timezone (or availability): GMT +9, all day weekends
Gen (6/7): 7

Official Cloner Application

If you wish to become an official Cloner and don't have any infractions for trading hacked Pokémon, you may fill out the following form and post it to this thread:
PC Username:
Discord Username (include number tag):
Cloning Method:
In-Game Name:
Timezone (or availability):
Gen You Can Clone (6/7):

Example application:
PC Username: Firebolt
Discord Username (include number tag): Firebolt#1234
Cloning Method: PKHeX
In-Game Name: Firebolt
FC: 1248-1234-1212
Timezone (or availability): GMT +9, all day weekends and evenings on weekdays
Gen You Can Clone (6/7): 6 and 7

Acceptance is not guaranteed, but if you are an active member of Trade Corner and are in a generally good light within the community, then your application will certainly have more weight when considering candidates.

Official Cloners (@Cloner)

  • Firebolt - @Firebolt#1792 (IGN: Norris, FC: 5327 - 1652 - 0643)
  • Janp - @Janp#1785 (IGN: Janp, FC: 3840 - 9171 - 5049)

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Old 2 Weeks Ago (2:53 PM). Edited 2 Weeks Ago by Calzone407.
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    PC Username:Calzone407
    Discord Username (include number tag):Calzone407
    Cloning Method: PKSM
    In-Game Name: Calan
    FC: 5172-6410-6630
    Timezone (or availability): CST
    Gen You Can Clone (6/7): 7

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