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Brock 8 88.89%
Falkner 1 11.11%
Voters: 9. You may not vote on this poll

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Round One:
Brock vs. Falkner!


Welcome to the first League Battle of the Tohjo Cup! This round puts the first Gym Leaders of each region: Brock, The Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer, is up against Falkner, The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon!

"Brock. We meet in combat, at last."

Don't think you'll win, just because your Rock Pokemon have a good match-up against my Flying type Pokemon! These ARE my father's cherished Pokemon after all, and they've claimed victory over many of the toughest Rock-types!"

"It doesn't matter who we're up against. My rock-hard willpower is evident even with my Pokémon!

"So, Show me your best, Falkner! Our determination won't falter!"

Which of these two are your favourite? Which one deserves to win this round for their region? Please put in your favourite of the two votes at the poll above, and post about your favourite! This round will continue until 1/12/2019 (next week)!

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Okay, let's put this into few categories (also note that this is just my opinion):

Character design and personality
Brock - Shirtless and with his eyes closed, he is the 1st Gym Leader that most of us encountered in the games. He's considered as one of the strongest trainers around Pewter City. I don't really like his early design in the games and his HGSS and B2W2 design is okay at best. He seems really ordinary to me and nothing screams "THIS DUDE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT THE YOUNGSTER YOU JUST BEAT!".
Falkner - Now we are talking. Falkner's design really fits the whole atmosphere if the Johto region and Violet City. And it's even consistent throughout the games.

Let's talk about Pokémon team when you face them:
Brock - He uses Geodude and Onix. None of them know any Rock-Type attack in RBY and only Onix knows Rock Tomb in the remakes. His team is on levels 12 and 14 and only 10 and 12 in Yellow. These levels and Pokémon's Types give nice challenge to everyone, because they can't just randomly choose attacks - there is small chance that they will be super effective, but they mostly won't. You'll also see Pokémon you haven't seen before during your short journey, which is nice bonus.
Falkner - He uses Pidgey and Pidgeotto that is underleveled for some reason. In the Gen II games, he is big disappointment. Your Pokémon will certainly be at least at level 10 and his Normal and Flying-Types attacks won't do much. In HGSS, the situation is a little bit better with his Pidgeotto being on level 13 and knowing Roost. But still, you can pretty much solo him with just Chikorita without paying much of the attention on what is going on. And he uses probably the worst Flying-Type he could - He could have any of the new Flying-Types from Johto and it would make the fight more interesting.

Gym design and grunts
This part will be short. Both of them are boring. I get that they're there to introduce players to the whole concept of Gyms, but wouldn't it be better to include small puzzle in there? But I'll have to give this one to Brock, because of the fact that once again, his grunt shows of new Pokémon to the player. That is something that even the whole upper level in the HGSS won't beat.

Actual battle
Now, let's look at the battle using the teams above (Pidgeot sprite is only one that is animated btw and it drives me crazy). Falkner has literally only one Pokémon that can counter only half of Brock's team. Going with the levels, Brock's Pokémon are around level 55 (with his ace Onix on level 61) and Falkner's Pokémon are around level 52 (ace Pidgeot on 56). Falkner's Staraptor and Swellow could do some damage, but they would have to 1HKO Brock's Kabutops, Omastar and Relicanth to make room for Pelliper to finish of the rest of the team, but I can't see that ever happening. Maybe Falkner's Honchkrow could land few hits with Sucker Punch, but that would hardly make a difference, because Honchkrow is on the same level as the Brock's weakest Pokémon.

And so that's my analysis. I personally think that Brock would not only win in the battle against Falkner, but introduces players better to the whole world of Pokémon. Even though he has terrible design.
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    Falkner is a jabroni who borrows pokemon from his dad and calls himself a gym leader and probably hopes trainers pick Chikorita, but he does have a good design at least, more thematic than Brock.

    Brock is a self made trainer, who uses an Onix that is likely to awe young children battling him for the first time. He's cool for sure. His design is basic but not bad. But he's around the same difficulty as Falkner. Charmander users will struggle the most.

    In a straight up fight Brock would rekt Falkner with his ROCK HARD willpower. Kabutops soloes.

    Overall Brock gets my vote
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    Brock. He is such an iconic character. There have been attempts to replicate the player's experience with Brock, such as with Roxie and Grant. Yet nobody does Brock's job as a Rock pokemon trainer better than he does. I would not say the same for Falkner and think that Winona or Skyla were more memorable flying type gym leaders.

    While we have met six different first gym leaders, Brock was the first of the first. He was there it feels like before the flood of Babylon when he introduced the very concept of a gym in gen 1. He also stands on his own merits. While Falkner is repeatedly referencing his father's stature and pokemon that he received from him, Brock did it all on his own. I think there is something to be said for that.

    Though I do think Falkner has a really cool design, Brock I think Is appealing on more levels. Brock is a respectable, hardy fellow. While the anime canon expands on his many endearing traits tremendously with many humorous scenarios, and I understand that he is different from Brock in game, I still think Brock in-game would be an easier man to get along with than Falkner if I had to meet one of them in real-life. Brock is just salt-of-the-earth like the rock pokemon he trains.

    He is certainly a more challenging gym leader than Falkner, and I would go so far as to say that he can be the hardest trainer in the game if you don't have a type advantage. Also in a faceoff with the pokemon team shown above Brock would have an overwhelming advantage.
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